Cetacean Alchemy

Remember when google translate prophesied the end of the world?



Most of the strange responses are if you type letters in Somali, but a few days ago, we discovered a WHALE of a find!

A Westin hotel opened in Chattanooga in December of 2017. They renovated a 1970s building that I always called ‘the gold building’. It was a Blue Cross insurance building and honestly, looked rather dated. However, the renovation looks solid gold and has incredible symbolism.


“In Chinese Buddhism, the West represents movement toward the Buddha or enlightenment. The ancient Aztecs believed that the West was the realm of the great goddess of water, mist, and maize. In Ancient Egypt, the West was considered to be the portal to the netherworld, and is the cardinal direction regarded in connection with death, though not always with a negative connotation. Ancient Egyptians also believed that the Goddess Amunet was a personification of the West. The Celts believed that beyond the western sea off the edges of all maps lay the Otherworld, or Afterlife.

In Judaism, west is seen to be toward the Shekinah (presence) of God, as in Jewish history the Tabernacle and subsequent Jerusalem Temple faced east, with God’s Presence in the Holy of Holies up the steps to the west. According to the Bible, the Israelites crossed the Jordan River westward into the Promised Land. In Islam, while in India, people pray facing towards the west as in respect to Mecca, Mecca is in the West-ward direction.

In American literature (e.g., in The Great Gatsby) moving West has sometimes symbolized gaining freedom, perhaps as an association with the settling of the Wild West (see also Manifest Destiny).”  –wikipedia

the Gold building
transformed. The address: 801 Pine Street 🙂

In the pic above, you can see right under the Westin sign, a space where the windows are different. This is the location of Alchemy, the rooftop bar.


You can get there by elevator, or a spiral staircase (which they decided to leave as part of the renovation, as it is original to the building). Frank mentioned a spiral staircase in an article the other day.


I haven’t watched the show yet, but I understand The OA is a portal of a show!


If one ascends the stairs that journey is probably positive, hopeful, or purposeful; however, if one descends the stairs that journey might be negative, confusing, or depressing. Moreover, the type of staircase is also important to its symbolic meaning. A traditional staircase is straightforward and suggests an uncomplicated route. Conversely, a spiral, twisted staircase may suggest mystery and disorientation. Lastly, staircases can also be looked at as a link. Literally, a staircase connects two floors. Figuratively, and more vaguely, a staircase is simply a passageway which can unite any two things, places, ideas, or states of being.Stepping on Symbols: Staircases and Symbolism in THE VIRGIN SUICIDES

the spiral staircase in the Westin


The other night, M and I were sitting up at Alchemy having a drink, and I asked him, “what do those letters mean?”

as seen from the rooftop bar

He said “it’s an Icelandic name of a company that owns the parking garage.”

me: “huh?”

M: “no,…actually, its the something to do with a Scandinavian consulate in the building.”

me: “what?! That doesn’t sound right. That’s kind of  bizarre you would say that.”

M: “Right. I used to know what they mean. I read something about it. I think it’s just a word scramble.”

And he continues to go back and forth between the possibilities trying to remember, he gets frustrated and grabs my phone to google it. I’m sitting there telling him that those possibilities are all completely different and its always amusing to watch this happen (because I have never seen such phenomena before). This has happened on a couple occasions. It’s like he’s accessing parallel universes where they’re all true. (I would also like to point out that it is very mysterious because we asked several people who worked there what it is, and one said it was a word scramble, the other said it was “something abstract”, and I just think a corporation like Westin wouldn’t put permanent letters, which aren’t changed, just for a word scramble. Really thinking that is unlikely.)

Finally, M says, “It means something in Icelandic or Welsh or something. Type it in google translate!”

I did and it means nothing. He tells me “you have to put a space.”


Please wait? For what? I start putting more spaces.



Wales, like Cornwall, has its own history and culture, and it’s something to do with the garden and being connected.


In Season 2, Episode 5 of The OA, titled “The Medium and the Engineer,” O.A. and Karim venture into the mysterious mansion that’s been luring people into its depths. They separate, and O.A. finds a window looking out on the large tree growing in the house’s front yard. She steps out onto a branch, but it cracks, sending her plunging down through the ground until she’s caught by a large root, which forms itself around her like a chair. As soon as she arrives, glittering messages expand outward like ripples amongst the roots of the trees. There are even shots of little fungi bubbling in excitement. The trees called her with the wind, they say — the very same wind O.A. heard when she was shot outside the school in the Season 1 finale.

“The one who seeks to own you is going to make a powerful discovery,” they tell her, hinting at Hap’s knowledge of the seeds in everyone’s brain, and how he can use them to build a rudimentary map of the multiverse out of leaves and roots. “The only way to recover is to form a tribe,” they say. When O.A. insists that she can figure out how to escape by herself, the trees disagree: “No tree survives alone in the forest. When one tree falls ill, we all send food. For if one tree dies, the canopy is broken. Then all suffer the weather and pestilence that flood in.” The family O.A. built for herself in Season 1, with Steve and Buck and French and B.B.A. and the others, are vital to her survival. No one can do all those movements by herself.


A tree and a spiral come to mind…



The direction west is at 270 degrees. The number 27 is a moon number and west is also associated with the element water and the sign Scorpio.


27.3…that sounds familiar. And the hotel connection.


A hotel, Apollo (Sun), landing on the Moon, and DNAny.


Clicky, if you’re reading, I know you have often discussed the Shining. In this particular hotel, the Westin, a restaurant on the bottom floor is called Dorato, which means gold. Also, somebody works in the tower!


And Dorado, which is a southern constellation, is a dolphinfish.


Ceta, SETI…ET. Is anybody out there?



I find the google translate strangeness interesting, because it seems data and languages are converging, and messages are coming through. I decided to try the Welsh word in Somali, using certain phrases in (two-letter, then a space, repeat, etc.), to see what would happen.




And 9/11 always fits in.


The house of the house? Y, that would be the Holy of Holies in the Temple! The polarized field of our mind and its dream. Throw in some fire in the form of lightning, on top of the memory (water), and BAM! You’ve got a world!


“The project balcony has been developed from a very strong desire to step outside a window on 91st floor. The balcony is about the feeling you have when you stand on it and about the pleasure you absorb, when being totally dependent on a structure and atmosphere you have created yourself.”
–Gelatin Artist’s Statement


Uh oh. A disturbance in the f137d.


Total Recall. Of Atlantis? Dolphins and whales make me think of Atlantis, the power center of connectedness that fell into the sea. The missing plane, LOST at sea, and the OA, which makes me think of Oannes, the fish god, like the Merovingian  fish god, Dagon.

Pope Francis, nice hat!


The Nummo: The Truth About Human Origins.  By Shannon Dorey

Atlantis also stirs thoughts of Neptune. His symbols are: Trident, horse, dolphin, bull.

Jason Momoa

This is an excellent video about the power and symbolism of Neptune. Before listening to this, I was unaware of how powerful this energy is and the influence on our experience. “Neptune strips away Saturn’s powers.” Wow. What is dream and what is real? That’s Neptune stuff.

On the subject of Atlantis, time travel, real/illusion…Enchantment Under the Sea.

Marty McFly. His girlfriend is Jennifer.

Trump tower, his son Baron the time traveler, and the Chicago Cubs win. Anybody dizzy yet? Hold on, we’re not even close to being finished!



In Back to the Future, Biff/Trump has Pleasure Paradise.

Remember this for something in a bit, this is a tapestry.

I have a thing for rooftop bars. In Chicago, I went to the rooftop bar here.


We had these drinks.


The London House is right across the street.


as a mirror rooftop bar.


Chicago has lots of water and Neptune symbolism. We went to the Intercontinental just to check it out. It used to be the Shriner’s Athletic Club. It’s something you don’t want to miss if you go to Chicago.


All waters run into the sea

And the Chicago Cultural Center. The Order of the Dolphin.


It has an amazing dome with the zodiac.


Is it just me, or does this restaurant in Dallas called the Zodiac have very Atlantis-themed colors? 🤔

The Zodiac at Nieman Marcus, Frankie’s Downtown, The Westin, West End Station, and The French Room

The Westin in Chattanooga is surrounded with similar symbolism and place names.

Westin, St. Catherine’s, Golden Gateway, Westside Park, and THE OVERLOOK! 😱

Sometimes you have to be in a place to experience something, and I know there is only so much I could translate here, but the area around where the Westin is has supernatural things happening. Perhaps someone would remember some pics I posted in a merovee comet about points of light or orbs that I saw another earlier time I went to Alchemy.

See the orb above the foggy church tower? I’m standing in the courtyard of the Westin taking this picture.

If you look at the screen shot of the map, you’ll see a CitiPark garage close by. I went to an event called the rooftop hop and we saw a murmuring of birds and I got an orb on video floating round almost them. We were on top of CitiPark garage.

Here’s the birds.

Here’s the orb. (and listen to the music)

I didn’t realize this at the time, but you’ll never guess the name of the band you hear on that rooftop.


Can you f*cking believe this?!

Wonderful event. I wish they will do it again.

Perhaps the most famous Westin is the St. Francis Westin in San Francisco.

“Part of the fame of the St. Francis was because of its legendary chef, Victor Hirtzler. Hirtzler learned to cook in Strasbourg, France, and then cooked for royal courts across Europe. According to Hirtzler, he had created a dish for King Carlos I of Portugal, called La Mousse Faisan Lucullus, a mousse of Bavarian pheasant’s breast and woodcock flavored with truffles, with a sauce of cognac, Madeira and champagne. The dish was so expensive, and the King ate it so frequently, that he bankrupted Portugal twice and was assassinated in 1908, followed by the downfall of Portuguese monarchy in 1910. Victor moved to New York, became the Chef of the Waldorf Hotel, and then was persuaded by the manager of the St. Francis, James Woods, to move to San Francisco.” –wikipedia

What is all this WESTERN stuff about? IMO, it’s about heaven meets earth, life and death, dreams and the illusion of sacrifice, and the big STEP.





The other day, M was helping me try to find someone to do CRISPR technology, even if it were a garage lab scientist. I have emailed quite a few people in the medical and genetic science field and NOBODY will call or email me back. Not one person. It seems like the answer is no. See, I don’t want to get my gene edited so I won’t get grey hair, I would like to NOT get cancer.

I did find this team of people working at “Edit US”.


Editas Medicine is ‘ME’








I think that team of US is a reflection of the biohackers.

The garage lab scientist is ODIN

The tree


The person who runs ODIN also has a biohacker convention in Vegas every year.



It’s at the Renaissance on Paradise Road.


View from the Renaissance


The strip in Paradise


from the gold building


Where are we? Who are we?


It time snu snu.

21 thoughts on “Cetacean Alchemy”

    1. I haven’t watch any the OA, MJ. I have, though, been remote viewing American Gods with Cade FON Apollyon…

      This time last year he introduced me to a western…

      Ian Mcshane has done well for himself. I remember watching him on Sunday evenings as Lovejoy…

      1. Ian McShane is wonderful! I didn’t know about him. Lovejoy is hilarious. And I’m that lady saying “you will not get him!” about something or another with Charlie. Not really, but kind of.
        Roob, you seem to visit a variety of blogs on a regular basis. Do you see alignments with things that happen on all of them? Or is merovee more than the others?

    1. MJ

      The staff roster for Editas Medicine is seriously crazy.

      And here is the front of the house.

      I couldn’t find out about the history of the house but is currently occupied by a company who call themselves Jack Wills and describe themselves as ‘Outfitters to the British Gentry’. Haven’t seen much of the British Gentry’ !

      1. 😂
        There’s an excellent restaurant/winery about 20 miles outside of Chattanooga that has excellent pizza and excellent wine, but it looks like a compound and it has piles of large concrete bricks everywhere. The owner says his grandmother made the first pizza and he is related to the Roman Empire or something.
        It’s really bizarre. Always fun to go there.

    2. Frank, here is what I’m wondering…did NASA give a press release before they did the experiment? I’ve looked (not a lot, but checking the dates of all articles on the first page of google search), and what I see is that there is a series of these, but it was only written about AFTER it happened. It’s almost as if NASA is a really insecure person who wants to remain in charge and doesn’t share information because then they can’t claim what it is, or it’s that they don’t want to appear they don’t know. Or, if they fail and they’ve already announced something, then everyone sees the failure. It’s really something!
      And after watching the Welsh video 200 times, I can say that 52-letter-long word perfectly! 😁

      1. I’m seeing these strange events as manifestations or mirrors of ‘consciousness’.

        It was never really my bag but over the last couple of years, Alien has kept popping up.

        Jenny described it as being written into the walls.

    1. Jenny, I think that gif is from True Detective, another portal show! I don’t know how it works. Logic mind says the writer of the show is in touch with a consciousness of certain viewers who see it, but its more mysterious than that!

  1. hello Gene of Isis,

    just finished reading your article and my computer didn’t crash this time and extremely love everything that you write.

    really difficult for me to write words, possibly because we don’t need to use words and we can talk through the aether or something

    anyway, i totally love the article and the things in your article are really incredible and all things in your article really are beyond words totally incredible and this existence is totally incredible

    think really impossible for me to write any kind of comment and really impossible for me to say anything with symbols or you-tubes and probably that’s because i think everything is really beyond words and i don’t understand how to talk to people with computers

    i will extremely love talking to my Sister about your article when i see my Sister and thank you Gene of Isis for the perfect article!


  2. here’s a you-tube from the movie Hunchback of Notre Dame that Roob posted on Merovee and i think it’s really incredible that the person in the movie is singing a song about hellfire and the person is singing the song to Maria

    1. M, you’re hilarious. Here’s a video of the moment the spire fell on the Notre Dame and just as this was happening, you said “we could go and see the burning tower in the sculpture field again.”


      April 27
      Spring into Sculpture
      features Colossal Sculpture Burn

      “It’s a day of free family fun on the Southside April 27 when Sculpture Fields celebrates its Spring into Sculpture event, which culminates with the awe-inspiring sculpture burn of a 2-story wooden structure by artist Andrew Nigh when he sets his creation ablaze. Experience a laser light show, live music, artists creating their paintings and drawings outdoors, picnicking from food trucks and a beer and wine tent and other interactive activities.

      The event kicks off at noon. The light show will start at dark, and the sculpture will be ignited at approximately 9:15 p.m., depending on the skies. Sculpture Fields is located at 1800 Polk St., which turns off of E. Main Street.”

      1. Gene of Isis, totally beyond words incredible

        extremely love seeing synchronicity with you

        really difficult for me to write words in computer and won’t write more words of comment except to say that i extremely and totally love everything about the goddess of the electrum

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