The Return Of The King

And I can assure you, I’m not talking about Prince Charles !

“I would rather spend one lifetime with you than face all the Ages of this world alone”


Aragorn & Eowyn 'Lord of the Rings'
Aragorn & Eowyn
‘Lord of the Rings’


The King is waking.

“And the Lawed God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept.”


King Arthur sleeps
King Arthur sleeps


But ‘The Lady of the Lake’ kept Excalibur safe for when he awoke.


It has just been a bad dream. We have dreamed we are all alone in a huge universe where we are effected by forces outside of our control. The King has dreamt he is only a peasant and the Queen that she is just a serving wench who are sinners in the eyes of a cruel God who deserve punishment and need to perfect themselves to please this tyrant.

But the King and Queen can never be separated. Our world is Maya – an illusion of isolation. The feminine is the Is – she is Isis and the masculine is ‘Spark Man’ who causes the ocean to remain vibrant and alive, and if the masculine energy is dulled then the waters can become stagnant. And the energies between masculine and feminine should flow between each other in an equal partnership of For Giving and Love. But our dream is a distortion of reality, where we see the genders as separate from each other whilst the Universe sees us as One and whole and holy.

The King is waking up. In one of these weird coincidences, while I was thinking about the article, a few days ago BB King ‘died’ and my first thought was ‘The King is dead. Long live the King’.




The new King will not come with a mindset of guilt, fear and control but from the heart not the mind and from spiritual masculine love. He will no longer be a worker ant programmed by our false survival need but from the perspective of an eternal spiritual being of male love eternally joined with his Queen.

The cause of the separation between male and female ( and the other divisions ) is the guilt from the Fall as described in Genesis. All guilt originates from there but the guilt is a self inflicted wound. There is no judgemental male God who tells us what is right and wrong and he is literally a figment of our imagination which we then project outwards and we have created a world which is a mirror of the scary, thunderbolt throwing God.

We are all part of ‘God’ and the old patriarchal mind was a mirror of our distorted view of the male ‘God’. And as the King awakens we will also view the male god in a new light because he is just us looking in the mirror.




Wakey, Wakey !


3 thoughts on “The Return Of The King”

  1. 😉 I already shared this earlier I think whats happening feels something akin to this

    Hammer Time

    after all the Joker was sentenced to death this morning 😉

    Although he might pop his head back from time to time

    Thanks MJ

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