The States Of Mind

Our mind tells us we live in separate states. We think we move from one place to another in a body. We believe we can walk from one place to another and that we can get in a form of transport such as a car and it will takes us from here to there and back again.




Below are some images of commonplace sights from my town which will be familiar to readers.


The High Street
The High Street


The Clock Tower
The Clock Tower


The Temple
The Temple


The Pub
The Pub


The Shop
The Shop




The Library
The Library


They are all States of Mind. It is the same Library, the same Temple and the same Shop wherever you go and the State of Mind is Need. They all supply us with something we think we need. Food, drink, entertainment, the Time, the need to know and the need to worship. It is an illusion from the belief we are a Body and are born and then die. They are all the same room and the room is in the Mind.

We’ve been on a long journey on the Road to Nowhere. We were born in the Cosmic Waters.




And found ourselves in The Garden of Eden. In the Garden of Eden, we decided that we were Guilty and locked ourselves out of Heaven.


We then started spreading out and found ourselves in different States of Mind such as Ancient Egypt and Rome.






And as we evolved we moved everywhere on Earth and entered Middle Earth and discovered wonderful new technologies along the way.








But recently, we have wondering about the Stars and are now thinking of moving even further outward to another State of Mind.






Tau 1 Gruis exoplanet Hydra 1


The movie ‘Identity’ told the story of a group of strangers who find themselves mysteriously drawn together in a motel. In another scene a murderer, Malcolm Rivers is being analysed by a psychiatrist. Back at the motel, the strangers find themselves being killed one by one, by an unknown killer.

At the end of the movie it is revealed, that the motel is in the mind of Malcolm Rivers and none of the individuals at the motel exist apart from in his mind and that Rivers suffers from Disassociative Identity Disorder.



At the beginning of ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ a Pan Am space plane carries Dr. Heywood R. Floyd (William Sylvester) to a space station orbiting Earth for a layover on his trip to Clavius Base, a Lunar US outpost.In the scene he meets the same woman three times and himself.

It is always the same woman and the same man.

He meets the first attendant in the waiting room.




And then the receptionist.




Then Dr Floyd meets himself.


And gives instructions to HER again via the computer.




And later on in the movie, Frank and Dave join on the spaceship ‘Discovery One’.








‘Cube’ is a Canadian psychological thriller horror film series. All three films are based on the same premise: there is a gigantic, mechanical, cubical structure of unknown purpose and origin, made up of lots of smaller cubical rooms. Each of these rooms has six doors, one on each face of the cube, which lead into adjacent, identically decorated rooms, only differing by colour. Some of these rooms are “safe”, while others are equipped with deadly booby traps such as flamethrowers and razorwire. In some cases it is possible to detect a trap by throwing an object into the room first, although this method is not always reliable due to the trigger mechanism of certain traps.

In each case, a group of strangers awakens in this mysterious structure, without any knowledge of how or why they are there. In order to escape from the prison, they must band together and use their combined skills and talents to avoid the traps and navigate out of the maze, while also trying to solve the mystery of what the cube is and why they are in it.





“We haven’t been moving in circles. The rooms have.”

It’s only the scenery that changes.


4 thoughts on “The States Of Mind”

  1. Had to take a closer look of the pix outside Morrisons… the woman with specs walking across the zebra crossing looks a lot like me. I thought it was me, hence the closer look 😉

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