Cats are awesome in 2021 and forever.

Dogs are awesome now and forever!

BIRBS! Birbs are awesome! (Charlie calls them “birbs”)

Monkeys are awesome!

Look how the screen flickers. Lucy meets Lucy. face to face. 121


Place your intention and watch it flourish.

9 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

  1. Lucy meets Lucy.
    I don’t know how the rest works out, but as far as I know, I’m a mom-key “typing” on a key boar. 😀

    1. Happy New Year, Frank! Yes, you are correct. 47 since 74 on 2.15.
      47 times around the sun. But who’s counting? 🙂

      1. MJ

        This is what occurs to me.

        The mirror year of 1974 is 1947 – Roswell. There are 27 years difference going back from 1974 – 1947. And fast forward 27 years from 1974 takes you to 2001.

        And MJ 12.


        And 33rd Parallel. Roswell is on 33rd parallel.

        ‘Twenty-seven is a cube of 3: 33 = 3 × 3 × 3.’ And 3, 6 & 9.

        The day it all changed.

        And think Aurora is in there somewhere as well. The tangled web.

        ‘The Aurora, Texas, UFO incident reportedly occurred on April 17, 1897, when, according to locals, a UFO crashed on a farm near Aurora, Texas, United States. The incident (similar to the more famous Roswell UFO incident 50 years later) is claimed to have resulted in a fatality of the pilot. The pilot was “not of this world” and was said to be an alien. The pilot was buried at the Aurora cemetery. A stone was placed as a marker for the grave, but has since been removed.’


  2. Wow
    this year in August I am also 47

    but what shocked me
    I recently had a dream about Aurora
    I will briefly describe it
    Dec 20. at 16:31

    until I forgot my dream.
    a lot of events but what was interesting was
    as if Putin sent a private voice message to all residents of Russia and the CIS
    where he informs everyone about
    what is going to blow up the cruiser aurora
    in a dream I think why he sent it.
    asks everyone for forgiveness for destroying history.
    in childhood we all sang “what are you dreaming about, cruiser aurora”
    and then I think – this is not my story
    not my country and not my people.
    do not get hung up.

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