Where Have All The Cowboys Gone


Where is my John Wayne
Where is my prairie song
Where is my happy ending
Where have all the Cowboys gone ?

Gone to Brokeback Mountain is the answer !

Dallas Cowboys 1970 - 'Ugly'
Dallas Cowboys 1970 – ‘Ugly’


Dallas Cowboys 2014
Dallas Cowboys 2014


But the Cheerleaders always remain the same.


Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

If you think the design for the team’s strip in American Football these days looks like it’s a fantasy from the mind of a gay man, then that’s because it’s what it is. And its catching on everywhere.
England Rugby Union 2014
England Rugby Union 2014


England Football 2014
England Football 2014


And even James Bond went gay.

And you may have noticed that ‘Family Viewing’ on the television is no longer ‘Family Viewing’ but ‘Women and Gay Men Only’ viewing. Men don’t watch much television these days because there’s nothing for them to watch.

Strictly Come Dancing
Strictly Come Dancing

Anyway, I think you get the picture. And if I thought it was just ‘progress’ or me being nostalgic for when ‘men were men’ I would not be bothered. And the ‘gay community’ ( whatever that is ) is effected just as much as heterosexuals by the gaying of the media. To understand what is happening we have to examine the male – female polarity.

In the image above of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders I wrote that ‘the Cheerleaders always remain the same’ because that is the nature of the feminine. It is what it ‘IS IS’ . The ‘feminine’ are the waters of the Universe and it depends on the ‘masculine’ energy to stir the waters so it can create and give birth. This dynamic works in all creation and we are all a mix of this creative power but in our world we experience a separation of the masculine and feminine – Man and Woman, Adam and Eve.

And if the waters are not stirred, the waters become stagnant. But this innate primal energy within us is suppressed and diverted as soon as the sexual energy is fully activated and the masculine energy then gets turned in on itself and can emerge as a violent destructive force which can manifest in wars and an ugly perversion of our sexual energy which views the feminine as sex objects without love.

The Genesis creation story speaks of a time pre-Separation where Man and Woman were joined and it was called the Garden of Eden but then the vengeful God threw us out of paradise because of our sinfulness. I won’t go into that in detail but what it implies is that the joining of Man and Woman without guilt is Heaven and at the best times in our close relationships, they are Heaven because it is Heaven.

Our world is set up to stop the rejoining of the male and female polarity and the ‘Gaying’ of society is intended to suppress the masculine energy. It is difficult to alter the feminine energy because it just IS and responds to the masculine but the spark of the masculine can be controlled by various methods . Food, work, health policy, education, war and media propaganda etc, etc is there to control these energies and stop the male and female joining at a deep enough level where they would crack open the egg shell of duality.

I wrote earlier that it affects the homosexual community just as much as heterosexuals. From my observations, the Male hunter in a homosexual relationship can be more ‘masculine’ than his heterosexual counter parts in his pursuit of Dorothy. But even there, the idealised relationship is now safe and cosy and ‘safe and cosy’ leads to death for the Soul. It’s no longer ‘Frankie Goes to Hollywood’ but Elton and David’s wedding.





On a larger scale what is happening is that ‘The Goddess’ wants to give birth to the New Age but needs a powerful masculine energy to join with her to create it and there is resistance to this. And so we see dumbed down men slowly having their balls cut off and in a constant state of frustration because they are unable to express their masculinity. This is not an accident.

But it’s happening anyway. The male and female polarities are joining very quickly to end the Separation. The boys are back in town !


boys are back
In town or downtown, it seems a problem has recently emerged with ‘catcalling’ and harassment (which is very annoying because there is no good response to unwanted attention). But as a mindline it is just another example of the MSM trying to convince people that women and men just can’t come together. And then, throw the ‘race’ issue in the mix and you start to see a pattern emerge when you think of all the stuff about Bill Cosby and how he “targeted white women”. The MSM is nothing but a circus.
catcalling tweets


If you start to notice, the phoenician syllables “ME”, “MiMi” or “MEME” are always close by. Conflict in the “middle east” is an ongoing pursuit by the controllers who do not want you to reconcile a balance within yourself or with someone else. That would mean a lot of LOVE in the whirl (d) and we would move on up!

The Inner Cowboy never dies – he just goes to sleep.

Time to wake up.


One thought on “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone”

  1. Very “daring” article Frank, thanks
    in a society that everything that comes out of a straight couple is a problem and every gay and lesbian couple are very “gay” and very “in”.

    Don’t get me wrong please I have many gay friends and I have nothing against them but the way as you say that it is presented from the MSM, is sick and very well intended.
    It’s like ” fucking” with energy and NO more children made of Love’
    and you can be accused of homophobia if you dare to utter the obvious.
    Btw I’m sure you’ve seen this, it’s got everything… love , hugs, black, white, child abused by the straight mother and “saved” by the lesbian couple, etc

    I hope the Boys are back in town “soon” 🙂

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