The Gem in Eye

Happy Birthday, Roobee!

In 1967, there was a Human Be-In in San Francisco.

On 4.4, Martin Luther King Jr. denounces the Vietnam War during his sermon at the Riverside Church in New York City, exactly one year before his death.



April 14 – In San Francisco, 10,000 march against the Vietnam War.


On February 13, 1967, the Madrid Codex by Leonardo da Vinci is discovered. He sketched octant projection.

the whirled
On May 25, 1967, Celtic F.C. becomes the first Northern European football club to win the European Cup (now Champions League).

This clover (c-lover) pattern would soon manifest as a song.

May 26 – The Beatles release Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, nicknamed “The Soundtrack of the Summer of Love”; it will be number one on the albums charts throughout the summer of 1967.

This is-real event happened.


August 1, 1967 – Race riots in the US spread to Washington, D.C..



Goodness, Clicky. Where’s Venus and Mars when you need them?! So much conflict!

6 Lovers - Gilded
Thank you, Clicky ☺️

The garden in the east…

The archer (cupid), is sagittarius, vis a vis the gemini twins. There’s always a mirror.


The Beatles’ All you need is Love, Elvis gets married in Vegas, Mariner is launched towards Venus, and Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison and the Doors happen.


I know. 1967 is YUGE. And, I’d like to point out that sixty-seven makes me think of 6 seven’s, and that happens to equal 42, and 5.25 is Towel Day.


Yep, I know. Mind-blowing. Continuing…

8.8. 1967 – The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is founded in Bangkok, Thailand.

The ‘ASEAN Way’ refers to a methodology or approach to solving issues that respects the cultural norms of Southeast Asia. Masilamani and Peterson summarize it as “a working process or style that is informal and personal. It has been said that the merits of the ASEAN Way might “be usefully applied to global conflict management”. However, critics have argued that such an approach can be only applied to Asian countries to specific cultural norms and understandings notably due to a difference in mindset and level of tension.

Why bring that up? Because east and west are mirrors, see. And north and south…well, it depends on if you think the earth is round or flat.

Now, lots and lots more race riots happened, like all the time. And a plane crash here and there, an earthquake in Venezuela kills 240 people, more space shit happens, but get this… on October 4 in 1967, the Shag Harbor UFO incident happened.


En route to Toronto while flying over Sherbrooke and Saint-Jean, Quebec at 3658 m, from the Halifax International airport, Air Canada Capt. Pierre Charbounneau on Flight 305 pointed out to co-pilot Bob Ralph that there was something strange out the left side of the aircraft at 7:15PM. In his report the captain reported an object tracking along on a parallel course a few miles away. He describes it as a brilliantly lit, rectangular object with a string of smaller lights trailing the object. At 7:19, the pilots noticed a sizeable silent explosion near the large object; two minutes later, a second explosion occurred which faded to a blue cloud around the object.

World’s only!

Darrel Dorey, his sister Annette, and his mother were sitting on their front porch in Mahone Bay, when they noticed a large object manoeuvring above the southwestern horizon. The next day Darrell wrote a letter to RCAF Greenwood Base Commander asking what was flying over the water that evening, as he had never seen anything like it.


While standing at the wheelhouse of his vessel, Capt. Leo Howard Mersey was looking at four blips on his Decca radar that were stationary. When he looked up about 28km from the vessel’s windows he could see the four bright objects situated in a roughly rectangular formation. The entire crew of nearly twenty fishermen stood on deck and watched the object in the northeastern sky. Mersey radioed the rescue coordination centre and the harbour master in Halifax asking for an explanation, and filed a report with the Lunenburg RCMP outlining his sighting when they arrived in port.


Five Two Five

You know, there are 100 days from 2.15 to 5.25. And I was born at 4:55 pm, or 5 to 5.

One hundred days, or 8,640,000 seconds.

Image from Secrets in Plain Sight, Scott Onstott

100 days




I read somewhere that the Sphinx originally had the head of a lion, and during that age, the lion faced the rising sun. During the age of gemini, Adam and Eve were still in paradise.


Here is something different.

My rising son is Sagittarius, which is mirror opposite Gemini.


Yes, that is a rocket on his shirt. He got it at space camp.

ka pattern


Beyonce halftime show in 2013 in New Orleans, at the delta of the Mississippi
Charlie’s angels


Prince, born on 6.7, is a gemini, from twin city, Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is on the banks of the Mississippi River. At 2:25 on the video, someone talks about the beautiful twins who are dancers, wearing EIGHT inch heels.


Clone. Another ME! WOW MOM.

Anyway, there’s a place…


23 thoughts on “The Gem in Eye”

  1. MJ

    The Mirror and Ruby got me thinking about Corundum. Ruby is the red version of corundum and sapphire is the blue version. Same stone at the core. Just different colour.

    And the Shewans’ and the Raulstons’ combined.

    And he siriusly looks like George Harrison to me.

    1. *Clicky! Was you on the sauce last night?! You made a mess of that and you completely missed out…*

      *Yes, that! …/rolls eyes… Aww, do you need some aspirin, luv? …/flicks lighter…*

      */lights up… There’s some in the kitchen… /drags… I see you’ve already got some water… /plumes smoke… Never mind, Clicky, you’ll live… /strokes snout…*

    1. It says this

      “The song’s lyrics concern an apparently free-spirited woman, with Jagger singing:

      Who could hang a name on you
      When you change with every new day?
      Still, I’m gonna miss you”

      Tuesday is Mars day. The title is “red Mars”!

    2. I was thinking of the Shag Harbour ufo and it crashing into the sea. WH370
      And 88 is a running theme.
      370/88 constellations or pi año keys is 4.2, the answer to everything.
      There you go. That should clear up everything! 😁

      1. Red and Blue

        Remember the 96

        Lest We Forget

        Big Brother and Twisted Sister They fight like Cat and Dog. Just dont call her crazy kat lady. …. or she will go nuclear.

        99 dreams I have had In every one a red balloon
        It’s all over and I’m standing pretty
        In this dust that was a city
        If I could find a souvenir
        Just to prove the world was here
        And here is a red balloon
        I think of you, and let it go

        Remember Me Mirror Man I am just a MEME ory now

        1. Hi TTN! I will never forget you! Impossible! ☺️
          As a matter of fact, I was thinking of the stone circle. The memory persists. In 2014, I had this experience of having a rush of memories (and where it came from was a mystery or it was a case of ice-is melting and things coming to the surface. I was in a stone circle, and people (but more accurately, ‘entities’) wearing masks came and ‘stole’ it from us. Now, stole what exactly? IDK, but I think it’s something about those ancient stone circles.
          I saw this about the Callanish stones.
          “According to one tradition, the Callanish Stones were petrified giants who would not convert to Christianity.[6] In the 17th century the people of Lewis were calling the stones fir bhrèige (“false men”).[1] Another legend is that early on midsummer morning an entity known as the “Shining One” walks the length of the avenue, his coming heralded by the call of the cuckoo.[17]“ -Wikipedia

          1. I used to live in Scotland as you know and a friend of mine had a supernatural experience at Callanish. Did you ever watch Children of the Stones it was made in 76 I was led to watch it around the time of the 2012 Olympics and have blogged about it a few times.

            it starts with phantasmagorical
            having a fantastic or deceptive appearance, as something in a dream or created by the imagination.
            having the appearance of an optical illusion, especially one produced by a magic lantern.
            changing or shifting, as a scene made up of many elements.

            and talking of gems Exodus 28

            and in the fourth row a beryl, an onyx, and a jasper. Mount these stones in gold filigree settings.
            The twelve stones are to correspond to the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes.

            The reason for the crop circles in Wiltshire is I suspect because that is also the location of the stone circles.

            I said this in 2015

            However stones being shown as portals is not a new concept I used to watch a television series as a young boy called Children of the Stones. One of the more complicated aspects of Children of the Stones is the concept of the ‘time circle’ and the ‘psychic bubble’. The main premise of this idea is that the village within the stone circle exists in a time rift, where the same actions are played out over and over again.

            and I discussed Gem ma and Fitz they were psychically linked she was English and he was Scottish they were trapped by a stone which was an portal to another dimension

            I am writing a fictional story around Avebury at the minute its a magical place I can’t seem to keep away.


            1. You know, I have never really looked at Avebury in particular and just now, after clickyng on your link, it is absolutely haunting. Something about the height and upright-ness, or something? It feels like something once living and breathing.
              And is anybody else floored by these chalk figures on the sides of hills?! It’s like the Nazca Lines…they are formed for something above.

              Stones, are S-tones. And that kind of thing can you know, take you somewhere.

              The number sequences. 174, 258, 369
              In the modern whirld, asking for someone’s ‘number’ to connect, well, probably seems phone-y compared to the S-tone circle.

              And the stone circles are close to the sea. And that’s where the wind blows.

              It’s a “rush” ☺️ and the message at :49

              1. Glad you liked Fitzsimmons they are an old fav of mine … I loved the blowing stone 🙂 and 49 with Jericho resonates with marching around the walls seven times counterclockwise (rewinding to the past) and blowing the trumpet seven times (changing our DNA) to find our way home.

                Mirroring the premise of Children of the Stones some are saying there is a reset coming in September to loop us back seven years to 2012 which strangely enough is when most of us came together on MV. WHO knows? I have witnessed stranger things over these past seven years.

                Which takes us back to Palm Trees and Psalm 137 by the rivers (timestream) of Babylon (Prison Planet) we wept when we REMEMBERED Zion. Its a tail of two twin cities …one a counterfeit an articial reality … one the original the REAL thing. In my humble opinion what was stolen … was our memory and identity of WHO we really are … we are living in exile…. we need to recover both but as I have been saying all along its a team effort we cannot do it on our own but everyone’s UNBELIEF ego’s, prejudice, insecurities and fear hold us back. As the Krazy Kat lady keeps telling us

                Hey, kids!
                Spelling is fun!
                Girl, there ain’t no I in “team”
                But you know there is a “me”
                Strike the band up, one, two, three
                I promise that you’ll never find another like me
                Girl, there ain’t no I in “team”
                But you know there is a “me”
                And you can’t spell “awesome” without “me” 🙂
                I promise that you’ll never find another like MEMEME

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