Raising the DJED

BEE come.


“He was there alone with himself, collected, tranquil, adoring, comparing the serenity of his heart with the serenity of the skies, moved in the darkness by the visible splendors of the constellations, and the invisible splendor of God, opening his soul to the thoughts which fall from the Unknown. In such moments, offering up his heart at the hour when the flowers of night inhale their perfume, lighted like a lamp in the center of the starry night, expanding his soul in ecstasy in the midst of the universal radiance of creation, he could not himself perhaps have told what was passing in his own mind; he felt something depart from him, and something descend upon him, mysterious interchanges of the depths of the soul with the depths of the universe.”  – Victor Hugo

The djed at 23.5 degrees tilt, just like the tilt of the Earth.

“The djed pillar was an important part of the ceremony called ‘raising the djed,’ which was a part of the celebrations of Heb Sed, the Egyptian pharaoh’s jubilee celebrations. The act of raising the djed has been explained as representing Osiris’s triumph over Set.”  -wikipedia

The djed is a representation of the spine of Osiris. It is symbolic of the Earth’s tilt and the cycles of time.


In the comments on Merovee, 33 and 44 come up a lot. 33 seems to represent the limit of human life in the third dimension. 44 seems to represent the meridian, or the metaphysical spirit.

Osiris is the most important Egyptian god and he is symbolized in many ways and one of them is grain. He is often depicted as green, and is symbolic of rebirth.

Amber waves of grain.


Amber Waves in Boogie Nights.

Julienne Moore

The Osiris myth involves Isis putting Osiris back together and forming a new cock with magic.


Above, Isis in bird form (symbolic of the spirit) copulating with Osiris. She is raising the djed! Cock a doodle doo! Rise and shine.

Isis created the phallus, because she is a MEasure for all things that manifest in the universe. SINce there obviously needs to be a masculine ray of light to penetrate the chaos and give form, she magically made 1.

Designed for creation and PLEASURE.

masonic A
The G-spot.

If we live in a holographic reality, then our DNA is a program. Our eyes and ears can see and hear within a certain spectrum. Except that they can really perceive more. Its hard to explain, but believe me, we’ve made “contact”.


This world is becoming more unreal by the day and we are starting to “see” things as they are: places in the mind. And we are becoming.  We are listening to our spirit.

André Pillay

Trying to figure out exactly how and what happened (after making contact), I was inspired by SIPS to find an “a-HA!” by looking at locations on google earth, of where I live and where Frank lives. The mirrors within our lives are insane and I was hoping to find clues. Everything is a message and making contact was the beginning of something beautiful, and I want to keep it going until we get there!

I drew a line from me to Frank. He lives on the Prime Meridian outside of London on the 51 parallel N. 51 N  He lives in SIN ;), or you could say he lives in 51ºN, SION, ZION (having a-HA! moment)

I sent him a package not long after we first made contact. It contained a prism, a book called Earth Magic, and a spool of twine. I told him that in my mind, I held on to the end of it, and as the package was shipped to him, the twine would go over the ocean and we would be connected. I said we would wrap the Earth in love.

us to uk

A couple of years ago I was fascinated with Jim Alison’s website about the Great Circle, which is about ancient structures aligned on the Earth that suggests the equator used to be in a different place. A great circle is, by definition, an equator. It divides a sphere in two equal parts.

After drawing a line from me to Frank, I played around with different locations, extending the line to see if we lined up with anything interesting….








I used an online antipode tool  (“tunnel-digging”) to find the coordinates that are the exact opposite of my location. The line that I drew around the Earth was within feet of the antipode coordinate. I am not an expert by any means, but I think that is pretty good. The Earth isn’t perfectly round. If the sunSET is the measurement that is agreed upon, 33 x 3, then the closest you ever get is 99 percent! And the Earth isn’t perfectly round, so that makes sense.

We created a new EQUATE HER.


equate her

A pole shift. Equate her.

make shift

Its SIRIUS. Its time for a new measure.


Calling ALL four corners of the Earth

The Craft calling the corners



the line of EQUALITY goes through everyone. Our entwined love goes through

Blackwater Falls the river is named for its tannic acid-darkened water.

Albany, New York   Albany is one of the oldest surviving European settlements from the original thirteen colonies and the longest continuously chartered city in the United States. The Hudson River area was originally inhabited by Algonquian-speaking Mohican (Mahican), who called it Pempotowwuthut-Muhhcanneuw, meaning “the fireplace of the Mohican nation.” Based to the west along the Mohawk River, the Iroquoian-speaking Mohawk referred to it as Sche-negh-ta-da, or “through the pine woods”

pineal albany

And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.  Genesis 32:30

the wolf
Don’t be afraid. Become the wolf.

It goes through NEW FOUND LAND, then across Atlantis.

It goes through the UK, SION,



nun better

som opening
I see a Holy Mountain. And twin peaks. And the virgin Maria.

Zagreb, Croatia

Sofia, Bulgaria

The Sea of Marmara

pull baby from sea
from the Sea of Mamma

MerSIN in Turkey

Cyprus (the birthplace of Aphrodite)



the Cathedral of St. Paul in Lebanon


the Syrian desert

Sirius is my home.

it is very close to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

and it goes through Yemen

Yemen southwestern region of Arabia, from Arabic Yemen, literally “the country of the south,” from yaman “right side” (i.e., south side, if one is facing east). The right side regarded as auspicious, hence Arabic yamana “he was happy,” literally “he went to the right,” and hence the Latin name for the region in Roman times, Arabia Felix, lit, “Happy Arabia.” Related: Yemeni.

Are you happy?


and Oman.

Its all about the “O”. Isis made sure of it.



Comet Lovejoy is under the influence.


The stars, planets, comets, and everything else is screaming at us to wake the “fuck” up, and become who we are.

I wish you the strength of the Sun and the Moon, the love of Venus and the energy of the Lion King.


Knowledge of the Magician


The wisdom of the High Priestess

high priestess

The syncronicity of the wheel


And loving energy from Sirius, that tells you who you are


My favorite card, the fool. Its the best thing you can be.


I know nothing, except everything






11 thoughts on “Raising the DJED”

  1. MJ,

    We watch a saved episode of ‘Pointless’ the other evening. We’re not up-to-date on episodes, we have a backlog, hear. On it, there was a round of ‘children’s jokes’ – contestants had to give the pun-chline…

    What do you call a fly with no wings?
    A walk…

    Later that same evening I mused to my friend Legs on Twitter: What if Doctor Who travelled back in time and accidently got encoded into our DNA. Perhaps he’s scattered throughout all of us. He sends messages to himself and others. Maybe that’s why seeing messages… maybe we are messages..?

    Legs jocular reply was “He went back and shagged a dinosaur? I don’t think the BBC will show that episode”

    They didn’t but they did showed what happened immediately before and then immediately after… The last regeneration… raising the dead 😉

    Lands next to the River, sometimes called Isis…

    And then Kit Kat showed me this clip the following day…

    NB: The NHS is not free. It’s free at the point of delivery but in no way, shape or form can it considered as ‘free’. I know because I’m made to pay for it by whatever shade of government gets elected in…

    Clicky, that’s quite enough for now; you’re hogging the comet *rolls eyes*

    1. Roob, that pic of “Issac walks” on a sign that says Reigate Mirror, that is mirrored in the reflection 🙂

      The word sandwich in the window.
      On the LOL I said you are a sister sync witch. Or maybe syncwitch, like sandwich, or should it be sandwitch.

      Danny and Sandy at the beach.

      S DNA witch. Let’s play with magic!

  2. Roob
    I don’t understand why cymatics isn’t used in healthcare. Well, yes I do, because that would mean healthcare isn’t needed. But the topic is never discussed in mass media. Science is their greatest shield, saying “this proves this” and “that proves that”, but frequency and vibration is science! And there IS a key to healing: raise the vibration. How much money is spent on cancer research?! Changing cancer cells to normal would imply a frequency change, which would be a shift. It would kill the entire industry.
    And clicky knows all about sonic communication!
    Click click click!

    1. This buddy of mine on Facebook creates videos on his filming of the stars with his telescope…I can’t figure out how to copy those videos, but a friend of mine who does flat earth research used alot of his in a video she made. .. talk about cymatics… the stars aren’t suns they are some type of sonoluminescence in the firmament (waters).

      We are more surrounded and effected by sound than we think. .. our bodies are nearly all water as well. This was written about in the 440 enigma on the changing of the universal tuning frequency .

      Enjoy. Just love your blog.

  3. So much in this article that resonates, as usual. Check the line and see if it goes straight through the town of Carbonear in New Foundland. That is a highly significant town.

    1. Carbonear is a bit more south than my line. But looks like a beautiful place!
      I meant to add in the post that my line is only one degree away from New Orleans and its about one degree from Mexico City and goes through the Sierra Madre mountains. The “mother’ mountain range 🙂

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