A disturbing theme seems to be consistent in children’s television shows these days. It may not be obvious to someone who isn’t looking for it, but once you are aware of the subliminals and inappropriate scenarios, the media’s agenda of social engineering pedophilia as the “norm” becomes obvious.

I know what you are thinking… pedophilia would never be accepted as a norm! You are right, most adults out there would react with disgust at the thought of this, but its the kids’ minds that are being heavily worked on. Behind the “official” theme of any given children’s show, like math concepts, social skills or healthy habits, there is a well-thought out sub-theme of using subliminals, images and repetition to implant a sense of normalcy and trust between children and adults (who are not parents) that is completely inappropriate.




Subliminal messages are words, images or sound embedded in media to be perceived at a subconscious level.  A common example of this is when advertisers embedded the words “eat popcorn” or “enjoy a coke” for only one frame on a film reel, commonly used in movie theaters in the 1950s and 60s. It is flashed so quickly that your conscious mind doesn’t observe it but your subconscious does. It triggers a response in consumers to buy more and eat more!

The use of sexual subliminals in advertising is really not shocking anymore and they aren’t so sublime. But the use of sex and fear in social engineering is shocking and it reveals an agenda of pedophilia and fear-based mind control.


Dog dick1


Dog dick2


Dog dick4


To see the big picture, it helps to look at history and the use of sexual repression by the church or government, in order to control society. Today, it seems ridiculous that it was taboo to say the word “leg” in the Victorian era, and was polite to say “limb”, instead. And since it was deemed immoral to write about sexual feelings for someone, the language of flowers was used instead. In 1952, Lucille Ball was pregnant on the season of “I love Lucy”, but they dare not say that word! Instead, “with child” or “expecting” was used. It is also worth noting that Desi and Lucy slept on separate, twin beds which was the way bedrooms were commonly shown on television shows.  Fast forward to the last 20 years; in the US, people are watching Friends,  Will and Grace, and Modern Family. It wasn’t so much that audiences were ever uncomfortable with how bedrooms are shown, or if the word pregnant was used, it was the media using their magic to instill value systems and norms and control (suppress) what you think about a controversial subject.

A suppressed mind or a fearful mind is more easily controlled. Starting very young, ideas about what is proper or “good”, and bad or “dirty” are taught to children, mostly by parents who want to raise their children to thrive in society. But a closer look reveals a machine behind the propagation of cultural norms, and religion and government are the usual suspects.

By stimulating the desires of a sexually repressed mind through use of subliminal, sexual stimuli, it will trigger higher sales of a product, specific social behaviours and linger in the memory for future behaviour.

The children’s show LazyTown is packed with subliminal pedophilic sexual innuendos. This article focuses on this show, which promotes health, fitness and playing outside, but a closer look reveals an agenda to normalize pedophile relationships and programming for state-control of children.

Today’s example: LazyTown



LazyTown is a show originating from Iceland. It was created by gymnastics champion and co-star, Magnus Scheving, who is Sportacus on the show.





The main character, Stephanie, is an optimistic, fitness-focused eight year old, who loves to dance with Sportacus, the healthy hero of the show.


Her favorite color is pink and she even has pink hair. She inspires the citizens of LazyTown to stay active and she performs a song and dance every episode, called Bing Bang!


bing bang


Stephanie lives with her uncle, Mayor Meanswell, who is a puppet.

What are his hands doing here?




And what is Mayor Meanswell holding ?




Sportacus is the acrobatic hero of the show. Like Stephanie, he is into health and fitness, and likes to stay active by dancing and doing gymnastics. To recharge his batteries, he goes to bed at 8:08 every night. He lives in an airship that floats above LazyTown.








Sportacus has a magic crystal on his chest that glows whenever the children of LazyTown are in trouble!




He’s always watching your children from the air! He knows when they need help!

He loves to dance with Stephanie. It seems he likes to hang out with her, even though she is eight years old.










If this were your eight year old daughter, would you think its okay for all of the adult males to touch her and hug her, and (even though its a puppet), go into her bedroom?




She likes to dance in her nightgown, too. I think this is a “wink wink” from the show’s executives to the special audience “in the know”.

Robbie Rotten is the villain. He likes Lazytown the way it used to be before Stephanie and Sportacus arrived. Although he likes it lazy, he makes a big effort to thwart their spreading healthy habits to the citizens of Lazytown.






LazyTown aired on Nick Jr. and Sprout (US) and CBeebies (UK) from 2004 to the present. (And many other countries at various times, in that time frame)

The images from LazyTown are disturbing, but what makes it harmful to children is the repetition of images and subliminals their conscious and unconscious takes in, after this becomes one of their favorite shows. This is how something becomes “normalized”. Just to confirm, Stephanie does not have a mom or dad on the show. She lives with her puppet uncle. She has a trusting and “touchy feely” relationship with Sportacus, who is an adult who wears tight clothes and really has no relation to her other than they share an interest in health and fitness.

And the villain, Robbie Rotten, who wears tight clothes, is sometimes seen being touchy feely, too.




Stephanie plays an eight year old on the show, and given the puppets and CGI animation, this show is probably for an audience of 5 – 7 year olds, so go ahead and count on younger ones watching, too.

LazyTown is the first of a series of children’s shows with hidden agendas that we will discuss, so keep in mind there are many, many more shows with the same scenario: child age girl or boy having trusting, affectionate relationship with adult male, who seems to like his or her company and care for them. Add to that, no parent in the picture.

Are young girls growing up thinking that not only is it okay, it is probably a good thing to have an adult male in your life that likes to hug you and watch you dance,  etc. ?! And if this is the implication, by the time this generation grows up, the next generation will already be exposed to even more overt sexual scenarios between kids and adults.

This is how “normalization” is done. I’ve also heard it called the “boiled frog syndrome”. Place a frog in really hot water and it will immediately jump out. Place a frog in cool water but slowly turn up the heat and the frog will boil because its skin doesn’t recognize the subtle changes in temperature over the period of time. This happens all the time in our world (especially in government!) but I notice it in the media and their “programming”.

The planting of images that are meant to normalize pedophilia is done with skill and research by the pervs who do this. The human brain works at four basic frequencies: beta, alpha, delta and theta. The radiant light and flicker rates of TV cause the brain to drop to alpha wave frequency, a dreamlike state where critical thinking is turned off. Information from TV bypass logic and critical thinking and goes straight to the areas with emotive responses.
One way that LazyTown blurs reality and confuses a young mind, is to have a show with humans, puppets and CGI animation. Even though a child could tell you which is real-life and which is pretend, once they start watching, their brain waves go to a relaxed state where the most is “taken in”, it doesn’t matter what they consciously know, its the images presented as “normal” as they watch her dance, flip around, sing, and have weird men in tight outfits touch her and hug her.  And, notice the outfits of the human characters: bright, cartoonish, and blends well with the colorful CGI background.

Another point to consider is the main draw to the show: Stephanie. She’s cute, smart, talented, praised by other adults and she has a neat bedroom, cute clothes and girls will want to be like her ( the situation is getting quite disturbing! ) .

LazyTown is the first of many shows discussed here, because unfortunately, it is hard to find a show that doesn’t have an agenda behind it. Ideally, turning off the television for good would be the most effective solution, but as a parent writing this, that is an unrealistic goal for most of us. Cutting down the time and being more picky about the shows is a good start.



38 thoughts on “LazyTown”

    1. Thanks Roob! We are so proud 🙂
      Sorry I haven’t replied about the Lost Girls. To be honest, it sort of got me thinking about something to write about which is still in my head swirling around, and I never got back to you because I’m going to make it an article. There is a lot to “the lost girls phenom”.
      LOL about Robbie Rotten. He creeps me out. And the puppets….who is the person who did editing on the show and said, yep, let’s go with it. ?!
      I hope you are doing great, Roob!
      And lolling around – it reminds me of my dad when he used to say “lolly-gag around”. Its a good thing to do! 🙂

      1. MJ, I look forward to your article. ‘Lost Girls’ is porn, there’s no getting away from it – the writers described it as such when it was published. But I am so glad I read it.

  1. Thought provoking and worrying. Do you think baby TV has subliminals? I noticed the google logo colours pop up in order but other than that not a lot. Maybe one or two times I thought that’s weird but don’t recall the exact program.

    1. Jamie – I’m not sure at a very young age whether you can effect a baby. I read somewhere that the conscious mind starts kicking in around the age of 3 but I’m sure someone’s tried.


    Programming and Metaprogramming in THE HUMAN BIOCOMPUTER

    “All human beings, all persons who reach adulthood in the world today are programmed biocomputers. None of us can escape our own nature as programmable entities. Literally, each of us may be our programs, nothing more, nothing less.

    Despite the great varieties of programs available, most of us have a limited set of programs. Some of these are built in. In the simpler forms of life the programs were mostly built in from genetic codes to fully formed adultly reproducing organisms. The patterns of function, of actionreaction were determined by necessities of survival, of adaptation to slow environmental changes and of passing on the code to descendants.

    Eventually the cerebral cortex appeared as an expanding new highlevel computer controlling the structurally lower levels of the nervous system, the lower builtin programs. For the first time learning and its faster adaptation to a rapidly changing environment began to appear. Further, as this new cortex expanded over several millions of years, a critical size cortex was reached. At this level of structure, a new capability emerged: learning to learn.”

    -John C. Lilly. M.D.

    I suppose the only solution is to DE-LINK

    1. I think we can escape through reconnecting to each other and Mother Earth, through respectful touch. Not sexualised touch, not screen touch. More of a barefeet on the earth touch, and a mother baby touch.

  3. I don’t think they use the flicker rate anymore. The tubes in the old TV’s is what caused the screen to flicker. With LCD and plasma screens and digital broadcasting; the flicker is gone, but I’m sure it was replaced with something worse. My opinion is that they mandated the switch to digital because it enables them to see and hear all the slaves who still watch TV. Orwell really knew something. I fear though, that after 80 years of brainwashing, conditioning, and programming; western civilized humans may be in a permanent alpha state and they may not have needed to replace it or continue using it.
    Why do say it is unrealistic for the children to not watch any TV? If you know it is best for them and you too; I think you should quit cold turkey. George Washington, Albert Pike, Frederick Douglas, Madame Curie, Pocahontas, and Mark Twain watched no TV and they turned out just fine. I think we and our children will be alright without it too.

    1. Hi Liberta
      I say it is unrealistic for most of us for several reasons: first, it might not be for a parent who stays at home, has someone help with meal preparation and cleaning the house, so the parent can engage with their child and still do the other types of things that most of us do (swim lessons, gymnastics or whatever your child is interested in), and still have a moment to yourself from time to time, but what if you aren’t in that position? When I wrote that article, in my mind I was talking about kids aged 2-5 years old, because once they go to kindergarden, I believe it is easier to have an organized home life. Some kids will go in their room and play by themselves, or with imaginary friends. Or, some kids have siblings to play with. My child is an only child and it is his favorite thing to have a friend over to play (and will play for hours), but he does not play well by himself, as he has sensory issues and being by himself, even for a short period of time, is something we are constantly working on him being ok with. (I could write volumes about this alone). And honestly, if I had said no TV from the very start, when he was 2 and a half or 3, it would be much easier to say no, at this point (he’s 5). But his grandmother lets him watch some, his best friend watches some and my son has before at his house, most toys are themed after TV shows and movies, etc., etc. My point is that it is hard to keep your child away from the culture of television and if you do, it is a constant effort after that. You need time, money and other friends and family who share the same concerns. When I’m cooking dinner and I can’t play with my son, I let him help me cook. But if I can’t do that and I’m just too tired, he is happy to watch Paw Patrol, a new series on Nick Jr. (which is programming for constant police surveillance!, which I will write about).
      I finally figured out that preparing ahead of time with other activities you can readily hand them to do is key. Usually, when I give in to turning on the TV, its when I’m tired, my child is tired and I haven’t prepared well otherwise.
      The busy-ness of life keeps us from enjoying the now. And to stay out of the busy “loop” isn’t if you can, its to what degree….

      1. I often wonder if and when I have kids will they be allowed to stay with other family members and friends. I don’t watch TV, but I visit my mother, sister and 4 year-old nephew. Everything they watch is violence, sex and witchcraft. They are sleep-walking mental slaves, so they don’t know it and wouldn’t care if I told them how it is destroying them and my nephew. Have you ever seen an illiterate 4 year-old pick out shows to watch on Netflix, recite every line from shows, movies and pop songs, but not one Bible verse, talk to you about sex, and get excited when a sex scene comes on?

      2. Wow, Jim, that’s some state of affairs, all too typical. My neighbors have two children who have been addicted to electronics (tv, cell phones) etc since birth and are like zombies rather than kids. They go to Las Vegas every year like clockwork and play games on their handheld gadgets in the same hotel room they book every year while their parents take turns leveraging the slot machines in the casino. They live 10 minutes away from the beach but not once have I seen them pack up the car and head there or return wet, cold, sandy, tired, happy and hungry after a full day playing at the ocean. Every holiday is spent inside, linked (sinked) up. Nature is the best teacher so these kids, like so many others, have all but lost their genius.

  4. Frank and MJ, good luck in you new adventure.

    Stuff like this is everywhere along with other symbolism and violence that is even preloaded into their tablets.
    Mr. Tumble on CBeebies has a lot of children with special needs on his programme and it can be quite touching at times, but when he says – “Would you like to see what’s inside my spotty bag” you do wonder.

    Always used to go hmmm when Lazy Town was on a few years back.

    1. Makky – thanks. I’m sure sometimes as a joke, a few adult puns are included, a bit like The Simpsons. I can remember about 15 years ago when my daughter was young, finding her and a friend dancing to a song called ‘Sex on the Beach’when she was four. Its been going on for some time ?

    2. Thanks Makky! I haven’t seen Mr. Tumble but it sounds weird. The shows on PBS and Nick Jr. (like your CBeebies) seem to be a bit more clever than other channels. SpongeBob is like watching one long running adult joke.

    1. Only a puppet! Adult women are harder and harder to find in kid’s shows and movies these days. IMO it is to break down the family in order for the government to have more control. The mother is central to the family. Disney is notorious for movies with absent mothers: Bambi (mother gets shot), Finding Nemo (mother gets eaten in the beginning), Dumbo (mother is in cage), Cinderella (wicked stepmother), Snow White (no mom), Sleeping Beauty (no mom), Tangled (no mom), the Little Mermaid (no mom), and there’s more I can’t think of and more that I haven’t seen. Its easier to name the ones with a mom (The Incredibles)

  5. This show sounds even worse than some of the others I have noticed. I think GYM is a code word for paedophilia. Hence Jimmy Saville. Hence SexEd at school being subsumed into PhysEd. Kids are being sexed and phizzed. Hence sexualised poses in girls gymnastics. Gym.nasty. Hence the routine rape of Romanian Olympic gymnasts by Caucescau.

    The kids in Never Let Me Go had no parents either. It is a common theme. If Mother is removed, then the State takes over the mothering and upbringing of the kids.

    I brought up my kids without a TV, but it is hard work to get rid of it once you have it. I now find we have even more screens in our house in the form of mobile phones and computers. Now I am weaning us all off those. They are no better, the internet is an Orwellian trap, remember that the telescreens in Orwell’s 1984 are two way screens, and that is what has now been achieved via the internet. Kids aged 4 are being given ipads at school. We are losing our natural “touch” to be replaced with sexual touch and touch screens.

    1. I never thought about the word GYM before, but it makes sense. There has always been something weird about the olympic girls gymnastic team, like they are holding on to a pre-teen look.
      And I don’t need for the school to educate my child on sex ed, thank you very much big brother. This is one of those things when I’m thinking “what is wrong with everyone?! wake up!!” But, the world didn’t get this way overnight.

    1. J316me – hi. Your comment hasn’t appeared here. Not sure why. I know it’s a pain but could you re-comment 🙂 Its good to hear from mums on this subject. And 33 Blade is Frank – we haven’t worked out the avatars properly yet.

  6. I never liked that show! I always thought everything about it was creepy. Here’s Walt Disney’s Alice’s Wonderland movie from 1923, its incredibly creepy. Alice stumbles in on Disney and his crew of male artist, there is no mother in sight and at one point Alice looks inappropriately coquettish towards Disney… it even looks like she grabs her crotch. He asks her to sit down and watch his “funnies” all the while he has his arm around her. If I was her mother and walked in on that… lets just say I would not be all that polite about it. At one point Alice and Disney walk into another room and right next to Alice is a “DANGER” sign, wtf!

    1. Un A Void, the Alice video above might be the creepiest pedo thing I’ve seen! and the most obvious! Everything about it is inappropriate. I actually started to use some screen shots from that because it shows perfectly what Disney’s agenda has been all these years!

      1. Geneofisis, I’m really glad you disliked it lol! There are so many “Disney freaks” out there who just LLLLOOOOVVVEEE Disney, you tell them about the most creepy aspects of Disney and they think you’re crazy. I have a few friends who save all year to take their kids to Disney world…. gross, what a waste! I agree with you about the Disney agenda, my grandmother was born a year after this was made. The indoctrination has been for generations, that is sooo scary!

  7. Thanks for the article. Note also at 0.06 in the video the placement of the lollipop near her privates. If you want to know more about the sick, satanic paedophiles that run this planet read Trance-Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien and Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor. There are free downloads online, just search for a pdf. They are sick sick “people”.

  8. You guys are the sick ones. I know I can’t change your opinions, just like you can’t change mine, but wow. I’m baffled at reading all these comments. Get your facts straight. Disney lost his mother, which made him grieve terribly so he PURPOSELY made it a point for the mother to die in his movies. Guys….you will find what ever you want if you are looking for it. I’m sorry if you guys had a rough childhood, you can’t even see the light in innocene anymore.

    1. @Ana, my sentiments exactly! It seems adults these days are desperate to find fault in the most trivial things. At this rate, I suppose we should lock all children indoors until they’re 18.

  9. I can’t believe how deeply you guys are analyzing this. Are Dalton, Ana, Iris, and I the only sane ones here? Look for subliminal messages and you will find them through your overanalyzing, they do not actually exist. You people are all sick and I would hate to be your children.

  10. What a load of crap is this article. It’s a goofy show from freaking Iceland. It seems the author has the hots for Stephanie and is in total denial.

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