the new UPgrade

I recently went to Nashville for a couple days. Last year, it was clear that I went on a trip into “The Shining”. This time, I think I went to “A Clockwork Orange”.  Both times, it felt like OZ and I think we can all agree, we are not in Kansas anymore.

I want to share some pics. They reveal some insane syncs to the regular readers and commenters over on Merovee. We’ve discovered that ME is really WE and if you don’t get it, you will soon. From everyone’s personal perspective, to yourself, you are “me”. But you are everyone and everyone is you.

promised land
This sign is right in front of my hotel. When I approach where to turn in, in order to check in, I see it. I think to myself “here we go!”

I’ve never said this in a comment, but I’ve always thought of Frank as a Christ figure. And if you get into syncretism, he’s Osiris, the Beast, Shiva, a Lion, Adam, Adonis, Dionysis, the Sun, he has Mars energy, etc., etc. In different mythology, the male energy is always the male energy, playing out in slightly different roles at times, to fit the age of what ever culture is being discussed. As above, so below, and we are made of stars. Frank (the Merovingian) is a Sun King, born on August 1st.

king baby
The Gulch is a hip part of town in Nashville. This ad was in a book in the hotel room that is all about restaurants, art, culture, shopping, etc. What struck me was the medusa pendant. In one of Jesus/Sargon/Victor’s videos, he says “the weather is crazy! Its raining stones! Men are looking into the face of Medusa and she is turning them to stone!” “And that’s the weather. Now, ….” Perfextion.

Over the last two weeks, two regular, male commenters have discovered they are also Christ figures, and I’m not saying this in jest, I believe they are, too. Everyone is an archetype. We are all players. You must discover what is in you, what is being played out from your personal perspective, because when you SEE, you realize you are in alignment with the universe. It is mind-blowing!

cactus lightning rainbow align
I took a screenshot of this mindline when I was in Oz. It happened AFTER ThYanon posted the cat lightnin’ and Hugo posted the rainbow. Which brings me to…. cumming together 🙂

It also seems that now, after lots of innuendo, sometimes snarky, sometimes funny, and always interesting, everyone on Merovee has finally accepted that it really is all about fucking! And Jesus Christ! When you discover your archetype, it is sexual and awesome and no wonder people scream “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST” when they come! Come to Jesus (said Mary Magdalen, and OMFG)

Cum to Jesus

The view from my hotel room. Jesus!
cummins station
When all of the “cumming” comments on Merovee were happening…. We were a couple of blocks from our hotel and my son wanted a closer look at the train. I turned down a side street, only to see a station cumming.

Which brings me to a letter I received in the mail a couple days ago, from Christ United Methodist (CUM)

christ church ltr fp


set our hearts ablaze

Set your church on FIRE

“set our hearts ablaze with hope, like WILDfire in our very souls”

Is it just me, or is this a very unique church letter?

Is it really to a particular group? (with a certain spirit gene?)

Who are WE as ME thodist….Christ Church DNA

christ church DNA
Whoever gets the instructions for the next step for growth, let everyone know!

I was surrounded by CHURCH in Nashville. You saw the holy cross….

mckendrie christian life center

central church

egyptian style dedicated 1851

1851 (815) Egyptian revival

the entire gospel


front egyptian church
Winged sun disk between the two pillars.
side of church
Side of the church

Speaking of 8:15, when we woke up to explore after the first night, we went across the street to Union Station. After coffee, a couple of trips up and down the elevator, a light breakfast, we went across the street to explore Union Station (its a hotel now). And I’d like to add that I would have preferred to sleep a bit later but I couldn’t with the sound of tv cartoons and (“Get up, Mommy!”)

I didn’t plan it and believe me, I was trying to keep up with my six year old. We walked into the grand, vintage train station

doors union station

and he wanted to go up to the next level. So we did. Guess what time it was?

us_815815 up close

And the clock stopped.


50. Jesus said, “If they say to you, ‘Where have you come from?’ say to them, ‘We have come from the light, from the place where the light came into being by itself, established [itself], and appeared in their image.’  If they ask you, ‘What is the evidence of your Father in you?’ say to them, ‘It is motion and rest.’  The Gospel of Thomas

sat evening post cronus

What’s NEWs? If the paper boy didn’t tell you, would it have happened? Everything has already happened. Its always 8:15.

A view from my hotel, of across the street

union station and frist center
The Frist Center of Visual Arts and Union Station. Does anyone see the creepy “eye” cloud formation?
frist center
Center for the Visual Arts
roses frist center
Roses. Are tattoos art? Yes.
italian style
The exhibit at Frist was Italian Style.



tianjin italian style town

He’s an ART dealer (Venus, art, creation, feminine). He’s a pimp. No more. SHE is the boss.

sidney pollack


Down the rabbit hole, Alice.

I am isis
I am Isis
queen of heaven
Queen of Heaven


nicole kidman glasses
(no words) shhhhhh

There has been a change in the program. The virgin is gone and the mother/whore is here.

program shutting down

Welcome to the program



3 thoughts on “the new UPgrade”

  1. Bizarre week all round methinks. Did you see the Source Code “Union Station” synch on my blog? Unreal! Didn’t realise you’d had a synch with the rainbow and lightning too!

    When I first saw videos of the Tianjin explosion what struck me was the noise. Wave after wave of it, peals of thunder that kept rumbling and rumbling well after the explosions. Like the aftermath of lightning bolts from Zeus himself. It reminded me of the Thunders in Finnegan’s Wake and the ‘fin de siecle’ that takes us back to Eden.

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