Frank has resurfaced on Blade and Chalice not in a way I anticipated. Frankly speaking.

The website Merovee has been suspended by WordPress and just putting everyone in the picture who finds their way here.

This relates to an old article ‘Why So Serious’ d/d 25th April 2013 which has supposedly infringed the WordPress Terms and Conditions. The infringement relates to an image included in the article.

And with my Merovee hat on, I notice the date of the article was a 0,1,2,3,4,5 date.

It’s Historical. This isn’t the guilty image though but I think is connected.

The First Church – Oak Hill, Franklin Rd.



The problem for me is I cannot search through the old posts on Merovee’s dashboard and as it is a long time ago – over five years – I have no idea what the guilty image is and no idea why it is guilty. Or who has made the complaint. I assume the article was to do with the Joker and if anyone has a good memory ?

I have asked WP for an explanation and hopefully I will be able to sort things. But the Why So Serious link seems to indicate there is a Joker / Fool connection. I’ll find out in time. To be honest, life is so bizarre at the moment it doesn’t come as a surprise. One damned thing after the other.

Merovee has been suspended. Merovee is well hung.

Why So Serious ?


22 thoughts on “Merovee”

  1. Sounds very strange to me that something from 5 years ago has caused such a severe action.
    But as you say such strange things seem to be the norm nowadays as I just got blocked from a facebook page in the UK by an admin who was the perpetrator. I didn’t know she was an admin when I commented on her post which had nothing to do with the usual subject of the group. But then I found that this same admin blocked me from another FB page that she is also an admin for where I have never ever posted anything! Ha!
    Perhaps in Frank’s case some sort of automatic censoring system has just been activated otherwise the ‘problem’ would surely have been noticed/addressed a long time ago.
    I looked for Frank’s email address but think it must be on my old PC.
    Best wishes for your efforts to get some action.
    I can’t remember anything specific from back then about the joker but do remember it being the subject at the time I think.

    1. Ken, like you, Frank and MJ, I’m wondering why TF they had to take the entire site down for an ‘offense’ that happened over 5 years ago. Frank has poured his soul into Merovee for many years and takes meticulous care to avoid potential hot buttons… but there’s apparently a bot in the channel to thank for bringing every bit of it to a screeching halt. If ‘real people’ actually exist at WordPress, I hope they soon realize it for the grievous error that it is so we can all look back on this with a little humor one day.

      And thank you, MJ, for allowing Frank the platform to explain the details.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and M and Charlie. Gobble-Gobble. 🙂

  2. Why can’t they just ask you to take the image off?! Remember when I put pics of the old tiki house and someone wanted them removed? They just asked, they didn’t shut the site down. Something weird is going on.

  3. Tumblr got removed from App Store because of users posting disgusting pictures and I don’t want to put any links about that here, but tumblr says that in an effort to remove all pics that violate the rule, all NSFW blogs have been shut down. You can google it.

    1. MJ

      Funny you should mention that. On Monday night I met Trump in a dream. He wasn’t too bad but basically we didn’t see eye to eye on the basics. He was very keen on work. I told him we were human beings not human doings. And a few other things which I can’t remember.

      Maybe the moral of the story is Trump is just a dream figure.

      And I had the same thought about the pic. Why not just remove it.

      1. I’m not surprised he was keen on work…it’s a belief that holds the system in place.
        The divine motto is “to be”, not “to do”. You exist whether you work or not!

      2. Frank sorry to hear this……. the Merovee family has become a welcome part of my life the same as everyone else. Just wanted to say thank you for giving us all a platform and a voice over the years.

        You will bounce back stronger maybe this is an opportunity for a fresh start. The internet is becoming an increasingly contolled and hostile environment maybe we need to start a new platform. After us saying Hal was dead maybe he took it personally.

        Your welcome to guest post over at the Lab anytime until you get sorted as are all my fellow Merovingians.

        Much Love TTN

    1. My guess is it had something to do with that other event at SH (GO SHhhh…), ie. dnasy hook. sandy, btw, is one i away from daisy.

      Hal is very protective of his programming.

  4. think getting banned on the internet can be interesting and think getting back on the internet after being banned can be interesting and think what i think doesn’t matter

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