Holy Places


Greenback Castle




Junior Banks, builder of Greenback Castle


Delphi University of Spiritual Studies







One of the major influences on me and my spiritual practice was the late Arthur Ford. Arthur was a famous medium from Ft Pierce, Florida who initially struggled with his spiritual abilities and experiences, but was later taught how to harness and express his spiritual gifts by the Indian mystic Yogananda. In his life, Arthur maintained a deep connection with the other side and was a master of spiritual communication.

Arthur’s is most well-known for his connection with the famous magician Harry Houdini. It was Arthur who carried Houdini’s proof of life after death message back to his wife Beatrice who confirmed that it was the exact same message upon which she and her husband had agreed before his untimely death. Houdini had promised then that, if indeed there was an afterlife, he would find a way to get word back to her to prove it.  –Patricia Hayes

Rosabelle believe.


The Fields of the Wood

IMG_3936 2






The Crossing



9 thoughts on “Holy Places”

  1. extremely love everything by gene of isis and extremely love pictures of places and gene of isis is totally perfect article

  2. MJ

    About Junior Banks video and gravity.

    To show how exciting my life is, I was staring at a wall yesterday. I had the impression I was looking down on it. And also upwards.

    And I thought if I went over to it I could walk on it. And I also thought what would stop me doing it ? Gravity I think. And also a bruised nose.

    1. I think what would stop you more than anything is your belief that you would hit your nose. I was listening to a youtube recently about brain waves. Before the age of seven, kids are living in a world of imagination. Whatever they’re playing is as real as real gets. Things don’t “stick” because they are told what is real or not.

  3. MJ

    It’s probably something along those lines. The belief system and what we believe is possible and impossible.

  4. MJ,
    I so enjoyed watching your video of Junior Banks. He clearly has the 20/20 vision…and I’m a bit floored by the way he can explain these distortions of our reality so well! I’d like to visit Greenback Castle someday.

    1. Jenny, he is such a kind person and I couldn’t keep up sometimes! I wish you could see it! It’s really unlike anything I have ever seen.

  5. just read and saw your article again and your article is absolutely and totally perfect and the mind of Gene of Isis is absolutely and totally perfect and the quotation at the beginning of your article is totally perfect and the pictures are totally perfect and the you-tube is totally perfect for the article and those places are extremely excellent and perfect and thank you Gene of Isis for going to those places and everything about your article is absolutely and beyond words perfect and thank you Gene of Isis for being Gene of Isis


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