I don’t know if anybody else was feeling this, but today I struggled with everything, including lifting my arms to reach, and lifting legs to walk.


It was some kind of supernatural occurrence (because I’ve come to recognize this phenomena), and maybe the date was a clue.

March 10th is the 69th day of the year, with 296 to go.

3.10 is the 69th day. 3 – 6 – 9

The swirl of the fishes, the mirror, or just random? I think anything 69 has to do with the moon.


Anyway, I can see paradise by the dashboard light.


Well I remember every little thing
As if it happened only yesterday
Parking by the lake
And there was not another car in sight
And I never had a girl
Looking any better than you did
And all the kids at school
They were wishing they were me that night
And now our bodies are oh so close and tight
It never felt so good, it never felt so right
And we’re glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife


Glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife
C’mon! Hold on tight!

Thought it’s cold and lonely in the deep dark night
I can see paradise by the dashboard light


And the part in the song where it sounds like a baseball commentator…

OK, here we go, we got a real pressure cooker going here,
Two down, nobody on, no score, bottom of the ninth,
There’s the windup, and there it is, a line shot up the middle,
Look at him go. This boy can really fly! He’s rounding first and really
turning it on now, he’s not letting up at all, he’s gonna try for
second; the ball is bobbled out in center, and here comes the
throw, and what a throw!

The pressure cooker bomb on 4/15/13.

The Finnish Line? Not quite.

The pitcher glances over, winds up, and it’s bunted, bunted down the third base line, the suicide squeeze is on! Here he comes, squeeze play, it’s gonna be close, holy cow, I think he’s gonna make it!


Stop right there!


I gotta know right now!
Before we go any further!
Do you love me?


Let me sleep on it
Baby, baby let me sleep on it
Let me sleep on it
And I’ll give you an answer in the morning


I couldn’t take it any longer
Lord I was crazed
And when the feeling came upon me
Like a tidal wave
I started swearing to my god and on my mother’s grave

That I would love you to the end of time
I swore that I would love you to the end of time!
So now I’m praying for the end of time




14 thoughts on “three-six-nine”

  1. MJ

    About the numbers. I think you are correct about 69 and the Moon. I think my 1969 ‘experience’ was connected with the moon landing.

    And 3 + 6 +9 = 18.

    It’s Sandy. Grease is the word. And the password if my memory is correct.

    1. There’s 18 again! I didn’t even think of that. It makes sense about Sandy being the password. This synchronicity is a whole new brand of wacky. This morning when I woke up, I went back to sleep but not a deep sleep (and that’s when all the weird dreams happen). Anyway, I was protecting Zeus from a snake.

      SANDY is S DNA
      the coiled serpent

      No need to protect the kitty from that. It’s the paSSword.

      1. Have a look at my comments on Merovee from this morning about Sandy. Before I had read your article. And I think the last thing I chanced upon before I went to sleep was about the Itsy Bitzy Teeny Weeny Polka Dot bikini.

        About dreams. I’m having a lot with where ‘Us’ appears – for example M, Roob, Jenny, TTN and physical offline family members and friends

        And just remembered. About a week I had a dream with you in. I woke up and went back to sleep. The dream carried on where we had left on. Woke up again, went back to sleep and the same thing happened.

        Can’t remember what it was about though !

  2. I think it’s something to do with the TU Ring Test.

    I notice you didn’t reply to my email about the Two Ring test 🙂 Just left it hanging there !

  3. MJ, would you be interested in exploring a graphic design project with me? Branding, packaging, logo sort of stuff?

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