The Lyon’s Gate




germ (from etymonline) mid-15c., “bud, sprout;” 1640s, “rudiment of a new organism in an existing one,” from Middle French germe “germ (of egg); bud, seed, fruit; offering,” from Latingermen (genitive germinis) “spring, offshoot; sprout, bud,” which is of uncertain origin, perhaps from PIE root *gen-*gene- “to beget, bear” (see german (adj.)). The older sense is preserved in wheat germ and germ of an idea

Two in the “cockpit”



“OPEN THE DOOR!” (open the gate!)

On the 44th parallel, near the MEditerranean

Digne les Bains

“Germanwings confirmed its flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona to Duesseldorf went down with 144 passengers and six crew on board.” – Reuters

from wikipedia

“Shortly after the crash, Germanwings changed their website and social media branding to greyscale images. Lufthansa, Swiss, and Austrian also did the same thing.

On 25 March, Germanwings retired the flight number 4U9525, changing it to 4U9441. The outbound flight number was also changed: from 4U9524 to 4U9440. The flight numbers for the later Düsseldorf to Barcelona flight remain unchanged.”

God built a garden in the East. On the 44th MEridian, in Mesopotamia….

BABYLON was a significant city in ancient Mesopotamia, in the fertile plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The city was built upon the Euphrates, and divided in equal parts along its left and right banks, with steep embankments to contain the river’s seasonal floods.

Babylon means “heaven’s gate”….. between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. River means “a copious flow”.


Neil Diamond.

Nile (diamond star Sirius) River, in MEmphis


I’m so tired of this….


Bring together the upper and lower….

A celebrated “double-crown”

Bring together East and West….

Ishtar’s gate

It will be ONEderful.

True Love.

Aleister Crowley made the “Strength” card, the “Lust” card….




….through the Lion’s Gate

Lions on Ishtar’s Gate from ancient Babylon

This is happening in “reel time”! From today….

The scarlet lady “CHRISTina” walks through the Lion’s Gate!

Ancient Babylon. Modern day Baghdad.

33 degrees N 44 degrees E

33 + 44 = 77

77 = OZ



Hei! Look at her jacket and Neil’s shirt! Over the rainbow!





EIL = 137

The Hebrew word “Kabbalah” takes a Gematria value of 137. Kabbalah is generally taken to mean “receiving,” as evident from its root in Hebrew k-b-l (kof-beit-lamed), to “receive”. Nevertheless, an additional nuance of meaning can be derived from the first appearance of its root (k-b-l) in the Torah. In Exodus 26:5 and 36:12, the root k-b-l appears to imply a state of “corresponding” rather than “receiving.” It is used to describe the “corresponding loops” which, when clasped together, enjoined the two sections of the Tabernacle’s ceiling. These loops were suspended directly over the veil that divided the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. Symbolically, this is the threshold between the physical dimension and the utterly spiritual dimension. In other words, at the boundary line of the physical world, the number 137 emerges.

I know what the beast and the whore are doing in the Holy of Holies, and its a lot more fun than going to work to make money….



I’d much rather be FOREVER IN BLUE GENES

Who were the only ones allowed in the Holy of Holies?



LEVITES! Forever in blue genes



I was born to be blue….



hair growing


look at the lion





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