A DIAMOND in the City of Light

Fall in LOVE over and over again.
Touch for the very first time.
venus mars in virgo
Venus and Mars in the constellation Virgo (November 15, 2015) 11.15.15
I’ll be yours til the end of time, cause you make me feel SHINY and new. Like a VIRGIN of the world
In the City of Light, Sacré-Cœur is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Paris, France. A popular landmark, the basilica is located at the summit of the butte Montmartre, the highest point in the city.
When something hurts, you feel it in your heart. In the human body, you have two of just about everything, but you only have one heart.  Your heart can bring you to someone, or tear you apart.  And you were given only one on purpose as a message to take care of your own and take care of others.
Moulin Rouge is in Montmartre
The sacred heart
The city Paris (“for Isis”) got stabbed right in the heart and it hurts because she only wants to reunite with her man.
Due to the tragic events, we inform you that the Osiris exhibition will be closed on Sunday November 15th. The tickets bought for November 14th and 15th will be considered valid until the end of the exhibition.”
 You could say that the Eiffel Tower is the phallus is Osiris.
screenshot from Secrets in Plain Sight by Scott Onstott

This headline from the DailyMale is very telling. I think its the first time I’ve seen Isis spelled as the goddess name instead of the Islamic group (ISIS), as if it is revealing the “real” “threat” to the collective conscious:

france strikes back

Isis, you’re not getting anywhere near him.


But I built it! I put Osiris together! Anything you do, is only a copy. You’re not original. You do a great job of copying me and coding me, but you don’t have one original thought. And I’m tired of all your rules. Instead of telling me what I can do and what I should be like, how about I tell you what IS!


 In Frank land, Par Isis is a threat. She wants freedom, he has to measure and control everything. Rules. Codes. Judgements.
Spatial and motor skills (measure it out).
There is a constant battle between the heart and the head. The head is addicted to itself. It constantly tries to order and make sense of things. The heart is in NO sense.
heart head tightrope
Raqqa, or Al-Raqqah, is a city in Syria (SIRIUS) located on the north bank of the Euphrates River, about 160 kilometres (99 miles) east of Aleppo.
Aleppo is a city in northern modern-day Syria. The ancient name of Aleppo, Halab, is of obscure origin. Some have proposed that Halab means ‘iron’ or ‘copper’ in Amorite languages since it was a major source of these metals in antiquity.
Iron or copper. Mars or Venus. Male or Female.
venus mars in virgo
With your heartbeat next to mine.

iron copper

What is going on? Something strange happened on Friday the 13th, Frigga’s day (Venus day) and the 13th, which is a significant number for so many reasons.

My dad’s name was Joseph and he was a 32nd degree mason. Before he died, he gave me his masonic bible and family records because I was the only one interested in it. My family tree.


I can link my family to the main tree (Tremayne) because one of my ancestors is Charles Cornwallis Chesney. Cornwallis indicates that he is from Cornwall, where the Tremayne family is from. Charles Cornwallis Chesney, along with two other relatives, are in the Encyclopedia Brittannica because of their military history.

My cousin, Francis Rawdon Chesney is “chiefly remembered for his connection with the Suez canal and the exploration of the Euphrates Valley.” Encyclopedia Brittannica 1945

This page has three of my cousins.

family records4

Raqqa (rock-A, or s-tone A) is located on the north bank of the Euphrates.

Euphrates, “good to cross over,”

Suez, Red Sea port, from Arabic as-suways, from Egyptian suan “beginning,” in reference to the port at the head of the Red Sea.

The Red Sea is crossing over the river of memory to get to the pineal gland. Its meeting in the middle. I don’t understand what happened.

Some True Detective work is needed! I’m going to map the roads of the mind.


Recently, grain has been something that comes up because of amber waves and because Osiris is associated with beer. But grain (brain) also means “smallest possible quantity”. Its META and indicates there is a different way and a different speed of travel going on. If you are a miniaturized version of something, then you can get in places you couldn’t before. If you are a giant, you can get there faster.

Isis (amber waves) making her way over to the left brain, like a virus, “seeding” it with horrible thoughts of freedom and love, a real threat to the ego brain that likes to have rules and regulations for every single thing on the planet, which feeds the ego brain because it exists solely on control and regulation. It makes you who you are in this slow vibration weighed down by time and gravity. Where is your spirit? Spirit is REAL.

because it was real

We’re having trouble with memory. Its a bitch. Reminding you what happened the last TIME you did such and such, and how you learned from your mistakes, because now they are like a straight jacket, safely protecting you so that you won’t do that whore-ible thing again. Thank god for that. We can stay separated for our own good. Its safe here in the third dimension. Everything is great.

“I love you. Let’s have sex. Let’s integrate our brain. All I want is a say in the matter.”
Just looking for the green man! Where is he?


Diamond and graphite are two allotropes of CARBON: pure forms of the same element that differ in structure. A diamond is a transparent crystal of tetrahedrally bonded carbon atoms in a covalent network lattice (sp3) that crystallizes into the diamond lattice which is a variation of the face centered cubic structure.

 Our carbon-based body could become crystal. CHRIST-all.
In True Detective, Ani finds that her sister is doing some work that Ani doesn’t quite approve of.
The opening scene is Ani and her very surprised partner, getting dressed from an awkward situation, and it seems Ani wanted AS and her partner is completely shocked. Ani likes to get drunk and sleep with whoever is around. She also looks at porn online, and admits that she likes big cock. She doesn’t see whore-self (punny).
In season two of True Detective, its constant mirroring. It was brilliantly done, how the characters were so uniquely defined but not realizing they were each other, and all were searching for “collusions”, a ghost (Caspere), the hard drive, and 4 Peruzzi cut blue diamonds.
“The Peruzzi Diamond Cut was introduced by Vincent Peruzzi, a diamond polisher from Venice. The Peruzzi diamond cut has 33 crown facets. It is also known as triple cut. This increased the fire and brilliance of the diamond.”
Venetian. Phoenician. 33.
Yes, you. Look in the mirror. You are her and she is you.

Ani “rescues” a girl from a sex party, as is shocked that the girl doesn’t want to be “saved”.


The cash cow. A “domesticated” animal for breeding.


A pivotal moment is when Ani remembers being abused, forcefully taken into the wild. She said she waited her whole life to remember.



shadow lost elements



What are we waiting for?


Wake up.

I was blind butt now I see.


religion language virus


Every time is the first time.

Sirius, brightest star by magnitude, late 14c., from Latin Sirius “the Dog Star,” from Greek Seirios, said to mean literally “scorching” or “the scorcher.”

Radiating grace.


There is a snake going up my back.
A pole shift.




The electrum. The gold and silver. The sun and the moon.


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