So You Wanna Play With Magic ?


“So you wanna play with magic
Boy, you should know what you’re falling for
Baby do you dare to do this?
Cause I’m coming at you like a Dark Horse

Are you ready for, ready for
A perfect storm, perfect storm
Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine
There’s no going back”

Everything is digital now and we are told this is ‘The Digital Age’. But ‘The Digital Age’ seems to be having an effect on our brain neurons, as the energy hits the spot with alarming speed and laser like precision.

From ‘The Independent : Susan Greenfield – Computers May Be Altering Our Brain’ :

“Yet first, the mere plasticity of the brain, well-established and widely documented, surely requires some consideration at least as “proof” that we are not as inviolate as we might presume from external inputs. Second, evidence does exist from a range of studies: see for example the summaries in Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows, Richard Watson’s Future Minds, as well as Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together.

Third, it seems that social trends could indeed be leaving their long-term mark on the brain: a recent review by Bavalier and colleagues in the journal Neuron discusses the possible links in violence, addiction, and attentional problems with prolonged time spent in the cyber world. Further reports of long-term effects are appearing: for example, a relationship between internet addiction and physical brain changes (Kai Yuan et al., PLoS One, 2011) and the decline in empathy over the last 30 years which has accelerated in the last decade (Sci Am Dec 2010).”

Yet it is here to stay for better or worse, but the new technology would appear to be more powerful and weirder than previous technologies. We hear about ‘Wi Fi smog’ . Below are two images from ‘Digital’ ( well worth reading – amazing images ) which using Kirlian devices show the visible effect of the emanations from Wi Fi as it envelops the space around it, including the individuals. Powerful stuff.
If the videos, games and cell phones are impacting us physically, do they effect the subconscious mind as well ? Is Youtube a portal to the subconscious, capable of stripping away barriers to our inner psyche.

The authors of this blog experienced a major emotional earthquake after repeat views of this trailer for ‘The Zero Theorem’ movie. At some level, it felt as if we were playing out the two characters from the video and at the end of this experience, all the emotional barriers between us were removed in our physical reality as well. A good analogy was being sucked into a subconscious emotional Vortex or Portal.

The All speaking to The All.

As of today, the video hits for ‘The Zero Theorem’ stand at 985,00 – small beer by Youtube standards. Many people have compared the network of the digital Web with the human brain and it has been suggested that it is just a projection of the collective Mind. If a video had 417 million hits how would this effect the collective subconscious as a large number of individuals entered the mind portal created by the video.

In the video we are asked to enter the world of Isis through the portal of ‘The Dark Horse’ video and join with her on top of the Great Pyramid to complete the Capstone. And once we enter the Door, and dragged into the Vortex the inner Isis is triggered in the subconscious collective mind and released. There’s ‘No Going Back’ and she really does come at us like a Dark Horse . VALIS Lives !

high priestess

‘It’s Me’


In your personal life, you may suddenly find yourself being invited to walk through a Door into a Time Machine and enjoy a 4D experience.




VALIS lives in the news media as well. The world was transfixed by the story of the disappearance of Flight MH370. Where did it go and how could a plane just disappear? But maybe it was another portal as Capt Zaharie asked for buddies to play with him in his simulator. And so we crashed into the ocean and at a metaphysical level experienced being submerged in the plane.



“Elo guys,
Zaharie here…. pls to join x-sim. About a month ago I finish assembly of FSX and FS9 with
6 monitors …. with the latest graphic card ( 2 pieces of asus 7970) on one cpu awesome view on 3 panasonic 32 in. LCD HDMI
and 3 touchscreen Dell 21 inches for main (MCP) , center pedestal, overhead panel.
time to take to the next level of simulation.Motion! looking for buddies to share this passion.
Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah”

And the portal lives at major sporting events and can trigger The Darkness in the collective mind as we go through the door into the darker parts of the subconscious Mind.


2012 Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

Lord Voldemort – London Olympics 2012


And sometimes, there’s no invitation to enter the Portal and the collective Mind is dragged kicking and screaming down into the Vortex.



“So You Want To Play With Magic ?”.



24 thoughts on “So You Wanna Play With Magic ?”


    MY eyes …and her child ..MAYA …
    madonna and child …the illusion is the creation of our own programmed perceptions…its time to reprogram the MAGIC ..release her from her DEBT sentence..she was imprisoned by our own ignorance ..
    My EYES …ISIS US…i is US …we are the capstone …our perceptions (at the moment in Saaytan Maya ..on the left hand side …left hand path

    MAYA is SATAN ..SAATAN mahaa maaya as the sanskrit sloga goes
    but SAAIYTAN Mahaa maaya is painted on the canvas of DEVI mahaa maaya ..ISIS..My Eyes …to the Super Mind ..
    Obama (lookalike) the Beast offers ISIS the glowing NWO …when she comes at him like a DARK HORUS..and even he is not ready for the magic
    are WE ready for the MAGIC …

  2. the magic is gonna be radioactive …a DNA changing radioactive brain fuck

    THIS IS IT THE APOCALYPSE (revealing , out of hiding )
    the psycopaths greatest hour will see them stepping on their Achilles heel

  3. 2 days ago …
    on my way to forest gate …missed the 1st train …had to get on the next train and get off at maryland station ..walk out and see teh DNA twitsed clock ..

    DNA going tick tock tick tock in the land of mary

    1. TD – as I read this comment, I am eating Maryland biscuits and have just finished an article for Merovee which is about Kundalini and DNA 🙂

    1. the first ad of maryland i searched for came out as the above..

      teh kid wants to go to america..but has to wait till tomorrow.
      …my intuition has always told me that i need to park my labour credits with the US treasury….as JAY_HOVA says magna carta (is) holy grail.
      other connections with america :

      maryland : the only place in england named after an american place name ..developed by a merchant who was one of the powerful officials of the virgina company ..that has morphed into the US corporation…still beholden to the Crown vi a administration of the heirs of beneficiaries and their descendents of the virgina charter ..
      ..geroge washington was one such beneficiary ..directly related to the 23 of the 25 surety barons…the adresses of the magna carta …

      looks like the kid IS going to america

  4. every sync is personal …thats the beauty of the fractal supermind..on the macro and the micro level it always speaks to us and reflects us..
    ..across time …as teh 80s maryland ad was for me …now at this point in time …it synced with my space and time at teh same time it synced with urs…maybe teh matrix is accomodating info that it already expected to ..and as it accomodates it reflects out to be picked out by anyone, especially those who use various media to express themselves…writing , music, music videos , moveis, movie trailers..etc..

    one thing i notice now is all this wierdness seems more and more teh reality ..and the stuff on tele and including the alternative media fear porn ..IS the pantomime show ..
    teh feeling that the circus ride is slowing down and teh realisation that we’re reaching the moment in time when we have to get off of it very real …

    1. HI TD – I’ve wondered why the Universe wanted me to concentrate on videos, pop culture etc but this is where the creative mind is found. And Time doesn’t exist in the Matrix – god knows how many ‘now’ syncs I’ve had from 30 yr old videos.

      The 3D world with the news, politics, money, wars etc is becoming totally unreal and a new world is emerging. And we’re helping to create it – wonderful !

    2. people from this moment in time have a real choice stay in the sociopathic pantomime game show or leave it this moment each and everyone one of us has at least two persons .that exists ..the wormhole , stargate is the 9/11 (pentagon : star + twin towers :gate) event where the worlds begin to split ..anyone can approach it , move through it without fear and come to earth 2.0..the new you..

      i was just caught myself watching football..and ..big brother ..and each individual seems to be in earth 1.0 , stuck in it …and they have a different version of themsleves waiting for them at the other side of the stargate event ..if only they approach it …till then they take the path that the elite have programmed for them increase level of lack of empathy ..because that is what is required to run teh debt currency city state system
      but the stargate will always be there for them to go through ..eventually the fear of approaching teh wormhole will fade as they see the earth 2.0 coming into view ..and see people around them take a different approach …
      ..a bit like the open source vs propriety tech battle ..where the opensource was laughed at ..but won hands down ..and is now changing the world brain and catalysing the same principles into media and design ..its only a matter of time when everyone learns how to opensource the labour credit system, away from the propriety personal debt system…

      the control matrix uses media , including youtube to create zombies ..chewing on debt (death) and this debt spreads and creates more debt and more zombies ..more sociopathy is realised .for the (jeremy benthams) debt panopticon to keep running….
      at its core for earth 1.0 to keep running ..more debt equals more statutes, more poverty (cheap labour tocontrol wage inflation to run teh playgound , more poppy cultivation (to mop up the monetary inflation) , more pedophile networks to blackmail politiicians to pass draconian statutes to generate fees for teh court system….debt feeding upon debt ..zombies climbing over zombies …

      these zombie clips and movies is to get teh population acclimatised to sociopathy , less empathy etc…
      but the same youtube clip taps into the matrix and reveals earth 2.0 , for those who have made the jump through teh wormhole and left this world ( present payment system ) ..
      ..the sane places will be outside the city states..away from teh debt zombies

      the poorest people in debt earth 1.0 will be the millionaires of earth 2.0….credit will chase manual labour instead of city banksters sitting at their desks sniffing their lines of coke

      murphys law ..if it can happen it WILL happen
      (especially after the world matrix has been hacked )

  5. ‘Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, `and what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice `without pictures or conversation?

    I sync we have this book. I sync we can perform magic with it:

    We call it a screen, a pad, a tablet a whatever. What we don’t call it is what it really is, a digital, fast as fuck book with pictures and conversations in it, on it, from it, through it.

    Book goes back to ‘beech’ sounds like ‘beach’

    “Where is this place?”
    “All in your mind. We’re safe here”

    ‘Beech groves have been found in and near important places of power; Avebury and Cerne Abbas to name two. They maybe have been used for food as much as their majestic presence. They have been said to have inspired the building of Cathedrals; the high vaulting arches mimic the high arching branches of the Beech Grove. Beech is thought of as The Mother of the Woods. Beech is also known as the Beech Queen who’s consort is the Oak King.

    Beech is linked with time, wisdom and knowledge but especially written wisdom, as the Beech was used in thin slices to write upon and form the very first books. This is corroborated by the fact that Beeches were called ‘Boc’ by the Anglo-Saxons, which later became book. Even today the Swedish word ‘Bok’ means both book and beech and in German ‘Buch’ means book and ‘Buche’ means Beech.

    ‘Whatever material words were inscribed, took on the power and magic of the gods which is why the Beech tree was held in such awe. Writing made knowledge manifest into the physical world and therefore allowed that wisdom to be passed on to future generations. Beech can help us make wishes, by scratching your wish upon a piece of Beech and then burying it. Say a simple spell or prayer as you are giving it back to the earth and then it will begin to manifest in your life.’

    If sexual energy is the natural currency, how were we’re converted to using anything else? I don’t know, but by scratching thin slices of thought on my digital beech, by syncing pictures and conversation, creating that sexual energy (syncs are like little orgasms in my brain, it’s brilliant) with others, I think we can perform magic. Fuck yes.

    1. Roob – first love the ‘Subtile’ connection with Genesis and the serpent and ‘A Subtlety’, in your post . I knew there was something in the title.

      It is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ . MJ and I have recently experienced another vortex. ‘As fast as fuck with pictures’ is a great description. I wrote my poem ‘Drowning in the Sea of Love’ about MJ but it also describes what is happening. We are getting pulled down to the bottom of the Sea in a whirlpool.

      Of course, there are pitfalls with the Techno vortex but at the moment we’re going with what shows up is for the best. At some point you’ve ( not you but in a personal sense for us all ) got to let go and just trust completely. But avoiding the TV like the plague – it shows me a world I don’t recognise anymore.

      And good point about the trees. I’m sensing a re-connection with air and earth and trees, woods, forests have always been used in ‘occult’ rituals for this reason and how they effect the energy grid.

      Sex, mad passion and insane love is what is being used to crack the egg. And to Create you need sex and love. Its the only way anything is created. And to create a new world, you need a lot of it.

  6. did you notice the sync between the maryland ad and new earth trailer …at the end of both clips
    AND the sync between world war z and interstellar travel , the end of both clips ..

    if you dont mind me asking what was ur personal sync watching the maryland biscuit ad

    1. Hi TD – I don’t think you were around earlier in the year but this may give you an insight whats been happening with Mary and me – And also shows that we are not earthbound and lets say, our connection endures 🙂

      The beautiful woman in question is called Mary (her pic is on the sidebar). During our initial phase of ‘meeting up’ we skyped (I’m in Britain and she lives in USA) and there were problems with the connection. We decided to leave the skype for a bit and skype 45 minutes later whilst Mary found a new location to skype from. In this time, I went out to a local shop and bought some cookies and didn’t take in what they were called – they were Maryland cookies. At the same time, she found a new site to skype from and looked around to see the name of the road – Frank Rd ! And since then, Maryland cookies has been an in joke between us.

      If we are to meet up in this reality, it will probably mean me going to America which is why the video synced with me as well when you said the young boy in the video probably will be going to America and Maryland. But we are trying to create a new reality and meet up in ‘Another Earth’ which would be the ideal. We’ll see on that one but our non physical connection (but it is physical) is not ‘here’. We sense the control Matrix doesn’t like us much 🙂

      1. i thought i had posted a reply ..but it didnt come through ..maybe this is a reason :: another sync
        the movie matrix ..i saw a clip of the merovingian on ur blog..
        i watched it on utube ..and after watching i clicked on one of the ones on the right that said recommended ..we all have a funny habit of following what the matrix puts out ( eventhough the machine youtube is not aware of my dance with it …both I (WE) and mary are aware of the ride .. so i hopped on ( the machine is also part of the canvas )
        i clicked on this clip and for some reason clicked at random on the play bar ..and loe and behold ..the FRANK (MR MEROVEE HIMSELF) pops up ..talking about causality …at 1:11:36 ..

        SO i go around the section of the clip , trusting thematrix wants me there …and i get a thought put into my head while watching Passio’s talk…what if the matrix and its characters are all different states of mind of our own existence . during teh journey of discovery ..the movie starts of as a search
        Neo is morpheus is trinity is frank is the oracle is the keymaker …is the architect …is the machine …
        the scene also includes frank creating an orgasm for the lady dining at his restaurant …the lady is neo as well ..the matrix seems to point out .to me anyway …she teaches a lesson about causality ..that desires create teh choice ..the illusion of it …and that is how the matrix controls us …as the desire creates the need to go into debt …the action is desire …the reaction is debt ..the vehicle is our ignorance of our true purpose on this planet ..that we are here to learn to get out of this earth ( the merovingian represents the Satan of our mind ..using illusion of ego to trap persephone in a state of dark ecstacy , WE provides the fabric of ignorance because he gains power from it ..We becomes the vehicle for the illusion and runs on dark ecstacy ..bloating our egos ..turning us into a sociopathic taste ..which is fodder for the debt matrix ..
        merovingian+ persephone is kate perry before she awakes …
        pure causality feeding off earthly ecstacy..

        our superconsciousness is a reflection of our mind ..when we are asleep ..she is asleep ..when we are awake to the illusion of ego , she allows us and wants to kiss WE…persephone being trapped by the merovingian ( our ego illusion ) ..married and used by her …wants just a kiss from NEO ….while the merovingian …

        is looking for a blowjob ..

        to get to earth 2.0 we have to understand the WHY that causes us to take this journey …
        why the mess was created to get us in the position ,where we are asking for the keymaker ..until we understand that, the key maker is just a process .a result of our earthly desires .and we end up again in a controlled state , like teh lady at the table …We ( she ) enjoys it and wants a private place to enjoy it further …her desires being the causes of her action ..she (WE, neo )will always be in a controlled state ..even the merovingian is in a controlled state ..after watching the lady have an orgasm ..he has to act upon his desire ..he leaves persephone to get a blowjob …the kisses he receives are to satisfy his lower chakra ..

        the heart shape programmed into our minds is actually a depiction womans ass..revealed by the sugar sculpture of teh slave woman…it represents our lower chakra state of earthly desires ..where they (WE) want us to be keep getting that sugar rush …enslaving us ..but they are only feeding our own desire for sugar..we choose to be in this state ..of arousal and ejaculation ..
        the inferior and superior hypogastric plexus is based on SEX magik …
        ..and the whole debt system is an accounting of that process..they are book keeping our desires in terms of credits and debits ..
        ..the preisthood mortgages teh womb ..they put on frocks as they become the bride of Christ (the Trust ) ..signifying the ritual of taking the matriarchy into a patriarchical trust system …
        ..but then they got drunk rehypothicating teh assets of the womb they obtain via the institution of marriage.(the patriarchical version defines it as the incorparation of the woman’s business into the man’s) …
        they do this by attaching title to the WOMB ( renaming of the woman) and to its assets ( naming of the child ) ..
        NAME being a legal entity REGIS_tered at teh DISTRICT REGISTRY …
        googel : what is namium
        google : what is districtio
        google : what is distress
        googel : what is distress infinite

        we are stubborn not to surrender ..our labour credits …we are threfore under distress infinite
        they know this and encourage this ..but this is what gives them power to create more debt ..with us being the surety ..we endure it happens by lending to banks ( templar franchises ) …


        1. Hi TD – my life is one huge sync. You should try this out for size . My surname is Tremayne which in North America was americanised to Truman. So The Truman Show becomes The Tremayne Show and The Frank ( True Man ) Show. All a bit mind blowing with the Merovingian as well 🙂

          This is my take on sex – at its core the Universe is in a ‘Forever Fuck’. It is totally, wildy, uncontrollably ‘In Love’ and it wants to join and is joined at the deepest level it can. In our reality, this ‘desire’ ( a natural desire ) is subverted and comes from a state of need and satisfying physical urges and need to control rather from our true state of For Giveness which is to express love.

          I’ve had some recent experiences with ‘sex’ which boggle the mind and I may write about them – we’ll see – but if there is no need then sex becomes a whole different ball game ( pun intended ) .

          (33Blade is Frank, by the way)

      2. we are stubborn not to let go of our labour credits and return it to the source …this is reflected metaphysically in that we do not want to surrender our egos and return to our source…
        this is the journey to earth 2.0 ..
        the keymaker leads him to the architect ..but the architect bing a program itself is programmed to give a choice based on neo’s desires.. Neo again by receivng a choice between saving humanity or saving trinity..chooses trinity …i believe Neo figured out that the archtitect, being a program that chooses logic over intuition.., has given him a path that the program wants neo to pick..he chooses his own heart the basis of his decision …he is on the path to figure out the why .. culminates in his approach to the matrix ..where he surrenders both to the machine and the agent …the surrender to the agent helps the matrix over run the virus ( that again is US )
        if you notice teh face of teh matirx is a BABY …pointing to all the birth titles

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