“What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret.Put down the knitting,
The book and the broom.
Time for a holiday.
Life is Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret.

Come taste the wine,
Come hear the band.
Come blow your horn,
Start celebrating;
Right this way,
Your table’s waiting.”


We learn from a very early age to equate ‘Happiness’ with ingestion.


Baby breastfeeding

christmas gift



And by the time we become adults this habit is fully ingrained.



all you can eat


But we find it’s never enough and we want more and then when we get more, we still want more. We want and we need and are programmed by our Ego mind to need and want. It’s never enough and not good enough. And even when we find what we really want, it then turns into ‘what have you done for me lately’ and disappoints.





And from Need and Want, a whole world has emerged which satisfies this desire. We ‘need and want’ so this is what we get and we become like Sisyphus pushing the ball up the hill. We never quite get there and when we appear to reach our goal, a new one miraculously appears and we chase the next rainbow.




Mr Creosote was a grotesque fictional character created by The Monty Python team, who gorges and gorges himself in an uncontrollable orgy of eating and vomiting until his stomach explodes. Everywhere we go, we are confronted by wheelers and dealers who are trying to sell us something or other but all they are doing is responding to our programming for more and ‘ingestion’. We are programmed to believe there is not enough of anything so we take in and take in and take in. Our mind screams ‘I Want More’.

The reality we have experienced since the Fall as described in The Bible is a ‘False Matrix’. The world is really created by the mind and what we see on the screen is a projection from this Mind of death, guilt, fear, need and hate. It only gives us what we ask for. If we Need then that is what we experience. If we Fear then we will have fearful experiences and if we Hate, we will see a hateful world in the mirror. and at the core of this is a scared Mind which tells us we are just a physical body that is born and dies and lives only for a pitiful few years, which struggles to survive in a hostile world.

You are always ‘the man behind the curtain’ in Oz. Realizing this can be devastating but once realized, is a giant step towards freedom. The expectations you place on yourself by fear of what others think or the programming you have experienced your entire life is a self-imposed prison. It is time for a prison break, or perhaps prism break. Just get up and walk out of the cave.




In The Matrix, Neo is offered either a Blue or a Red pill and if Neo took the Blue pill he stayed in the Matrix world but if he chose the Red pill then he was able to leave it. We do have a choice. The Blue Pill world is the one created by our mind of guilt, fear, hate and war and the Red Pill world is Innocence, serenity, love and peace. The war is not on our Mind but in our Mind.


We are programmed to believe that happiness lies in the physical world but it is only a reflection of our mind. We are not physical beings but spirit and in reality there is nothing out there apart from in our mind. But there is another physical reality which lives side by side with the one we experience in the Blue pill world and projects out from love, innocence and peace and in truth, that is All There Is. We call it Heaven but Heaven is not a a place but a state of mind of beauty, passion and love.




In truth we have it All because we are ‘All There Is’. There is No Thing outside us as we are No Thing and ‘All There Is’ is the Nothing aka LOVE. The body and the physical world is an attempt to create another reality from Heaven. We are always in Heaven unless we imagine otherwise. The main fault lies in the Separation where we see ourselves as separate from one another in body, mind and spirit but we are joined Forever and The Bible relates the story of how we imagined ‘God’ booted us out of heaven because of Original Sin. This comes from a fevered mind which believes that ‘God’ sees us as imperfect and is vengeful, judgmental and will send us to Hell if we misbehave according to his Laws. The exact opposite is the truth.

The Yin and Yang, Adam and Eve, Isis and Osiris, Jesus and Mary, Kali and Shakti can never be separated and never can leave Paradise because they are Paradise. It is an impossibility. Our world is Mission Impossible.




So how do we go from the Blue pill world of guilt, fear and hate to the Red pill world of Love and Innocence. There are only two choices we have. Either to stay with the Blue Pill or leave it for the Red Pill and enter the Love Vortex. The Blue pill world cannot be changed – it can only be left.




And means letting go of our attachment to our physical world behind us. There is no body, no death, no guilt and in the world no buildings, no news, no cars, no jobs, no wars. It is an illusion that we have become trapped in by our own choice and we can leave it as just as easily by changing our Mind and leave the Mind and Body behind and ‘Come to the Cabaret, Old Chum’ and saying Farewell to Your Hair or ‘Mein Herr’. And let your hair down.



Bye-Bye, Mein Lieber Herr.
Farewell, mein Lieber Herr.
It was a fine affair,
But now it’s over.
And though I used to care,
I need the open air.
You’re better off without me,
Mein Herr.


The world we experience is a Show and ‘The Show Always Goes On’ but it is our choice which Show we watch. “Shall we stay or shall we go” – Let’s Go.



13 thoughts on “Cabaret”

  1. Great post, although I have a different view on the red and blue offer – I’d take both pills together … the purple option 😉

      1. I’m not keen on accepting the choice of this or that – that’s how we’re manipulated in real life, how ‘Problem Reaction Solution’ works. Neither the Matrix or Memento worlds are appealing.

        I say, fuck it, surprise them, do the unexpected and not accept what’s being offered. There is so much choice but we constantly allow ourselves to being corralled into a decision for this or that. A bit of the other, Frank, that’s the ticket 😉

        1. Roob – the world seems to offer a myriad of choices but the question is always the same . Do we choose from the Ego or ‘Spirit’ – Red pill or Blue pill 🙂

        1. When I say ego I mean the part of us that believes it is separated, lives in linear time, earthbound and only a body. The little ego if you like. The problem with religion is that it is directed and controlled by the little ego.

          Spirit sees us as divine, eternal beings of love who are ‘free to fly’ . It all depends which version you listen to and we make choices from either one or the other. That is the red pill or blue pill choice.

          The Matrix makes the point brilliantly.

      2. I see what you mean, Frank. Nevertheless given the choice, I’d still grab both pills of Morpheus and take them together. The idea of doing that has only occurred to me in the last 6 months and, to be honest, a contributing factor to this idea that there is another way, overlooked, not considered or unconceived, is down to you and the MErovee WE ❤

        1. Roob – TruthDemon put it quite well in a previous comment.

          She wants to meet us halfway with half the secret
          the black madonna is frozen , just as we are ..
          not willing to let go ,to learn the other half of the secret ,TRUE LOVE, surrender
          she has the power of goodbye , when we dont surrender

          TO BI or NOT to BI , thats how the right hand rules …
          christ sitteth at the right hand of GOD (the mother’s labour credit system )

          All or Nothing .

  2. In healthy evolution, the ego is not in opposition, just one aspect, one stepping stone to self. It has it’s purpose. I quite like operating in the marriage between matter and spirit myself. As long as I’m in this body while awake and out of it while sleeping, getting to play in and co-create in the different spaces is fun. Body modification is a literal result of the religious/philosophical idea that the body is base(r) than the spirit and has a lot to do with why it has taken humanity so long to heal. If matter is, loosely, ”ego” or earth and spirit is ”air” maybe we need to work with them both, as well as with fire and water.

  3. A couple quotes from Tom Robbins: The bottom line is that (a) people are never perfect, but love can be, (b) that is the one and only way that the mediocre and the vile can be transformed, and (c) doing that makes it that. Loving makes love. Loving makes itself. We waste time looking for the perfect lover instead of creating the perfect love. Wouldn’t that be the way to make love stay?

    Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won’t adhere to any rules. The most any of us can do is to sign on as its accomplice. Instead of vowing to honor and obey, maybe we should swear to aid and abet. That would mean that security is out of the question. The words “make” and “stay” become inappropriate. My love for you has no strings attached. I love you for free.

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