Computer Blue

Electricity, referred to by The Secret Doctrine as “water of life”, the sacred generator of fire, light, heat, adhesion and sound, is the foundation of all manifestations.   But you can’t talk about electricity (females) without mentioning magnetism (males) because they are not two separate forces. They are always combined and therefore we have electromagnetism. This might sound too simplified and things are of course, more complex in our modern world, but I want to understand the manipulation going on at the most basic level.



In esoterism, there was no duality before the spirit descended into matter. I believe tptb would like the world to believe they are “gods” and they sometimes try to convey this in a not so subtle way with androgyny, hinting at their “god” status here on earth.


Hugo commented on the last article “The (I) has to Travel”, that “Electric current facilitates the instantaneous exchange of information and results in time/space compression. Distances, and the time required to cover them, have dwindled to practically nothing at all. This was supposed to liberate us, but has had the opposite effect. Male and female alike are affected by this big squeeze – we’re all struggling to breathe in our electronic corsets.” Good point, Hugo. I was not trying to leave out suppression of male energy, so while I’m at it, we can explore both. Purple Rain has been on my mind lately, and when Hugo made that comment, I thought of electric currents, androgyny, transhumanism  and Computer Blue:
computer_blue copy
I wonder what Wendy and Lisa are going to do? Take a bath? Get the current flowing?
Dr. Masaru Emoto wrote an interesting book about what thoughts, feelings (frequencies) do to water.
These synchronized swimmers make beautiful, crystal-like formations, too!

Okay ladies, sync or swim!

Getting more complex….

Is this the macrocosm imitating the microcosm or vice versa?

Back to Prince and the Revolution.
I like the DNA spiral staircase.

“til I find the righteous one, Computer Blue” Did Prince predict the massive phenom of internet porn to release sexual energies? Because if you find the righteous one (a real human!) that rocks your world, PURPLE REIGNS!
And while the electronic device is no substitute for face-to-face encounter or skin-to-skin contact, we are all electronic beings in this universe, so you really never know (I promise you!) what could happen if you consciously opened your heart and mind to the possibility of experiencing this life in another dimension….
If you happen to “push” the right buttons in your DNA by way of expanding your consciousness, and if you happen to push the buttons on your computer and connect with someone who has activated their DNA, which is all computed in the matrix, you might sync time and have an experience like you could never imagine.
The universe would recognize you coming to “zero point”. And you would recognize this as a mind fuck. Literally and figuratively.

Everybody close your eyes, untie your corset.


Consider this “shortcut”


It might be time to loosen up your “buttons”.


 Pussycat ragDolls are making some beautiful formations….


Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 10.51.12 PM
They should be in water, not fire.

And what does this imply?
I believe the powers that be would like to confuse, distort and polarize (even swap) the roles of the two magnetic forces: male and female, to control and direct the “current”.
Stav Strashko (9)
male model Stav Strashko

Don’t pay attention to this. Going back to ONE and ascension have nothing to do with making your physical body androgynous and it doesn’t look like this.
Casey Legler, model

It looks more like this.

Close your eyes. Imagine your DNA unraveling as you expand your consciousness to a cosmic level and ask the universe to show you something.
And I’m not going to make a habit of being PC, but I don’t want anyone thinking I’m rigid in my beliefs and I certainly don’t understand the complexities of sexual identity and biological make up. What I’m trying to say is if someone found the other part of their soul and it is the same sex as the other part, I’m not going to disagree or argue. I’m talking about LOVE and free will, not separation.

One of the main points of this article is to point out the attempt of the MSM to distort and confuse your innate understanding of negative and positive forces and implant ideas on a subconscious level of your mind, in order to stop the free flow and creative energy here on earth. The control freaks don’t want you to enter a state of complete bliss, joy and love. They make substitutes for what is already there for you, so they can control it.

The aether net and the ethernet.

Some think that the primary function of DNA is the reception and transfer of electromagnetic energy. (Its not mainstream scientists, its people who have had a spiritual awakening or psychic insight). Once an experience like this happens, the possibilities are endless. You can form a new pathway in the aether net. You are not just a 3D entity.
You are more than that and you can experience outside the third dimension through expanding consciousness and DNA activation. Just close your eyes and ask for it.



14 thoughts on “Computer Blue”

  1. MJ, amazing piece. Loads of ideas syncing, but just gonna share this for now as it happened whilst reading it. Steve just showed me this and I thought of the Repair Teams at Merovee

    That’s you and Frank, that is. And me and TNT. And maybe others that WE are not aware of yet.

    1. Amazing! Truly amazing! and it gave me chills. I love how you see things like this as Repair Teams, and there are so many other examples of how you recognize symbols that the matrix is showing you. Brilliant! I remember doing that as a child, but that sort of thinking isn’t nurtured so it goes away for a while (it did for me) and then comes back when the symbols are screaming at you! You are highly creative, Roob!
      And yes, that is me and Frank, and you and TNT (you guys crack me up, too!), and hopefully WE will become fully aware of everyone because it only makes it stronger. To me, the Merovee mind is a great example of how separation is in our minds and it is not real. The merovee mind is tearing down walls of separation!

      1. By using Goddess Walls. That spirit into matter image, where is that from? Plate goes back to ‘plane’ and you wrote Hugo’s ‘I’ into your piece. Spirit into Matter is to blow into mother – CPR?

  2. The androgyne has usually been cast into the role of shaman, or trickster, within the society. The Norse seidhr magic, the young Dionysus, and Tiresias are all good examples. Taking characteristics of the other gender can be an aid to magical works, and at a basic level it allows for a greater empathy through an understanding of the “other”.

    Great post, wonderful synthesis )

    1. Thanks Martello! Yes, the yin yang symbol is my favorite to show that. Two large areas of black and white with a dot of the opposite in each. And we all have a bit of the opposite in us. I just don’t like “programming” and overdoing the MSM does. A constant attempt to throw things out of balance with any archetype in the collective subconscious.

  3. I will check on where I got that image. It is for use in the public domain. I have been meaning to ask Frank for your email anyway and I will attach it 😉
    So, the spirit into matter is one of the biggest mysteries. And it is also where there is much debate, from what I’ve read. Something interesting I read, and this helps explain some of the rituals we read about (I think of the queen standing there placing a sword on a person’s shoulder)
    “Every initiation is also a process of energy transmission from a higher (positively charged) center to a lower (negatively charged or receptive) center. Thus, when the Rod of Initiation is held in the hands of the Initiator it is electric voltage from a higher plane that is transmitted to the prepared and receptive individual or group.”
    And here is where I read that
    But spirit into matter. Where there is nothing. No thing. The womb of creation. And there, we are ONE. So, zero equals one! Binary code! I have a tough time wrapping my head around it every time! Because also, our soul is just light and it travels outside the matrix. So what is the very first thing? I just go back to “we are billion year old stardust. And we have to get ourselves back to the garden.” Everything is symbolic. Everything is microcosm and macrocosm. Everything is holographic. A very persistent illusion, like Einstein said.

    1. Please do email, MJ ❤

      What really captured my imagination in the image was the diamond-shape in the middle (and the mention of 'hat' and the 'Or' looks like 'Dr') . Having found a diamond (or several) on Merovee, diamond is syncing with me. I went back and reread the Pandorica Opens this evening. I'd put up Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and rewatching the accompanying animation, reminded me of your synchronised movement images (and your Bob Fosse video from a couple of weeks back)

  4. Great post MJ :). I just purchased some cooking salt and a bar of salt soap made of Himalayan salt. I had to laugh but also freak out a little when I saw their logo…I didn’t see it when I got it from Amazon…

    My thread on GLP is based on the Ukraine symbol…note the hidden heart in the center bottom! They have this interesting quote on their site too…

    “All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt present in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea – whether it is to sail or to watch it – we are going back from whence we came.”

    ~ John F. Kennedy

    By the way, the idea of a salt bath first came from a friend name ‘Adam’, who you might remember Frank that I mentioned him before. He didn’t say what kind of salt to use but a one time search of salt soap linked to this place based in upstate NY. The company owners are probably Ukrainians. I lol’d of course…what else can I do?

    “Salt is good, but if the salt loses its flavor, how will you season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace with one another.”
    ~ Mark 9:50

    Purple (UK)rain(e)s ❤

    1. Nice logo JME316! LOL! It reminds me of something 🙂
      Very interesting from JFK. I was reading an article not long ago about the French port city marseille. It was a Phoenician port and I felt like the article was alluding to primordial soup, because it was about boulliebaise and it was just so overstated….I think I commented on merovee about it. And the Phoenicians and their purple dye!

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