It’s MINE, borders, quackery, and OZ

Ducktown, Tennessee is a small town on the Tennessee-Georgia-North Carolina border with rolling hills and beautiful mountain scenery. It was once inhabited by the Cherokee, supposedly led by Chief Duck, hence the name.



It’s MINE!

The Ducktown Basin, or Copper Basin, is located in the extreme southeast corner of Polk County, Tennessee.  Three veins of copper run through the basin and each attracted several mining companies ready to exploit the resource.
The early inhabitants of the Basin were Cherokee Indian farmers who were hunters and produced some copper.  By the Treaty of New Echota in 1836 they gave up many of their lands, including those in the Copper Basin.  Many of the Indians who remained in the Basin after the treaty were removed by the U.S. Army in 1838 during the TRAIL of Tears.




Sung by Elizabeth Mitchell 😉

US. It is made for You and for Me.

Interestingly, there is a Ducktown in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


Ducktown is a historically Italian American district of Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States, stretching from Missouri Avenue to Texas Avenue. The Press of Atlantic City called the neighborhood “Atlantic City’s Little Italy.””

Trump called the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City the “eighth wonder of the world”

“Atlantic City fueled a lot of growth for me,” Mr. Trump said in an interview in May, summing up his 25-year history here. “The money I took out of there was incredible.”

Try to guess the name of the lounge inside the Trump Taj Mahal…

Ego sounds like Eco, and eco refers to the earth, or the heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Anyway, in other news, I found another white rabbit.


This sign in front of a store called Weird Oh in McCaysville, Georgia.


McCaysville, Georgia  is right next to Copperhill, Tennessee. Copperhill is a stone’s throw from Ducktown. This entire area is called the Copper Basin. Back to Weird Oh…



Everything is upside down! And looks what’s in the WALL! (eagle-eyed Jenny B spotted this from my pics. The TARDIS is in the wall).



Water, Fire, Air, Earth…and the FIFTH element…

In Copperhill-McCaysville, there’s a blue line that runs through it. Two states at once, although it feels like one town.


Plasma and vapor?

And there’s a bridge with a somewhat random memorial to the Space Shuttle Challenger…



Francis Scobee! You’re the (would-have-been) observer, again. (1986, noted!)

“The smelting process used to separate the copper from the rock took a devastating toll on the environment. Deforestation and acid rain killed all the vegetation and gave way to massive topsoil erosion. At its low point the Copper Basin was the only man made desert you could see from space.”


Across from the Pearly Gates in Copperhill-McCaysville is a little chapel.




I don’t know what takes place everyday at 11 am, but this is what it looks like inside.



We noticed these 10 commandments statue things were all around the area. There’s more to say about this in a bit.


Back track to Ducktown for a minute. We went into this tiny little city hall of Ducktown.


There was a nice lady working there at a desk and perhaps one other person in an office and that’s about it. The walls were mostly bare, except for these two pictures.

The Challenger crew keeps popping up.


Roger Crouch is from Tennessee and apparently was living in Polk County (Ducktown, TN), around the time he was in high school. According to NASA, he is colorblind, but that didn’t stop him.

Astronauts are definitely a theme on this excursion. And another Frank, or Francis being one of them. Frank was the only person not on earth during 9/11.

The Copper Basin was once a desert and supposedly recognizable from space. Some have compared it to Mars.

Not Mars! Ducktown, Tennessee


This is what it looks like today.


Another interesting thing, the mine in Ducktown is called the Burra Burra mine, named after the area in OZstralia.





Just beyond this fence, is a huge sinkhole from all the mining.




The Burra Burra Mine

Also in Ducktown 🙂

After Ducktown and Copperhill/McCaysville, we went to Murphy, North Carolina. In Murphy, there is a park called Fields of the Wood and has the largest representation of the Ten Commandments, in the world.

good lord.

And it may or may not be obvious, but this here is Golgotha.


And, once you’re an initiate, you see the signs of THE ORDER OF THE DOLPHIN!

spotted in an Irish pub in Murphy, NC


Jupiter, FL is close to Mar-a-Lago.




I think Frank mentioned Cornwall in his last article.


I’m ending this abruptly because I have to get ready for Valentine’s. Happy Valentine’s Day! All you need is…

M ❤️

Copper MINE and YOURS


51 thoughts on “It’s MINE, borders, quackery, and OZ”

  1. i extremeleyly love your article and I can’t write words anymore extremely extremely love my Sister and everything can disappear

      1. the WORDpress of god takes away all symbolism of emojis.
        It’s like the babble says…make no image of meow meow, or else meow meow meow.
        The “holy” babble is about as sturdy as Donald Duck trump’s wall

        1. MJ, you haven’t built an empire (unlike Trump) but imagine that your home is the equivalent. How would you feel if you came back from a trip to the shops to find your back garden occupied by a neighbour, who brushes aside your objections by using your own argument against you? Obviously you’d say something like “This is my home, I worked for it, I built it, I maintain it, and I want you out!”, and he’d fire back with “But it’s made for you and me! You said so!”

          Now imagine that this neighbour of yours encourages more and more people to encroach on your property, so that every time you come home you find your garden full of strangers and your backdoor kicked in because they’ve taken a fancy to the contents of your fridge and basically think they own the place. How many intrusions would you tolerate before saying “Fuck this, I’m gonna build a nice big wall to keep the bastards out!”?

          Maybe you should stop wailing away on Trump’s plums for a few seconds and ask why he wants to build the wall. I think you’ll find it has a little something to do with Tennis, see?

          1. I don’t want to build an “empire”. I also would like to be free of the empire.
            I have always written about things in a symbolic way. If someone is looking for a blog that has a smart discussion on all the things wrong with the wall, and all the humanitarian things going on as well, this is not the blog to read.
            If we are in a simulation, then there really is no wall anyway and that leaves room for what’s what in the first place.
            When I put the ‘this land is your land’ video, I was thinking of it from a Native American perspective, who thought of land belonging to no one.
            The wall won’t work because walls don’t keep people out. And from a big picture perspective, I guess I think it feels like we are on repeat and maybe something different would be refreshing. The world stays in a dense state because it’s always this or that.
            I think its not this or that. It feels like more than that to me.
            What do you think?
            And of course I don’t want anybody coming over and getting even more bossy than it already is. For example, can you believe half the population wears a black tent in the desert and can’t be without an escort? That’s crazy. Do I also acknowledge that it happens in the Middle East (the ME), and that’s where the isis crisis is? Yep. I would love to fix me. And in no way do I want to infringe on anybody else. Maybe it’s easy. Maybe its right in front of me. I never claimed to be the smartest kid in the class.

            But as far as how many intrusions can I take…well, so far it feels a day doesn’t go by. That’s why we aren’t really talking about a wall. Maybe you shouldn’t read this blog if you don’t like it. Is someone forcing you?
            Didn’t think so.

            1. Gene of Isis, about fixing the ME , I think the ME is extremely perfect and nothing to fix

              possibly the only crisis is thinking that there is something to fix and possibly everything is OK and all people are OK and all people will eventually be somewhere else or all people won’t be people anymore and either way right now being in world is OK and unpleasant things happen and then pleasant or nice things happen and everything is everything and everything is what it is or how it is and OK that is what i think and right now i am going to permanently stop writing words in computers

          2. hello Hugo and interesting point, but i think people from Mexico and other Latin American places aren’t occupying backyards of people and some of the people from those countries are mowing the grass of the backyards of people and other people from those countries are doing basically the same things that other people are doing when living in usa country and probably people from Latin American countries and people from usa country and england country and all other countries would prefer to be getting free blips from someone and i think nobody would like to create free blips for people which makes sense because nothing is real and people don’t really need blips for anything or all people will somehow get enough blips until all people realize that they don’t really need blips because nothing is real and meanwhile it’s OK if anyone would like to create free blips for people and it’s OK if nobody would like to create free blips for people and all things people do are OK and all things that people don’t do are OK and crap happens and then people are OK and in the long run all people are more than OK and right now all people are excellent and all things that people do are excellent and I think talking to people in computers is a retarded thing to be doing and i am going to permanently stop writing words of comment in computers


          3. Hugo, Trump says he wants to stop the ”invasion” into US and therefore needs a wall. In fact there is no invasion along the border he’s identified and he knows it. His own homeland security department says so. The wall, imo, was to be a slush fund for the trump empire – a white elephant construction project to launder money, etc. It has nothing to do with security and you can see that in his own hiring practices with which he has hired illegal immigrants en masse. That’s one point. The other point is, using your analogy, the US IS NOT Trump’s “home” – it was not built by him and he doesn’t own it. He’s an ill eagle if there ever was one.

            1. Anon, I commented in the hope that MJ (given that she seems to have a lot to say on the subject) might offer some insight into why Trump wants to build the wall and what the wall itself symbolises, rather than merely attacking him for wanting to build it.

              As for what ‘his’ Covenant goons have to say, they probably have said, and will continue to say, the sort of things that Covenant goons tend to say.

              1. Well if you would’ve said that in the first place…
                I say that about the wall because a wall is a symbol of fear (IMO).
                There is no wall here. Any old goon can comment, obviously …
                If you want details then read the pages of this blog starting from 2014. Through the years, my opinions and thoughts have changed. But the pattern is there.

    1. That is a perfect emperor trump with his s-words held up with Twitter birds! 😂
      I think he’s the least scary person in the world.
      Venus in Copper.
      Copper and iron make a good magnet. A copper coil or copper tube will make you levitate
      Here’s Mark tinkering with magnets ☺️

  2. The upside down room is completely discombobulating to my senses! It’s like being in two states at once! 🙂 And you ran into a white rabbit!

    Happy V Day to you and M. ❤ Enjoy the ride.

    1. Doesn’t that look wild?! It was. Super cool store with fun things. Weird Oh. That’s me. And the wall of weird…I don’t want to speak for everyone but it could be the meroveeps 😄
      Happy valentines! ❤️

  3. hello Gene of Isis and happy valentines day and i really and extremely think it is almost impossible to write words saying what i would like to say and after this comment i am going to permanently stop writing words in computers because anything i write is similar to comment which is just a lot of words that no person would like to be reading but i extremely love your article and will write lots of words about what i am thinking after reading your article and probably you won’t read this comment and i extremely love your article and i extremely love my sister and i think it would be more than OK to swirl around in cosmos place or possibly sister would like to keep existing in world or in some kind of heaven meets world place and about symbols in your article different people see different things in the same symbols and i don’t know meaning of the wall and think you were saying it is about ego and i think the wall is symbolic of something keeping people in the world and i think there is no such thing as ego because all people are the same thing and ego is an illusion and about about history of ducktown i think it’s interesting that russian and eastern european people went to ducktown and those russian or eastern european (e.g. lithuanian) people were family people of brother who were probably meeting family people of cherokee Sister and brother extremely loves Sister and about the last you-tube in your article i don’t know meaning of the you-tube and i think it is you-tube about me and probably other people think it is you-tube about something else and about the televangelist and christian you-tubes i think people in those you-tubes are interesting and wonderful and what i think doesn’t matter and i think i will stop saying or writing anything that i think other you-tubes in your article have codes that i was seeing and different people see different things in the same you-tubes and anyway the point of this comment and the point of everything is that brother extremely extremely loves Sister and that is what this comment is about and OK that is comment written by person who extremely finds it almost impossible to write words in computers and right now won’t write more words of comment and happy valentines day to the extremely and totally perfect and more than perfect Goddess whose family person is mayor of the town close to the gateway to the realm and brother extremely extremely love and more than Mega Love the Goddess who is Sister and that is comment and thank you

  4. hello anonymous and thank you for saying happy valetine’s day and happy valentine’s day to your house and happy valentines day to the houses of all people and all cats, dogs, critters, and creatures

  5. Hello Gene of Isis, and here is Valentine’s Day you-tube of brother and sister getting married and being dead and alive at same time and i don’t know meaning of being dead and alive at same time and i think being dead is something about being in world and i think alive is something about being partly out of world or possibly it means something else and anyway i think this valentine’s day you-tube is interesting:

  6. that dead and alive you-tube and valentine’s day comment was comment from M and using computers is really difficult which is why it is saying comment by anonymous

  7. hello Gene of Isis, probably you will be in other house for Valentine’s Day, or anyway probably you will be in other house for most of daylight on Valentine’s Day, but here is Valentine’s Day you-tube saying options:

  8. hello Gene of Isis,

    here is you-tube of brother singing valentine song with Sister’s telephone number because Sister probably in other house on valentine’s day and brother think Sister is extremely perfect anywhere Sister is:


    1. Hi M! 😍
      Happy Valentine’s Day! I love these videos! I am about to go to valentines party at Charlie’s school.
      These videos are really awesome. The one by tommy tutone is a great song and the prefix 867 is local. It was common in east ridge where I grew up. That song was really popular and it was like it was about people around here because number sounded so familiar.
      I will certainly see you later, Valentine 😍

  9. hello Gene of Isis,

    here is valentine’s day you-tube of brother singing song about calling Sister’s telephone number for a good time:


  10. hello Gene of Isis,

    when i was in high school i was listening to the 8375-309 song and right now i think i was listening to song about my Sister’s telephone number and here is you-tube of brother singing valentine’s day song about Sister:

      1. hello anonymous and that is funny

        this is a fucktard world and talking with computers is retarded and i would love to get out of the room where i am and i think all people should get out of the rooms where they are and do something other than talk on computers and if people would like to keep talking on computers that is OK and would like to be doing something else

      2. hello anonymous and that is funny

        this is a fucktard world and talking with computers is retarded and i would like to get out of the room where i am and i think all people would like to get out of the rooms where they are and do something other than talk on computers or if people would like to keep talking on computers that is OK with me and i would like to be doing something other than talking to people in computers

  11. hello Gene of Isis,

    here is valentine’s day song called “Perfect” and brother is person who didn’t yet get haircut and song is about Sister

    right now won’t write more words of comment

  12. you-tube in previous comment was supposed to be this valentine’s day you-tube called “Perfect” which is you-tube brother who didn’t yet get haircut singing song about Sister

    talking with computers is extremely difficult and right now will stop talking with computer

  13. hello Gene of Isis,

    think you will love going to school of kid people and think probably boy kid person in school would like to be with Twin Sister of boy kid person

    right now will stop talking with computer

  14. right now thinking comments section is for writing about things in article and not for writing comments like the comments that i was writing and my comments are comments that no person will read and right now i am going to permanently stop writing words of comment in computers

  15. Gene of Isis, person doing things with magnets is interesting and i didn’t know that magnets can float in air when they are in silver or copper tubes

  16. about the wall, i think there are people who would like to be in America and i think there are people who would like to keep people out of America and i think all people are excellent and interesting

    i also think there is an esoteric or symbolic meaning of the wall that isn’t about the actual wall built by president trump, and writing words is difficult and i am going to permanently stop writing words in computers

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