The (I) Has to Travel

( I ) know a secret.




“You see, a secret is not something untold. It’s something which can’t be told.”   – Terence McKenna

But first:

I  is the standard international symbol for electric current (electric intensity, to be specific) measured in amps, after whom the unit was named, André-Marie Ampère.

current (noun)

  1.  a flowing; flow, as of a river.
  2.  something that flows, as a stream.
  3.  electricity, electric current.

(adj)  of the immediate present; in progress: current events

And since we are talking electricity, females are electrons (negative) and males are atoms or Adams (positive).




yin (-) feminine, earth, electrical, matter

yang (+) masculine, heavens, astral, magnetic

Two principals that are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world and they give rise to one another as they interrelate.

Tammy Wynette got it wrong when she advised the ladies to “Stand by your Man”.




It would have been better advice to “Dance Around your Man”, but like Tammy says, sometimes it’s hard to be a woman, especially when you go to get dressed. In this world, the powers that be know about the electron and its ability to attract and make a bond, but since they are control freaks, there is a big effort to suppress this power and keep it in a nice little package, wrapped in a push up bra, girdle, panty hose, high heels, corset, or burka.




Dita, can you breathe?

You can’t have women feeling good about being women, they might take over!


Pope Francis leaves Sistine Chapel after being elected pope


Diana Vreeland is the person who created the role as fashion editor as it is popularly portrayed: an eccentric personality who made fashion more about glorification of ideals within a small circle, instead of wearable styles for all types. She was certainly entertaining with her column “Why don’t you….” when she was Vogue editor-in-chief (1962-1971).




Diana, why don’t you, tell us what you really mean when you say The Eye Has to Travel?




The I has to travel? Yes, it does. And fashion is one way to control the flow of currency.




What’s a girl to do? With so many wonderful products (to make you look different than you are) how do you pick what best suits your “needs”? Thank goodness for Veronica Dengel. In her book Can I Hold My Beauty? (1946), she advises a “candid mirror analysis” for those who feel uncertain:




“DRESS – and as you get yourself into your clothes, watch yourself. Pretend you are observing a stranger:

  1. Are you amusing as you pull on your girdle?
  2. Are you engaging as you put on your bra?
  3. Is it interesting to watch you draw on your stockings, adjust the garters, and step into your shoes?
  4. Are you diverting as you reach into your slip?
  5. Is your appearance wholly delightful as you emerge from the neckline of your dress?”


Actually, Ms. Dengel, my first thought is that I should be getting bills stuffed in my bra and garter belt for this hard labor, and it is a lot easier to be amusing and engaging as you are taking off, instead of putting on.




I’ve never even seen a girdle in real life, only in vintage ads. And as restricting and wrong as they seem, nothing sends a message like a steel cage crinoline:




Except maybe a chastity belt:




And to think I complain about underwire bras! Well, I don’t anymore because I don’t buy them. I said no like Jane Russell did when Howard Hughes had an underwire push-up bra made for her to wear in The Outlaw (1940s). According to Russell, the “ridiculous” contraption was painful and she secretly wore her own bra during the movie. The brassiere is now in a Hollywood museum.




Who needs a bra?

I wonder if these girls are amusing and engaging as they get dressed….

Are you amusing as you suck in your stomach and hold your breath? (and rearrange your internal organs?)


L0038404 Illustrations to denounce the crimes of the corset


Do you smile as you get in your cage?




Are you happy when no one steps on your train and makes you slip?

Like a bride attracts the eyes of everyone present at the wedding, a high-speed train absorbs the energy (time and money) of society who need to get somewhere quick!




How do you solve a “problem” like Maria?


843141 2




The cappa magna is not strictly a liturgical vestment, but only a glorified cappa choralis, or choir cope. Its like a train found on a wedding gown.




These restrictive garments are ridiculous when worn all the time, but sometimes are useful when you need a “boost” in a certain dress 🙂 And, who doesn’t like high heels sometimes? (definitely not everyday!)




On the subject of shoes, I can’t think of a more literal example of controlling the current than the practice of foot binding, originating in 10th century Imperial China. Also known as “lotus feet”, foot binding was a sign of wealth, for the woman did not have to work (she couldn’t!). The husbands took pride in their wives’ tiny feet, the ideal being 3 inches long, called the “Golden Lotus”. Walking on bound feet meant that you had to always bend your knees slightly and sway a bit to maintain proper movement. The dainty walk was considered erotic to men. The immobility made the woman dependent on her husband and could not participate in the world as much as she could otherwise. This was an alluring sign of chastity and male ownership.




Back to The I Has to Travel….

As in, the I of the pyramid?




The capstone of the grand pyramid was made of electrum, an alloy of gold and silver. But that would imply a balance of male and female energy. Not just one or the other. A perfect balance.

The yin and yang principal. Balance the world of Jing (electrons, matter) with the world of Shen (astral, holographic) which is the natural state of our consciousness.

That is especially interesting, considering Dr. Emoto’s book “Messages in Water”, in which he studied the crystal forms created in water after “charging” it with thoughts, feelings, music, etc.



The electric current. The water current. The current of female energy being controlled and contained, meaning our consciousness is controlled and contained and no one has ownership of your soul.




And to deliberately misquote Mayer Rothschild :

“Give me control of the Currency and I care not who makes its laws” .




12 thoughts on “The (I) Has to Travel”

    1. Wow Roob! I totally agree! There are so many things wrong with binding your breasts like that, day after day, like some people do! I have to look hard for a bra that doesn’t have an underwire and is comfortable.
      I did not think of the steel cage and Maya Angelou….brilliant!

    1. J316me, Katy Perry is like one long running sync around here! She must be in the Merovee mind web 🙂 The vid you posted had a bit of everything: cage crinoline, corset, heels, and her hose was binding her up, too! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to re-watch that.

  1. Electric current facilitates the instantaneous exchange of information and results in time/space compression. Distances, and the time required to cover them, have dwindled to practically nothing at all. This was supposed to liberate us, but has had the opposite effect. Male and female alike are affected by this big squeeze – we’re all struggling to breathe in our electronic corsets.

    1. Hugo, I was thinking of that today: both feminine and masculine energies are suppressed. And its easy to look back and see the examples with women in the analogy of fem is electron, with all the corsets and such, but with the men its more subtle. Collars, cuffs and neckties are the historical example for men.
      But like you said, in this age, we are all struggling to breathe in our electronic corsets. And my first thought after I read your comment was that our digital communication makes us androgynous in a way, a step in the transhuman direction. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and actually, on sites where the same commenters come and “know” each other (like Merovee), there is a nice balance of both men and women discussing everything.
      I did this article with other parts to it in mind. There is something about positive and negative energies along with magnetism, and water, and trains, galloping horses, drum-beating, etc. that has to do with helping along energy flow and I want to explore it. Its sort of like a puzzle to me.

  2. I floated in the ocean today and allowed the salt to buoy me; didn’t have to tread at all, just floated on the surface rocking with the waves. It occurred to me that the sea is like our chests, rising and falling, rising and falling, breathing.

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