SEX/SEX/two-thousand SEX

A celebration of the opening of the got-hard portal.


GOAT. (Greatest Of All TIME).





Is the devil a fox? a dark horse? or a goat? or maybe a PIg? A 3.14 GIGaBITE.

If those beasts are devilish, then which are angelic? a DOG? dog/god?


stars in my eyes.

The sun represents our ego structure and consciousness. The sun is feeling some action going on here on Earth. Venus and Mars are having fuck fest like there is no tomorrow, because there is no tomorrow. There is only now. Isis and Osiris are writing the rest of the story, which goes like this…





We have an office. We do lots of dirty work.

The dress code is very strict: the less, the better.


It’s beyond words.

If we can feel each other’s sexual ecstasy, then we should all have more sex. That is coming from the whore of Babylon. The virgin Mary is Mary Magdalene the whore. Good is bad and bad is good. The all is the all.

I have to get back to my work…


2 thoughts on “SEX/SEX/two-thousand SEX”

  1. Wow, the tunnel video was very interesting. Is there somewhere where they describe what is going on? What I see is the miners/minors are dressed in their orange jumpsuits/ criminals and are Satan’s Army doing the work which makes it all happen. They die? and turn into zombies? Not sure what the rest was about.

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