What IS real.

quote about what is real

Automatons on the Autobahn, in their Ka.


Here “she” is, automaton Maria from the movie Metropolis with the inverted pentagram, signifying a female substitution or control of female energy.


They like this idea so much they repeat it a lot.







lady gaga machine

She’s electric! And so is he, but both are naturally and don’t need any help from a machine. Like what Gurdjieff says, “contemporary culture requires automatons”; we go back and forth everywhere in cars, planes and trains to work, to make money, to buy food for ourselves and family, and that is at the very least of reasons why you have to work. You are born into the world at any given time and you grow up learning the customs and norms of that particular time you happen to be born. I was born in the seventies, and I think what is happening now started in the sixties, but I feel like I knew what it was like to “be” (exist) as a human in this world with not as much friction, as say….starting around 2001. And I would say 2009-2010 is when everything got unreal. I started realizing that there were lots of people just playing a part, and nothing more. And my son, being “diagnosed” with something called sensory integration disorder (a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses) is another big clue at what I am getting at. In this 3D world stage, we have entered a different playing field. We are no longer confined to the very restricting 3D reality. What IS REAL is the spiritual realm in higher dimensions. And our DNA is changing to accommodate it because as above, so below, and we are under the influence of a new royal star.

This isn’t really your ka.

people's ka

der wagen


And the Nazis (or Not-Sees as Anon would say) are a good place to start to learn what is going on here. On Merovee, it is evident that everyone likes to get down to the nitty-gritty. Deconstruct the words, figure out the gematria, what does it reflect in the spiritual realm? That’s why its so great! And the not-sees; a recent enough happening to explore the symbolism and such and how it all ties in with everything else, in order to crack the code, crack the eggshell and drive your own brand new KA with full consciousness as a free spirit!

I’m asking for your help in solving the puzzle. How do WE break on through to the other side?

This is making a long story short and would be CATegorized as “super”natural, but after the mind meld, I got clear “visions” or “messages” or “clues” or whatever word works best, that something is nudging at the fact that there is a group who do not want humanity to evolve, and whether it is a thought form or alien species that feeds off of the cycles of humans, it would benefit US to know how that works. Knowing (gnosis) will do US good. If it is a thought-form, we can overcome it. If it is a different species, we can overcome them.

I’m not really “into” that part of the big picture because I find those people disgusting, but I think I’ve figured out a couple of their main modus operandi. Both of the formulas do the same thing: divide and perpetuate 3D mindset.

This is not really the people’s ka

vw logo evolution
Swastika, to rotary wheel, to something not-so-obvious

As we inhabit a physical body here in 3D, we also exist in higher realms. You are your own vehicle for travel, fueled by love and electromagnetism. Ancient cultures knew this.






heliopolis ennead



Who is the First Family?

masonic A in family

the masonic A in vesica picses
Do you see the A? I didn’t realize the compass measured the vesica pisces! Its starting to make sense now….

masonic A


On to the formulas that I was talking about. Both have a purpose to divide. And that is what the pope was doing in Turkey (turn key) on Turkey Day.  In this staged part of the play, the Pope plays the part of the Christian leader and the Turkish president plays the part of the leader of country with ongoing issues of religious identity, but leans towards Islam. Like the pope says, why can’t they get along? (wink wink) they are all just fraternities with the same purpose! This photo says it all; turn the key to offset a balance and it perpetuates duality. It’s black and white, you see….

pope turkish president

Oh, and the Turkish president has some very interesting views.

turkish president women

He says they are not equal because they are made differently and nothing is as important as being a mother. Bitch, please. I can see right through you. The message here, is that by claiming a woman’s status as mother on a pedestal (the virgin mary) we want to continue  to suppress your sexuality otherwise and keep you silent! Sometimes, its what is not said. A female can be mother and lover. Of course, right after a baby is born, the role of ‘lover’ is not a priority and having children certainly drain your energy, but I don’t think your sex life is supposed to be forgotten about after having children! I’m always saying “its electric!” Maybe its the childbearing years when women are so threatening….a fertile woman’s voice makes men’s skin tingle!


And here we go….


And she’s not the only one with this “problem”.


I know a couple of those mentioned above have medical problems and not to be insensitive to this, but I’m just making a point about what makes the news.

The media obsession with female singers who “can’t sing” is strange because the “female can’t sing” theme/headline is apparently worthy of interest, even if it is about female celebrities who aren’t famous because of their singing.


And if you missed her interview when she says she can’t sing, or if you didn’t get to see her bad singing on the Late Show, she points it out again on SNL.

Another beautiful, high profile actress who can’t sing….


and another….


Yet another aspect of this ‘theme’ in the media is reporting non-singing, even if they ARE a very talented singer.



It is safe to say at this point that this is, in fact, a “thing”?!

I’m going to get right to the matter. It is the great divide in the ME, the middle east.

orthodox block women

After years of just trying to pray at the wall, a group called Women of the Wall finally get to pray, as of 2013. But it is still a struggle because of the harassment from misogynist ultra-orthodox men who yell at them, throw things at them, even throw tear gas at them. Just because the women want the equal right to fucking PRAY at the wall!

victory for israel's womenofthewall

You can read the article here, and its quite astonishing. This is from the article, and I believe this is the core of the problem. And this quote is from an ultra-orthodox, ultra-brainwashed woman!


There is so much there just in that one quote to explore. But I think it speaks for itself, so moving on….

The father of Quantum Physics, Max Planck, once said, “All the physical matters are composed of vibration.”



Max Planck, Einstein and Tesla all agree on this. This is not new age babble.

Here is a short video of sound made visible with cymatics. In the beginning was the word. And the word was God….

What is with this issue of women singing? And also what comes to mind is the movie Pitch Perfect, about competing college A cappella groups. It comes down to boys against girls. Spoiler alert: the girls win after a years long streak of losing at the national championship, but only after the character Chloe Beale has to have her nodes removed and she is then pleasantly surprised that she can hit the low notes, (which the movie points out, is why they won).

chloe beale

Venus hits the high notes while Saturn hits the low notes.

Johannes Kepler’s ‘Harmonies of the World’, Book Five


And Megan Trainor says its all about that bass.

all about that bass
It’s all about sending bass to the cube of Saturn.

And this seems to sync with the topic as well. A female celebrity, vocal chord surgery and cut off air supply.


All of these female singers who “can’t sing”, combined with what my Jewish friend was telling me about how she was upset that she did not get to go to the western wall with her husband and son because of how it is divided, got me thinking about tones, vibration, and the Abrahamic religion’s bizarre rules about separating men and women.  And then the movie Pitch Perfect. There are so many things to point out in that movie it deserves its own article.

Jews worship on Saturn day and Saturn is the god ‘El’. If you are reading this, then you probably already know about the hexagonal shape on Saturn’s pole and its relationship to the cube (the hexagon made 3D).

Saturn’s hexagon




9-11 World Trade Center Memorial


The Kaaba in Mecca

9 11 skips over 10. The symbol ” 1 ” and the symbol ” 0 ” could be a reference for…. (here’s a hint)

washington monument aerial
A phallus through the vesica pisces! Oh my!


Image by Scott Onstott, Secrets In Plain Sight

I’m starting to think that whoever “they” are, they want to tell us what is real. Their measurements (square and compass) are so precise and their neurolinguistic language is so forcefully left-brain, it is obvious something else is going on here. The image above is from this wonderful website, Secrets In Plain Sight by Scott Onstott. And NM means nautical miles.

And all of the above got me thinking about the 2005 Spielberg movie Munich, which is about Israeli agents (Mossad) avenging the death of the 11 olympic athletes from the terrorist attack at the 1972 Munich Summer Games, which was also know as Black September. Again we have nine and eleven.


The 1972 Olympics in Munich, also known as Games of the XX Olympiads (hmmm….). I saw it two times and the first time I had trouble keeping up with who was working for who in the vast network of internationals the Israeli agents dealt with. A dutch assassin they called the “honeypot” from the second they saw her was a bit of a mystery to me. Her role seemed out of place, but looking back it was completely symbolic of a formula that the secret brotherhood have to try and convince everyone exactly what “is real”. And SHE must be taken out of the equation for their success. (one of the formulas I speak of). Spielberg says this movie is based on actual events but her (the Dutch assassin) subplot is not based on historical fact. This image is from Spielberg’s Munich

Do you see the 911? (showed as 119)


I researched the actress who plays the Dutch honeypot, Jeanette (gene-ette?) and find out her name is Marie-Josée Croze! Yikes! You can see why her name and character’s name caused me to get a bit uncomfortable. Not only is her name basically the same as mine, my last name starts with a “C” also!

Mossad agent Avner (Eric Bana) and Jeanette.

Spoiler alert: In the movie, she kills one of the Mossad agents, so they come after her. And as her role was ambiguous to the main plot, it actually was all about killing HER, as she was a FREElance assassin, who lived on a houseboat (currents), with no ties to Palestine (who were the ones who killed the Israelis in 1972, after taking them hostage and killing them on an AIRPLANE). The summer games started on 8/8 and ended on 9/11. This movie tells one story, yet is another story entirely that says something very symbolic.

After Jeanette kills Carl, they track her down in her houseboat in the Netherlands. The agents have zip guns, which are improvised firearms, and their particular improvised weapons are disguised as bicycle pumps. When she realizes they are about to kill her, she offers sex in exchange for her life. Avner shoots her first in the heart. Her one-exposed breast is no accident. Who else do we know that is often depicted with one exposed breast?

one breast exposed

I have such mixed feelings about putting that gif in, but it really shows what I am talking about. And their weapons are disguised as bicycle pumps, a clever metaphor to ‘pump up’ the constant effort to keep us divided, in duality, instead of becoming one. And there they are (the representatives of what “is real”) keeping the division by killing her. (Even weirder about my personal sync with this actress besides our similar names, is that she is 44 years old and her birthday is in February and mine is too!). I’m not quite 44, but I’m four years younger. 44 or 444, that is my number and the universe reminds me all the time. Just ask Frank!

On the way to Nashville a few months ago. Into The Shining….


To even further my suspicion that her subplot in this movie is symbolic, is the purposeful camera shot of her shot to the throat (chakra). No more singing from her!


What makes this scene even more disturbing is, after she is shot, she struggles to walk, her voice trembles, and then she reaches for her cat. If you haven’t seen the movie, this might sound insignificant and you might think I’m reaching, but IMO, this is symbolic of something more profound than what is on the surface. Would you please indulge me on a little side journey, so that I can explain?

worth your while

First, time to acknowledge some ssyncretism.


The symbols and archetypes in the tarot are older than written language. Am I suggesting the Torah tells an astrotheological story? Yes. Am I suggesting the New Testament does the same? Absolutely.


The letters above man, eagle, lion and bull are their number on a zodiac wheel and aquarius, scorpio, leo and taurus is obviously the corresponding sign. Every sign has one of the four elements attributed to it (three signs per element). I have found it easier to guess a person’s element rather than sign and its kind of fun to do it this way 🙂

zodiac wheel

Matthew, John, Luke and Mark are the four evangelists. Here they are surrounding the Son (Sun) on a stone facade on the Church of St. Trophime in Arles, France.


Each of the four winged beings represent their path toward salvation. St. John through wisdom, St. Mark through courage, St. Luke through sacrifice and St. Matthew through reason.

4 evangelists_flower of life

The four beings are thought of to be a tetramorph (four morphed into one), like the Assyrian Lamassu.

Dated 721 BC

or the Sphinx


ezekiel's vision


Like the Cross, the Tetramorph symbolises a highly-complex system of relationships and elements which find their origin in the centre. Thus the tetramorph alludes to the 5th element or quintessence, the element beyond the visible four natural elements of earth, air, water, and fire, to the invisible ether of the alchemists. The psychological equivalent of the Tetramorph, the Quaternity is explored in the writings of the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.“This is a symbol of the quinta essentia, which is identical with the Philosophers’ Stone…”It is the circle divided into four with the centre, or the divinity extended in four directions, or the four functions of consciousness with their unitary substrate, the self…

four_evang_St. Nicholas Chapel_1447-49_Vatican
the ceiling at Niccoline Chapel in Vatican City, by Fra Angelico.
four evangelists in the lunette of the ogee arch
the four evangelists in the Lunette of the Ogee Arch above the main portal of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy

The word religion means “to bind” and the word Islam means “submission”.

Bel means heaven-and-earth god of Babylonian religion, from Akkadian Belu, literally “lord, owner, master,” cognate with Hebrew ba’al. 

If you have a devotion to your religion that keeps you from realizing that it is based on the stars above and not a man in the sky with a beard, then you need a Sirius reality check, because all of the things that you hold sacred to your “god” is in YOU. You are DIVINE.


Lots of discussion about Regulus this year, as it is the bright and shining heart of Leo the Lion.


And we’ve heard about Antares recently as well, with a rock it up the….

DP JD-Antares-1569.jpg

Alderbaran is the brightest star (the bull’s eye) in Taurus.


Taurus or “T” are US

Tremayne, the main TREE of the family of enLIGHTened spirits. Merovingian commenters, you know I’m talking about you.

And for the new age of Aquarius, we are moving into the influence of Fomalhaut. It is the only one of the four stars mentioned that cannot be occulted by the moon, and that means it is always looking right at you.



Aquarius is Isis, and Sirius, which is the STAR tarot card. Here is a correspondence chart for tarot card number, hebrew letter and astrological significance.


Hei! It’s number seventeen. This card is always preferred. It is a sign of hope and healing, and higher states of consciousness. Notice her swastika-like pose? And the eight-pointed star? And the water she is pouring represents the new CURRENTS. It’s electric!

Star tarot card

Ready for Some Super Syncromystic Signs from the Southeast? On February 14 and 15th of 2014, right before the mind meld (2 or 3 weeks before), I went to Atlanta (which is on the 33rd parallel) for my 40th birthday (2.15). I stayed on the top floor of the Grand Hyatt (high-at) in Buckhead. The address for the Grand Hyatt, Buckhead is 3300 Peachtree Road.

hyatt atlantis

My room was one of the four on top with a circular window. It was the one on the far left. On the morning of the 15th, we got up around 8ish and I sipped coffee and enjoyed the view while my son (5 yrs old then) played around the room as kids do in a hotel room with all the fun stuff (travel size goodies, mini fridge, etc.)  We were on the corner, and on the opposite wall of the circular window was a square window, so I actually had a double view from two directions. After a few minutes went by, I noticed that as the sun came up, it was at the same height as the moon. (I love mornings when I can still see the moon). From the circular window, I saw the sun. From the square window, I saw the moon. They were at the same height and looked the same size. I pointed it out to my son and he was impressed for about 30 seconds.

I knew things in the sky meant a reflection of things below and wondered if this sun and moon energy in Atlantis meant anything (an amazing, shocking, experience of a lifetime, a mind meld!) As a matter of fact, Frank was on my mind that morning because I remember thinking how I would email him about staying in Atlantis on the 33rd parallel and was hoping we would Skype again soon. I didn’t want the sun/moon moment to slip by and I couldn’t properly capture the moment with my iPhone camera and we were getting hungry, so I stood up and outstretched my arms in both directions, to the sun and the moon. I said to my son “hey look! I’m getting sun and moon energy at the same time!” And I asked him to take a picture with my phone. Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever asked a five year old to take a picture, but he wouldn’t do it unless I did a “tough” Hulk pose. See…. I’m really tough 🙂

me hyatt
Me being “tough” in front of the circular window.


hyatt sun moon
This was the room I stayed in and where I got sun and moon energy at the same time on the 33rd parallel AT the HIGH place.

Remember the swastika pose on the tarot card? How do you like my swastika pose in the pic? Remember the eight-pointed star on the Star tarot card? Here is the lobby of the Grand Hyatt where I did my swastika pose.

grand hyatt lobby


All of this is super syncromystic, so I checked to see if anything outstanding happened in the skies on February 15, 2014.


Oh, Leo…. here kitty kitty kitty 🙂



frisky lion roar

The Earth and Venus in their dance around the sun.

earth and venus dance

The pentagram is five and it represents the female principle and another important number that is hidden in plain sight.


Why would they want to silence “her” frequency? In the above diagram, Venus represents a double “fertility/solitude” and there is clearly a gender agenda going on….

brides and grooms


Because when HE gets with HER, we ascend and evolve. Movin’ on up!

137 spiral upward

There are some people who don’t want us to evolve and “move on up” in a beautiful spiral of love. There is an AIR emergence and they’d like to keep you grounded. Who is they? I’m not sure but lots of things point to the Phoenicians, who had knowledge about how sound and words work. They were hooked on phonics! I’m thinking ancient visitors who wanted to feed off of the energy of human kind as a slave race programmed our DNA so that we would be in a cycle of death/rebirth, cycle after cycle, without realizing our spiritual selves. And that is why this time is so important. We CAN fully recognize our spiritual selves but help with the process! The greater quantity who do this, the faster it happens.  I associate the Phoenicians with the tribe of DAN (article here) and the watchers from the book of Enoch. They are proud of their reptilian-brain ET energy-sucking background.

DANIEL     the tribe of DAN

daniel dna


And an excellent website by an ‘angle’, Raphel, who talks about 137, swastikas, hidden meanings and such, here:


quotes about 137_one

Electromagnetic interactions….


quote about 137_two

Dimensionless. A combination of three fundamental constants of nature.

The fine structure constant is the value of 𝛂 (alpha). The next time someone says “alpha male”, tell them that the phrase doesn’t make sense from the ‘mother language’, from the phoenician alphabet, which evolved into the Hebrew, Greek and Latin alphabets.

aleph mother

You can read about each Hebrew letter here. The aleph is AIR. And when you see this, it might remind you of a spinning fan, or a swastika maybe? There is so much to light, dark and shadows….

swastika shadow


From the above example, let’s assume aleph=A=swastika, for further discussion in the article.

I see ” A A “


and you don’t get 137 without HER sexual energy, the FIVE, the PENTAGRAM. See? It grows UP

137 spiral upward

Go ahead, take a bite out of the apple.

magic square

Why were the Levites the priestly class who were the only ones allowed in the Holy of Holies? LEVI  might have 137 if you flip it over. The Holy of Holies. What an idea. Whoever said who could and who couldn’t go into a sacred place? They would like to keep their place forever in Blue Genes. Not going to happen….

pope turkish president

137 is the “fine structure constant” and in physics, is the number that represents what holds everything together in the physical world and in kabbalistic mysticism, represents the threshold between matter and spirit. A group of ancient people knew this:

dna words and frequencies


….and became experts at neurolinguistic programming.

137 is the 133rd prime number and I’ll write more about that in just a bit.

The open book reads “PSALM CXXXIII”, which is Psalm 133




“In this sign, we conquer”

Not anymore.


The threshold has been crossed.


And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.  Matthew 19:24 KJV

Camel = Gimel

Gimel is “C” or “G”



Hei! That “early” (phoenician) gimel looks a lot like an “L” or….El or masonic square!

This is a Masonic Bible my dad gave to me.

bible cover


The inside cover with a reference to one specific bible verse

inside cover


darkness to light


Psalm CXXXIII, or Psalm 133

psalm 133


Mt. Hermon, 33 degrees from the Paris meridian, not the Greenwich meridian. On the top there is “Hermon Hotel”,  (HH) in the buffer zone between Syria and Israeli-occupied territory, the highest permanently manned United Nations position in the world.

Wonderful article about Mt. Hermon here.

This group of controllers have played a trick on humanity. The bible (Byblos, a Phoenician city) is their book. They hand it out to everyone and tell them it is the “word of god” and it is how you get into heaven. Have you not-iced how they don’t want you to get with HER?! And 33 is a limitation that we break on through.  That is why you read in THEIR bible that the BROTHERhood stood on Mt. HERmon together. They would like to keep you here in this fixed 3D place. BREAK THROUGH THE WALL! THEY DO NOT OWN YOU!

Get on the Plane of Consciousness



Orthodox Jews have different rules for how men and women pray and they are not allowed to be in the same part of the synagogue. Women and men sit separately in the mosque. And in Christianity, there’s this:

Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.  1 Corinthians 14:34

Silent no more.


That’s one formula, to suppress male and female. Another is all about Black Oil.


This is just a map I found when I googled “middle east”.  I want to talk about what is real and the phoenicians.  Their original language is still spoken today, on the island of Malta. Their alpha bet is where the Hebrew aleph bet comes from, which is where English comes from, so it seems these people have an enormous effect on us, even today.

Egypt, Israel and Turkey are all right in the MIDDLE. And Egypt was once called Khemet or Kemet, which is where the word alchemy comes from. The word kemet means “black” referring to the rich, black soil of the Nile delta. The symbol for Kemet was “km” and the hieroglyph was a jagged symbol that was crocodile skin with spines.

Crocodile fat was used for anointing in rituals and was sacred. And we all know what it symbolizes when anointing is in a ritual…. the kundalini (secret) secretion for ascension. And the controllers take this ‘black’ oil quite literally.

black friday ka sales
Black Friday “KA” sales.



black school white coach
The mindline tells you the formula. And notice the AA….


duke and duchess door NYC
….benefitting from “A Door in NYC”

And here we have the formula, with DANIEL (DNA 137) rapping Blackalicious’ Alphabet Aerobics (AA). It doesn’t get any more literal and straightforward than this. (And I’m not saying Daniel Radcliff is a fully conscious participant in what he is doing).

sumer babylon

You may have heard of a theory that there was a group from the Caucasus Mountains who “adopted” the Jewish faith, the Ashkenazis. Do I think all ashkenazis are a cabal that wants to control humanity? No. Do I think its possible there is a group, possibly from the Caucasus Mountains who are Ashkenazis who would do anything to control humanity? Yes.

Here is an encyclopedia I have from the 1920s


book cover compton 1927


Interesting stuff they put in there about the Caucasus Mountains….



Here is really interesting part….

caucasus men and women

There you have it! The remarkably handsome people come from the Caucasus Mountains, in case you wondered, and other incredibly racist things that seem very Nazi-ish to me, like the ‘perfect representative’ part.

Barbie, by American businesswoman, Ruth HANDLER


No more division. No more duality. Regardless of skin color, we are all a spirit of divine nature.

We are in the age of magnetism and AIR and FIRE. Our human eyes can’t see it but we can feel it. All there is IS LOVE.

All there IS IS love.

We exchange vows, we swear in court, we witness, we vow….we VOWEL




Instead of reading, think of those forms as directions!

A (pointing upward)

E (a three-pronged fork, or direct energy this way)

I (as in “I” “me”, direct this way)

O (in the all)

U (looks like a magnet)

A    E    I    O    U

The E.

The conflict in the middle East. Don’t have one. Come together.

the ME

In the US, another name for Thanksgiving is Turkey Day. Or maybe we should say ‘Turn-key Day’, which is what the Pope wanted to do on that very day!

pope turkey
The Pope in Turkey on Turkey Day

Pope said he wanted to “deepen the understanding and appreciation of the many things which we hold in common”. Such as….controlling people by keeping them from knowing who they really are by suppressing knowledge? Suppression of women? Suppression of sexuality? The Abrahamic religions have many things in common! Red flag alert!

The idea is that Israel is the middle. Everything to the east is the orient. Everything to the west is the occident. The human brain is divided into two “hemispheres”; the left and the right. And the ‘mother letter’ aleph=AIR=swastika=fan….

IS leader with fan
Hei look! A fan!


Frank says places on Earth are places in the mind. Brilliant, Frank 🙂 If Eden is at the center (the MIddle, the ME) are they trying to “fan” us away from finding our center? I think so.

eden center of earth

A=swastika.  A  A are two swastikas, one clockwise, one counterclockwise, for balance. And at this important time, ascension. Kubrick gives another clue at the end of Eyes Wide Shut, as they walk in the department store, the two spinning wheels (in opposite directions) behind them. (I can’t post the file because wordpress doesn’t like quicktime). But he gives lots of clues…. an inverted pentagram implies evil, and if you were going to identify the ‘northwest’ position on this one, what does it say?

inverted pentagram


Bellony, bell, or Ba’al.  The Five, the pentagram. Is it just turned north by northwest?

“….Baal is addressing his messengers, picturing his sister Anat sitting with her lyre and singing of her affection for him and his daughters. The messengers are told to perform a specific rite, and she will give them an important communication for Baal, the secret of the lightning.”  And then some trickery and theft happened.


From Eyes Wide Shut, the last part. Their daughter wants them to look at the “as above, so below” Barbie. See the North by Northwest star pointing to the woman in red? (Venus) Manly P. Hall says the seven ancient wonders were built to honor the planets and stars in the heavens. According to him, the Hanging gardens of Babylon were dedicated to Venus. Lots of prostitutes in Eyes Wide Shut. And what does that mean about the Whore riding the Beast? On her forehead says “mystery babylon”. Perhaps she wants what is hers, which was taken from her.

And what does Alice ( A-less) say? “Hei”.

Two swastikas spinning for coming together. Solve et Coagula

solve et coagula

The Philosopher’s Stone. The philosopher’s “S” tone. Notes to tones to Stone. Its all about frequency and vibration. Break the spell, crack the code.



Another Kubrick code: Anthony Norman (Northman), Wyandanch (Y = androg) Y DNA and LIRR (Liar) hostage drama, which is a clue to the story below about Amanda Curran (a man DNA, anchor, symbol for androg, or the philosopher’s stone).


old alchemy lab

“The alchemists’ dream is to attain knowledge of the mysterious Philosopher’s Stone, or “that Elixir by which such wonders are performed”.  In modern language the Stone is a symbol of  incorruptible wisdom achieved by uniting both rational, intellectual thinking (masculine, rational, right brain activity) with our intuitive knowing of the heart  (feminine, intuitive left brain activity)”  -from world-mysteries.com

The “kids of Merovee” or to all you “Merovingians”, this is how I see you: you are evolved spiritual beings and angels. It is time to fully realize it. Your thoughts cause ripples, even tsunamis through the etheric power grid. Let’s break on through to the other side.


Time to walk up the stairs and through the door.


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  1. Tour de Force, MJ. You are an utterly brilliant shambler, pulling all our threads together to make not a lens but goggles (go girls) … Making lenses … L-Sense … so the Penny drops … Specs-tacular

    I note-I-C-D a Kubrick ‘news story’ in The Shining, not seen in print, but heard on the TV:


    In the book, the haunted room was 217, 2min 17 sec is 137 seconds, but In the film, the haunted room was 237. Was it changed for the sound … to free seven … ? Maybe it’s ‘to free, see Venn …’

    I hope you’re both having a superb Christmas

    Se ❤ u

    1. Thank you! I feel it should say by geneofisis and the other merovingians 🙂
      Unbelievable stuff with room 217! And he changes stuff from book to movie, leaving us wondering why? And the Venn diagram is causing a traffic jam in my mind! It makes no sense and it makes purrfect sense! About to read the synchromystic link 😉 Exciting! I saw a great description of syncronicity: The realities of other dimensions bleeding into the 3D. And since syncronicity is absolutely everywhere you turn these days, well, you know what I’m saying!
      We are having a great Christmas and I hope you are too!
      Cheers! and Hugs!

        1. Oh I didn’t realize how much!

          And Bear-ack Obama
          Barak=hebrew “lightning”
          The consonantal spelling B-R-Q (Arabic: بُراق‎, Burāq and Hebrew: ברק‎, Bārāq) is the second form. The meaning of this form in Arabic is “to shine”, “to gleam”, “to lighten”, and “to open widely” (said of the eyes). Similarly, the Hebrew significance is “lightning”, “flash”, “to give light” and “to be visible”.[1]:p.47[2]:p.122

          The Biblical character Barak, a military commander in the Book of Judges, is the eponymous holder of this name.

  2. MJ, wonderful work.
    There’s an expression supposedly from opera, but no one knows for sure, ‘It ain’t over till the fat lady sings’. I suspect it’s a crude way of saying, ‘It ain’t over till the pregnant lady gives birth’.

    R E S P E C T…

  3. “Props” to my fellow or rather sister “Mary-anite”! You amaze, MJ.

    I just now while reading this had the thought, Perhaps I am a reincarnation, in this life, of Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ “whore,” and just as I did, I looked at my laptop’s battery power: 69%.

    Meanwhile in the “real” world, the Whore is still singing to her Double-A Beast….

    1. Trinity, thank you! And I had not heard that Rihanna song until just now, in your comment. She does seem to speak to an other-worldly “beast” or being in her songs, doesn’t she?! And her singing style is very chant-y. And if the thought of you being an incarnate of Mary Magdalen, and the syncs keep popping in front of you, then I would say that is your answer 😉 Its the ego mind (I mean that in a psychological description in general, of everyone) that keeps us from paying attention to the universe when it screams at us. Carl Jung says “You see, man is in need of a symbolic life – badly in need. We only live banal, ordinary, rational, or irrational things . . . but we have no symbolic life. Where do we live symbolically? Nowhere except where we participate in the ritual of life. . . . ”
      Your archetype Trinity, is your ‘goddess-ness’. Own it!

      1. I’m with you, MJ, Gene of Isis!

        Thanks!!! I’m “preparing” to take flight, apparently….. IT’s all around me, so weird…. Birds everywhere!

    2. Guys? Is it too late to ask… if you think that these celebrities are evoking/practicing and/or possibly intentionally or unintentionally worshipping these mon-eyed (1 eye, giant, cyclops, Goliath, money, mammon) dualistic, stuck-in-physicality (consumerism, lack of spirit, void attempted to be filled with mindless products, songs, services) songs, movies, shows and programs in order to create a “easier consumer base/zombies” (originally meant “dead inside”; many voodoin Africans/Caribs, South Americans still believe/practice belief in this spiritual concept/reality of zombies, consuming materials that only cause suffering, animal’s lives, literally).?

      Sorry for all the parenthesis’ but I had a lot to say there. I’ve taken a lot of time the last few years online, and reading books from early society and religion to anthropology, to magic/magick and secret societies, now I’m moving on to cryptic symbols/languages. I was raised Christian and and after an “awakening” a few years back, I realized how old PROPaganda (erect the agenda… Manipulative magic/ black magic) and conSUMERism really is. Could this be the real devil/adversary (of spiritual growth, relation with God, higher self, righteousness) that was written down? Not this Hollywood scare story from the church some odd 800+ years ago.
      I’m no longer on this YouTube illuminati craze. It has some light to it but it’s always lost for a sense of ‘entertainment’. I’m not afraid of any impending doom from an economy collapse or fema camps. I don’t necessarily think every Freemason or person even in a secret society is out to conspire. I don’t think every celebrity is in a secret cabal and that they’ve sold their soul. BUT WHAT I DO THINK; conSUMERISM can only work and LAST if the spirits of the masses are broken and in need of “fulfillment” hence the dumbing down and negative messages right under our Western noses (conservative parents often have no idea what the mainstream media is doing to their families’ lives). This is what I consider satanic. This is denial of nature/god i.e. True satanism by definition of the ‘church view’ (not Anton lavey..) is just denying God.. Not worshipping some goat dude.. Would super appreciate a reply from ANYONE with critical thoughts!?

      1. I can see by your name (libyansibyl44) that is the case! And Frank and I were talking about we don’t pick our names randomly, there is a reason 🙂 And Hello, fellow soul traveler! Funny how we meet here, huh? Atlantis is a wonderful city and I love visiting. For me, too much traffic to live there. I live two hours north, in Chattanooga. Ever been here? It is beautiful. I’ve been going to Atlanta for years. I love Piedmont Park and Midtown. I can’t remember the name of the Thai restaurant in Virginia Highlands (or if its still even there) but YUM! And I love Buckhead Diner. Actually, Atlanta is so big, there are treasures around every corner.

  4. I want to comment on the scene form movie Munich (execution of Jeanette).
    I am guessing one or both of the [small caliber, low velocity] bullets were stuck in the wall of a major blood vessel (aortic arch); as she picked up the cat and sat in the armchair, the bullet got dislodged resulting in massive bleeding into the upper chest cavity and outside thought the hole in trachea. (Although the blood must be bright red in such case in real life). The clinical picture looks similar to the dissecting aortic aneurysm, although later results in immediate massive shock due to the pain and loss of blood pressure. BTW the actress I one day older than I am and I am looking a lot older compared to her!

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