Here, There, Everywhere

Hi. I just want to share some pics of what I see, where I am. Anyway, where are we?

Here are the first ones. These are pics of the sky here in the southeast. These are taken with my iPhone. They are unedited. These are pictures of a sunset a few weeks ago. I like to call it “nuclear sunset”.




Here is a picture of the sky from my house on a nice, low-humidity day. All of the pictures in this blog post are taken with my iPhone and are unedited. Like the nuclear sunset pics, this one is both beautiful, yet has an unrealness about it, also.


Here is a picture of the skyline at night, from my house.


This is a picture of my cat, Fizzy. Also known as Fizzio del Gato Domingues Catstillo.

Cat so regal.

This is a picture of my cat, Zeus. He is a royal cousin of Fizzy. Zeus is also known as Kat Zeus al Kat Allah Kat Khemet.

Kat Prince Kat Zeus

This is a sculpture outside an art museum here in CHA.




This is one of many portal sculptures in my city. This one is in St. Elmo, which is at the foot of Lookout Mountain.





Here is a picture of a fly on my windshield.


Here is a picture of the view from Lookout Mountain, and this is the view of the Georgia side (the other side being Tennessee). We went up here to see some stars. Whatever this little town is (possibly Trenton, GA?) looks sort of like a computer chip.


Here is a picture of same view with my flash turned on.



And I’ll finish this post with a picture of a painting from one of my favorite local restaurants.


There will be part 2 and 3 and possibly more. Just wanting to share…because, where are we?






9 thoughts on “Here, There, Everywhere”

  1. Great pics.

    The surreal nature of the skies is the same here and sometimes very beautiful.

    Another thing I saw which surprised me was one night as the light was fading was seeing two planes cross each other. The chemtrails as the evening sun shone on them were beautiful.

  2. The sun hasn’t gone back to yellow yet 🙂 .

    Jenny has sent me a mass of pics over the last month or so with all sorts of weird patterns in the sky in Texas.

    And another thing I’ve noticed in the last week or so ago is an alteration in 2D/3D perspective. There is one house close by which looks as if it has turned into a computer generated animation.

    I’m going to take a pic tomorrow but I think the problem with pics is that the cell phones are programmed to see it one way whilst our vision is changing so may not show it.

    1. Frank, I know exactly what you mean. Perspective. The earth is flat and round. Why do I keep saying that? Because what does it matter if it’s round if the only people that (supposedly) go into space are the only ones that can see it? It’s a fairy tale. The point is, is that everything is right here, right now.

      1. That’s another aspect I’m experiencing as well. Shifting between Now and linear time .

        Here is a link to the house. It doesn’t show the distortion as I would like but hopefully people will see it.

  3. Chattanooga is the strangest place. I still think of it as a 3D game that the developers forgot to populate with believeable A.I. characters. Your pics remind me of this one I took in the museum. A weird landscape seen through smoked glass, which didn’t seem to know if it was supposed to be 2D or 3D or what. Behind and above were rooms full of pictures and statues of (and by) people who all seemed to have names like Mary, Victoria, Johnston, Frank, etc. Utterly surreal.

    1. Hi Hugo! Good to hear from you. Do the clouds look like that where you are? It’s like they’re just sitting there on an invisible surface… maybe they are! And I guess that’s what you’re saying, is that the clouds look like the one in my pic above.
      H, I’m going to put more pics because they are so surreal. What should I do next? Rainbows? or spirits?

  4. Hello and I really like the pictures and I think those are pictures of really different place and I was not being in any place of world place that is like place where I am right now and I think possibly other places of world place are looking really different from the way they were looking before and possibly not and I don’t know because I wasn’t going to any other places except for Naples place of Florida place of America country place and Chicago place of Illinois place of America country place and when I went to those two other places they were sometimes seeming to be really different from when I was seeing those places before and possibly that is how it is right now in all place of world places and possibly people of those other places of world place are seeing those places seeming to be really different and anyway I like place where I am right now more than any I like any other place where I was before and I really love place where I am right now and OK that is my comment.

    M person

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