Recently, I have read the book version of ‘2001 : A Space Odyssey’ by Arthur C Clarke. Even though the film and book were written in tandem, the book expands on some of the themes in certain areas which may seem vague in the movie.




The early part of the book centres on a major step forward in evolution for mankind through contact with The Monolith. It shows that once one of the man apes, ‘Moon Watcher’ entered the energy field of the Monolith, then the rest of the tribe is effected as well and they all start learning new skills and this then ignites the evolution of the man apes and over a long period of time, we evolve into humans as we know ourselves and kick start the learning and cognitive part our mind.

“The tools they had been programmed to use were simple enough, yet they could change this world and make the man-apes its masters. The most primitive was the hand-held stone, that multiplied many-fold the power of a blow. Then there was the bone club that strengthened the reach and could provide a buffer against the fangs or claws of angry animals. With these weapons, the limitless food that roamed the savannahs was theirs to take.”




‘2001 : A Space Odyssey’ has been by some as a metaphor for the ascension process we have been experiencing since the 1960s. Critics would claim it’s just a work of fiction but maybe humanity did really contact the Monolith through the film and that when viewers watch the movie , they are actually joining with the energy of the Monolith through the movie itself and ‘The Monolith’ kick started a new evolutionary jump for humanity.

Much of the book and movie, relate to the relationship with the human occupants of the space ship, Discovery, Dave Bowman and Frank Poole and HAL who is the inboard computer and is in control of all the technology on the ship, and is in effect the Mind of ‘Discovery’ and Dave and Frank are totally reliant on HAL.

Humanity has its own HAL on Spaceship Earth in its MIND and it barks out orders and has very strange beliefs and tells you lies about yourself. It has a distorted view of Life, the Universe and Everything.

Here are some of its stranger messages that it transmits and our brain then interprets them as our own beliefs .

  • I am a body
  • I die
  • I am a sinner
  • I am imperfect
  • God is my enemy
  • Life is scary
  • I am weak
  • I can be hurt
  • I need
  • Sex is wrong
  • I need saving
  • There is a beginning and end to life

And there are a host of other beliefs about ourselves which HAL tells us is true about our Self but in fact, the complete opposite is true. Using the previous list as a guide, here is the alternative version from our real Self.

  • I am a non physical soul of Love
  • I am eternal
  • I am Innocence
  • I am perfect
  • God loves me without condition
  • Life is safe
  • I am the power and energy of the Universe
  • I have
  • Sex is good
  • I am my holy saviour
  • Life is eternal

And from this belief system which originates from HAL, a whole world of death and want and guilt has been created. At the end of the movie HAL is dismantled by Dave Bowman and switched off.  Our mind is currently undergoing the same process . Our false belief system is being  brought to the surface of my mind for release and much of what was hidden has become visible, and above the clouds of HAL is where the real treasure lies.


Hal memory


After switching off HAL, Dave Bowman experiences a spiritual hyper jump though the Universe and ends up in a strange hotel room where he is to be spiritually reborn and the old mind  erased. The room is a virtual reality creation for Dave  made by the alien intelligence that created the Monolith.

“There being no further use for it, the furniture of the suite dissolved back in to the mind of its creator. Only the bed remained – and the walls, shielding this fragile organism from the energies it could not yet control.

The springs of Dave’s memory were being tapped. In controlled recollection, he was reliving the past.

And even as he relived these events, he knew that all indeed was well. He was retrogressing down the corridors of time, being drained of knowledge and experience as he swept back towards his childhood. But nothing was being lost. All that he had ever been, at every moment of his life was transferred to safer keeping. Even as one David Bowman ceased to exist, another became immortal.” 

Through the Monolith !



4 thoughts on “HAL”

  1. Hi MJ…*hugs*

    Great article…thought provoking as always. This article reminded me of a link I came upon just recently…which I shared it on ‘merovee’, but it didn’t generate any interest.

    Therefore, I hope it does for you as it relates to your article. I also hope you take a look… that is once you can get past the title of article.

    Whether Kubrick, (after his reported death) is, was or is no longer alive….the Millennium Hilton which looks similar to the monolith is pretty darn interesting…difference is: the windows. .

    Ku Bricks… 🙂 anyway, great article


    1. DDNA – fooled you. I (Frank) wrote this one 🙂 All sorts of weirdness surround Kubrick – his death before Eyes Wide Shut was released and the Jay Weidner fake moon landing scenario. And also the fact that his films seem to be a sync hole of massive proportions.

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