10 thoughts on “GORILLA”

  1. You are all over my head.

    All I can add is Harambe. The gorilla that was Xilled at the Ysininatti Zoo. He was named after the song by MAR-ley, wife of B.O.B. Harambe means “working together for freedom.” The boy Harambe was killed for is named Issiah (ah, isis….).

    Then there’s the gorilla that takes of the Empire state in King Kong.

    Hi MJ. I miss you.


    1. Anonymouse!
      What a pleasure it is to have you comet on A, B&C!
      I miss you, too, Anon. What an awesome contradiction that someone who is anonymous stands out as a unique personality. How are you? What are you up to these days? I’m sure you have lots of great stories about interesting encounters. Of course, watt is so punny is that these people have no idea that they are subject to being de-coded by a master de-coder! Hillarity. Speaking of, this is Hillarity.

      black is white and white is black.
      Of course, Michelle said it first. But what is interesting is that I just don’t think the speech was purposefully stolen. It was pure quantum, time warp, weirdness that is part of a bigger unveiling.

      Anon, so happy to hear from you!

  2. Circa the same era, a band I saw at the club where I used to listen to JT after all the partiers had gone home…The Prince George in Kingston Ont
    echoes of the past

      1. Did someone mention the Cure….to being lost in a Forest hearing echoes….voices….

        Come closer and see
        See into the trees
        Find the girl
        If you can
        Come closer and see
        See into the dark
        Just follow your eyes
        Just follow your eyes

        I hear her voice
        Calling my name
        The sound is deep
        In the dark
        I hear her voice
        And start to run
        Into the trees
        Into the trees

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