The Moon-key Trial PART 2

The longest duration. Whether you think it’s a BIG BANG, or fractals that spiral from the first illumination on the primordial waters, the MegaLove from that moment endures.


1:21, or 1:1


The Scopes Monkey Trial

scope – from Latin scopus, from Greek skopos “aim, target, object of attention; watcher, one who watches” from metathesized form of PIE *spek-yo-, suffixed form of root *spek- “to observe.” Sense of “distance the mind can reach, extent of view” first recorded c. 1600.



According to Witten, M should stand for “magic”, “mystery”, or “membrane” according to taste, and the true meaning of the title should be decided when a more fundamental formulation of the theory is known.  -wikipedia

Go across the amygdala.


almond-shaped… almond is like a seed. The S-tone house has expressed concern about something going nuclear. It’s not going to be this:


nucleus (n.)  1704, “kernel of a nut,” 1708, “head of a comet,” from Latin nucleus “kernel,” from nucula “little nut,” diminutive of nux (genitive nucis) “nut,” from PIE *kneu- “nut” (source also of Middle Irish cnu, Welsh cneuen, Middle Breton knoen “nut,” Old Norse hnot, Old English hnutu “nut”). General sense of “central part or thing, about which others cluster” is from 1762. Use in reference to cells first recorded 1831. Modern atomic meaning is 1912, first by Ernest Rutherford, though theoretical use for “central point of an atom” is from 1844, in Faraday.


The potential (potent, masculine energy), is all within a seed that grows from the earth with the power of fire (the sun) and water (the moon).


House of S-tone, please read this.

There is no battle of the sexes. We are all both male and female.

absurd nature


Going nucleus is like this…

Are you a builder of your own reality? Or, do you think there is some higher creator outside of yourself? “…central part, which others cluster…”.

That sounds like a POLE!

What do you think “desolation in the temple” is?


Impossible to understand without brain expanding to experience higher dimensions, and that would include understanding at an atomic level (or at it’s very most microcosmic), which the subconscious dream renders as “nuclear” (in the nucleus).  There will be no horrible nuclear apocalypse. If you believe Sandy Hook happened, or Aurora, or 9/11, then perhaps you might believe something like that, but you get my point?…

This is interesting: J.K. Rowling…

“Bloomsbury was smart enough to publish Harry Potter, but in retrospect seems pretty stupid about the way it handled the book. In addition to assuming that the book would not sell well, the editorial team advised Rowling that she should not publish under her real name, Joanne Rowling, because boys would not read a book written by a woman. That sexist assumption certainly did not give much credit to boys, and took it for granted that girls would read a book written by men. Rowling, eager for success, agreed to write under the name J.K. Rowling. The J was her first initial. But Rowling does not have a middle name, so she used K as a tribute to her grandmother Kathleen. 

Of course, once the book became a hit everyone knew Rowling was a woman, and nobody cared. As ridiculous as the publisher’s idea was, Rowling seems to have taken it to heart since she chose a male pseudonym when she embarked on her mystery writing career.”

Did you see the name of the author of that article?


Anyway, here is a beautiful sky at a music festival in TennSeas. We went to see Mother’s Finest and George Thorogood.


Have you noticed that solar eclipse glasses…




…look a lot like something else?




8 thoughts on “The Moon-key Trial PART 2”

  1. We’re synching MJ. Nemesis is frustrated over at Merovee and has left and I am trying to stop my prattle upon request but this morning I rethought about the term “access to the nuclear codes” as well as the idea that the ether and all our etheric bodies within it may not be under our control yet. Maybe some madman in a laboratory coat somewhere tweaks (tweets) that part of us at will. I am so tired of the subjects but the sineator who was shot on the diamond is an SS. See St Eve Cali? The shooter was from *Belle* house near in diana in Illinois. illi sion
    i2i sion. Eye to eye illusion. I feel often *we* are like squirrels passing around and storing the scraps we find but not getting down to the roots. Probably because the internet too has its limits. Anyhow…back to Illinois (and sin and oil too)…the map of the state in US immediately brought to mind the map of SS in a free ka, before the country was split (us in a dna illusion) like um the Adam. Have a look. The whole state of Ill and the whole borders of sudan pre2011. Not that it means anything. Just an observation and some prattle.

    1. E clips
      Ether clips
      Etheric snippets (scraps fed to squirrels)
      e LISP

      The moon keys to the nuclear codes (ie US)

  2. prattle mouse,

    You are hilarious! I love your coded comet! If you haven’t already, please go back and read your comment. It reads like a note found in a spy novel or something.
    …Mr. Q is wondering (as he clenches his fore- finger and thumb on the fidget spinner)… *soft humm of the fidget spinner in his ear, as he ponders the mystery of Nemesis and the frustration of nuclear codes, and whether it has to do with St. Eve Cali in a white lab coat…*
    …or, could Eve spin on a better place than thumb?

    the plot thickens! (THik-n’s), or however you do your hilarious lisp. Thick’ns.

    Think about this funny name with a lisp. Mr. Dick Thickins.

    Siriusly, brilliant point about “the moon keys to the nuclear codes” definitely are within US!
    Yes! the US DNA, in SUDAN.

    Anony Prattle Mouse, have you ever thought of SUDAN and SEDAN and A free KA?

    sedan (n.)
    1630s, “covered chair on poles,” possibly from a southern Italian dialect derivative of Italian sede “chair” (compare Italian seggietta, 1590s; the thing itself was said to have been introduced from Naples), from Latin sedes, related to sedere “to sit,” from PIE root *sed- (1) “to sit.” Since Johnson’s conjecture, often derived from the town of Sedan in France, where it was said to have been made or first used, but historical evidence for this is lacking.

    A litter. Don’t litter.
    Very interesting.

    Anony, always a pleasure. I never knew the word “prattle”.

    1. Lol, MJ, my how I have missed you. I learned about prattle and tripe on MV. It makes me laugh because Ive sudannely realized that is exactly what I -and maybe we all?- do. Grasp at snippets flying in the ether Net and string them together with or without a mind toward foregone conclusions. Are we just spyders, MJ?

      I am past my quota for today on MV but I cant sleep, so I will bark this here: the dude brought back to Us in a coma sunk into one after PUNishment for “hard labor” in the Kore. His name is essentially “auto” as in kar (sedan) or as in autoMa’at tick. The core chucked him out with bot-tulism. The prospect of 15 years of hard labor might turn anyone into a ro bot, huh? That or we fake a deeeeeeeep sleep to a void it! Anyhoo, the whole probe being done currently in US involves russian internet bots that are said to have thrown the erection.
      Corbyn (core …) of Labor and Auto Warm beer back from the Kore after force -d labor.

      Sadly my tripe is ottomatic – a ma’at trick- and after my most recent relapse with the rolling rock, I really vomited it out.
      “or, could hE’ve spin on a better place than thumb?”

      Love it!

  3. MJ,

    Just occurred to me that I could have said “I think the cosmic code is us” rather than written an essay about it.




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