Comets, Stars and Heavenly bodies

I wonder who will win the Superbowl…. I’m thinking the

seahawks logo

The fabric of the matrix is becoming visible.

Seattle SeahawkS, a SnowStorm, miSS univerSe, Shiva and Shakti, Isis and Osiris. That’s a lot of Serpent power, Siriusly.

Warning: I am about to Siriusly Shamble.

3, 2, 1….

katy perry wingsis Isis, and sort of reminds me of

shera princess of power

She-Ra rides a rainbow-winged unicorn, and its already starting to sound like Katy Perry again


She-Ra is part of the Masters of the Universe, along with Templar Cross wearing He-Man (who has a green tiger) Osiris?

Amaray Wrap.EPS

Secret of the Sword?!

power of the sword

She-Ra and He-Man actually harness the “sword power” another way, but this was for general audiences….


Sea Hawk is a Swashbuckling hero in the Masters of the Universe. He falls in love with Andora from Etheria.



The Great Rebellion, like the rebel fighters called ISIS?

Another name for Isis, is Columbia. GueSS who won miSS universe this year?

miss columbia sexy look

She is a stunner. Just like the recent SnowStorm, Juno.

blizzard IS Blizzard IS. (Isis)

Isis, Asherah, Ishtar, Juno, Aphrodite, Venus, Mary, etc. Don’t make it complicated, it IS her.

juno ellen page


no mercy blizzard


SS, ZZ, 55, 22 (the serpent power) has already slammed the Boston area (the Patriots).

Hei! Look at the shape of the pi (g) skin!



Sometimes I wonder if the men know that the women would gladly “touch down” there, instead of watching the stupid game year after year

sex swing


Anyway, back to the shamble. Juno is Jupiter’s counterpart. She is the goddess of marriage, pregnancy and birth. She was pregnant and gave birth to the new age of Horus.

Seattle’s Taima the Hawk



Taima means “thunder”.  Sort of reminds me of Horus




seahawks eye of horus



Juno is Jupiter’s counterpart. Jupiter is number 24 (or it’s symbol looks that way)



24 is a mirror reflection of 42, the angle at which a rainbow appears when light hits water droplets. Taste a rainbow of flavor!

the beast mode


yes yes YES YES YES!



I can’t really tell, but her forehead might say ‘mystery babylon’…. 🙂

alice dancing with hungarian


Sandor: “What do you do, Alice?”

Alice: “Well, at the moment, I’m looking for a job.  I used to manage an art gallery in SoHo.  But it went broke.”

Sandor: “What a shame. I have some friends in the art game. Perhaps I can be of some help.”

Alice: “Oh, thank you.”

right brain left brain


Ziegler, the art lover.


Frank brilliantly pointed out that all the women in Eyes Wide Shut were actually one woman.

she IS

Through the month of January, you could see with your naked eye

comet lovejoy1


eye or vagina


On Jan. 7 it will pass about 70 million kilometers (44 million miles) from Earth, and it’s predicted to peak around 4th magnitude; easily visible from dark skies without optical aid.

As a bonus, it’s passing near the constellation of Orion, making it easier to find, and it’ll also glide past Taurus and the Pleiades, providing for what should be some pretty photogenic scenes. It’s moving roughly north, so it gets higher all the time for Northern Hemisphere observers.

Anon: That’s a lot of fource!

Roob: Sorry I didn’t comet….

TTN: I’m talking about the pleiadians….

from etymonline: comet (n.) c.1200, from Old French comete (12c., Modern French comète), from Latin cometa, from Greek (aster) kometes, literally “long-haired (star),” from kome “hair of the head” (compare koman “let the hair grow long”), of unknown origin. So called from resemblance of a comet’s tail to streaming hair


The French word étoile derived from the Vulgar Latin word stela (pillar; column)

tracing board

“Stand with feet together and raise both arms upwards and back, palms up, as if supporting a weight. It represents you in the Path of YESOD, supporting the Pillars of Mercy and Severity. It is the Sign made by the Greek God ATLAS, who supported the Universe on his shoulders and whom Hercules was directed to emulate. It is the ISIS of Nature, supporting the Heavens.” – from a Golden Dawn ritual

Beyond the two pillars is another dimension, a stairway to heaven. Excellent post by Tracy Twyman.




and Alice


One of Cern’s projects is called “The Alice Collaboration”, described as “… One of the largest experiments in the world devoted to research in the physics of matter at an infinitely small scale.… You are invited to tumble down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of ALICE.”

Alice means “nobility, of noble kind”.

The pillars




ews bill 2ladies




The surface of Venus is HOT HOT HOT!  (475 C), the air pressure is almost 100 times that of Earth, and it often rains sulfuric acid.

Venus spins in the opposite direction from other planets, including Earth, so that on Venus the sun rises in the west. Not that it happens often: a day there lasts 244 Earth-days, actually making it longer than a Venusian year, which is only 225 Earth-days long.

Holy Cow! Did you know that Venus is the ruling planet of the astrological sign Taurus?

bullheaded female form

Taurus is ruled by the planet/Goddess Venus – which lends to the exploration of sensuality and beauty during this Age. Art was produced en masse as time was freed up to focus on aesthetic beauty that could enrich society.  – Robert Ohotto, author of Transforming Fate into Destiny

Art, creativity, creation,….

alice dancing with hungarian

“I used to manage an art gallery….”

I sometimes do freelance graphics and it just occurred to me (as I write this) why Venus is the icon for Adobe Illustrator 🙂


“The Soul is our individual link to the essential substance of the Creative Source… Astrology is a system that seeks to interpret the nature of the Universal Life Force as It moves, shapes, and creates human life and all events. The planets, signs, and houses, are not the causal elements of manifestation. They are, rather, the reflections of a transcendental synchronicity manifesting through the rhythms and timing of a cosmic clock.”  – Alan Oaken

When a baby is born, the information that goes into their file for their pediatrician will have one of these, right next to their name:

venus mars

Every female is venus.

she IS


And Venus is associated with copper because of the high amounts of copper found on the island Cyprus, the birthplace of Venus/Aphrodite.




copper fit tv

Pneumatics is a section of technology that deals with the study and application of pressurized gas to produce mechanical motion. Lots of copper wiring….


Pneuma is an ancient Greek word for “breath”, and in a religious context for “spirit” or “soul” (wikipedia)

I’m thinking that spirit is wanting to emerge. There is an AIR emergence….

Can you breathe?!

eric garner protest
Protesters after the Eric Garner verdict



This article is an excellent tour through the astrological ages. (Scroll down the page to get to the summarized descriptions). The author points out many things that line up astrologically with archeological finds, which give us clues about ancient cultures. The only thing (and this is how I feel personally) is that I believe the age of aquarius/leo has already started and the author of that post says it starts 2400 AD. I think the ancient Egyptians were telling us something when they built the sphinx to line up with on December 21, 2012.

Isis and Osiris raising the djed 23.5 degrees, exactly the Earth’s tilt.

what was the sphinx looking at on Dec. 21, 2012? from etymonline

sphinx (n.)  monster of Greek mythology having a lion’s (winged) body and a woman’s head; she waylaid travelers around Thebes and devoured those who could not answer her questions; Oedipus solved the riddle and the Sphinx killed herself. In English from early 15c., from Latin Sphinx, from Greek Sphinx, said to mean literally” the strangler,” a back-formation from sphingein “to squeeze, bind” (see sphincter).

Can you breathe?

Enjoy the game!


4 thoughts on “Comets, Stars and Heavenly bodies”

  1. Gene of Isis,

    Yes, the See-Hawks won! That was clear. Sadly for the quarterback and the coach, they had to throw it, for TPTB. I feel for that QB, he is of the Spirit, a “Man of God” if you will…. that guy must be hurting….
    The other day at the Freedom Tower: CAUTION: ICE IS FALLING.
    Ice melting and falling throughout the day…. like snow. Like winter is almost over!!

    As for the Hawk, she’s still here, in her “cuffs,” but forever faithful to her handler….Loves him desperately… wants his true love in return….

    Dreamt of the Beast watching over me recently… just like the Lion in Frank’s pic… Oh and that train wreck on Metro North with the poor vics “burnt beyond recognition” woulda been mine if I were on it…. caught an earlier one…. Things exploding, and burning… the Girl on Fire….being refined in the fire of LOVE…. a girl was burnt alive in Mississippi recently… anyway I am on fire with LOVE for my BEAST. But does the Beast have a journey of his own? To “make it out alive”?

    This song is very synchy…. Saw the Blind Boys of Alabama perform live my only time at the Colbert show last year and I felt like I could see into the lead singer’s soul, and he could see into mine… now we’re watching The Wire, which is filled with purple, and it turns out that our favorite version of the title song “Keep the Devil Down in the Hole” of which there are many and other good ones, is by The Blind Boys…..

    Didn’t know! Synch!!

    Love to you MJ and Frank. Synchs abound….and I’m not going down.

    1. Thank you Trinity! Always delightful to hear your fiery comments on things 🙂 The syncs are mad these days. For one, just because you posted a vid for the theme song of The Wire is a crazy sync with me. I watched that show a few years ago and when I started, I couldn’t stop. My son was under a year old when I started watching it and I remember being at home with a couple of netflix DVDs of The Wire, shamelessly watching episode after episode, because siriusly, it is one of the best shows ever made. (the only other time I did this, as in watch a marathon viewing, was when I was pregnant and I watched Mad Men season 1, episode after episode. I was days away from having my son, so what else to do? I was as big as a house!) The ‘realness’ factor of The Wire can’t be beat. The honesty portrayed in the show in regards to politics is spot on! And unfortunately, the realness of the lives of the kids in the projects is all too real. Actually, there are actors from Baltimore they hired just to be in The Wire. And if you like Aiden Gillen’s character, he is even better in Game of Thrones! Second season was my least favorite (the one about the port authority). The fourth season was jaw dropping. And my favorite version of Down in the Hole…. (again by native Baltimorians 🙂 don’t know if that’s really a word! 🙂

      Cheers! Have a wonderfully ecstatic time with your beast 😉
      and, I thought it was interesting that there was a ‘conspiracy’ with the seahawks losing….what IS real ?

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