The Heart Project Pt. 2

The electromagnetic universe theory and the coming catastrophe. Not a catastrophe as in, you need to start prepping, but more like what opening the weapon was in Arrival.

Perhaps it is the ultimate annihilation of the ego, or who and what we think we are and our relation to each other.

The wall at the wall.

Or it seems to hint at such an upgrade of understanding of energy, that the next place will have no resemblance to this one.

Jenny B said once that when we look up at the sky, it is as though we are looking at a Petri dish. Our perspective is that it is ‘little us’ and the big out there, but what if it is a reversal, and that you really can’t think of it that way, anyway. What is the moon? What is the Sun? What are stars?


If you listen to this video, possibly you hear the code I hear. A cosmic event takes place where the field of this existence changes so drastically that the sun, being the transformer that it is, unleashes a storm that would “fry” this reality, yet since this reality is what our minds imagine and interpret, we’ve already imagined a cosmic alignment of a great shift, or jumping universes, that right now we would imagine old earth having some record of this current civilization. Like we see remnants of more sophisticated past civilizations, they haven’t happened yet, they are going to.

Everything hints that we are at Golgotha, the place of the skull.


Skull and Bones, 3/22


There are 22 bones in the human skull. 3/22 could be symbolic of having knowledge of this electromagnetic field we are in, as a Rosicrucion once told me that our bones are the antennae that connect us all.

three times twenty-two


What are you?



Another alternative location of Golgotha has been proposed by Rodger Dusatko, a missionary in Germany. He claims that the location of Golgotha is just outside the Lions Gate.




Total Recall


The Holy Temple




17 thoughts on “The Heart Project Pt. 2”

      1. It’s bonkers! Frank, it’s not easy, either. I never get used to it because of the feeling of being on the verge of something is unsettling.
        Deer are a symbol of moon goddess, Diana. And only a couple of days ago I found out venison is connected to Venus, meaning “the hunt”, or the chase.
        But all of that is old way and the new thing is here. The heart chakra, the lion, green Venus, etc.
        Like the lion in oz.

    1. That weather screenshot is just too exactly going to melt into shimmer!
      And everything can be traced back to 9/11 somehow if you go looking. Makes me dizzy.
      Sometimes I think time is forwards and backwards but we see more forwards. Perhaps extra dimensional is the most accurate.

        1. Hi Jenny! Seems like you are doing fine in the storm?! I keep thinking about you saying the sky is like a Petri dish. It absolutely is. Everything is imagination. And I love that! But when people say they want to go to mars, they need to let go of their logic mind a bit, right? This human suit isn’t really here. So you can go to Mars anytime you like.
          Here’s another thing that has been happening: do you have a communication crisis? Like, at any given time? Walk into a store and ask a question and somebody looks at you like you are from another planet? That has been happening.
          Look at that cute little cow! They should name it Janus 🙂

  1. The wind was intense yesterday morning but I slept through most of the storm. I think it might be heading your way(?) As if you haven’t had enough rain, lately.

    And, like you, I want to learn every Culture in the Petri dish. See everything and know everything and never stop seeing and learning! It makes life so fun!!! To Mars if that’s where we want to go. It also more exciting to see, do, and learn with loved ones and those who experience things in a similar way as you do.

    Janus – exactly my thought…but not surprised you had it. 🙂

  2. everything really is totally and completely beyond words, but you have a way of saying things in the most perfect way and all articles by gene of isis are perfectly beautiful and beyond words perfect

  3. hello Gene of Isis,

    the only you-tube of the movie arrival with an opening the weapon that i see is a scene in the movie about a “weapon opening time” and in the scene there’s a person talking to someone called Costello. There’s also someone called Louise or Lucy.

    Does Costello know about the next world or dimension? Does Lucy know about the next world or dimension? I think probably Lucy or Costello know a lot about the next world or dimension, and impossible to describe in words:

    here’s the “weapon opening time” scene:

    1. Yes, I meant that she is allowed to “see” and communicate in higher ways than normal. When you hear about nuclear explosions or solar flares, I feel like those are “weapons” that allow expanded consciousness. We live in a dream of fear. They are also fearsome.

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