playing god

Charlie wanted to bring home a pet from school to take care of over Thanksgiving weakened. We got the frog.

It has a shallow pool on one side of the terrarium, a heat lamp on the other side, and the frog hangs out in the middle of the two, in a plant. The top is a screen. The instructions are to “spray water once a day” (in other words, make it rain), and put two to three live crickets in every other day. So I have a container with live crickets too.

The main goal is to return the frog alive.

But that contradicts what I feel. I want to set the frog free outside, and the crickets, too. I’m playing god when I make it rain and when I transfer a cricket from the cricket bucket to the terrarium.

On one side is the heat lamp (the sun) and on the other is the shallow water (the moon). The frog stays in the middle. The frog knows more than most of humanity.

The crickets, they are at my mercy and I’m going to let them all out now. I’m setting them free and I’m going to set the frog free, too.

What do I tell my son? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Charlie: Where is the frog?!

Me: I let it go outside.

Charlie: WHY?!

me: because it was in prison.  I believe in freedom.

(crying because of freedom) What do you want?


There is a hotel in Atlanta called the Marriott Marquis. I was initiated in Atlanta at a HIGH-AT, at 33 degrees in Atlantis, with the sun and the moon.

The Hyatt, I believe, is a reference to the dew that fell on men who took charge of the energy. 33 degrees is a reference to the limit that keeps things in tact in this reality.

In other words, break through 33, get out of prison.

I keep having this image of the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta. It looks like the inside bone structure, and 33 vertebrae is coming to mind.

Marriott Marquis Atlanta

If “singing in the temple” will break the constant STRUCTURE, does that mean every cell (room) should have sex on fire and cause evolution to occur so that we all have freedom?

Why Atlanta?

Atlantis, the 33rd parallel. Break through it.

Interesting that parts of Hunger Games was filmed here, as they were in the “Capitol”.

Just a thought. What do I know? Nothing.

me a joker

I know nothing.



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