Make Everyday a Bank Holiday

This world is getting more unreal everyday.


I don’t know where to start. On the journey of awakening, I first started wondering why schools didn’t teach children sacred geometry and why they didn’t integrate subjects more. And why do they say they don’t know why ancient megalithic structures are geometrically and geographically connected, yet use ancient symbols for mega-rituals and hidden knowledge from ancient mystery religions to have the ‘upper hand’ in this game of life?




I’m tired of the game. I want real. Things that are real in this world involve love and love is all there is. The rest is just a lot of energy exerted for some sick-minded people who thrive on fear, hate and suffering.

Firstly, I want to point out that there are enough resources on this planet for everyone. And if there is a danger of running out, it is because of the evil ones not using the right energy sources and they do this with full knowledge, intentionally. Free energy is a fact.

Tesla, a genius born before his time, soon discovered there is electromagnetic energy freely flowing in the vacuum which is readily available for the taking, and suggested extracting such energy for the world to use, instead of using fossil fuel as the main energy source. Here is an excellent, thorough article with many different diagrams and suggestions for free energy.

A magnet falls through a copper pipe

And the fact that it is suppressed is because if you have free energy then the false banking system would be useless and right now, that is the biggest source of power for the fuckheads who want to rule the world. Now, about the banking system….

hooker heels

As above, so below, that is the hermetic law that describes the macrocosm to the microcosm and if you read this blog that you know all about it. And why do we have a banking system? Because it prolongs karma and gets enough people in the mindset of ‘owing’ and paying back. And it has complemented the religious control system quite well, too (born a sinner who needs to repent is like being born with a negative bank account). All of these branches of control have been crafted to work together, and thankfully people have started to wake up to some of them. But since you have to pay for food and need food to live, the banking system carries on.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”  – Albert Einstein

All is vibration and energy. And we are souls inhabiting a 3D body moving at a slow vibration. Our body is the computer and our mind is the software. It is very, very good software. I would like to crack the code and get past it! We have already cracked part of the code, now its time to smash the wall entirely!

Love is all there is and when we think with our hearts instead of our minds, it shows our true nature. In Christianity, the belief is that your sins are forgiven through the grace of god and he sacrificed his son so you could live. Too bad we don’t get the whole story and too bad most people think ‘sacrifice’ is an act of love. Sacrifice is one of those tricky mind games. It is the opposite of intuition. Think about this: what if someone or something said “you can have everything if you give up your child”. Well, would you have everything? NO! You just gave up the most joyous thing you ever knew!

So, is that your god?

Jesus says that if you collapse duality, think with your heart, everything is for ‘giveness’ and we can bring about Christ consciousness and we will experience life in a completely different way. No more pain, sickness, suffering. Just eternal life of Love.


And the part about the grace of god, why can’t we all let go of our negative feelings and show grace, and all of our karma would be for-given? Can you imagine?

Imagine if everything is free. EVERYTHING. You wouldn’t be stuck in your car on the way to work and on the way back home for hours everyday. You wouldn’t worry about buying food. You wouldn’t worry if your child could take swim lessons like his friends, you wouldn’t worry if your electricity bill would get paid, you wouldn’t be in a mental prison because you are stuck in a job that you hate, you wouldn’t be stuck in a mental prison at all! Imagine if no one needed to get paid for the work they did because everything is free! Imagine what our minds could create if they were free to think about things they wanted to! Imagine the time you could spend with your children, tending to your garden, sewing, bike riding, reading, creating, daydreaming….whatever you wish to do, you could do it!

And if you are thinking that the world would be chaos and no one would do anything but sit at the bar and down a few beers, I completely disagree and would gladly debate this. I have faith in humanity and expect greatness because I think humanity is great!

Remember this: the world that you see is what you project in your mind. Don’t you have more love than that? I think the possibilities are infinite. There is no limit. No boundary. Nothing! And we were born this way. But the Program knows our software very well and it starts at a young age, telling us what we can and can’t do.

I was watching this Dr. Who episode, The Rings of Akhaten, where the doctor takes companion Clara Oswald to an alien planet and the currency is an exchange of whatever you are buying, you must give something of yours with sentimental value. For example, a scarf that your grandmother knitted you would be worth more than a pair of earrings you don’t have a strong attachment to. And this example of a currency system is a two-for-one as far as a literal and symbolic example of the bullshit banking system we live with! Everything costs something! I’m telling you, EVERYTHING SHOULD BE FREE!

dr who tells it like it is


“But some people might work harder and should be rewarded as such.”  My answer: If everything is free, everybody gets what they want.

“But what about doctors, for example, who go to school for years and do internships for years who have a lot of knowledge about how to medically treat people?”  My answer: if their education is free (and therefore their mind, too!) then they don’t have an ‘obligation’ to the medical societies and pharmaceutical companies and peer-reviewed journals, etc. and healing methods would be much more diverse and widely accepted. The medical community has to conform to certain beliefs and standards to be a part of the medical community. And, just to point out, the overall vibration of every human would be much higher when they are freed from the burden of a monetary system, making everyone on Earth much healthier.

“But who would take care of roads, public schools, government employees, trash pick-up, etc., which is paid for by tax dollars?”                 My answer: When people are free to do what they want instead of what they choose for monetary compensation, they aren’t a prisoner to their job. Their mind becomes free, they become free, and they become more of a giver. Things that need to done will fall into place beautifully, in the same manner of how the planets orbit and rotate around the sun; it will be a harmony of communities working together. If society believes that people only do things for compensation, then society looks upon itself as robotic individuals who aren’t capable of a higher purpose. I believe our abilities are vastly undermined and anything is possible! I’m not afraid to see what would happen!

“But there are mean people out there who want to harm others and there are lazy people who will take advantage.”  My answer: Without a monetary system there would be no tax-paid government employees like police officers, etc. and people would take matters into their own hands. And while this might sound scary, think of how different people’s attitudes would be in terms of judging others, when judging isn’t so popular anymore! And perhaps it might sound primitive to go to a system where matters are dealt with individually, but I think a ‘shift’ is at hand and the world will not become a place where everyone carries a gun. It is time to EVOLVE. We will become beings who experience life in a different way altogether.

And that is the point of the debate. It is time to evolve. We don’t want a revolution, which is just another time around. We want an EVOLUTION, which is a time of going higher. Enough of this petty ‘owing’, borrowing, paying back, exchanging something for something….we are capable of so much more than that.

Money is a substitute for Love. Love is All There Is and we look outside of our Self for more Love because we cannot feel ‘The Love’ and hide from ‘The Love’ but you can’t have more than All There Is. It’s impossible and we try and fill the hole within our soul with unreal physical items which we need money to obtain. It is the reverse of God’s Will which is that we have everything for Free.

Our money system is a real life version of Monopoly where sometimes we think we win and sometimes we lose but The Bank always wins and we equate Happiness and self worth on how many bits of paper and and metal coins we collect. We are always Free because our Love is Free and Money is a reflection of the belief that we have ‘to do something’ to get Love or others have to do something for us to give our Love. The currency is flowing the wrong way.

A Bank Holiday in Britain is a term used for a public holiday and the Banks are closed and it is a rare occasion for the currency to flow where it wants and not surprisingly, people can enjoy themselves and I’m not surprised that weekends and Bank holidays are when the Banks are closed. The Frank part of ‘Blade And Chalice’ worked for 14 years in a major UK bank and I very quickly stopped seeing Money as Money and over the years became very disillusioned as I realised I was working for a company that was a Loan Shark dressed in a sharp suit and tie.


The monetary system is a way to control the currency. You imagine that the money you deposit with a Bank is yours but in Law it does not belong to you and becomes the property of the Bank who supply you with an IOU to repay you. And once you get to certain age you will find that you cannot afford to buy some items, car or house without taking out a large loan and find yourself in debt and even further on the hamster wheel having to repay the debt.

And if you don’t have enough money you will not be able to eat and you will starve and the quality of education and health care is dependent on Money. In Britain every winter, if the weather gets really cold the elderly are able to claim a rebate on their heating bills from the government but of course many spend the winter shivering because they are scared of the bill from the energy companies.

Children are sent to school from a young age not to learn but to pick up skills which keeps the wheels turning and gain qualifications to obtain a job and earn money and spend the rest of their lives working to earn money. And once the physical body begins to break down, then you are allowed to ‘retire’ but of course with far less money than previously and the best years of your life are spent ‘working’.

We don’t need money and in short the system is totally fucked up.

First of all, I would like to point out that most people spend most of their time at work. So think about it, your experience (which is constantly reminded to you as ‘time’ with a clock everywhere you look) here on earth as a physical being, is mostly at work, so you can (barely) have enough money (which is just pieces of paper and coins) to survive. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t see how wrong this is? And I think most do see the problem, but getting everyone to take action is the obstacle. Most people are too afraid they would go to jail if they didn’t pay their taxes, or if they just walked in and got what they needed from the grocery store and didn’t ‘pay’. And they probably would go to jail, to set an example for anyone else who gets these ideas. But the point is this, you can dam a river, but you can’t stop a tidal wave. And humanity’s ocean of consciousness is surfacing; with hot lava from volcanos, sink holes swallowing entire blocks, and the earth is quaking from this awakening. Leaving the old picsean way, entering the new aquarian age and some beautiful changes are going to happen. But the more you resist, the more intense the birth pangs will be!

“let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”


Back to Dr. Who, I just can’t think of a better example of our current fucked up system, so eloquently explained in the episode The Rings of Akhaten in season seven. Time and money go hand in hand and they are favorite control mechanisms because they are the most effective. Time is associated with the planet Saturn. Saturn is also known as “El”. Interestingly, most angels (angles) have a name that end in ‘el’. An angle of light of how you see things. When you see things in a different light, does that mean you were visited by an angel? And while I don’t believe there is some human-looking being with a scythe sitting around planet Saturn watching the rings go round and round….

I believe planets are related to human consciousness and the ancients knew of this and knew about its connection to time and our perception of it. Saturn. It’s about time and about ELectricity. And since those two things effect our life cycles here on earth, they worshipped Saturn like a god.

Dr. Who meets Hunger Games


Merry singing to the old god


Merry has to sing. She has to sin “G”.  She has to emit young female energy sine waves to the god as a planet with rings around it and then she is about to be sacrificed. Does this sound familiar? Spoiler alert! Dr. Who and Clara save her and here is what Dr. Who says to her before he goes up against the bad guy:

The Doctor: He’s waking because it’s his time to wake. And feed. On you, apparently. On your story.

Clara: She didn’t say stories, she said souls!

The Doctor: Same thing. The soul’s made of stories, not atoms. Everything that ever happened to us—people we loved, people we lost… people we found again against all the odds—he threatens to wake, they offer him a pure soul. The soul of the Queen of Years.

Clara: Stop it, you’re scaring her.

The Doctor: Good. She should be scared. She’s sacrificing herself. She should know what that means. Do you know what it means, Merry?

Merry: A god chose me.

The Doctor: It’s not a god. It’ll feed on your soul, but that doesn’t make it a god. It is a vampire and you don’t need to give yourself to him.

I don’t understand how it works, but somehow, through the planet saturn, there are some people who know how to take advantage and manipulate time and energy and feed off of humanity.

58949722 / State Opening of Parliament


Ironically, their time is up! And as they are completely out of touch with spirit, they are confused about why their game doesn’t work anymore. They are so robotic and ritualistic they wouldn’t recognize an intuitive thought from their soul if it fell on their lap! (if they even have a soul) They are sitting there thinking ‘Look at us! We ARE royal! Really! We are! Don’t you see my royal outfit? And throne?!’

It is ridiculous! And while their mask is coming off and reality is becoming unveiled, control is slipping away and desperate attempts by tptb are laughable.



burn isis flag challenge



They are still so afraid, after all this time, of the serpent in the garden. The kundalini energy is rising. And it is HOT HOT HOT!

Fire and Isis


You can’t stop a tidal wave, you can’t stop a volcano eruption and you can’t stop humanity from waking up. Look again at the image of queen and prince Phillip. How ridiculous do they look? You are the queen or king of your own mind. And that is what they have tried to do all these years; control your mind.

A new card is on the table.



The water bearer is here. Let go of the old age and embrace the new one with love. A new currency is flowing and some electromagnetic connections are being made on a molecular level. DNA is electromagnetic and as more of it becomes unlocked, more memory and data is accessed. Here’s the thing, our range of vision does not allow us to see electromagnetic waves, but we live in an electric universe. The ones who seek to control us have passed this knowledge down, generation to generation, and have kept the secrets of the universe to themselves. There are certain times as the Earth is in rotation, that open portals, allow for more magnetic energy, and would make certain rituals more effective. I would bet it made certain individuals uncomfortable when Tesla said this:



And you know there were lots of people who didn’t like it when he said this!


As above, so below, we are bound to the laws of physics as we are electric beings. And when you are the turner of the wheel of this unseen force, you can sit on a throne and call yourself god, as long as no one realizes what you are doing. Ruling with the right hand is a ‘wink wink’ kind of term. The make one wheel bigger on the right side of the chariot, to keep it going around and around, but never ascending up.

ben hur


How long have they Ben Hur? Too long.

Two equal parts, one male, one female would bring harmony and balance to this world and OMG at the ecstatic feeling everyone would have. I can tell you from personal experience what it is like to be rejoined with the other part of yourself, but at the same time it is BEYOND WORDS.

Here is a challenge, since it seems people are into taking challenges these days: someone find out if modern medicine has the approach of being chirality correct, and then tell me if you think tptb want to control how long you live on this Earth.



One spins one way, the other spins the other way.

from wikipedia: In mathematics, a figure is chiral (and said to have chirality) if it cannot be mapped to its mirror image by rotations and translations alone. For example, a right shoe is different from a left shoe, and clockwise is different from anti-clockwise.

The best example of chirality is handedness. Your hands are chiral. Some chiral three-dimensional objects, such as the helix, can be assigned a right or left handedness, according to the right-hand rule.

Rider Waite Magician


And this is for people who take the bible literally, I want you to read this very closely, and then tell me if you still think the Creator intended on female sexuality being controlled….here is the entire article.

What is the problem of chirality? In our bodies, proteins and DNA possess a unique 3-dimensional shape, and it is because of this 3D shape that the biochemical processes within our bodies work as they do. It is chirality that provides the unique shape for proteins and DNA, and without chirality, the biochemical processes in our bodies would not do their job. In our body, every single amino acid of every protein is found with the same left-handed chirality. Although Miller and Urey formed amino acids in their experiments, all the amino acids that formed lacked chirality. It is a universally accepted fact of chemistry that chirality cannot be created in chemical molecules by a random process. When a random chemical reaction is used to prepare molecules having chirality, there is an equal opportunity to prepare the left-handed isomer as well as the right-handed isomer. It is a scientifically verifiable fact that a random chance process, which forms a chiral product, can only be a 50/50 mixture of the two optical isomers. There are no exceptions. Chirality is a property that only a few scientists would even recognize as a problem. The fact that chirality was missing in those amino acids is not just a problem to be debated, it points to a catastrophic failure that “life” cannot come from chemicals by natural processes.

In other words: one wheel bigger than the other keep going round and round, always staying on the same plane. Two wheels that are equal will let you ascend to higher planes.

And this is the AIR EMERGENCE-y.


Thanks for caring, Wills, but I’m good. I prefer to keep going with my ascension.

Today is the perfect day to celebrate the new currency. Everyone is already rich. You were born with a positive bank account of LOVE.



13 thoughts on “Make Everyday a Bank Holiday”

  1. ‘The Doctor: It’s not a god. It’ll feed on your soul, but that doesn’t make it a god. It is a vampire and you don’t need to give yourself to him.

    I found a book (pdf) today via a site ‘The Tap’ … Tapestry. I’ve posted about Tapestry just now on Merovee’s ‘The Bondage’, although as I write it’s in moderation – too many links!

    Political Ponerology: The Study of Evil

    The pdf:

    1. I saw your comments on Merovee awesome 🙂
      Excellent pdf! I wish I could find the youtube where this guy is talking about the misconception most people have about those living on welfare. He said something like “for those who like to call the people who are dependent on welfare ‘parasites’, you do not understand what a parasitic relationship is.
      Its all energy. Feeding off energy.

  2. “How long have they Ben Hur? Too long.”

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for that!

    Wills, grandson of EL is a BETH (”God is a House” and, more specificially, God is “Her” House) should be read as WHEELS. What a stuff lot.

    I spotted a Dock in front of a Self Storage center yesterday. Self storage…that’s kind of what we do to ourselves in this matrix. Pack ourselves up into rented metal boxes.

  3. ‘The Rings of Akhaten’ – in this episode we see Clara’s mother’s tombstone:

    ELlie Oswald
    Beloved wife and mother
    Born 11th September 1960
    Died 5th March 2005

        1. D’oh!
          How many times have I written about duality?! (like the black and white chess board) LOL
          I was thinking 6 fours is 24, which looks like the glyph for jupiter….

          Going to check it out now!

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