It is BerenSTEIN, not Berenstain.



Amber Berenstein

be enLIGHTened








Happy Cat Day! We love you, Zeus and Fizzy and all other cats!




14 thoughts on “BEAR WITNESS”

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  2. The bare naked lady at the Western Wall was a great find MJ…and so sin-key with your article!! Can’t wait to find out what’s going on underneath it All!

    1. Oh no! Good vibes coming your way!

      A few years ago, my daughter had a pair of shoes in the washing machine, which I thought she’d put into the dryer…so I thought nothing of the thud of tumbling shoes, only to check on Issy…who was discovered to be the thud in the dryer! Cats really do have 9 lives it seems. She was fine. After that, we called her Dizzy Issy. Poor girl.

    1. Hi JennyB! We have not found Zeus and I’m very upset. My feeling is that he’s lost. I feel like he will definitely come home but I miss him and of course I can’t help but worry about him.

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