Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England


The Merry Maidens, Cornwall


Göbekli Tepe, Turkey

Göbekli Tepe just doesn’t make sense. The neolithic archaeological ruins were first uncovered in the ’60s, but their significance wasn’t truly realized until 1994. The site is located in southeastern Turkey – although it predates the establishment of the country by a significant amount of time. In fact, Göbekli Tepe is so old and complex that it is rewriting our understanding of not just Turkish history, but the entire history of humanity.”




Artist’s rendering of a carved limestone two-faced figure found at Göbekli Tepe.


Nabta Playa, Egypt

The stone circle at Nabta is special in several ways. Firstly, it is the only megalithic circle in Egypt, but perhaps more importantly, it was situated on the Tropic of Cancer (presumably deliberately), which makes it one of the first known examples of an astronomic observatory in the world.”

The suns rays, on the summer solstice, strike the ground absolutely vertically and no casts no shadow for several minutes.

Almendres, Portugal. The oldest stone circle in Europe.

It is a curious fact that the two latitudes over which the Moon passes on its maximum settings over it’s 18.6 year cycle, are the same latitudes at which both Stonehenge and Almendres were located.

(38˚ 33′ N – Almendres) and (51° 10′ N – Stonehenge).

The declination of the Moon over its 18.6 year cycle ranges between these two latitudes in terms of the moon being on the zenith of the viewer (passing directly overhead). This means that at both Stonehenge and Almendres, the moon at its maximum declinations would pass overhead.”

Callanish Stones, Scotland

A tradition still current in the twentieth century called for all the fires on the island of Lewis to be extinguished on My first (Beltane). Priest’s then started a new ire and distribute it to any people within the circle. This suggests an association with the sun-god Baal (Bel). Other traditions explain the presence of these stones by saying that when giants of old who then lived on the island refused to be Christianised, St.Kieran turned them to stone. Another local belief of this Gaelic-speaking community was that when the sun rose on midsummer morn, the ‘shining one’ walked along the stone avenue, his arrival heralded by the cuckoo’s call. This could be a remnant of the astronomical significance of the Callanish stones.”

According to one tradition, the Callanish Stones were petrified giants who would not convert to Christianity.

Mark–Almond was a jazz-influenced English pop group of the 1970s and early 1980s, sometimes also called The Mark-Almond Band. The core members were Jon Mark, who sang lead and played guitar, percussion, and harmonica and Johnny Almond who played saxophone, flute and bass flute and sang back-up. Various other musicians recorded and toured with the duo at various times, notably including drummer Dannie Richmond, a long-time associate of jazz bassist Charles Mingus.

Extract: Aubrey Burl’s revised ‘Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany’.

‘As soon as I read about Apollo skimming the earth I knew this couldn’t be Stonehenge, because at Stonehenge’s latitude both the sun and the moon are always very high above the horizon. To see that phenomenon (the moon or sun hardly rising above the horizon between rising and setting) you have to go about 500 miles further north, and I wondered if Diodorus might have been referring to Callanish.

Then Diodorus goes on to say: ‘In that temple, at the rising of the Pleiades, the sun is seen to set at the equinox’. And those two phenomena do also occur uniquely at Callanish. The ENE stone row at Callanish was in line with the rising of the Pleiades in the early Bronze Age, and the western stone row does point towards the setting of the sun at the equinox. So three independent lines of astronomical evidence point to Callanish; and that is very convincing.

It is accepted that Diodorus took his information about Britain from the earlier, lost, writer Hecataeus of Abdera, who himself drew on the lost writings of the 4th century BC Greek explorer Pytheas. Now what is remarkable is that by the time Pytheas got to Callanish, the Pleiades would have risen a few degrees to the north-east of the ENE stone row. The Pleiades – whose movements can be dated – had risen in alignment with the row for a few centuries after about 1700 BC (which is presumably when the row was built), but since then had edged away.

So Pytheas seems to have been reporting a folk memory of the connection between the circle and the Pleiades that had survived at Callanish for at least 1,000 years, long after the circle had gone out of use. This may seem incredible but we know from other societies that oral traditions can survive for many, many centuries even though their original use has long since been abandoned.

Strangely enough, years later when I wrote a book about stone rows, I suggested – quite independently of Callanish – that short stone rows (the type found at Callanish) were erected about 1800-1500 BC. And there you go, the Pleiades are rising at Callanish right in the middle of that range’.


Goseck Henge, Germany

The Goseck Henge is currently the oldest official ‘Solar observatory’ in the world. On the winter solstice, the sun could be seen to rise and set through the Southern gates from the centre. It has been observed that the entrances get progressively smaller the closer to the centre one gets, which would have concentrated the suns rays into a narrow path.

Being on the same latitude as Stonehenge means that ‘astronomers’ would have also benefitted from viewed the extremes of the sun and moon at right angles to each other. It is also sitting on one of two unique latitudes in the world at which the full moon passes directly overhead on its maximum Zeniths.

Mali Sveti Andeo, Croatia

Stone formation atop Ft. Mountain, Georgia, US

According to Cherokee tradition, the moon-eyed people lived in the lower Appalachia region before the Cherokee came to the area during the late 1700s. The people were said to be called “moon-eyed” because they saw poorly during the day and could see very well at night. They were also described as being small in stature, the men bearded, light-eyed, and having pale white skin. One early historian described them as albinos who were possibly the ancestors of the Kuna people of Panama, who have a high incidence of albinism.

The Cherokee, who drove them out of the region, say that these people built the ancient structures in the area. Supposedly, a temple had once stood inside the fortification which contained a giant stone snake with ruby eyes.


The pattern of the Fort Mountain stone wall is very similar to the pattern on a pottery vessel found by archaeologist C. B. Moore. This vessel, referred to as “Vessel No. 1 from the Larger Mound Near Hare Hammock,” is decorated with two bird-head handles. Incised on both sides of the vessel is a zigzagging pattern. This pattern has been interpreted as representing the movement of the planets Venus and Mercury in the morning sky. (Venus is the brightest object in the eastern sky before sunrise and thus would have naturally drawn the attention of Native American sky gazers.) Could the zigzagging pattern of Fort Mountain’s stone wall be an attempt by early Native Americans to map upon the landscape the movements of these same bright objects in the early morning sky?

It is interesting to note that this same pottery vessel contains two ideas that were also being represented in stone around the same time period: bird effigies (Rock Eagle/Rock Hawk) and this zigzag design (Fort Mountain). Rock Eagle faces east and the Fort Mountain stone wall is oriented along an east-west axis. The pottery vessel was located in a grave on the eastern side of a burial mound and all the skulls within this mound were also facing east. The symbolism seems consistent.”

Finally, astronomer John Burgess found that the wall was aligned with the summer solstice. As he noted in 1987:

The north end of the Fort Mountain Stone Wall points toward the position on the horizon where the sun rises on the summer solstice. If a clear view of the horizon were possible, an observer  standing on this nearly straight section of wall would find that, using it as a sightline, the time of the summer solstice could be determined when the sun rises at that point on the horizon pointed to by the wall.

I have been crop circle-crazy lately because I knew they were happening before I knew they were happening. It started around the end of June and there have been lots since. Here is a crop circle that happened in Madisonville, Tennessee on 5.12.2011

It seems to have something to do with the serpent mound.

6 thoughts on “MegaLove”

  1. MJ

    I’m a bit curious why I’ve never heard of the Merry Maidens before. I know the area reasonably well but had never heard of them. There’s a lot of this about.

    I had never heard of the Tethys Ocean either.

    And not sure if you noticed the next lunar eclipse is 21st Jan.

    ‘The local myth about the creation of the stones suggests that nineteen maidens were turned into stone as punishment for dancing on a Sunday. (Dans Maen translates as Stone Dance.) The Pipers, two megaliths some distance north-east of the circle, are said to be the petrified remains of the musicians who played for the dancers. A more detailed story explains why the Pipers are so far from the Maidens – apparently the two pipers heard the church clock in St Buryan strike midnight, realised they were breaking the Sabbath, and started to run up the hill away from the maidens who carried on dancing without accompaniment. These petrification legends are often associated with stone circles, as is reflected in the folk names of some of the nearby sites, for example, the Tregeseal Dancing Stones, the Nine Maidens of Boskednan, as well as the more distant Hurlers and Pipers on Bodmin Moor. Another tradition says that The Pipers were erected to commemorate Howel and Aethelstan, leaders who died in a 10th-century battle.’

    1. Frank, that is fascinating! So the Merry Maidens were dancing on Sunday (how could they?!) and the Callanish stones were supposedly giants that were turned into stone for refusing to convert to christianity. It makes me think even more that Abrahamic religions are a polar thing. Skewed to the logic brain so we would think this reality is real.
      Another thing I read about the Merry Maidens is that it is one of the few (if not the only) ancient stone circle that is completely intact.

      And about the Merry Maidens and Tethys ocean…perhaps it is a Mandela effect 😉

      About the Madisonville crop circle…that is a long video to watch but in short, it is connected to the serpent mounds of Ohio. And after Charlie was born and I was learning about fluoride and other stuff in the water, I was in Mama Bear mode and I had this small company from Madisonville, TN come and put a whole-house filter for the water at my house, to filter out fluoride and other chemicals because my Son was not going to have exposure to that! They do courtesy calls asking if I need maintenance or more “solar crystals” for the filter 🙂

  2. Hello Gene of Isis and I will extremely love talking to my sister about this article. The synchronicity in this article and in your previous article is extremely incredible and this dimension/dream where we are is absolutely incredbile. I would write more words in this comment, but it’s extremely difficult for me to write words about this or anything else and not possible for me talk with you-tubes or codes or symbols anymore.

    Right now I won’t write more words of comment other than to say that I will extremely and more than extremely love and more than love seeing my sister and I will extremely and more than extremely love talking to my sister about your two most recent articles.

    My sister is absolutely and extremely wonderful and my sister is absolutely and extremely perfect and more than perfect.


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