Earning A Loving


Are you winning at Monopoly ? Do you have a large sum of money stashed away in the bank and own lots of properties. I thought not but it doesn’t matter – it’s just a game. It seems just like in the board game of Monopoly, it’s those who cheat who win and it’s the Banker who never runs out of money. And when you go to the kitchen to get a drink, when you come back you may discover that mysteriously the Monopoly board looks different and you no longer own what you thought you did. This applies especially when you play with children.

The financial system of the world is a huge game of Monopoly with bankers and cheaters and those who play by the rules. But they never win. Nobody wins. The world loves the game, it seems. From an early age we are educated how to play the game and learn the rules. And after we leave school we then play the next part of the game – ‘How to Earn a Living’ and we find ourselves doing some job where in return for labour we receive variable amounts of paper and coin which allows us to play the game.

But at a deep level of the psyche of humanity, it is a reflection of our belief about Love and in truth, it should be called ‘Earning A Loving’. Our separated ego mind tells us we need Love and there is not enough Love and it is something that must be earned and worked hard for. It is a reflection of the belief in a God who gives love depending on how we behave and how hard we work. It is a belief in a Lesser God.


veronica vain


Which leads into Veronica Vain. Paige Jennings is an ex Wall St Intern who due to a mishap has been forced to leave banking and has decided to take up a career as a ‘Porn Star’ and uses the name Veronica Vain. Among her memorable quotes are beauties such as : “I just left a job on Wall Street for a porn career because I can’t stop masturbating at work and love cumshots. Is that cool with you?” and “I left finance because if I’m going to take it up the ass for a decade, I’d prefer to get in to a hall of fame for it.”





Paige Jennings is far brighter than I was at her age. I worked for Barclays Bank for fourteen years and I took it up the ass to earn the Monopoly money, and all Miss Jennings is doing is maximising the earning potential of her undeniably attractive assets and understood the reality of the situation long before I did. She’s just playing the game and showing us the truth.

Since the arrival of videos on the internet the Pornography industry has exploded and again is a reflection of the game of Monopoly. We are pawns in the Porn Shop. And here is the ‘Porno Graph’ which shows this growth 🙂 .




We are told we have a Free Market economy. This is not the truth. If we lived in a Free Market, then everything would be Free and we would be free. Go to any market and you will discover that we live in an UnFree Market when you hand over the Monopoly money.

It all comes back to Love. We believe we need Love and that it is something you must earn and pay for. The reality of the situation is totally different. In Maya we think Love is a limited commodity to trade with but in reality, unlimited Love is All There Is and all we are. We have it all and our true nature is to give this Love and prostitution is a mirror of our mistaken belief we need Love and is something to be haggled over and charged for.

In Maya, we are all prostitutes and bend over and take it up the ass to survive and prostrate ourselves before a Lesser God of limited love, vengeance and judgment. But in the higher realms, we have the same occupation but are ‘sacred prostitutes’ who give Love freely in the true Free Market. No Charge. The Greater God can only give unlimited love and as we are part of the Greater God, it is our real nature to give and receive unlimited love freely. You need do nothing.




And we can end the game of Monopoly by switching from small love to Big Love. I think ‘Twister’ would be a good alternative !


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