How deep is your love?

M was born in 1969 and has a thing about water. He only likes the ‘open’ mem.

part of M birth chart report

He was born in ’69, the year of the MOON landing.



He showed me where he grew up, next to the (closed mem) on Lake Michigan.

He used to go sailing as a teenager.


We are far from the shallow, now.

I had this dream that I was in a horrible place. Nothing made sense.

The world isn’t black and white. It’s color.

Somehow the world has become so unreal that it feels like

How would something get your attention, if it couldn’t get your attention?


The twins. Sun and Moon. A solar eclipse on 7.2 and the 50th anniversary on 7.20. The water is safe, even when it is a closed mem. You just have to see what is before the amoeba.

I’m already celebrating the Sun landing on the Moon! Amazing RADIANCE and grace.

At PINE(al) POINT Beach, Maine. The Moon is the Sun.

TWINS, in the solar eclipse on 7.2


9 thoughts on “MOON LANDING”

  1. This song came up in my playlist right after I read your post.

    ^Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime (Official Video)^

    “How would something get your attention, if it couldn’t get your attention?”

    That’s a damn good question. One I ponder quite a bit. That doesn’t make me special or anything, just something I think about a lot. A paradox? A paradigm? A precedent? A pause? A parlay? A perfectly perpetuant prevalence possibly populating past, present and puture in perpituity?
    /me shrugs

    I suddenly need to pee for some odd reason. 😛

    ^Cocteau Twins- Heaven or Las Vegas WS 2013^

    1. Hi Apollyon-o!
      I love that song. I am often wondering, “how did I get here?!” And I do that hand-chopping-arm thingy and kids these days don’t know what I’m doing but I do it anyway.
      I think it’s a petulant perplexing puzzle!
      And the other day, I saw a “pastport “.
      A passport to the past.
      Right now I’m at the dentist with my 10 yr old. It’s the last thing he’d like to be doing. Me too.

      1. Gene of Isis, just saw your comment about hand-chopping-arm thingy and didn’t get it before but think both Brother and Sister were getting chopped, and think everything will soon be perfect.

  2. hello Gene of Isis, i think we are seeing the same things,and all kinds of water are OK and everything else is OK and place before the amoebas is possibly a place where there is nothing other than Mega Love energy and i think we will end up in that place and i love and will love being in any kind of place where you love to be

    everything is really beyond words, but i really do think we are seeing the same thing

    1. I love this!
      I wish I could remember everything that I once knew. What does ISIS have to do with smoking again? Ever feel like you used to know something?

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