And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. Genesis 28:12 KJV


And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved. Genesis 32:30 KJV

Peniel. Pineal. Nepal.


Kathmandu. Kat Man. Lion….

There’s a lot of fource in Kat Man’s postal code!


Crowley changed the ‘strength’ tarot card to ‘lust’….and just wanted to point out yet another kat man (beast, lion) and woman (Mt. EVErest).


There was so much force in the earthquake last week, it caused an avalanche on Mount EVErest!


Did the Kat Man mount Eve?

from wikipedia: The location, magnitude and focal mechanism of the earthquake suggest that it was caused by a slip along the Main Frontal Thrust. The earthquake’s effects were amplified in Kathmandu as it is sited on the Kathmandu Basin, which contains up to 600 m (2,000 ft) of sedimentary rocks, representing the infilling of a lake.

Holy Mother of ….

from etymonline:

Everestmountain between Nepal and Tibet, named 1865 for Sir George Everest (1790-1866), surveyor-general of India. The Tibetan name is Chomolangma “mother goddess of the world.”

Back to Jacob….


 And God said unto him, Thy name is Jacob: thy name shall not be called any more Jacob, but Israel shall be thy name: and he called his name Israel. Genesis 35:10 KJV


IS RA EL  ( IS = feminine) ( RA = masculine) ( EL = god)

from wikipedia: When Ra was in the underworld, he merged with Osiris, the god of the dead, and through it became the god of the dead as well.

Isis frequently schemed against Ra, as she wanted her son Horus to have the power. In one myth, Isis created a serpent to poison Ra and only gave him the antidote when he revealed his true name to her. Ra now feared Isis, as with his secret name revealed she could use all her power against him and have Horus take over the throne.

Watch out, Ra! Osiris has risen! On Easter…. 

Speaking of OsIRIS, a complex pattern of neurons in the brain cause us to see things in color. Everything is really fifty shades of grey 😉

The color of something perceived is dependent on the background, the lighting and the observer. These two X’s are the same color.



You don’t need Ra anymore when your 3rd eye is wide open.

No rainbow without the sun! (no illusion without light pouring in your 3D self!)


Some think the kundalini of the earth is located in the area of Mount Everest. The Not-Sees certainly did.


OS means open source, IRIS is eye.

The door for the middle chamber was in the right side of the house: and they went up with winding stairs into the middle chamber, and out of the middle into the third. 1 Kings 6:8 KJV

Three eyed Shiva

Before the separation in the garden, we were ONE. Everything got out of balance when we left the garden in the EAST. But we are at an auspicious time right now….

“Let there be lights in the heavens and let them be for signs” Genesis 1:14


“When you see the man with the pitcher of water, follow him into the house.”  Luke 22:10




The changing silver sun allows more photons (SHINY) in our DNA, and a Jacob’s ladder (electrical arc) has been made between the masculine and the feminine


MEmphis. MEroe. MErovee. MEditerranean. MElanin.

from etymonline:

black: Old English blæc “dark,” from Proto-Germanic *blakaz “burned” (cognates: Old Norse blakkr “dark,” Old High German blah “black,” Swedish bläck “ink,” Dutchblaken “to burn”), from PIE *bhleg- “to burn, gleam, shine, flash” (cognates: Greek phlegein “to burn, scorch,” Latin flagrare “to blaze, glow, burn”), from root*bhel- (1) “to shine, flash, burn;”

now check this out from etymonline:

Sirius: brightest star by magnitude, late 14c., from Latin Sirius “the Dog Star,” from Greek Seirios, said to mean literally “scorching” or “the scorcher.”

Sirius and A and B forming a DNA pattern


Black means to SHINE or SCORCH, and Sirius, the SHINIEST star means “SCORCHING”

And the most “scorched” people (most melanin) live in Sudan (US DNA)….


….where there are pyramids in MEroe?!



The pineal gland secretes melatonin, and it is a hormone responsible for health and enlightenment.

Aurora consurgens, 14th century:

“Turn to me with your whole heart and do not despise me because I am black and dark, for the sun has burned me so, and the black depths have covered my face.”

She is showing you the kundalini snaking up her spine. Notice the “evergreen” (eternal) wings.

I found this image in this book. Saw the author and knew it was a sign 😉

alchemy and mysticism
by Alexander Roob (RooBee do!)

And the image and quote above make me think of this:

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars  Revelation 12:1

“….do not despise me because I am black and dark….”



Don’t hate me….



because I’m beautiful.


The matrix and mindlines these days are crazy. Absolutely berserk. Getting back to the garden isn’t so easy. It is as if we are waiting for critical mass, and the resistance is causing chaos. The ego is fighting for survival because the mind matrix has been hacked. “She” (spiritus sanctus) woke up, Osiris is rising and there is a whole new game on the horizon.

Sudan  SU DAN  US DNA (all of US, our DNA)

We have a collective consciousness and right now there is a storm going on in the ‘whirled mind’



The control freaks (the ego part of US) prefers the very controlled and predictable North West part of the mind. The ego thrives on control. If I were going to make VERY GENERAL, symbolic analogies about mapping people and gender, from a western pov….

The East = Women

The South = darker skin (generally)

And generally speaking, name two groups of people who have had to put up with others consistently trying to control them and degrade them? Black people and women.

What is it with this? We are mirrors of each other. Can we not stand to look at each other? The east (feminine) side is the free-flowing creative side.  (can’t be controlled). The south (more melanin-rich) has a greater alchemical process within them for health and consciousness. (too much ‘open source’ to be controlled).

Its time to

*The most conflict right now in the US concerns African-Americans but I’m not forgetting other melanin-rich people who have suffered injustice, also, simply for having darker skin. Native Americans, aboriginals, south asians, south and middle Americans, the list goes on and on.


There has been a joining in the spirit world. The male and the female. The cycles of guilt and time and “doing time” are over. The shedding of skin has started.  Spirit doesn’t give a damn about money, or if someone is gay, or how educated someone is, and spirit certainly doesn’t give a damn about race or skin color.

Spirit only cares about love. Love is the only thing that is real.

Meet me in the middle. Me, as in You. WE are one big ME!



Bring it all together. Male and female, black and white, first and last. It will be ONEderful.

A little boy and a little girl were looking at a picture of Adam and Eve. Which is Adam and which is Eve? said one. I do not know, said the other, but I could tell if they had clothes on.  – Samuel Butler (novelist)


The garden is within us. We can find it again. Start with your mind….


37. His disciples said, “When will you appear to us, and when will we see you?” Jesus said, “When you strip without being ashamed, and you take your clothes and put them under your feet like little children and trample them, then [you] will see the son of the living one and you will not be afraid.”  – The Gospel of Thomas

In the garden we acquired “coats of skin”. Jesus says if we want to get back there, we must shed them again, without guilt. No coats of skin because no more guilt. No coats of skin because there is no skin color.


Am I telling you to rip off your clothes and run around naked? Walk into the office on casual Friday with nothing but your birthday suit on? If you want 🙂 What I am saying is that an evolution is upon us. We are done with the cycles of time.

Now, for something PUNNY!

Let’s ANALize the situation about URANUS.

(who can say that without laughing?!)

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. (LOL)

Isn’t Uranus bootyful?


In the Bible which was written in Greek, Jesus says the Kingdom Of Heaven is at hand. The Greek word for heaven is Ouranos which is translated into English as Uranus.

It has to do with cosmic consciousness, pineal (Nepal, melanin), and getting rid of guilt, so we can return to the garden.

The talking snake in the garden was kundalini energy, and it was talking to the feminine side of the brain. No, Eve is not guilty of anything.

Kundalini snakes us the spine, starting at the root chakra, all the way to the crown chakra. The bible calls this the “backside” 🙂

Moses at the Burning Bush
Now Moses was pasturing the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian; and he led the flock to the backside of the wilderness and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. The angel of the LORD appeared to him in a blazing fire from the midst of a bush; and he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, yet the bush was not consumed.… Exodus 3:1 – 2

Some bibles call it the west side, KJ version says backside. And the burning bush is the pineal gland.

The Book with Seven Seals
I saw in the right hand of Him who sat on the throne a book written inside and on the back, sealed up with seven seals. Revelation 5:1

Seven seals, on the back are the chakras up the spine.

And another mentioned above.

And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved. Genesis 32:30 KJV

The tribe of Judah, who’s symbol is a lion, camped in the EAST, at the point of the rising sun. They are the tribe of light!

All those listed of the camp of Judah, by their companies, were 186,400. They shall set out first on the march. Numbers 2:9

speed of light


pretty damn close 🙂

“When you see the man with the pitcher of water, follow him into the house.”  Luke 22:10

The speed of light (the sun, Leo) is opposite on the zodiac wheel of Aquarius (the time of great change). We are living in exciting times…. actually there are no words to describe….

snakes that kiss



19 thoughts on “SERPENT-dipity”

    1. Yes. Thank you so much, Parcival. I made the correction. I’m glad you said something because I was getting confused as I wrote it. I kept having to work out in my head, ‘everyone makes melatonin, but dark skinned people have more melanin, which implies the greater alchemical process in the body’. Alchemy. Al kemet. Khemet! It means “black soil”, because of the rich soil of the Nile delta. 🙂

  1. Hi MJ, I’ve been thinking about the Kundalini fire rising and it’s relationship if any, to what occurred according to the Christian narrative on Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit was poured out.
    According to Acts 2, people were gathered together, when a violent wind came from heaven and they saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on them.
    The thousand petaled lotus or the tongue of fire resting on top of the head, it’s a similar image.

    1. Hi Elena! I agree, it seems to be a similar account in mythologies. And thats just the thing, when you let the symbology guide your comprehension of everything, instead of taking it literally, a whole new world opens up! And its sync, after sync, after sync…. after a while “coincidence” is a silly notion!

    2. The Holy Spirit pouring out would definitely mean a “download” or “upload” for everybody! SS is Spiritus Sanctus. SS is 55. Imagine it mirrored. 22. There are always seven doves that surround the SS.
      22 divided by 7 = 3.14 🙂
      Spiral UP with pi!

      1. Hi again MJ, thanks for all your comments.
        So, one morning in 1999 I awoke thinking my bed was on fire. I jumped up swatting at my back which was burning hot and drenched in sweat but obviously not on fire and neither was the bed. Now, I sort of laugh at that experience, but wow!
        If I’ve learned anything in the years since, it’s that we can’t understand the Divine Fire. We can only surrender to and honor “it”. For some reason “it” refuses to respect my ego. 🙂
        Baltimore and the curfew (cover the fire) and the man whose spine was severed, has made it so obvious that something is trying to come between the Shakti fire rising and the Shiva fire descending. Block the connection. And maybe this intruder has been there for a long time and we’re just now beginning to “see” it for what it is.
        Again thanks for your always helpful input.

    3. Divine Fire. I love that term! Pyra mid. ‘the FIRE within’
      Thank you for sharing that about your experience. I feel like a lot of us here have these experiences, yet are hesitant to say anything because they ‘go off the map’ of normalcy or what the human brain can interpret as normal.
      “No, it was just a dream”, says the left, rational brain. “It was as real as anything!” says the right, FREE-flowing brain.

      I have a couple of things that have happened to me, in the middle of the day, totally awake, totally “super”natural, but would only feel comfortable in a conversation telling someone. If I tried to tell in an article, it would be mocked and I know better.

      I think you know the passage to the gnosis: what happens here, is a reflection of the spirit world. In other words, what does (anything and everything) imply in the spirit world?!
      And the spirit world works through the feminine brain!


  2. As always: GeneOfIsis…darling MJ…great article.

    Interesting tidbit about Ur anus: Inside the womb: the first thing to form on a fetus is the “anus.”

    “F – ing” amazing. LOL yo/ur anus…o/ur anus. ‘Uranus’

    In deuterostomes (including humans), the original dent becomes the anus, while the gut eventually tunnels through the embryo until it reaches the other side, forming an opening that becomes the mouth.

    Uranus and Neptune referred to as Twins.

    We know Neptune in Roman mythology Neptune was the god of the Sea. He is known as Poseidon in Greek mythology.

    Uranus is named after the ancient Greek deity of the sky Uranus (Ancient Greek: Οὐρανός), the father ofCronus (Saturn) and grandfather of Zeus (Jupiter), which in Latin became “Ūranus”. It is the only planet whose name is derived from a figure from Greek mythology rather than Roman mythology. [interesting]

    Minus the mention of ‘black gold’, (oil) and the Sudanese pyramids in my post from MV.

    Yes, (color me) “beautiful.”

    1. DDNA! HI! Yes, I saw the sudanese model in your comment and meant to somehow give you a ‘nod’, and honestly, at the beginning of the article it should read “written by geneofisis and DDNA and Anon and Frank and Elena and Roob, etc, etc.
      So, writing the end of this article (the tail end) LOL! Sorry, the jokes and puns keep coming. Anyway, I found it difficult because its a bit of a touchy subject and usually I don’t care what people think about me when I write something but this time I found myself tip-toeing around. But you sort of gave me a wedge with the deuterostomes angle.
      The dent that eventually tunnels through to the other side. You seem to be well-read about esoteric topics, and if you are like me, started with a spiritual yearning. You realized something wasn’t right. You delved in, saw the enormity of the conspiracies. Got too side-tracked in the conspiracies part. Started seeing the parallels between the information about mind-control and manipulation with chakras. Started seeing the same story in all mythologies. Then it went back to spiritual yearning. Then we start seeing the matrix become ‘visible’. And here we are.
      That’s how it sort of happened for me. And you?
      Anyway, the mind control stuff. I assume you’ve read the horror stories. I’ll get right to it: have you ever read accounts (mostly from survivors of military mind control, whether adult or child) were anally raped, then programmed, etc. And from the most esoteric and occult view, it was a ‘robbing’ of spiritual energy and ensured an easily controlled slave? But, it could also have an effect of immediate kundalini activation and you have this new ‘vision’ with your third eye? And to do any of that for those reasons is wrong wrong wrong, needless to say.
      But, if there are two people who are mature and consensual, and want to use tantric sex for spirituality and pleasure, then third eye activation would be right up there alley? 🙂 You can’t say anything without a butt joke 🙂 Siriusly, what I’m getting at is this. What if anal sex is original sin and gave insight to Eve (fem side of brain) and when we can see it as something that isn’t “dirty” anymore, then we can evolve and go to the garden? Because the reason why it is dirty is because of where it is, and at this point in time, serves as a place where your body gets rid of waste. That is part of the cycle. We need food to live, so we eat, then we get rid of the waste. If we saw it as “not dirty” would an evolution manifest because thoughts are first, then they manifest. So then we wouldn’t need food. Our DNA is electromagnetic. The sun is white/silver, as if more electromagnetic. Do I make sense or do you think I’m looney?

      1. Hi MJ

        As a small child, the prospect of being taken to church of a Sunday morning brought about a bit of anxiety…although at the time I didn’t know that’s what it was. None of it ever made any sense…I was taken…put in a seat…told to listen and not ask questions. I had to sit in the church pew…be still…be quiet and listen to a Baptist preacher yelling out words…but of course he couldn’t be talking to me because he wasn’t speaking in understandable in English or any words I could understand. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a southern Baptist preacher…preach…it’s like he can’t catch his breath…as I think back – the sound is absurd. Everything even at the age of 4 and 5 struck me as being unconvincing…and scary….he couldn’t be talking to me…I hadn’t done anything bad…but yet for some reason he labeled, (all in the church) as a sinner…that’s one thing that the preacher made sure everyone heard loud and clear…then he would preach the rest of the sermon in some sort of breathless babble.

        All I wanted to do was be outside with my grandpa, [wise man – although I did not know it at the time] who would not set foot inside a church…except for a funeral and only if he was a ‘pall bearer.’ The singing was too loud for my tiny eardrums and people yelling out “yes, lord” as loud as they could would always make me jump …which would lead to my grandma giving me a dirty look…which meant be still or I’m going to smack you. People, always women fainting and having to be fanned or carried outside or to some other part of the church. I mean what a freaking show. Then there’s the décor….stain glass windows everywhere showing the man with the blond hair.

        Even when I grew up…move to MN…went to church with my mom…same sort of stuff occurred, (except by then I knew how to not fidget in church) same stuff…different preacher….clear one minute then off to babbling and yelling the next.

        Tried Presperterian church…understood the words, not screaming, shouting, etc… but what was being said did not register…then here comes the ‘collection plate/bowl’ being passed around…while others around you watched how much you ‘put in.’

        I guess I could have just said …’none of it made sense’…as a child I was told that jesus died over two thousand years ago for my sins….I wanted to know if he died all those years ago for my sins…why were ”they” calling me a sinner and 4 and 5 I’m still new to earth. All I wanted to do was be outside with my grand pa who would not come into the church, the church…except for a funeral and only if he was a ‘pall bearer.’

        Anyway….fast forward…stop going to church for so many various reason. Finally learned that I could talk to my father/God outside of church. That lead to a variety of conversations over the years…dropped the blond guy…he wasn’t for me…started question why all pictures only showed Caucasian angels…questions, questions, question…more years passed…still my mind was in the house of ‘the lord’…more years passed…a lot happened/came to surface. More happened… wanted somewhere to express my thoughts and ask questions… can’t really remember how I found Merovee or did it find me. I stop took a look simply for the fact that the blog stated: something to the effect of it being a ‘blog of unreason’ and I certainly had some unreasonable things on my mind. Yet’ still I was afraid to untangle the ties that bound me to the ‘father god’ who said I must fear him….even started out on Merovee speaking in “it’s” defense. Faith and I were ‘buds.’ Now when I look back I think WTF. Anyway…live and learn. Kicker came a little over a year ago when I was speaking with a co-worker about “the devil”…and I said something to the affect that the devil sits on my shoulder… and is the one who makes us think evil, etc. etc. She said; “look at your shoulder…is there anyone or anything sitting on it”…she smiled and said: “the devil is your imagination, because as you can clearly see there is nothing or no one sitting on your shoulder.” I understood then what the church and its religious system had done.

        I dropped the pretense…the program. [maybe next time I talk about the word ‘program’ and my close connection to it.

        The moment I understood/realized and recognized that I was/am connected to all things is when the door/mind opens wider. Things began to make sense…within the last year more and more things have begun to make, (more) sense not only because I’m digging into ancient Alkebulanian stories/myths but because I’m Listening.

        We are part of a continual whole…there is a voice that speaks…from the heart to the mind…there are signs as well…somehow with a smile in one’s heart you just know when it’s real and that that of a deceiver.

        I know that I didn’t answer your question specifically…but hope I came somewhat close.

        I will add… Merovee…Frank was a saving grace…find his blog was like finding a doctor that held/hold/has the cure for what ails you. And we all know that most patients in the beginning fall for their doctor. But knowing that he’s safe within your heart/mind/hands, (warm caressing hands oooh la la – LOL ) I’m now content.

        So many rings around the rose.

    2. I find it fascinating that Uranus is the only planet with a name of Greek origin instead of Roman! I think it speaks volumes!
      And have you noticed that christianity does not encourage star gazing? When you think about that, remember this is at the Vatican

      I don’t care that its called Lucifer, but I thought they did! (as a front, anyway!)

    3. DDNA,
      So sorry I haven’t responded before now. I am involved at this big event at my son’s school and that, on top of work has taken every second. Please don’t think I’m rude; I read your comment on my phone at lunch, so wanting to reply but it would take forever to do so on a phone, so please excuse my delayed reply.
      I know exactly what you mean about a southern baptist preacher. (actually, the similarities between us are downright uncanny) but that is the new normal and just going with the flow.
      Like you, I did not believe the story from a very young age. At 5 and 6 years old, when I saw people at church having very emotional episodes, being “saved” and so on and so on, I thought “why is everybody pretending?!”
      And like you, I would get very anxious about church. First of all, you sit there and listen to the “authority” speak on the “word of god” (who happens to be very mysterious, hateful, conditional and a very fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants kind of god). He says “thou shalt not kill” but his favored King David says
      Not long before David died, he told Solomon: 1 Kings 2

      2 “My son, I will soon die, as everyone must. But I want you to be strong and brave. 3 Do what the Lord your God commands and follow his teachings. Obey everything written in the Law of Moses. Then you will be a success, no matter what you do or where you go. 4 You and your descendants must always faithfully obey the Lord. If you do, he will keep the solemn promise he made to me that someone from our family will always be king of Israel.

      5 Solomon, don’t forget what Joab did to me by killing Abner son of Ner and Amasa son of Jether, the two commanders of Israel’s army. He killed them as if they were his enemies in a war, but he did it when there was no war.[a] He is guilty, and now it’s up to you to punish him 6 in the way you think best. Whatever you do, don’t let him die peacefully in his old age.

      7 The sons of Barzillai from Gilead helped me when I was running from your brother Absalom.[b] Be kind to them and let them eat at your table.

      8 Be sure to do something about Shimei son of Gera from Bahurim in the territory of Benjamin. He cursed and insulted me the day I went to Mahanaim. But later, when he came to meet me at the Jordan River, I promised that I wouldn’t kill him.[c] 9 Now you must punish him. He’s an old man, but you’re wise enough to know that you must have him killed.”

      So, there you have it. Without having to go into in-depth discussion, I think its plausible to say Moses was Akhenaten (the one who ordered everyone to worship only one god, aka get rid of goddess worship).

      And here we are with our 44th president, the reincarnation of Akhenaten, to attempt yet again, to get rid of the goddess.

      I teeter on this issue. Is it conspiracy (meaning that DNA was found and he was cloned) or is it matrix “program” (left brain masculine take-over and he re-manifested)?

      DDNA, I’m going to look for a poem I wrote in college for creative writing. I’ll have to post it in the article. When you read it, the mirror of us will be undeniable.

  3. MJ there is a link between the two (Moses and Akhenaten) and I mentioned it on my blog however I don’t believe they are the same person. However.I do believe there is so much more about the two of them that has been deliberately hidden. There is an interesting story repeated in different cultures about the battle over Moses body/soul/spirit which took place in the afterlife and no evidence of Moses tomb/body has ever been found.

    And he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, over against Bethpeor: but no man knoweth of his sepulchre unto this day.

    Akenaten’s tomb has been found in Egypt and the historical and archaeological evidence is pretty substantial that the Exodus took place much earlier around 1627-1620 BC when Thutmose III was the pharaoh.

    The mainstream academics tried to prove this date wrong because it upset their own dating system but couldn’t…… soz I know this isn’t a history site just can’t stop myself. 😉 and I am just a humble truthseeker who tries to keep an OPEN mind.

    Really enjoying your articles they contain soo many spiritual truths..

    1. Thank you TTN! And so glad you’re back and hopefully you will share pics of your travels in the MEditerranean.
      Akhenaten and Moses…. who nose?

      It is an interesting comparison. Both very “law” driven and there is something going on with places in the mine (mind). Crossing the red sea (what does that mean?), the burning bush (pineal gland), Mt. SINai (named after the moon), but don’t you dare say goddess 😉 It causes an earthquake reaction. (that was insensitive). Sorry, it causes a tsunami reaction (that would’ve been insensitive not too long ago). Point is, the “natural disaster” has to do with forces of nature and bible thumpers will eagerly point to the “signs” without acknowledging it is mother earth or the matrix. Just sayin’!
      And your two cents, or 44 cents, or 88 sense is always welcome.

      1. I see Mother Earth and the true Goddess of Love as two separate things however I see them both at times as my helper, the source of my strength, my defender, my best friend and my lover.

        I see the Goddess of Love as the only one who truly knows me because she knew me before I was even born. I was born into a divided house, a divided family, a divided country where two tribes were constantly at war I never fitted into either tribe no matter how hard I tried so I gave up and left everything behind, wife, family, house, successful career it was a land of religious pharisees judge mental types who all hated me for some reason and were constantly pointing the finger because I didn’t agree with what they believed or said. I have always had that effect on them not to be melodramatic but it almost cost me my life quite a few times but I was always protected from them for some reason.

        I still have that effect when I speak out against the judgemental types as maybe you have noticed by their reaction on Merovee. 😉

        The goddess of love has revealed herself to me on a few occasions one of which I will share. I used to run my own music studios it was a vast building and needed quite a bit of work done to it so I worked night and day trying to get it into shape before opening. I was painting the stairs when I was hit by this tremendous power a force so strong that I ended up on the floor on my back I couldn’t even lift the paint brush. I lay there not being able to move for what seemed like hours but I didn’t care as I was so filled with a love that transcended anything I have ever felt or experienced before on any emotional or physical level.

        I felt at one ment with her, with the Creator, the universe and with the human race I was crying and laughing both at the same time. I saw peoples faces pass in front of me…. they were faces of people who had done me harm and had hurt me in the past and I was saying to them ‘I forgive you’ as each one passed.

        I see the law of sin and death as our enemies and the opposing forces to the Creator and the Goddess of love I have depicted them as the Prince of Persia and the Woman in Black. The good news is the verdict is in we have been found not guilty and are being set free from the prison we have been trapped in….. it will soon be flight time as DD was rightfully saying.

        However the patriarchal religious judgemental types won’t take too kindly too our new found freedom and they will fear us so I expect there will be a negative reaction and an attempt by these forces to try and imprison us again but they won’t succeed in holding us back from reaching our destination and claiming our rightful place in the universe.

        I hope my ramblings clarify a bit more of what I have been attempting to say on my blog. I will leave you with my memes of the island where the Goddess revealed herself to me once again will add more when I get the chance.

        TTN aka the Joker and the Fool 🙂

      2. TTN
        What an amazing encounter you describe with the goddess of love! That is beautiful. And thank you for sharing because I know that even though there seems to be a wonderful theme of a connection to spirit within the merovee family, you still put yourself on the line when you do share something so extraordinary! (It probably helps that you’ve just returned from a stay at the island where aphrodite was born 🙂

        And next what I’d like to say in response to your article ‘The Woman in Black’

        Everybody, read this gem of an article.

        And the personal history you describe with the judge mental types…. I can relate. I just can’t do it. And how other people can is a mystery to me. The reason why it has taken so long for me to reply back (and so sorry about that), is because there have been several things going on, one being my son’s kindergarten graduation 🙂 And while that isn’t life-changing like a son or daughter moving off to college, it was a ceremony and therefore had some family members around me in the last two days that drain my energy faster than all the vampires on True Blood combined.

        I’ve had more than one highly spiritual experience and felt enveloped in pure love and really sensed things beyond words. Having an experience like that will put things into perspective really fast, huh? The judge mental types really have no idea, and some don’t even want to go there.

        I’ll take your’s and DDNA’s generous sharing of personal spiritual experiences as a message from the program to write a tell-all (or tell a lot) article about mine and Frank’s amazing adventure of the mind meld. And after it happened, after a bit of ‘WTF is happening?!’, we both said ‘we have to let them know who they really are’, referring to the merovee family.

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