My favorite blog got suspended. I guess too much ‘free’ thinking was shared.



IMO, everything is going bonkers. It’s Lunacy.


November 23 is full lunacy. If you use the true meaning of NOVember, as in NINE, then the full lunacy is 9.23.

“I am OK, GO!”

The writing’s on the wall.


mobile (n.) early 15c. in astronomy, “outer sphere of the universe,” from mobile (adj.); the artistic sense is first recorded 1949 as a shortening of mobile sculpture (1936).

The WOW! signal in Sagittarius…

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter.


Jupiter’s Transit of Sagittarius: November 8, 2018 to December 2, 2019

Jupiter’s effects are to expand our experiences, our knowledge, and our understanding. Jupiter represents optimism, growth, generosity, and abundance. In Scorpio, Jupiter expanded our awareness of our intimate relationships, personal power, and coping skills. Now, with Jupiter in Sagittarius, a new focus comes into play.

Jupiter’s transit through the sign that it rules, fiery Sagittarius, urges us to increase our cultural and spiritual awareness, to expand our higher minds, to broaden our experiences, and to have faith in the universe.

As Jupiter moves through Sagittarius, we deepen our interest in philosophical, and perhaps religious, thought, and determine what it is that gives us joy–what truly is important in our lives in the long run. We trust in something higher than us, and this gives us a sense that we are doing the right thing and that we are spiritually protected–“things will work out” is the overall attitude now.”

Someone very special to me is an Archer. One-to-one.

A woman holds a placard reading "I am Charlie" to pay tribute to the victims following a shooting by gunmen at the offices of weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris in front of the French embassy in Rome

The writing’s on the wall.


“It’s the week of Thanksgiving Day, but it feels like Groundhog Day in Washington. With the midterm elections over (except for a couple of unresolved House races), a lame-duck session of Congress will deal with what feels like a very old issue: the president’s threat to veto an appropriations measure and trigger a (partial) government shutdown if he doesn’t get his way on border wall funding.”




The alchemical metal of Jupiter is tin.


Sn is Tin, and Jupiter is King.

“In the Marvel Comics title Guardians of the Galaxy, Charlie-27 is the last survivor of an Earth colony on Jupiter in the 31st century. His people were engineered to have 11 times the mass of an average human to withstand the higher gravity of Jupiter. The Jovians lived on giant anti-gravity ships in Jupiter’s atmosphere before it was devastated by the Treen during their invasion of the Solar System, although Charlie escaped using a teleportation tube after he returned from a space mission. The Solar System is finally freed from the Badoon.”

The Tin Man has a big HEART. The writing’s on the wall.



Watch this…the gang’s all here!

The HEART of the rainbow is GREEN.


one two one

“In late November and early December, 2018, the dazzling planet Venus will be shining at greatest brilliancy in the morning sky.”


46 thoughts on “THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL”

  1. I think the person or entity who banned the website is the same person or entity who doesn’t like thought police.

    everything is in the mind of Source, and the mind of Source is everything. Or possibly people have separate minds?

    1. I guess it’s all one thing, but I don’t understand how it works. What seems obvious, though, it that “it” is terrified of being dismantled. “It”, meaning, the system, or whatever this place is.

        1. MJ

          I look at the outcome for Merovee and B&C. I think that was came first but why Merovee Part 1 had to disappear into the ether I’m not sure.

          Die before you Die. Something along those lines.

          Like Tears in the Rain.

    2. And that is one way to think of it, the thing that banned the website doesn’t like thought police either…it really gets confusing!
      I think the point is, is that we are already here, and our thoughts are in the air, the age of Aquarius, or air, and things in the air can’t be contained. So what are the rules? Are there any rules? What is the line between dream and reality, or is there one?


      1. This post made me rethink Trump’s wall. There was a dark humor joke about the irrationality of Trump building the bigliest, highest wall he could because “Mexicans don’t scale, they dig.” Before anyone jumps on me, I saw it posted on a Mexican’s page and it is more of a dig at T than at them. In this same vein and with your post, MJ, what use is a wall now when we’re all traveling by air.

      2. Anonymouse, years ago I had a job doing layout graphics for screen printing. One of the managers was a guy with the last name Gonzales. The place where I worked also had a warehouse and factory, which on occasion, would hire “work ready” people, meaning possibly they had been in prison or something and go through particular agencies to find work. I was in the office talking to Chris (Gonzales) about artwork for an order when this person came in to ask him something. Before he walked back out, he said “you know what I noticed about the Mexicans? Whenever there was a fight, they don’t stab, they slash. They slash with a knife. They are the most savage.”
        Chris and I looked at each other and just started laughing. I guess that guy assumed he would know something about this, having the last name Gonzales. So, remember that the next time you get in a knife fight with a Mexican. They slash, not stab. They dig, not scale. 😂

      3. That’s funny, MJ. All our stereo- types on the air’s wave.
        The truth about those security walls built by empires is that they go way deep. I remember reviewing specs for walls around overseas compounds and those fuckers are mirrored underground for precisely this reason: so people can’t dig through. But then you see all those underground tunnels created to get around embargos and realize where there’s a will there’s a way. I just find it weird that those who are most enamored of keeping others out are also those who believe they’re entitled to go anywhere in the known and unknown universe. And if they’re not allowed in, they bomb shit. That dissonance is bizarre. It also points to something else: the belief that others actually give a damn to live in US. In fact, most people love their homes and wish to stay home. It’s the bombing and manipulation they’re running from as a last, not first, resort.

      4. MJ, I’m also reminded me of recent news about Kanye and Kim’s plans to have private fire brigade and to build a private fire wall.

        “In computing, a firewall is software or firmware that enforces a set of rules about what data packets will be allowed to enter or leave a network. Firewalls are incorporated into a wide variety of networked devices to filter traffic and lower the risk that malicious packets traveling over the public internet can impact the security of a private network. Firewalls may also be purchased as stand-alone software applications.”

    1. I don’t know exactly what you mean…
      How would you like it? How would you handle it? Are you commenting that I brought this on? And you had nothing to do with it? Because you, miraculously somehow, are knowing something and not sharing? Well then, here’s the mirror. Have a look.
      In the US, Trump is trying to keep the “intruders” out. In the U.K., it’s should I stay or go. Interesting.
      If you have insight, please share. Because I don’t understand. The only thing I want is for everyone to get what they want. And if what you want is that I never comet anywhere that you have to see, then fair enough. But to come back with such an “I told you so” attitude is more of the same crap that locks everybody down. Well done.

      1. Calm down, MJ. My ‘told you so attitude’ told you what exactly?


        Tin and wall are both in your post. Correct? ‘Tinpot’ Tessie is no Iron Lady, as she likes to portray herself, and she is pissing the future of the UK against the wall. It is infuriating me. Probably as much as Trump is infuriating you. That’s all.

        But whilst we’re on the subject of walls, walls are incredibly useful in life, I find. They keep the roof on: how many walls you got in your lovely home?. Or take hearts, they work so precisely because they have walls. So do intestines, in fact every cell in our bodies has a wall. Do you really want to tear down every wall?

      2. Trump is a man after your own wall, Clicky. Lol.

        One of the most beautiful ideas I’ve had the pleasure to contemplate is the idea that asks why build church walls when the ultimate church has already been built (earth). I’m an architect and I get off on space and building things but even I know there’s a time and place for everything and if you have your finger on the pulse over here, you see how absurd on many levels T’s plans for a physical barrier are. His “soulution” is obsolete.

        And poor, poor UK. Walls are nothing without foundations and if you build your house on a crummy one, don’t be surprised when/if it falls. The United Kingdom…hum, yeah.

  2. I’m sorry. I just fucking hate thanksgiving.
    No, I don’t hate every wall, I just feel constrained and at the same time I don’t wanna go through any body’s wall that doesn’t want me to.
    I get extremely unhappy on thanksgiving.
    Can I get a do-over? I like you even if you don’t like me.

    1. Blimey! Of course I like you, MJ. Why on earth would you think I don’t like you?

      You know, it really doesn’t matter what you give thanks for. Be thankful for whatever makes you thankful. And you don’t have to save it up for a once a year splurge either 😉

      1. I’m always thankful. Every day. And I like holidays because of Charlie.
        But otherwise, I feel like I’m the only one thinking it is bizarre that we do the same f*cking thing every f*cking year, and nobody else thinks it gets old?!
        Its very sycromystical you put Bob Marley there, because last year, I went to Jamaica for Christmas, and it was absolutely wonderful. I LOVED it.

      2. MJ, I feel similar to you about holidays. Same thing year after year…especially traditions we get stuck in and no one cares for in the first place. This year, my family decided to do something different and had the best time just being together. Alas, now there’s Xmas to deal with which embodies everything I dislike about holidays – decorating, shopping, debt and lots of it. Bah humbug!

      3. Jenny, my sister always wants to start talking about Christmas at thanksgiving. She wants to know what everybody is going to be cooking and who’s house we’re going to, etc. And since she has all these requests, I always ask her why she doesn’t host, and that way could have it exactly how she wants it. Of course, that is out of the question.

    2. It’s maybe the hypocrisy and pretending that you respond to? I just lay low and do my own thing during these mass induced constructs. Ignore the hole-y days. Life goes on.

    1. I met Ruby the dog today outside of a grocery store where her owner was asking for donations to help children get Christmas presents. There was something in his recitation about buying them iPads and, for a $20 donation, helping animals in the zoo which made me think of the irony of taking ruby out of her cage while supporting the building of walls around large breeds

  3. hello

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