welcome to the labyrinth


A Mandela effect in a local magazine.


Yesterday, we went to see a small town, local production of Grease and saw these things along the way.

Katy Perry


with the fleur de lis


Old church ruins with Jesus and Mary




Sisters of Mary




St Mary’s with very integrated spirituality.





Sir John Templeton’s library. And no one was home.


Not a single car or person in this immaculately-kept place.


unless you count this guy frozen in time



MIB playing


Save the clock tower!



Right across the street from…



an ET


Dream “reality”


these round portals in the Park Theatre



Doc Brown in his lab coat spotted outside


a happy camper dog carrier


Guess what? We saw, um… this.


And after the show, we went to…




14 thoughts on “welcome to the labyrinth”

  1. Where is everyone?! The things we’re seeing are so bizarre.

    Not surprised you caught a pic of Doc Brown in his lab coat. I was thinking the town looked sim-ilar or familiar or similarly familiar.

    Clear the set.

    1. Jen whats even weirder is my family owned The Templeton Arms in Templepatrick in Ireland my ancestors are all buried there.

      I held my 18th and 30th birthday parties there and my Moms funeral wake in 2002 and my Dads in 2012. They came from all over the world including the US and Canada. My name means John and finally my grandmother was killed by a BUS directly outside the INN.


      it used to be called the Pig and Chicken and the small shopping centre is called the Twelfth Mile Stone.

      down memory lane


      1. So interesting TTN! My paternal grandmother (from Paris) was a Patrick – her family from Ireland (not exactly sure what part). And as Memory Lane serves, she died the day before Anwar Sadat was assassinated.

      2. TTN! I just clicked on your link and it says “relax in comfort”! 😃
        See my comet above!
        But then your parents’ funerals are sad news. The years 2002, and 2012…those numbers keep popping up. I think it’s interesting that 8.21 was the eclipse in US.
        And your bday is the fall equinox. My friend Kat is the same. 9.23 was a rumored end of world date. It has become a top number in the “codes”, you know? I think no coincidence of course, the world as we know it, will end, but Libran balance is the new world. That’s how I like to think of it.

      3. TTN, the view from Templeton Library overlooks Cowan and Winchester

        After we went to the Templeton Library, we went to those towns. Keeping in mind the top right pic of your Templepatrick link, here are more pics and this is from the town of Cowan

    2. Jenny, that is one of many recent ‘nobody’s home’ experiences! But on flippity flop (because there’s always a flippity flop!), I have noticed that whenever a particularly pleasant time is happening and there is laughter or just relaxing, the phone starts ringing, the text messages start coming, or the cat starts scratching the furniture. It is as if the world is saying “hey! I want a piece of that!” Or possibly it’s that the balance of the world is shifting and the mind is doing its typical crisis mode. I find that particularly annoying! So I just carry on and I’m trying to reprogram my mind to handle it differently. This is new territory!

  2. Jenny, we also saw this in the town of Cowan

    When we walked in, it was almost a ‘nobody’s home’, except there was…of the furry kind

    And then a few minutes later, a person did come and say hello. But guess what was in the lobby staircase?!

    I almost lost it!

    It’s every trip we go on is absolutely a magical mystery tour.

    1. Frank, I love it that we are surrounded by Frankland here in the realm 🙂
      Really, there is Franklin, close to Cherokee, NC
      That is a beautiful town nestled in the mountains. I have showed you pics before and lots of Ruby stuff there.
      There’s Franklin forest, in Franklin County, TN where the very English-looking university is.
      There’s Franklin, right next to Nashville. (you’ll want to scroll through this one 😉 )

      and there is the State of Frankland, which is the Free Republic of Frankland

      When we drove through inDiana, I noticed a Franklin

      and there’s Franklin, Kentucky, just north of Mitchellville, TN!

      It’s where June Carter and Johnny Cash got married.

      See? You’re very popular here in the US. It’s Frankland! With spinning Jennys!

      And Charlemagne is Prince Charlie, the Prince of Whales!

      1. M is related to the Carter family 🙂

        and Reese Witherspoon went to high school in Nashville.

        she’s a clown!

        In that song ‘Jackson’, they say “hotter than a pepper sprout”, and it sounds like they say something about prefab sprout.

  3. MJ

    Thank you for the Frankland map 🙂 I hardly meet anyone called Frank or Francis but there’s an army out there.

    And Mar, Mari and Mer.

    These ROOT-WORDS are MAR, MARI, & MER meaning SEA & POOL. It comes from the Latin mare which means SEA. The SEA was of the greatest importance to the Romans. Mare Liberum, the open sea: Mare Clausum, the closed Sea: and Mare Nostrum, our sea which is now called the Mediterranean Sea. All the words on this list have a musical sound, from MERmaid to MARina. “The Ancient Mariner” sounds much more musical than “The Old Sailor” which means the same thing.


  4. Excellent article and really love the article and here is one you-tube with pictures of the world where we were before and pictures of the dimension where we are right now and pictures of everything else:

    Francis MaJalona: Kaleidoscope World

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