The Observatory

M and I went to the local observatory here in Chattanooga tonight, which is Sunday, Dec. 22. I took video and pictures and just want to share, but I’ll warn you, the video is dark and not very good but they are also not very long. If you think the observatory looks a bit creepy, it kind of is. But it was a wonderful experience. I think the point is, what are we looking at? Well, I think we are looking at ourselves! At first, you might think this is boring, but keep reading…I think you’ll at least be amused.


It’s on Tuxedo Avenue.



tuxedo (n.)

man’s evening dress for semiformal occasions, 1889, named for Tuxedo Park, N.Y., a rural resort development for wealthy New Yorkers and site of a country club where it first was worn, supposedly in 1886. The name is an attractive subject for elaborate speculation, and connections with Algonquian words for “bear” or “wolf” were proposed. The authoritative Bright, however, says the tribe’s name probably is originally a place name, perhaps Munsee Delaware (Algonquian) p’tuck-sepo “crooked river.”


It’s on Tuxedo and the 4100 block of BRAINerd Rd.




This is on the wall in the room on the right as you first walk in.



Frank! You and the observatory. What is going on here?! Frank has been looking for extraterrestrials since he was born!


The Order of the Dolphin! Clicky! How do we get in your secret society?!

The Order of the Dolphin: SETI’s Secret Origin Story

“Let’s back up a moment. In 1958, a newly minted Harvard PhD named Frank Drake came to Green Bank. Usually he sought out typical radio astronomy targets — the Van Allen Belts around Earth, say, or the surface temperature of Venus, or the radiation belts of Jupiter.

But one day in 1960, Drake and his colleagues instead tuned into two nearby stars, Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani. Their goal was simple: they were alien hunting, hoping to hear radio communications originating from intelligent extraterrestrials.

UFOs were popular then, but Drake’s research was legitimate, one of the first dedicated scientific searches for aliens. Drake had been spurred on by Giuseppe Cocconi and Philip Morrison, who the previous year had co-authored a Nature paper with the provocative title “Searching for Interstellar Communications.” It remains a foundational SETI text.

Much to Drake’s surprise, his team actually heard something in those first few experiments. Unfortunately, it ended up being just a high altitude plane. Project Ozma, as the research was called (after L Frank Baum’s fictional monarch of Oz), was both the first SETI experiment and the first SETI false alarm.

“We had failed to detect a genuine alien signal, it was true, but we had succeeded in demonstrating that searching was a feasible, and even reasonable, thing to do,” Drake wrote in his book Is Anyone Out There?, co-written with science writer Dava Sobel.”

Is it just me, or is this mind-blowing?



This place is old-school but they said the telescope was pretty much like any other observatory’s, but they get really different at research places. (Like the Lucifer one owned by the Vatican).

(I said in earlier video that we would be looking at Orion, but when we walked in, they said “Please sign in. Then go upstairs and have a look at Mars.”)

Here’s Mars looking at Mars.



I saw Mars! And it looked like this.


It was looking back at me?


We walked out of the observatory through another door and we saw this.


Then we went to eat at Boathouse. It is a lovely place right by the river.




It was about an hour before closing and on a Sunday night, so there weren’t many people there.

There were business cards under the glass of our table.



And that is the news of the day!


100 thoughts on “The Observatory”

  1. MJ

    Thank you.

    It is mind blowing ! How did you react when you saw the Frank Drake equation and Order of the Dolphin 🐬. Even now it’s WTF !

    About Frank Drake and aliens. I see 2018 as the year Frank Drake made ‘Contact’ but in reality it was the year the alien was revealed. Mirror Mirror. But contact was made MH 370 time.

    And to make it even more confusing, you confirmed to me that Frank Drake had made ‘Contact’ 🤔 . ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you alien’.

    And the University and the Universe. The Observatory is looked after by University of Tennessee and was completed in 1936. Bush Snr will be buried at A&M University on 12/6/18 =36. Zero point date and every instant is the same time ? Maybe, possibly.

    And is there a West Brainerd ?

    Mr Duck🦆

    1. And Equation :

      a statement that the values of two mathematical expressions are equal (indicated by the sign =).

      And Frank’s free banana came from Equador. Through the Equa Door. IDK 🙂 Just rambling.

      1. And The Observer.

        The First Picture of You.

        And Somni

        ‘And so to know thyself is only possible through the eyes of the other’.

        And the Tux. Sounds like ! The Shining popped up again over the weekend.

        The Last Picture. The Final Shot.

    2. Frank, of course I was floored! And then I thought, well, it’s not surprising. But really amazed! I think we live in a beautiful tapestry where we see things like a nice equation from Frank, and a cosmic secret society of Clicky. A dolphin is Cetacea, “ceta”, like SETI, looking for radio waves, or SONAR. I guess we are always talking to each other, you know?
      And the banana is hilarious! It’s kind of like the telescope if you know what I mean…
      Bananas are associated with moonkeys. And it’s tuxedo and BRAINerd rd. Here’s more meta language: are you somehow saying that we get a brain upgrade from the triune (reptilian/mammalian/neocortex) brain to the next level? You observed intelligent life?! 😃👽
      Frank, the news today…
      OSIRIS-Rex lands on Bennu today. (My autocorrect tried to say Benny 😉)

      1. Not sure what I’m saying 🙂

        How I’ve seen this year is going through door after door. Incremental gains until we leave duality.

        But I think we may have done already. One Friday night / Saturday morning in March 2014 – Go ! – and we’ve been in an alternate reality / limbo land until we come to the realisation it’s over and let it go.

        And about Ben. Before I read your Bennu link I had left a reply to Anon earlier and included a bit about Big Ben and Time.

        1. OK about leaving duality and after leaving duality will anything exist?

          i think everything is duality and if there is no duality then there is nothing

          or possibly if there is no duality, there is only everything, and nothing else

            1. hello frank also think we will find out

              think everything good with you

              it has become difficult for me to write words in computers and i don;t write lots of words in computers anymore

              right now won’t write more words

      2. Love the goodies you and M bring back for us to see. ❤ Feels like we're there too. Frank always gets projected out there – and yet, I've never known a Frank outside of Frank. It's so strange. And we were discussing the Bush's fun-real earlier – will Trump be invited into the Ex President's Club. It's "Clicky".

        1. I was thinking about the Order of the Dolphin.

          Is it like the Queen knighting her ‘subjects’ to become a Lord or Lady or whatever and Roob has an elaborate ritual so we can join the Order of the Dolphin 🐬 ?

              1. And from the article :

                ‘M and I went to the local observatory here in Chattanooga tonight, which is Sunday, Dec. 22.’

                Super Sleuth Almond tells me next Sunday 22nd is 12/22/2019 in your money.

      3. Not sure where this should go but it’s going here:

        “Super Sleuth Almond tells me next Sunday 22nd is 12/22/2019 in your money.”

        Might have been a fortunate accident but it’s Back to the Future.

        And love that song Frank. For one thing, I love to skate and I love Target and 1982 was the year I was Eastbourne.

        A22 and Dec 22 is syncing.

        MJ, I’ve been told I’m going to The Zodiac Room this Saturday.
        Frank looked up the address. It’s 1618 Main Street in Dallas.
        Deep Ellum = Deep State.

        1. Jenny, I love to skate. It was my favorite thing to do when I was a kid. There were certain songs that were really good to skate to…
          Don’t miss this one! I think in my head I looked like this roller skating

          but I really looked more like this

            1. M!!!!!!!
              I love that! Mark Mitchell is so smooth and elegant on the ice! 😍 and he’s skating to spy music! I love that video. So much code in those! ✨
              Ok I’m getting ready to come there.

      4. Regarding the 4141 George Bush train – that’s a video from 2007. What what the what what!! This video has been around a while. And Union Pacific 1982

        From the video:

        “Today was a great catch!!!!!!! UP 4141 (George Bush) UP 1988 (The Katy) and UP *1982* (MoPac) BLAST! their way threw Livingston, IL. Livingston is located a couple miles south of Staunton. This is the Union Pacific Pana Subdivision. My uncle, which works for KCS has a lot of friends!!! He called me up earlier in the day and even the week to let me know about it’s location. You can see him and his friend run like there is no tomorrow back to his truck, which he parked IN THE INTERSECTION TO GET PICTURES! Oh well, if you see this uncle Sonny, THANK YOU!!”

        Thanks Uncle Sonny. 🙂

    3. “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you alien.”

      Yesterday when watching trump and xi, I was contemplating how seti is one x away from exist.
      seti X. To be or not to be.

      1. I went into Sagan’s refurbished crypt once. My profs were designing it for him and he allowed us to have a tour. It featured a giant glass door that pivoted on a powder coated frame and that’s pretty all I remember in addition to the feeling that it was somehow all morbid. I’m not sure he ever actually got to live in it alive and maybe tinkering with an old tomb was a curse because he didn’t exist much long after that.

    4. Frank, sorry, I have not been able to be on my computer for a bit. I just re-read this comment. I also believe we made contact in 2014. It was the missing plane. It went off radar. Your Mr. Duck book says “in techicolor, released through R-K-O Radio.”
      About George Bush Sr and Texas…if you look at my pics of the business cards, one of them is Jennifer Reagan. Of course, GB Sr was VP to Reagan. Also on the card, it says Residential something something.
      Residential, Presidential.
      I don’t know how it works. M calls it a tapestry. I think that is a good description.
      I love how Rain found the Illuminati dolphin books! See?! I knew Zeus is in another dimension!

    5. Frank, the comments section on b&c is difficult to reply to certain comments and perhaps you’re seeing that on your new sight 😉 and is there anyway you can fix that? And could you possibly tell me how to fix it? There’s so many comments under your comment here and I can’t directly talk to others that have commented to you.
      Wait…what does that mean?! 🙀

      Anybody reading this, I’m commenting back to you in a new comment.

      1. MJ

        I’ve had a look. May have solved it hopefully. We’ll see.

        And about Order of Dolphin. In Merovee comments I’ve expanded it a bit on it. How to speak alien.

        Jenny was saying we – us lot – sing a melody.

        Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you Ooder.

        The Song of the Ood.

        1. i really love Order of the Dolphin and Order of Clicky and I really love any order that people are in and right now i think really difficult to write anything or post anything in computer

            1. hello gene of isis and i really don’t know how to respond to comments and when i push reply button the comment box isn’t under comment i would like to be writing comment about and extremely difficult for me to write words in computer or use computer in any way and about your Order of Dolphin and Order of Clicky comment i don’t know what those orders are and i think all orders are wonderful

            2. hello gene of isis, writing this comment because think possibly you don’t believe me about not being able to write words anymore and only way i can write words is to write one long sentence that seems like idiot writing sentence and writing words in computer is really and extremely extremely difficult and it took really lots of time to write comments that i wrote today and i think nobody likes to read comments that are lots of words in one sentence and i really can’t write in normal way and writing in any kind of way is extremely extremely difficult and OK that is comment saying that it’s really difficult to write comment and right now i’m going to stop writing comment unless someone replies to comments I wrote and if someone replies to comments i wrote possibly i will write reply to replies and then reply will be more words that no person would like to be reading and i extremely love and more than love the extremely wonderful and charming and perfectly beautiful and in every way perfect and more than perfect sandwich


              1. Ok M. You can comment whenever and whatever you want! If it is too difficult, then don’t do it. But I understand that it is really frustrating, so really never is there pressure to comet. Just do what you want!

                M, I do hope you watch this awesome youtube 😃

                1. hello gene of isis and i extremely love writing comment letters to The Holy Grail and only saying that writing words is really difficult and i really love the you-tube of person playing ukulele instrument and i think it’s interesting that person is reading random comments on internet and those comments are seeming to be code about me and my sister and i think any words can be code about any person and i think possibly or probably you posted the you-tube only because it is funny you-tube and not because you saw any code in the you-tube and all of the words in the you-tube were seeming to me to be code and all of the code was seeming to be about either me or my sister or about both me and my sister or about things that might happen in the world and i think different people see different messages or code in the same words and you-tubes and anyway i really love the you-tube and i think the you-tube is really funny and i think the things that people write or say on the internet are really interesting and that is what I think and OK that is comment and thank you for reading this comment

        2. i really love Order of the Dolphin and Order of Clicky and I really love any order that people are in and i think any kind of order is more than OK order to be in and i think Order of Dolphin and Order of Clicky are probably nicer than most orders and i don’t know exactly what Order of Dolphin or Order of Clicky are because i don;t often read any internet publications other than publications about food and things like that and OK that is comment and right now will write one more comment and all the best to everyone

          1. M, remember that book I showed you that Charlie was reading about the kid spy or kid vigilante named Cam Jansen? She has a photographic memory and she accesses them by closing her eyes and saying “click”.
            Charlie was reading out loud once and he was reading really loud and every time he would read the part about her accessing memory he would yell “CLICK!”
            And I think that is amazing synchronicity about the hilarious pictures of our (what seems to be) our grouchy neighbor in that book, Cam Jansen (Jenny B’s daughter is Cam), and in the book, Cam is her nickname and her real name is Jennifer, and, of course CLICKY the dolphin!

  2. And great spot about tuxedo and the Shining!

    You asked if there is a west BRAINerd? No, because the are of Brainerd’s boundary stops at Missionary Ridge. When I was growing up, there was Eastgate, Northgate, and Southgate, but no Westgate, butt very recently, ‘West Village’ opened up downtown with restaurants, hotel, apartments, and a rooftop bar called Alchemy ☺️✨

    1. Westgate is at the bottom of my block. It showed up last year, took the place of a church for 7th day Adventist’s and is now full of aSians, many fresh off the boat. Tuxedo is a cat that lives over the wall and flirts and fights with my cat. Last week a cat we’ve never seen before came from Tuxedo’s direction and stared through the French doors, eye to eye with my new kitten. I swear it looked like Juno. Now I’ve caught my kitten chasing her own tail.

      1. I saw my hood’s version of Juno again today. When I walk puppy she runs after us like she’s either stalking prey or trying to make friends. It’s the cutest, bravest thing. She goes far beyond her comfort zone and follows us way down the block.

      2. Anony! What is it with cats and other dimensions?! Actually, I think symbolically, I know. Or I have a guess. Cats are lions, and cats and lions symbolically represent the Sun. That’s why Frank lives in sun Raygate. And the sun beams down energy in the field. The vibration of the field determines how “light” our existence here is.
        And the ray-show of light from the sun to the e-motion of the moon can be changed through the heart chakra. It’s about love, not ego. And that’s why the world is the way it is today. But somethings happening!

        1. hello people of blade and chalice,

          yesterday i was thinking that i am turning into a monkey and monkey is like a person except that a monkey doesn’t think about anything or anyway a monkey doesn’t speak in words or think in words and probably a monkey doesn’t think in really logical way and a monkey only thinks about eating and about seeing sister of monkey


            1. i extremely love that monkey you-tube and i think being a monkey in place with trees and water and music would be more than OK and I would love to be in any place where Sirius is and right now Sirius is in The Other House of Sirius and I think tonight Sirius will be in The House of The Electrum and right now I think Sirius being in The Other House or The House of The Sun is perfect and I think Sirius being in The House of The Electrum is perfect and I think Sirius being anywhere is perfect and Sirius is extremely perfect and more than perfect and I extrmely love Sirius and only saying that I would extremely love and more than love to be anywhere Sirius is

              1. I am Siriusly getting ready to come to electrum. Charles finished his tutoring and again tried to manipulate the situation and I overheard him telling the tutor that maybe next time they can work on math because that requires warming up and he hasn’t felt like doing that today.

                1. hello gene of isis and i extremely love knowing about things that are happening in The Other House of The Holy Grail and I think The Leader of The World isn’t really a rascal and I think The Leader of The World is possibly only saying that he wasn’t studying things a lot before seeing the military person who comes to see him in The Other House of The Holy Grail and I think The Leader of The World was thinking that he would like to be able to do better calculations the next time the military person comes to see him and anyway I think The Leader of The World is extremely perfect and more than perfect


                  1. The leader of the world is upset that mom made him pick up his own mess. And that’s the short version of the story.
                    Meanwhile, King Arthur and bill and Ted and James and the giant peach are in a whirled and we are the observers. They will find a more efficient way to deal with the ginormous amount of love they are given 💥

                    1. hello gene of isis, funny about leader of the world not liking to be told to pick up his things and i think possibly OK for leader of the world to not pick up his things because leader of the world is leader of the world and interesting about King Arthur and other people and think I don’t understand the meaning of the sentence about King Arthur and other people and would love to ask you about that and right now won’t ask you because writing words in computer is really difficult and i think i will ask the Holy Grail about your sentence when the Holy Grail comes back to the electrum and i extremely love The Holy Grail.

    2. Neither here nor there but Carl Sagan’s sarcophagus in Ithaca was originally designed by an architect named Bainbridge which is somewhere between Brainerd and M. Ridge. MR. Sagan was a brain nerd whose “house”, I suspect, was designed to catapult him to Mars. His red car was licensed to a martian moon.

      My cat is running around strangely, stopping to stare at the walls and making strange sounds like he’s chasing a ghost. it is so weird.

  3. The first picture? The Orion Nebula where stars are born. Fire is the element of creation, and it’s cardinal direction is south. The South Pole is hot and cold. It doesn’t have to make sense.

  4. while reading your article i saw out of the window of house where I am one giant white glowing line going across the sky

    think it’s really incredible that you can write lots of words article after going to observatory and restaurant

    i can’t write words and writing this comment took about 25 minutes

      1. i extremely love any video about the Holy Grail and writing this comment because don’t understand how comments work and don;t know to tell if so;me;one has pposted comment and comments seem in different order from way people posting them and i really dnt know how to use computers

        1. M, the comments here on b&c don’t have ‘reply’ after each and comment like they do on old Merovee. Perhaps I can fix that. But it’s not just you, for some reason this WordPress theme is different. I think it is symbolic that we are all one mind and we are all one thing commenting!

      1. hello anonymous and thank you and i really don;t like writing words and i think i would like to stop writing words in computers and if is stop writing words in computers i can be doing something else

      2. I know what you mean, M. And yet still I babble and babble and babble. My fingers have a life of their own. Lol.

        I for one would like to hear what you think because I don’t read minds and the more the Mary-er.

        (Ps, Frank, I hate how I can’t post comments unless I fill out the forms. Grr)

        1. Anon

          It’s out of my control. I’ll have a look in the settings.

          You should try this some time !

          I’ve pressed a button. Hopefully that may help. Try it .

          I’ve put comments on Merovee same as B&C so should work.

          1. hello anonymous and about writing words in computer i think talking to people in computers is almost impossible and other people know how to talk in computers and thank you for responding to comment and i don’t know how to respond to your commment in comment that is under box where your comment is and supernatural things happen in my computer making it even more difficult to talk or write words in computer and right now won’t write more words in computer and i would extremely love to be in same place where Holy Grail is and then I wouldn’t talk in computer anymore and then any people who would like to be talking to me could go to house where i am and talk to me or i could to houses of other people and talk to other people and then no need to talk to people in computers and i think other people like talking in computers which is OK and i think i would like to be doing something other than talking in computers and i think possibly i will stop talking in computer and i think anyway no person would like to be reading words that i write in computer and i think no person would like to be reading this comment and OK that is comment and right now won’t write more words of comment

  5. funny about porpoise and think incredible that any person can write words in computer and i extremely can’t do anything other than find places in the realm and i would extremely like to be doing nothing other than seeing michael jackson and seeing places in the realm

    would love to be in any secret society that michael jackson would like to be in

      1. hello gene of isis and this is reply to your reply saying that i will see michael jordan and i there is extremely nothing more wonderful than seeing michael jordan and I extremely love michael jordan more than anything and michael jordan is extremely perfect and more than perfect and i think no person would like to be reading this comment and possibly michael jordan would like to be reading this comment and i meant to be writing michael jackson and when i write things in computer i need to go back and change things that i wrote becuase i dindn’t write them the way i meant to write them and if i change things it takes really really long time to write comment and that is why i’m not changing comment and anyway i think nobody will read this comment and anyway i would only like to be saying that i extremely extremely love and more than love michael jackson and i think michael jackson is totally perfect and extremely more than perfect and I really do love michael jackson more than anything and actually i love michael jackson more than everything and michael jackson is everything to me and OK that is comment about michael jackson and right now i will stop writing comment

      1. hello gene of isis and this is reply to your reply about tennesse person being inducted into hall of fame and i think the tennessee person is person who is extremely not from this world

  6. message to frank, meant to say i think we will find out and wrote i also think we will find out because thought you wrote think we will find out and then saw you wrote hope we will find out and i think we will find out and i think talking with computers is really difficult and i don;t know how these comment things work and don;t know how to respond directly to your comment which is why responding to your comment in comment that is bottom comment and not comment under you comment and right now will stop writing words of comment

  7. Jenny, funniest comet ever! I get it! Can’t wait to read all comments. But that one is last or first in email. Sounds like a thought “I’ve been waiting forever…”
    Of course, no one “dies”. But consciousness “filters”.
    Interesting that my cat’s fountain-makers filters are on back-order right now…🤔
    Feeling and filling the thoths. It is. And is not. 💥

  8. interesting
    all november i’m studying nostradamus prophecies

    From the green pillar stretched the Dolphin, the symbol of the Black Herzog and the second incarnation of one person of Christ:

    Oceanus e Tethys Mosaico. Detalhe lateral: Eros monta um golfinho.

    1. Rain, it seems to be saying something about Atlantis. And I have always thought Atlantis was a symbol of being connected in the aether. A new communication, which we are witnessing right now. Welcome to Atlantis!

    1. “The stela belongs to a group of stelae known as the “Cippi of Horus” or ‘Stelae of Horus on the crocodiles’. These types of stelae were used to protect the ancient Egyptian people from dangerous animals such as crocodiles and snakes. The Magical Stela is one of the largest and most complete of this kind.
      For over two thousand years, the stela was missing until it was discovered in a wall that was excavated in a Franciscan monastery. The stela was then presented to Austrian statesman, Prince Metternich in 1828 by Muhammad Ali Pasha, the ruler of Egypt, and Metternich had stored it in his Kynžvart Castle (in Bohemia) where the stela remained until 1950, being then purchased by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (where it was known for many years as the Metternich Stela).”

      The Aeon

      “The Aeon is the trump of time and the changes dictated by the times, it addresses finality and destruction as well as liberation, hope and redemption.

      The Aeon is the symbol for the Rise of Phoenix, it stands for a time of insight, the true understanding of the circle of life, of growing and fading. The card tells us that we should leave our ‘frog perspective’ and watch the things from a higher level, that the time has come to face the new, that we need a good overview to build our ‘Utopia’.

      In older decks the Aeon is called ‘Judgment’, dealing with resurrection and redemption. The limitation of this view is the involuntary association to a ‘court of law’, to the Christian concept of a ‘Resurrection’ where the pious may rise and the rest must burn.

      Although trump XX indeed does imply a judgement, it wouldn’t be appropriate to restrict this meaning with such a superstitious simplification.”

      “Drive: Birth, renewal, transformation, the realization of Utopia

      Light: Knowledge of coherences, widened perception and the liberation of hidden abilities”

      IMO, judgement isn’t about confessing and sinning, etc., but just more like what do you want and what do you not want.

  9. The Schrödinger’s Cat Trilogy is a trilogy of novels by American writer Robert Anton Wilson consisting of The Universe Next Door, The Trick Top Hat, and The Homing Pigeons, each illustrating a different interpretation of quantum physics. Wilson is also co-author of The Illuminatus! Trilogy, and Schrödinger’s Cat is a sequel of sorts, re-using several of the same characters and carrying on many of the themes of the earlier work.

    The one-volume edition currently in print is significantly shorter than the original three-volume edition. This is not a difference in print size or removal of redundant “recaps”; it is missing a noticeable amount of material, including many entire chapters.

    The name Schrödinger’s Cat comes from a thought experiment in quantum mechanics. The first book, The Universe Next Door, takes place in different universes in accord with the many worlds interpretation of quantum physics; in the second, The Trick Top Hat, characters are unknowingly connected through non-locality, i.e., having once crossed paths they are joined in quantum entanglement; and the third book, The Homing Pigeons, places characters in an “observer-created universe” in which Consciousness Causes the Collapse of the wavefunction.

    Taking place in Unistat, which is the novel’s parallel to the United States, the novels have intertwining plots involving a wide array of characters, including:

    Epicene Wildeblood, a.k.a. Mary Margaret Wildeblood, a transsexual woman who throws great parties
    Frank Dashwood, president of Orgasm Research
    Markoff Chaney, a prankster
    Hugh Crane, a.k.a. Cagliostro the Great, a mystic and magician
    Furbish Lousewart V, author and President of Unistat
    Marvin Gardens, author and cocaine addict
    Eve Hubbard, scientist and alternate President of Unistat

    1. Detecting a pattern ?

      Frank Dashwood : President of Orgasm Research and Mary Wildeblood and Mark Chaney and Hugh Crane 🤔

      Epicene Wildeblood, a.k.a. Mary Margaret Wildeblood, a transsexual woman who throws great parties
      Frank Dashwood, president of Orgasm Research
      Markoff Chaney, a prankster
      Hugh Crane, a.k.a. Cagliostro the Great, a mystic and magician

  10. Jenny, the Zodiac Room is next to Neiman MARCus!

    “Appetite for excellence. Take lunching to the next level at The Zodiac®, our elegant restaurant in the original Neiman Marcus Downtown Dallas. This venerable dining destination, which has been serving fine cuisine for over 50 years, features an exquisite, classic menu selection. Taste one of our delicious seasonal entrée selections or experience the famous Mandarin Orange Soufflé again for the first time.”

    It looks beautiful. The pics look like another version of the Overlook, or at least the pics look like a shot from Stanley Kubrick.

    Eyes Wide Shut at the Zodiac.

    1. hello gene of isis,

      person i know used to say that Neiman Marcus is called Neiman Snarkus which i think meant that people who go to Neiman Marcus like to buy expensive or fancy things and i think snark means to make a snide remark about something and possibly people in Neiman Marcus make snide remarks about products in that store

      also, seeing that Snark definition is this:

      A creature defined in Lewis Carroll’s “The Hunting of the Snark”. Decribed as those creatures “that have feathers, and bite, and those that have whiskers, and scratch”.
      “If your Snark be a Snark, that is right:
      Fetch it home by all means—you may serve it with greens,
      And it’s handy for striking a light.
      You may seek it with thimbles—and seek it with care;
      You may hunt it with forks and hope;
      You may threaten its life with a railway-share;
      You may charm it with smiles and soap—”

      the poem has words forks and greens and greens are kind of food and there is a Zodiac restaurant next to Neiman Marcus and i extremely love Zodiac things that the Holy Grail tells me about and I extremely love going to any kind of restaurant with the Holy Grail and I extremely love eating greens in local restaurant places of the town where I am and I extremely love going to those local restaurants with the Holy Grail

      OK that is comment and I extremely love the Holy Grail


      1. M, I extremely love Orion! And Orion’s Belt has a horse and a pyramid on it and was custom made!
        A Snark sounds like a wonderful creature and I would charm it with smiles and soap. That sounds kind of sexual and charming 😉
        M, we are chilling out before tutoring. Charlie is definitely happy about feeling better and not seeming thrilled about tutoring or going back to school tomorrow. I’m just so happy he feels better!

        1. hello gene of isis and i extremely love and more than love The Goddess whose symbol is The Horse and The Pyramid and that is the goddess who is also a sandwich and I extremely love talking to sandwich in code and the Snark thinks the sandwich is absolutely and extremely charming and i think all people think the sandwich is absolutely and extremely charming and the sandwich is also perfectly sexy and perfectly beautiful in the way that rib-eye steak is perfectly sexy and perfectly beautiful and probably some people are wondering why i am writing that food is perfectly sexy and perfectly beautiful and I am writing that because I really think the ribeye steak sandwich is the sexiest and most beautiful food in the world and about The Leader of The World, I think probably The Leader of The World doesn’t really mind learning things about the world and probably The Leader of The World feels really perfect and probably The Leader of The World will feel perfect tomorrow when learning things about the world and probably The Leader of The World will feel perfect for the rest of eternity or if The Leader of The World doesn’t always feel perfect then The Leader of The World will always feel and be more than OK and The Leader of The World will eventually always feel perfect and I would love for all people to always feel perfect and OK that is comment and right now won’t write more of this comment


  11. hello frank and i think mary margaret wildeblood throws really perfect parties and i don’t think frank dashwood is an extremely wonderful person who created a really perfect website publication and I don’t think anything in particular about frank dashwood being president of organization or if I think about frank dashwood being president of organization then i think frank dashwood has interesting name about really big organization and about hugh crane i think hugh crane really is a mystic and a magician and i think hugh crane really is cagliostro the great and i think everything about hugh crane is an excellent and wonderful and about Mark or Markoff Chaney i don’t think he’s a prankster and i think Mark or Markoff Chaney was a person who was thinking that he would like people of the frank dashwood website to be in a secret revolution organization and Mark or Markoff Chaney was making up some things to make the secret revolution organization seem more interesting and Mark or Markoff Chaney really did think that it would be interesting if people of the Frank Dashwood website were to be in secret organization that can talk in code or symbols in way that people on that website are always talking and right now Mark or Markoff chenay would not like to be in any secret organization and right now Mark or Markoff Chaney would not like to be using computer for anything and Mark or Markoff Chaney would like to be doing nothing other than seeing the Holy Grail and when Holy Grail is doing something and can’t be where I am the only things Mark or Markoff Chaney would like to be doing are eating and sleeping and making a document about restaurants and other places to go and walking places and seeing cat in house where Mark or Markoff Chaney is and right now can’t think of anything else that Mark or Markoff Chaney would be doing and OK that is comment and right now I would like to stop writing words in computer

  12. i think the music in those you-tubes is really nice music and the second you-tube seeming to be in The Realm and i extremely love being in The Realm and i don’t know how to find any you-tubes that are saying what i would like to be saying and only you-tube i am finding right now is one you-tube about a Genie called Jordan and here is you-tube

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