PITCH slapped




rihanna tmz

Are you wondering why they ‘pulled’ Rihanna’s music from Thursday Night Football Open? I wondered too. I kept reading story after story, thinking ‘I just missed something. She must’ve tweeted something provocative about domestic abuse or something….’. 

Nope. What is happening here is a bit of a ‘glitch’ in the programme. A risk was taken and it turned out to be a poor choice. As a former intern in the P.R. business, I’m answering “no” to the question “does it fly?”

But in a mirrored world, it does fly.


Rihanna has Isis tattooed just under her breasts. And Isis is flying everywhere right now. She’s out of control! Her currents are felt by all, everywhere. And as American football might be the most homosexual social programming in the U.S., having Rihanna SING during the THOR’sday Night Football is a bit threatening to this particular programming. It is, after all, much more than sport to some people. If you’ll remember from the Super Bowl in 2012, Madonna had this to say about performing during the half-time show:

“The Superbowl is kind of like the Holy of Holies in America. I’ll come at halfway of the “church experience” and I’m gonna have to deliver a sermon. It’ll have to be very impactful.”

She is about to SING in the temple!

Before reading further, I’d like to say…. frequently on this blog we write about how unreal the 3D world is and how the mainstream media is used to direct people’s attention from the real world. There are many topics that are debatable whether or not they are real, i.e., climate change, the never ending war, the scary virus, the missing plane, etc., but what is real, are human feelings, emotions, realization and love.

At Blade and Chalice, we want all consenting adults to express themselves sexually as they want, with complete freedom. Gay, straight, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, and any other description of a person’s sexual preference or orientation is fully supported by us (as long as it is between people who are old enough to make decisions about this). And while it is not my main goal to be ‘politically correct’, I don’t want to give anyone who reads this blog the wrong impression when I write about social engineering and homosexual programming. It is one thing to be gay. It is another to confuse and distort ideas about sexuality in a subliminal manner using techniques employed by the MSM, education system, government, corporations, etc. and other institutions who are a part of this agenda, for the purpose of mind control and control of humanity in all aspects.

There is a bigger event going on in the world right now than just gay rights and bullying. It is an agenda that started thousands of years ago by the ones who seek to control humanity and take away their freedom to just ‘be’.  Whether you are straight, gay, asexual or bisexual, as a human being you have a desire and a right to express yourself with freedom. Please take no offense when I write about the homosexual programming agenda which seeks to keep us from evolving so that a few people on Earth can feed off the rest of us like parasites. It is not anti gay, it is anti control. We are all sovereign individuals who are born with the right ( by natural law) to explore our own sexuality without the interference and assault of messages coming from all directions from everywhere except within. Homosexual programming effects gay people in a negative way, too.

gay football

I’ve said this for years. American football is the perfect example of social engineering programming. I never got into football, but I have always had friends who did (and still do) and before I learned to just not say anything, I would be sitting there, looking at everyone’s faces while they were so engrossed in the game and I would just be completely bewildered. “Doesn’t anybody see how gay this is?!” And I was never trying to start anything, I just really just wanted to understand. I don’t care if someone is gay. I don’t care if football is gay. But fucking admit it is gay! That is the problem. The reason I was always met with such hostility when I said this is because no one would acknowledge that it really is gay, even though they knew in their subconscious that it is. And these opposing feelings cause dissonance, which stirs powerful emotions.

This is how social programming works: put something in front of people over and over again to ‘normalize’ it, (especially when it is backed with lots of money, institutions, universities, sponsors, corporations, etc.,) and slowly change it over time, molding it to what you want, which also molds people’s acceptance of it, and before you know it, you’ve got the most gay (pretending not to be) sport watched by millions, who are completely in denial about what is going on. Don’t get me started on this one….


What a cool personal sync it would be for him if his middle name started with a “T”!  (LOL)   Jesus Christ! Does he think he’s Jesus Christ?!

I’ll give MSM credit:  words, stories, faces, mind lines, anagrams, symbols, inter-related mixed with non-related words put together (Obama, Osama), etc., are usually played out quite well as a tool for subliminal messages. But the “official” reason why CBS decided to pull Rihanna’s music from NFL’s Thursday Night Football coverage is because Rihanna might be the most famous domestic abuse victim and they were worried that featuring her would further the reputation of the league’s being a haven for assailants.


Rihanna in 2009



bey lip syncs in paris

This was news just a couple of days ago.

And remember this?

bey inauguration miming
Oh Bey, can you sing?


And as I’m writing this, I go to ‘on demand’ cable and I decided to watch SNL from May of this year,  with host Charlize Theron and musical guest The Black Keys. I couldn’t believe the opening!….

charlize can't sing


Ladies! All the sinning going on these days! Let’s try to control ourselves, okay?

Christina Aguilera not feeling like herself tonight


We have to think about our children. What kind of example are we setting and who are exposing our children to?

Hello Kitty, what do you think? Hello Kitty says….Oh, sorry kitty.  I forgot, Hello Kitty doesn’t talk.


too sweet barbie
And what do you think Barbie? “math is hard”.


And Joan Rivers’ ear, nose and THROAT doctor.

joan rivers throat doctor selfie
From People.com, a selfie was taken by the dock on the river.


River, bank, currency.

And Disney, who has forgotten to include a ‘mother’ role in their movies, decade after decade, is reaching far and wide with their latest hit with young girls, the movie frOZen. And her name is ELsa.

frozen bride elsa

A shift is happening. ISIS melting. Aquarius and Leo are SEX ON FIRE Its causing an AIR EMERGENCE. The currency of the water in Pisces is ‘changing states’ to AIR of Aquarius.  The attempt to keep the currency FROZEN is Disney’s most hilarious movie yet, and I haven’t even seen it!

Iceland volcano


little mermaid frozen

….as it expands its FROZEN empire.

She comes in colors everywhere. She combs her hair. She’s like a rainbow.

Aerial, the Little Mermaid, (red hair next to Cinderella), fell in love with a huMAN. Rather inconvenient, since she lives in the water and he lives on land. But it works out (in the fucked up, magical world of Disney), a character named Ursula magically grants Aerial a pair of legs, but she has to give up her voice. And that is what really happens in the movie.

And whatever is going on with domestic violence in the NFL, will hopefully get straightened out when Condi Rice (con d’ isis?) gets involved. She is, after all, the ex-secretary of state. (state changes?)

condelezza NFL
Cleveland Clinic, CC, imagine as coco chanel, like the vesica pisces. And Condoleezza ‘R’ Ice! They really want to keep her frozen! And do your own research on the brown reference. Hint: “step into his shoes”.

god el in hot seat

Ray R-ICE (fiery sun Leo rays beaming through and melting ice is actually what is happening) is causing Goodell (god ‘EL’) to be in the HOT seat again! You’re damn straight! In the beautiful mirror world, a different kind of union is taking place and yes, he did score! I wonder if they call it ‘screwing’ because love spirals out of control?



A friend of mine recently showed me some pics from her family’s trip to Israel they took last summer. She is an Israeli jew, and she translated signs in Hebrew that were in the pics, so I would understand the significance. She started reading one that I just couldn’t believe. I asked her to repeat, please. She said again, “it says,  ‘women, do not sing here….'”

And she was talking about a sign just outside the entrance to the Western Wall.

western wall men women

A story from jewish online newspaper, Haaretz: In August, four women, two of whom were members of the women’s group were arrested and detained at the Western Wall for wearing prayer shawls. The women were arrested for “behavior that endangers the public peace” and wearing prayer shawls.


It goes on to say….In response to Tuesday’s arrest, Yizhar Hess, head of the Masorti Movement, said that the women detained by police “didn’t steal, hit, threaten, or even go over the speed limit. They just sang,” adding: “But, apparently only men can sing near the Western Wall.”

Women, Go Shhhhhh!

human rights tibet


Women, be quiet in churches….

and let the castratos sing?

This is a little song I wrote about giving up my balls to sing for you fuckers.


In the beginning was the word, and the word was god. All is vibration, sound. And the thought of your intuitive side of the brain awakening and ‘speaking’, is quite frightening to tptb.



Lady Gaga’s not worried. She has on her Poker Face.



Poker Face. Poke her face. A two-for-one message from the evil controllers: poke her face (to shut her up) and poke her face (to degrade the sacred feminine).

And how do I know its not just about a little fun foreplay? Because there is also the message to carry the ‘purple purse’.

purple purse

I could write an entire post about this, but just to make a long story short, the status symbol and other symbolism that goes along with the handbag you carry and the emphasis on handbags and purses, is because it is a symbol for the womb, the chalice. The fashion industry is a large ‘branch’ of the control system. And while it is convenient to carry a bag for your belongings, the emphasis on the bag has another purpose besides utility; a reminder to keep yourself separate from the womb, what you need is not inside yourself, your most precious things (money, phone, keys, etc.) are all in the bag, OUTSIDE of you! Nothing could be further from the truth! See the shape of the logo? The upside down triangle (delta) is also the symbol for chalice. And look, it appears to have a chastity belt, as there is a keyhole on it. No problem! I know who has the key 🙂

The (i) has to travel! And where is she going?

Why is Beyonce ON THE RUN?



The girl is gone? Where did she go?


Rosamund Pike looks frOZen on that magazine cover! Interesting, she also played ICY character Miranda Frost as Bond girl in Die Another Day.

miranda frost


Which reminds me of a mind line I saw last week.

frosted lips
The purpose of lipstick is to ‘redden’ the lips for sexual attraction. During orgasm, lips naturally become more red as blood rushes to them, just like it does to cheeks. Now, why would you want this dead, frozen look?


And back to cups and chalices, Anna Kendrick says you’re gonna miss her when she’s gone, in her audition for the Barden Bellas in the movie Pitch Perfect.

anna kendrick cups




And she also SingS “Don’t you forget about me!”

call my name

I’m starting to get paranoid! As a female, I’m feeling like I’m not wanted!

Too bad…. The PITCH is back!


The bitch is back. Bitch, a female dog. A female dog STAR.

the star

Siriusly, I don’t care if you call me a bitch. I am flattered. I love being the brightest star in the night sky, right next to Orion.

In my last post, I included a gif with a magnet falling through a copper pipe. Copper is associated with the planet Venus, which of course, is the feminine goddess.

MoneyPenny …. copper penny!

The chemical abbreviation for copper is Cu, which is where the name Cyprus is derived, where the Temple of Aphrodite is. Venus, Aphrodite and Copper, which is Cu. I’m thinking this is where the word ‘cunt’ comes from. And what a shame, as it is thought of as a very insulting thing to say to someone! But if cunt means beautiful, sexy goddess, then maybe it’s not such a bad thing to be called.


It is an energy. The feminine energy. We all have it. We all have the masculine energy, too.  The copper pipe (kinetic energy) and the magnet (potential energy) are the feminine and the masculine. I realize the term ‘goddess’ makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

And what about all these whores walking around, or grinding against poles….? 🙂

sexy pole dance

sineful dance
A very sinful, or is it ‘sine-ful’? dance


And for those who have wondered throughout their lives, why all the hostility towards women?, it makes more sense when you look at the big picture in terms of energy.

It is a universal law that everything has polarity, and as I just opened another tab to reference exactly the wording of this universal law, I must say the syncs are really getting insane these days. I googled ‘universal law, polarity’ and the first search result I clicked on has this image:


Thank you, universe! 🙂

The situation just IS. And how you perceive something or think about something can be good or bad, it can be hot or cold, etc.

And for creation, there must be male and female.

From the creation stories and cosmogonies that I have read, this is how I picture it: there IS a body of water, or something like this, which is watery, and womb like, and its just there, existing (feminine energy). It IS.  And then a ray of light (masculine energy) “penetrates” it, and you get a current.

I found a perfect example. Here is a solar-powered electrical outlet that you can stick on a window with suction cups, simply called ‘window socket’.

window socket

The Window Socket offers a neat way to harness solar energy and use it as a plug socket. So far we have seen solutions that act as a solar battery backup, but none as a direct plug-in. Simple in design, the plug just attaches to any window and does its job intuitively. Designers: Kyuho Song & Boa Oh

The round part (the waters of Nun) is placed on the window. Its just hanging out, looking really hot and sexy, when a gorgeous sun ray notices it and thinks I gotta have me some of that, and they have sex when the ray (phallus) penetrates the ‘womb’ on the window.

plug in


Sex creates so much energy, that if you can harness and direct the currency from it, then you’ve got power! Literally!

LOVE should be the currency. Think of how much fun it would be to get rich 😉

Something that comes to mind are ancient temples and megalithic sites like Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids, the Temple of Aphrodite, and the elusive Atlantis. It would be interesting to see where these line up on Earth’s ley lines, which is essentially a natural power grid for our planet. How do I say this with such confidence? I’ll list links at the end of the article for excellent resources for this information. And then on the bad side of this, the evil ones today who perform satanic ritual abuse (which involves rape, killings, evoking lower spirits, etc.) and since it is based on trauma and fear, it also creates a lot of energy. And sadly, lots of the rituals involve children, which makes this so fucked up


And if you’ve seen the movie, you know the monsters scare the children and harness power through their screams, but in the end they find out children’s laughter has more energy, so they make them laugh instead. Disney, stay the fuck away from my child and everyone else’s.

Things with currents: water, electromagnetic current, monetary systems, wind currents, and events that are happening NOW, as in current events.

Ocean waves


A quick analysis of the symbol for Aquarius. I promise, I do have a point….

aquarius symbol


Currents, letter M’s, letter S’s, sine waves, ocean waves, river currents, electromagnetic waves, and what is happening now….

symbol for egyptian waters of nun

What is happening now is a shift in the ages. Not only are we at the beginning of a new age, we are at the beginning of a new cycle! There be dragons out there in the unexplored cosmos, and as above, so below, the unexplored areas in your mind!  WOW, MOM!

wow mom

Is is just me, or um….

That’s right folks, a male god did not jack off a new universe. A male energy with glorious rays of masculinity penetrated the IS, the feminine in a womb-like body of flowing currents.

See this sperm-looking light traveling through space?


He’s headed right for her!

The waters of nun




69, the yin and yang


The whore is riding the beast, and oh what fun it is. And while I am not filthy, my ‘cup’ is, as it is the chalice, which is the womb, which contains the ‘all’. And in the waters of nun, we are back again, with the memory of everything that has and is happening. IS happening.

A peacock from her cup, symbolizing eternal life.



Beyonce is telling us something here.

beyonce pattern

The pattern on her top is very common, called a greek key pattern.

Greek_Key Often seen on tiles in pools. See the 15151515, or ISISISISISIS?

For balance, ideally you would want

15151515112121212, as found on this pool of the famous Hearst Castle in the US

hearst castle pool

Or, even this one below. The KEY is balance!

greek-key 52



25, 52, T T T T, or upside down T, upside down T, etc.

what the upside down T is, is (pun intended!) the chalice. The waters of nun. The source of all life.

Frank has been telling me that “T” is the key!

The “T” key around her throat chakra so she can sing in the temple! Thank you, Frank! There’s one of many reasons why the goddess loves you!

ISIS0SIRIS…. the “R” for right angle. The gif below explains the relationship between sine, cosine and right angles.



Sin, co-sinning (coming together) and angels. This sounds so familiar….

In another post, I wrote about how Japanese Dr. Emoto wrote a book on his research, Hidden Messages in Water, and how water holds memory. We can all agree there is filthy-ness in our currents. And that is why we are back at the beginning; to cleanse, with grace. For-giveness. My handbag is made of recycled water bottles, so interesting personal sync, as I ride the sexy beast, the scarlet woman is headed your way!

Pole dancing 🙂

52, 25




Time is the fourth dimension, and the emergence of the new age is taking us to the Fifth Dimension. And didn’t the 5th Dimension tell us something about this a few years ago?

Take a bite of the apple and you will see stars



All is vibration and females and males create beautiful harmony when they sing together. The female energy is coming back whether you like it or not. And if you don’t like it, its just your ego talking. Instead of telling her to shut up, tell your ego to shut up. She’s not going anywhere. She just IS

The Pi rate is 3.14, the beautiful spiral found in nature. In the watery age of Pisces, the currents were controlled by pirates.



In another post, I showed their ancestral relation to the Phoenicians, who were a sea-faring group. And back to what just IS



The law of polarity. When you travel 150 miles at sea one way, then you travel 150 miles back the other direction. Okay, but one way might be faster than the other because of the winds, the air, the unseen forces…. Why does he have Pi on his sleeve, as he sits in his emergency helicopter? Is he going to be an AIR pi-rate?


And behind the Pi symbol, looks like the templar cross. In this sign conquer? No. Not anymore.


Another way to control the currency, and it is something of the past as humanity wakes up to their crimes. In banking, prime numbers are used to encrypt for prime security. Read about it here.  And the templars invented international banking. Hmmmmm



Back to our singing. Why was Pirate Radio so upsetting to tptb? The header of this site says it all:



Llewelyn S. Lloyd, in the Journal of the Royal Society of Arts (16 Dec., 1949), described his innate drive to “tune-up” to a “brighter,” more soothing and inspiring frequency than A=440Hz. The British author and composer expressed his preference for precisely A=444Hz tuning, that manifests the C-5-pitch at 528 Hz. He wrote that this 4 Hz higher pitch is more generally pleasing for musicians worldwide.

528Hz is the bioenergy of health and longevity. It is the harmonic vibration that lifts your heart and divine voice in harmony with heaven.

52 for 8, 52 for infinity.


Collapse duality. Meet in the middle at the beautiful Pi rate



nfl jesus
Let the B.S. go (the bullshit)

Always trying to control the female. Or substituting the feminine energy….


Are you surprised Michael Sam is number 52?


In Manly P. Hall’s The Secret Teachings of All Ages,

“The Qabbalist conceive of the Supreme Deity as an Incomprehensible Principle to be discovered only through the process of eliminating, in order, all its cognizable attributes. That which remains – when every knowable thing has been removed – is AIN SOPH, the eternal state of Being… AIN SOPH is the unconditional state of all things.”







Who unveiled Isis?

isis temple inscription


You won’t be able to ignore it much longer. Not even in a zombie apocalypse will the female energy go unnoticed



You might say it is an SOS, or SS in the big “O”



Kundalini snakes up the spine and opens your third eye. All that was hidden is revealed. She is telling you that all there is, is LOVE.


11 thoughts on “PITCH slapped”

  1. Magnifique, MJ!

    Normalisation and Denormalisation are techniques used hand-in-hand (ask a smoker about ‘denormalisation’ – TPTB like to brag about how well that works).

    Your opening image of a shiner … In The Shining, Danny (DNA) plays with his cars (in-car-nation) on top of 52 …

    1. Shortly after our trip into the Shining (Nashville, Tennessee), I go to pick up Charlie at my mom’s house and they have formed roundabouts with little pieces of paper. (He usually uses the paper for his garbage truck). But look at the formation and of course, he’s wearing his rocket t-shirt! (pics in another reply)


    1. When I read stuff like that, it really blows my mind! The ‘dirty women’ campaign started a long time ago! What a shame, isn’t it? So many missing out on fun with their mind occupied with being ‘godly’ and ‘clean’. I like being from the “dirty south” 🙂
      And I watched just a little bit of the most recent Gatsby the other night. I don’t understand why that is required reading in high school! When I read it back then, I thought ‘how sad. why did we have to read that stupid book about a flaky, shallow girl and a man who gets rich so he can have her, but then he doesn’t?’ And the Nick character….the devil! on the devil tarot card with his chains!

      1. MJ – Linking what was said about douching, Frank’s Eggs Hell sync presents an interesting idea:

        ‘An eggshell is the outer covering of a hard-shelled egg and of some forms of eggs with soft outer coats. Bird eggshells contain calcium carbonate and dissolve in various acids, including the vinegar used in cooking.’


        As Frank has said before, it’s getting “Hot, Hot, Hot”.

        The irony of the 1920s is that it was prohibition that really allowed women to let their hair down …


        … Prohibition spurred on by the ones with vinegar looks 😉

        Here’s something else to think about regarding ‘zombies’

        ‘In the 1920s and early 1930s, the American horror author H. P. Lovecraft wrote several novelettes that explored the undead theme from different angles. “Cool Air”, “In the Vault”, and “The Outsider” all deal with the undead, but the most definitive “zombie-type” story in Lovecraft’s oeuvre was 1921’s Herbert West–Reanimator, which “helped define zombies in popular culture”‘.


  2. Wow! I didn’t know that about the zombies! Trying to work that out in my head about the Epic of Gilgamesh! Now you’ve got me thinking about that. Hmmmm.
    And don’t you use vinegar when dyeing Ishtar eggs?!
    And I don’t know if you can tell, but in the pic of Charlie’s roundabouts, the tiny pieces of paper look like pieces of eggs hell!

    1. They do! I used to love making mosaics pictures at school with pieces of coloured eggshell.

      Victims of domestic abuse can sometimes live their lives as if they are ‘walking on eggshells’ – I believe; I don’t know as I wouldn’t suffer it, but I can imagine.

  3. Interesting EM connections but to an extent you gotta get over the sex at some point. The line between love and lust is often blurred. Sometimes you need to be symbolically thinking outside of “the box”.

    1. Very clever, hanging to the left 🙂
      Do you see the irony with your suggestion to think outside “the box”? Whether you think “in the box”, “outside the box”, the box is always there, because we live in a sexual universe. And I mean that we live in a creative one. In other words, EM is sex.
      But to respond to how I believe you meant it, why would I want to get over the sex part? It is amazing and wonderful.

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