Time and Measure

Let’s ponder the word measure for a minute.

ponder (etymonline) early 14c., “to estimate the worth of, to appraise,” from Old French ponderer “to weigh, poise” (14c., Modern French pondérer) and directly from Latin ponder are “ponder, consider, reflect,” literally “to weigh,” from pondus (genitive ponderis) “weigh” (see pound (n.1)). Meaning “to weigh a matter mentally”

One POUND is 16 ounces (OZ).   8 and 8?

justice tarot


It makes it so much easier to get everybody to only use their logic side of the brain because everything can be measured out exactly, right? No wait. As it turns out, that method has proven itself to be catastrophic. But if all interpret things differently, how can there be any system? Why does there need to be a system? If there is no system, how can we have an economy? There doesn’t need to be an economy. Think about the money system and where its going….



In 2169, people are born genetically engineered with a digital clock on their forearm. When they turn 25 years old, they stop aging and their clock begins counting down from one year; when it reaches zero that person “times out” and dies. Time has become the universal currency; it is used to pay for day-to-day expenses and can be transferred between people or capsules. The country has been divided into “time zones” based on the wealth of the population. The film focuses on two specific zones: Dayton – a poor manufacturing area where people generally have 24 hours or less on their clock at any given time – and New Greenwich – the wealthiest time zone, where people have enough time on their clock to live for centuries. (wikipedia)

timekeepers enforce time zones


Did that movie say it was set in the future? or now?

highest privileges


In the movie, (set in the year 2169) a place called New Greenwich is a wealthy time zone and they have the highest privileges.

Right now in 2015, the Greenwich Meridian is where time “starts”. Guess what year it was established? prime meridian, based at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in London, was established by Sir George Airy in 1851. (wikipedia)

IT’S ALWAYS 8:15. The time is always NOW.




Where EAST meets WEST.

Places that have been called “where east meets west” are:

Venice, where the Venetians (Phoenicians) had a thriving maritime trading culture.


Israel is commonly thought of as where east meets west. The tribe of DAN (Phoenicians)….

In the Biblical census of the Book of Numbers, the tribe of Dan is portrayed as the second largest Israelite tribe (after Judah).


The tribe of Dan’s primary trade characteristic was seafaring, unusual for the Israelite tribes. In the Song of Deborah the tribe is said to have stayed on their ships with their belongings.

Modern artists use the “scales of justice” to represent the Tribe of Dan due to Genesis 49:16 referencing Dan “shall achieve justice for his kindred”. However, more traditional artists use a snake to represent Dan, based on Genesis 49:17, “Let Dan be a serpent by the roadside, a horned viper by the path, That bites the horse’s heel, so that the rider tumbles backward.”

Scales of justice

justice tarot

The personification of justice balancing the scales dates back to the Goddess Ma’at, and later Isis, of ancient Egypt. (wikipedia)

She is usually depicted with a blindfold to symbolize objectivity.


Just to review, the tribe of Dan (the Phoenicians), use fiat money to control people with a corrupt economy, use forceful, controlling big brother (police, military, “justice” system) to control people and both of these are symbolized by a female who uses passive objectivity on both matters? That means the universe deals its own judgement and the universe will decide how justice is served through karma, through the matrix, through universal law (for every action there is an equal reaction).

But if we left it to the universe then no one would have “control”.

No one would have control.



Everyone would have total freedom.

Places on the map are places in the mind.


43   the Rebis.

42 degrees and the rainbow.

A rainbow is not located at a specific distance from the observer, but comes from an optical illusion caused by any water droplets viewed from a certain angle relative to a light source. Thus, a rainbow is not an object and cannot be physically approached. Indeed, it is impossible for an observer to see a rainbow from water droplets at any angle other than the customary one of 42 degrees from the direction opposite the light source. Even if an observer sees another observer who seems “under” or “at the end of” a rainbow, the second observer will see a different rainbow—farther off—at the same angle as seen by the first observer.

Everything is in the mind and everybody has to  go over their own rainbow.

Its all about your own perspective


Not everything is as it seems



Duality makes us appear to be fractured with time but we are really ALL together



and where there seems to be a wall, there isn’t. It is all in the mind



The MEridian. Its in YOU. You decide the “younits” of “MEasure”, and  it goes the other way around.


4 +3 = 7

43 + 34 = 77  and   44 + 33 = 77

In certain numerological systems based on the English alphabet, the number 77 is associated with Jesus Christ. CHRIST is C = 3, H = 8, R = 18, I = 9, S = 19, T = 20, which added together equal 77.

‘Liber 77’ is the gematrian name for Liber OZ- a brief but popular publication by Aliester Crowley. The word ‘oz’, which means ‘strength’, is composed of two hebrew letters- ayin and zayin, which have gematrian values of 70 and 7 respectively, thus adding up to 77.



STRENGTH to go through the Lion’s Gate.

Now hear this in your spiral shaped cochlea of your inner ear



The spiral shaped tower of Babel

tower of babel


Modern day Baghdad (which used to be Babylon, meaning “gate of god”) is 33 degrees N, 44 degrees E.   The city started construction in the month of July because they wanted to start under the sign of Leo.

Manly P. Hall says in his book The Secret Teachings of All Ages that The Seven Wonders of the World were built to honor the heavenly bodies. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were to honor Venus.

This summer, Venus has been an evening star and was right in line with Jupiter several nights ago! She has been headed right for Regulus, the Lion’s heart all summer. Still moving closer, but on August 15th,  (8/15/15) she will go through the Lion’s gate and disappear for a few days and from then on become a morning star.

morning star


Happy July 4th!





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