There is something about this world place that is afraid of letting go. The information we get about what’s “out there and beyond” is a strictly monitored flow of information. It’s often paired with “building a better future”, or “think of the children”, etc.

NASA is actually telling the truth here…a spin of a tale. It’s a tall tale, indeed.

Thanks to Abraham, our world is dominated by religion that seeks to control one half of the population more than the other.


It’s all got to do with going beyond the boundary and fear. The Garden of Eden is free and wild.


“Free Spirit” is not what comes to mind when you think of Saudi Arabia. They take control of the currency to a new level with their ridiculous rules about women. It’s so nice of them to finally allow women to drive.


Obviously, not everybody in Saudi Arabia is happy about that and the sexist taunts started flying…

Earlier this month, a Saudi cleric was banned from preaching after saying that women should not be allowed to drive because their brains shrink to a quarter the size of a man’s when they go shopping. 

Of course, they still have to go around wearing tents and staying separate from men. Here’s this “indecent” woman who dares to walk unveiled. The nerve of her.


The Saudi news website Sabq reported that the religious police have written to other agencies calling for an investigation into the “indecently” dressed woman.

The woman’s actions prompted abusive backlash online. Since the incident the issue has been trending on Twitter under the hashtag “demand the trial of model Khulood”. 

The Saudi writer Ibrahim al-Munayif told his 41,000 Twitter followers that if everyone disregarded the law in this way there would be chaos.

“Just like we call on people to respect the laws of countries they travel to, people must also respect the laws of this country,” he wrote.

Saudi Arabia, this is for you



Here she is with her male guardian



It’s hard to avoid the ever-growing Flat Earth movement. It’s flat. It’s round. I’m thinking the point is, going beyond the boundary. Obviously, NASA is silly and every time they show an image of something, its CGI. There are all kinds of theories about why NASA keeps up the charade, and I think it is symbolic of the constant avoidance of people seeing each other as themselves. Paradoxically, “going out and beyond” is right here, right now. Break the barrier and see that everyone is a mirror and paradise happens. It’s all right here. Love is not somewhere in space. Heaven is a place on Earth.



This is a dream realm and dreams are a series of symbols. Dreams are wacky and hard to understand sometimes.








Littlestone-on-Sea is a small coastal village close to New Romney. It was established in the 1880s by Sir Robert Perks, as a resort for the gentry, at the point of the local lifeboat station. At low tide a World War II Mulberry Harbour Phoenix breakwater is visible and along the coast there is a P.L.U.T.O. or Pipe Line Under The Ocean, station, formerly used to carry petrol across to France during the D-Day landings.



Littlestone is the location of Mr Bedford’s landing in the sphere in H.G. Wells book The First Men in the Moon. Mr Bedford leaves the sphere on the beach and enters a hotel. A local boy called Thomas Simmons (the name of an old school friend of Wells) who witnessed Mr Bedford’s arrival later enters and takes off in the sphere and is never seen again!


Has anyone ever been to a star party at an observatory? Or, have you ever been to an observatory? They are usually at a university and they rarely schedule any public tours and when they do, it is all very controlled.

From the website of Griffith Observatory in LA

“Griffith Observatory does not permit the operation of private, unauthorized telescopes on its grounds, for either public or private use. The Observatory is responsible for the public safety of its visitors and for the accuracy of any information provided in an astronomical and public setting. Allowing deployment of private telescopes on the grounds implies endorsement of both the instruments and the operators, neither of which the Observatory is capable of verifying.”

So, they are protecting people from something they might see? And if something is seen, then Griffith Observatory will announce what it is that you are seeing. Typical bullshit rules and stuff.

This is from the Q/A page of The University of Texas McDonald Observatory

“Why don’t you show us live views from the research telescopes?

When an astronomer does research with a large telescope, the majority of the time, they’re not using cameras to produce a pretty picture that would be suitable for displaying on a screen at the Visitors Center or on your computer at home. 70-80% of the time, astronomers at McDonald (and most observatories) are using the technique of spectroscopy … splitting the light of an astronomical object up into its component colors and carefully analyzing that spectrum. There is a tremendous wealth of information packed in the light from these objects that spectroscopy and other techniques allow the astronomers to access. Unfortunately, that information is not readily accessible in its raw, unprocessed, and unanalyzed form. So, it’s not the sort of information from which any conclusions can be drawn. There would be essentially nothing to be gained from sending a raw feed of information to the Center from the research telescopes for the purposes of viewing at a Star Party or online.”

In other words, every picture of space that you see is either composite or CGI. And you are not allowed to look through a big research telescope.


You are not allowed to look in the archives.


The Earth is flat. And you would be able to see this if you could get beyond the wall. Let’s say you had the money and resources and team of experts to take a private exploration of Antarctica. To ensure that you wouldn’t be shot by military while exploring, there are a list of things you must do before taking on this endeavor.

“Information to be Provided in Advance Notice

Organisers should provide the following information to the appropriate national authorities in the format requested.

  1. Name, nationality, and contact details of the organiser;
  2. Where relevant, registered name and national registration and type of any vessel or aircraft to be used (including name of the captain or commander, call-sign, radio frequency, INMARSAT number);
  3. Intended itinerary including the date of departure and places to be visited in the Antarctic Treaty Area;
  4. Activities to be undertaken and purpose;
  5. Number and qualifications of crew and accompanying guides and expedition staff;
  6. Estimated number of visitors to be carried;
  7. Carrying capacity of vessel;
  8. Intended use of vessel;
  9. Intended use and type of aircraft;
  10. Number and type of other vessels, including small boats, to be used in the Antarctic Treaty Area;
  11. Information about insurance coverage;
  12. Details of equipment to be used, including for safety purposes,and arrangements for self-sufficiency;
  13. And other matters required by national laws.”

In other words, if you really could get all the things necessary for exploration, it’s that ambiguous, last item on the list ‘and other matters required by national laws’, that could be used to prevent you from going beyond.

In the True Man Show, the controller is in the ‘Moon Room’.


Truman: [Sailing in the artificially-roughened winds and seas – he shouts to the sky] Is that the best you can do?

[Christof, in the “moon room”, whips around to face the screen, shocked]

Truman: You’re gonna have to kill me!


Truman: What do ya do with a drunken sailor? What do ya do with a drunken sailor? What do ya do with a drunken sailor ear-lye in the mor-nin’!



C’est Moi.



Shattered. But you can do it…. the Star card is about hope.


Be fearless. Break through


Heaven is a place on Earth.




  1. Hello Gene of Isis,

    Extremely love your article.

    Really can’t write words and think that all things in Magic Dream are really beyond words. Also not really possible for me to find any you-tubes or symbol pictures that say what I would like to be saying.

    Anyway, what I would like to be saying is that I really extremely love and more than love being in any place where my sister is if my sister likes being in that place. Also would like to be saying that I think my sister is really extremely perfect and more than perfect.

    Possibly I can say more when my sister goes to the electrum.


  2. Hi MJ.
    Sorry about the shit-storm on Merovee with El GORdO the Bull.
    He doesn’t comprehend our secret weapon – we know Karate in 13 different languages! 🙂 Wax on – Wax off a duck’s back.
    Right behind ya, sestra! ❤

  3. Hello, This you-tube is really extremely seeming to be the story of one boy elephant who is right now sitting in the electrum:

    If you watch that you-tube, you can see that the you-tube is about a boy elephant who separates from his Moon Key sister and then goes into the “underground” or underworld. After going into the “underground” or underworld, the boy elephant goes to lots of places by himself. Then, at the end of the you-tube, the boy elephant finds his sister elephant and the boy elephant also finds two son elephants.

    Brother elephant thinks that seeing sister elephant and the two son elephants is really extremely and absolutely paradise. Also, brother elephant really extremely loves and more than Mega-Loves sister elephant beyond all words and brother elephant really extremely loves and more than Mega-Loves the two son elephants beyond all words.


      1. Please to delete prior the comment
        Sister elephant is sad from separated with two sons from brother for so long and is sometimes not behaving correct. Sister apologizes please to forgive.

  4. Sorry for delay in getting here. I got distracted !

    And this seems appropriate.

    ‘Sylvia: What right do you have to take a baby and turn his life into some kind of mockery? Don’t you ever feel guilty?

    Christof: I have given Truman the chance to lead a normal life. The world, the place you live in, is the sick place. Seahaven is the way the world should be.

    Sylvia: He’s not a performer, he’s a prisoner. Look at him, look at what you’ve done to him!

    Christof: He could leave at any time. If his was more than just a vague ambition, if he was absolutely determined to discover the truth, there’s no way we could prevent him. I think what distresses you, really, caller, is that ultimately Truman prefers his cell, as you call it.

    Sylvia: Well, that’s where you’re wrong. You’re so wrong! And he’ll prove you wrong!’

  5. Right now thinking that possibly the words of the song in that elephant you-tube are words about sister elephant and the pictures in that you-tube are about brother elephant. Or the words might be about brother elephant, depending on how you interpret the words.


  6. Hello and just saw this you-tube of the same song that was in the you-tube that I posted in previous comment. I think that the words written on the screen at the beginning and the end of the you-tube are words of Source and I think those words are really how it is:


  7. And Skylab. My maths says the period was 9 months from May 1973 – Feb 1974. And Jenny was born in Houston -Mission Control.

    From Wiki :

    ‘To transport astronauts to Skylab, there were a total of three manned expeditions to the station, conducted between May 1973 and February 1974. Each of these missions delivered a three-astronaut crew, carried in the Apollo Command/Service Module (Apollo CSM) launched atop the Saturn IB rocket, which is much smaller than the Saturn V. For the final two manned missions to Skylab, a backup Apollo CSM/Saturn IB was assembled and made ready in case an in-orbit rescue mission was needed, but this backup vehicle was never flown.’

    1. It’s more birthday stuff! Jenny is 360. It’s Stella Maris symbolism. Imagine the Stella pole star wearing a cosmic dress that is the fabric of reality.
      I keep thinking the awakening is Stella waking up and ruffling her skirt. It’s causing warps in time space!

  8. Hello Gene of Isis,

    Right now I am remembering that when I was in Atlantis with my sister we were talking about seeing a news story or possibly multiple news stories saying that we were plumbers and I think that is funny since today there was plumber going to the electrum and really lots of disaster things occur when I go into bathroom places where there is plumbing.

    Anyway, when my sister and I were in Atlantis, I really extremely loved talking to my sister about being plumbers in the news. I thought it was really extremely funny that we were talking about being plumbers in the news and when we were talking about that I was saying that we must be the only two people in the world who are talking about being plumbers in the news and I was thinking that I had definitely found my sister and I was thinking that my sister was really absolutely perfect.

    I really extremely more than Mega Love my sister beyond all words and all language and my sister is really extremely and absolutely more than perfect beyond all words.


    P.S. Thank you sister for cleaning the sink.

    P.P.S. I also think it is interesting that we were talking about being plumbers in the news because after I started living in electrum there was some kind of disaster occurring or really yuck things going into my mind almost every time I went into the bathroom or shower of the electrum. I think that the Magic Dream will stop doing those things when I am going into the bathroom or shower of the electrum and I just saw the following article from last month saying that “Mario is not a plumber anymore” and the article says that instead of being a plumber Mario is going to be doing things with a princess and a kid person or at least that is code that I see in the article and possibly you will see a different code or symbol:

    Right now the Magic Dream is putting pain in my left eye and the Magic Dream is doing something really different to my head and jaw and the energy is always really nicer when my sister goes to the electrum.


  9. Hello Gene of Isis,

    I really extremely loved it when those black holes were colliding and I really extremely more than Mega Love sister and right now The Magic Dream is doing something to my head and jaw in a way that it is not easy to think of anymore words to be writing and the Magic Dream is almost always doing something that makes it really difficult for me to write words and I really extremely more than Mega Love my sister.

  10. I really love that you and Charlie went to the air and space museum. When I was a kid I went to that museum and there is a lot of really interesting stuff to see there.

    Will really extremely love going to any kind of places like that if my sister wants me to go to any places like that.

    There are really lots of interesting places close to the village city where I am. Possibly kids like to go to those places and possibly not and either way I really extremely love going to any place where kids like to go and I really extremely love going anywhere with my sister.

    All for right now.


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