delta (n.) Look up delta at Dictionary.comc. 1200, Greek letter shaped like a triangle, equivalent to our “D,” the name from Phoenician daleth “tent door.” Herodotus used it of the mouth of the Nile, and it was so used in English from 1550s; applied to other river mouths from 1790.

Tent door…are we inside or outside the tent? Either way, we aren’t seeing everything that is either outside or inside, and it’s probably both. The “tent” is a box.




Sometimes, the inside is scary.



I kinda think you can’t escape unless you go inside. The outside world is a reflection of you. And you could say the mirror is when heaven meets earth.



River DELTAS are a place where time ends.

I was sitting at a lovely restaurant having lunch with M and a friend from New Orleans. They kept talking about a place called “Tremayne”. It turns out, Tremé sounds exactly like Tremayne. I knew about the place called Tremé (that sounds like Tremayne) before hearing their conversation, but at the time, I was thinking that a place in New Orleans called Tremayne completely made sense to me, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s Tremayne or Tremé, and it is the same thing.


recorded 6.18

Sister Jenny makes a point about ongoing rituals at DELTAS…

Why? Well, let’s go to the YouTube oracle and see what takes place at the mISsISsippi Delta in New Orleans… Watch. You won’t be disappointed.

Part deux coming up later today.


11 thoughts on “DELTA FOURCE”

  1. MJ

    Initial thoughts. I checked the opening theme tune. It’s called Treme by John Boutte.

    And rituals on selected points of the grid would seem to effect a few.

    1. Yes, I love the Tremé connection! ❤

      And this from Wiki…

      Joe's Cozy Corner in Tremé is often considered the birthplace of Rebirth Brass Band, one of the most notable current New Orleans bands.

  2. Hello Sestra!

    They used to say DELTA was an acronym for Don’t Ever Leave the Airport…but that’s changing and we’re finally going Home.

    And the Carl Jung quote reminds me of another Delta story:
    I love this scene in TD because Rust’s philosophy of pessimism turns to hope, where All is revealed to him…and Love is all there is. ❤

    "Once there was only dark. If you ask me, the light's winning."


    1. Jenny, True Detective was a portal. Both seasons. I was glued to the television when it came on because I wondered where it would take me.
      The blurring of “good” and “bad”. The good and bad were not always recognizable. How many times did a character accuse someone else of something, only to see it was an actual mirror.
      I think there is no way True Detective is any kind of regular show. Way too much magic.

    2. A few years ago, Roob pointed out the song from season 1, sung by The Handsome Family – Far From Any Road

      From the dusty mesa, her looming shadow grows
      Hidden in the branches of the poison creosote.

      She twines her spines up slowly towards the boiling sun,
      And when I touched her skin, my fingers ran with blood.

      In the hushing dusk, under a swollen silver moon,
      I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom.

      A strange hunger haunted me; the looming shadows danced.
      I fell down to the thorny brush and felt a trembling hand.

      When the last light warms the rocks and the rattlesnakes unfold,
      Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones.

      And rise with me forever across the silent sand,
      And the stars will be your eyes and the wind will be my hands.

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