This S’ain’t real

Holy Cow.


The pope just sainted Mother Teresa.

mother teresa declared a saint

Just pointing out more “wheel” woman theme. The cauldron at the Rio olympics, the Catherine wheel, cartwheel, goddess of the grain, and any other recent reference to the lady of the wheel, the matrix, mothership, etc.

wheel of fortuna

The earthquake in Norcia has significance with this theme, as the name “Norcia” comes  from the Estruscan goddess Nursia, who was the equivalent of the goddess Fortuna. As in wheel of…

computer programmer

fortuna chance

Teresa means…

TeresaTheresa, and Tressa (French: Thérèse) are feminine given names. The name may be derived from the Greek verb θερίζω (therízō), meaning to harvest.

goddess of harvest
Harvest and wheel. One exposed breast to symbolize fertility.


goddess crop circle1


The wikipedia page for Teresa says it means “to harvest”, but on the side it gives additional information:

teresa diana

Now we are getting somewhere! Teresa is also a name for “huntress”, and is clearly linked to Diana, the moon goddess.

lunar goddess diana

The polar energies of the universe (male and female), are expressed in specific ways as we spin around in cycles with various heavenly bodies having influence. For example, Sirius, the star of Isis, has the energy of liberation and freedom. Venus, love and beauty and material wealth. Ever since I was awakened to these energies, I always thought the Moon was beautiful, but there is a feeling that it is trapped feminine energy. I suppose it feels that way because of the cyclic energy and influence of the Moon, and therefore under the constraints of time. This tarot card is one of my favorites because it demonstrates this very attribute:

the moon hecate

Also known as Hecate, the triple goddess. The maiden, the mother, and the crone, indicating phases and time.  I googled “maiden, mother, crone” in images and chose the first few that popped up. Do you see a pattern here?






The RED woman.

Mother of Harlots


Wearing red. Seeing red.


Here, have some milk, honey.


SNL isn’t really funny anymore, but Fred Armisen left the show. This skit (IMO) is hilarious and very telling.

Andy and Zac. A to Z. All things manifest through vibration (sound). It’s ALL in ONE.


The wheel.


rio cauldron

All things born through the Silver Gate of Isis, through the horns of the Bull.


isis horns

Torus, as in Taurus.






Back to Teresa…

I don’t know much about her and I am writing this from a purely symbolic point of view. The triple goddess. The maiden, mother and crone. The Abrahamic religions put a system in place that traps feminine energy, especially the mother. The mother has children and spends years raising them, and after that is done, she is probably taking care of her mother or mother-in-law (the crone). The children part is a joy, even if it is difficult at times, but the taking care of the mom and mom-in-law part…I just can’t see myself having my child having to worry about taking care of me. I can’t see myself as the crone.

The MOTHER is saying “no” to end this cycle. Zion is the land of milk and honey. Can we go there? It’s about freedom.

If you look at the images of Teresa, (regardless of what she did or didn’t do), because images have a big effect on the subconscious mind, then who do you see?


The crone is a figure in folklore, an old woman. In some stories, she is disagreeable, malicious, or sinister in manner, often with magical or supernatural associations that can make her either helpful or obstructing. The Crone is also an archetypal figure, a Wise Woman. As a character type, the crone shares characteristics with the hag.

Sacrifice has to do with perpetuating the cycle and time.

mother teresa sacrifice

The god of Abrahamic religions likes one kind of woman, the virgin. How sick is that? Really. Think about that. That is why the great revelation is when we collectively wake up to our feminine (creative, the mother) side of our brain. ThIS IS about freedom for everyone. Every single person.

everything you want

Papa pope isn’t going to reward anyone for doing what they want and having the courage to say that it is time for humanity to evolve and that means we go beyond the narrow scope of his stringent rules.

I tell you who I am

As a matter of fact, you have to die to be a saint.

Canonization is the act by which the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, or Anglican Church declares that a person who has died was a saint, upon which declaration the person is included in the canon, or list, of recognized saints.

bitch please

mother teresa faithful not successful


you dont have permission to talk to me

Time and money. Money and time. You shouldn’t have to be a slave to money and time.

what I like


isis breastfeeding horus




This is happening. We keep what we want and get rid of what we don’t.

wheel of change




3 thoughts on “This S’ain’t real”

  1. Hiya MJ, I’m glad you’re writing posts again 😀

    I saw the cartoon for The Times this morning:

    Penned by a EUphile, so no mention of the Murky Angel needing a miracle or two herself 😉

    ‘Merkel came in third place, to the anti-immigration, eurosceptic AfD party in her own home state in statewide elections.’

    ‘Irony of the Day

    ‘Peter Tauber, CDU general secretary, blamed the “bitter” result on widespread public “discontent and protest” at Ms Merkel’s refugee policy. A CDU official said the party would examine the result and hit back at the AfD’s “simple, stupid slogans”.

    ‘Simple Stupid Slogans

    ‘To find “simple stupid slogans” one need look no further that Merkel’s open arms welcome of refugees accompanied by her often repeated phrase “We can do this”.

    ‘“Simple, stupid slogans” indeed.’

    And I’ve just listened to a ‘nurse’ speaking at the bottom of DP’s post. What a cunt.

    1. Roobeedoobee, I think I have a worthy shamble comet.


      …and AIR cannot be contained!

      This is where the sync symbolism is very telling. The conscisous and subconscious mind is an iceberg in the water. The ebb and flow is feeding information and emitting information (EMIT TIME), and the water going back and forth on the iceberg is actually everywhere, not just at a 3D location.
      All of the water on the earth is all the water that has ever been. It rains. Rain goes in the ground. Rain flows to the river. The river flows to the ocean. The ocean gets currents that are gravitationally pulled by the Sun and the Moon. The water vaporizes in turbulent storms. The vapor is in the air. The water (vapor) in the air (clouds), travel above land. Then it rains, etc., etc.
      The cycle happens over and over and over.
      And although it happens over and over, the water is still the same water that has ever been.

      There is new information coming…because we need an upgrade. Don’t worry, this isn’t weird and ominous, it is just information that has been SUBMERGED in the iceberg, but the weather is hot hot hot, and melting ICE. The information has always been there.

      submerged, and therefore subconscious
      merged, and therefore conscious

      the left is the iceberg, the right is merged or melted
      (merge, melted…the MEM, or memory) all memory accessed.

      It is happening, but there is a reaction to deny it, and it looks ridiculous. For example, I am always perplexed when there is a fuss over breastfeeding.

      It’s that simple, right? I mean, really.

      The same goes for smoking. (Personally, I don’t smoke cigarettes because I have allergies and smoking amplifies my allergies), but I used to be a “social smoker” and I enjoyed it until I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. Here’s the thing: I wish I could still smoke.
      If second-hand smoke ever bothered me, I would get up and change my location. I wouldn’t get upset, or think there should be an all-out ban on smoking. For fuck’s sake…how backwards is it that society wants to “ban” or make a fuss over things that could easily be avoided if you don’t like it?!
      I kind of like the smell of cigarette smoke. If I had my son with me and there was a heavily smoke-filled environment, I would simply move a few feet over. Not a big deal! I’m still not convinced that second-hand smoke would even harm him, anyway.
      (think about the children!)
      or not.
      Getting to the vapor…
      You can’t smell anything when someone is vaping. You can immediately smell a cigarette. The point is: no one would ever suffer any harm whatsoever from vaping, because they wouldn’t be aware it was happening, unless they notice smoke, which takes longer, so actually vaping is in a way, cheating time. If you don’t know something is harming you, THEN IT IS NOT HARMING YOU.
      Conclusion: smoking and breastfeeding should be combined and celebrated.


  2. Roobeedoo!

    So wonderful to have a comet from you!

    Have a seat, get comfy, and light up…smoking is always allowed here.

    THIS is cracking me up…

    Matt Davies
    Spot on Dick. It’s time we fronted these fascist bastards up.

    Screaming Banshee
    I hope you don’t mind, but I have linked to your blog post


    Dick Puddlecote
    No probs, Banshee. Spread it wide and loud.

    I was thinking that a letter to the BMA might be in order.

    Fucking bitch I hope she dies a painful death

    What bloody evil bitch she really is! I wonder how many anti tobacco fuckwads agree with this lower species of womanhood!!!

    I’d happily punch the cow in the face.

    English_Woman TheBigYin
    I’ll help. I hate bitches!

    Yep. That’s awesome. I hate bitches, except for the good kind.

    Ok, more in a bit after I think what to comet…something about AnGELLA Mercola and her hand sign. She likes repetition. Somebody ought to punch that cow in the face!


    and maybe not so saintly


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