tethys & oceanus

Atlantis is rising in our collective consciousness.

Clicky the click-star!

Is Atlantis within?

Sea cave in Corsica.

An illustration by Sir Gerald Hargreaves shows a utopian scene on a cove of the mythical land of Atlantis.

in the heavens?

The cosmic river viewed from a canyon in Arizona.

Looking into mother’s womb? Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

M and I have travelled around seeing things in the US. We’ve been to a number of Indian Mounds, including the Ocmulgee mounds near Macon, Georgia.

Ocmulgee earth mound, a mystery.

Looks quite similar to this.

Earth mound at Arkaim in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia.


A Janus sculpture at Arkaim.

Arkaim is typically not on the radar for ancient archeological sites and is a mystery. It’s in Chelyabinsk Oblast, same as the 2013 cosmic coincidence meteor, and just above Kazakhstan.

Speaking of coincidences. Have you ever thought you needed coincidence ‘control’?

E. C. C. O. (Earth’s Coincidence Control Office).


  1. the location of objects by reflected sound, in particular that used by animals such as dolphins and bats.

This is interesting. Now we’re getting somewhere. Atlantis is the ancient powerhouse of instant communication and exchange that is FREE.

Bats are now an Atlantis connection and would explain the bat pandemonium and pandemic and mask wearing bullshit. Something about not being face to face.


There is a PING! that happens, isn’t there? And a knowing that you’ve made …

It’s too late! Contact has been made.

M, can you hear me? Over & out.

The Arecibo message is an interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth that was sent to globular star cluster M13 in 1974.

The content of the Arecibo message was designed by Frank Drake, then at Cornell University and creator of the Drake equation, who wrote the message with help from Carl Sagan and others. (wikipedia)

Named after the Arecibo radio telescope, what are the chances this would collapse when there’s a pandemic and no contact? Talk about some coincidence control!

Remember the The Order of the Dolphin?

“At that time we were quite enthusiastic about it because John Lilly came and told us about communications with dolphins,” Morrison told Swift. “Within a few years, the subject had pretty much dissipated, and Lilly’s work was not found to be reliable.”

Shortly after the Order of the Dolphin meeting, Lilly began incorporating ketamine and LSD (legal at the time) into his experiments, hoping it would help him communicate better with dolphins. While Sagan visited the early experiments, reporting back to Drake on Lilly’s progress, as the science became hazier Sagan’s interest drifted as well. The work has tainted attempts to understand the intelligence of dolphins ever since.

But while he may have veered into the realm of pseudo-science, Lilly did provide one useful guideline for future SETI efforts. “We came to a general conclusion … that in order to make any sense out of an alien language you had to hear a conversation between two of them,” Calvin told Swift. “You had to sit between them and hear a call and a response. You couldn’t just hear one side of the conversation, you couldn’t just receive.”

This is John Lilly, the guy who started Earth’s coincidence control. The link is above and it’s worth a read to see the “rules” of having this ‘control’. 😳

The Ketamine Secrets of Ecco the Dolphin.

Aquarius, Atlantis, and freedom.

This is a screenshot from a presentation of Ras Ben, a self-proclaimed “humble servant to humanity”, who works with crystals, emphasizes the importance of connecting with ancestors, and has a really excellent perspective on Philadelphia, which he calls “an Urban Act of Magic” and wrote a book about it, among others. (link to YouTube channel)

Arecibo was featured in the movies Goldeneye and Contact.

Goldeneye. Echolocation of BATS (or Anubis) and contact?

One ring tone to rule them all.

This is Fomalhaut, the fixed star in Aquarius.

The Star That Looks Like the Eye of Sauron.

Fomalhaut  bright star in the ancient constellation Piscis Austrinus (the Southern Fish, to distinguish it from Pisces), 1594, from Arabic Fum al Hut “the Fish’s Mouth,” which describes its position in the imaginary star-picture.

And this Goldeneye…

Michael Wann, who has the website Susquehanna Alchemy and a YouTube channel with insightful and well-researched information, especially the timeline of events that take place over 400 years that is all connected in an encrypted way and involves the Susquehanna River and the river goddess.

To get to the heart of his discussions, he proposes that the Rosicrucians (specifically John Dee and Francis Bacon) put into motion the take over of America using Enochian magic and by sacrifice (possibly the Roanoke colony), as Elizabeth 1 is a crypto-something who thinks everything is hers. But the presentations are very good and broken up into different YouTubes so its easy to watch.

The intriguing thing is that his basis for the entire presentation is the Susquehanna River goddess, which is the goddess that goes by a thousand names. And when you know the Seine used to be called Sequana, after the river goddess, and what happened on 4/15 to the Notre Dame,… well, that’s even more interesting. He calls the river, a RIVER ALTAR.

Then I was thinking about Atlantis…

The little mermaid’s name is Ariel.


1382, in the Wyclif Bible, a word taken untranslated from the Vulgate, from Greek ariel(Septuagint), from Hebrew ariel; in later Bibles, translated as “altar.”

(Gesenius would here translate “fire-hearth of God,” after Arab. arr; elsewhere in O.T. the same word occurs as a man’s name, and appellation of Jerusalem, where it is taken as = “lion of God.”) Ariel in T. Heywood and Milton is the name of an angel, in Shakespeare of “an Ayrie spirit”; in Astron. of one of the satellites of Uranus. [OED]

Georges de La Tour‘s 1640 painting Magdalene with the Smoking Flame is shown in the film.

In the movie, Ariel is a bit of a hoarder, and one of her things she keeps from land is the painting above, hinting at the etymology of her name. She ‘gave up her voice’ to be a land creature.

Somehow I think we are in this situation.

But how to carry out such magic?

Memory is water. We are in a field of water? Look at 3, 4, and 5.

… using SHOCKING images, use locations? … focus on repetition?

I-35 can be 135 or 153, the number associated with Mary Magdalen.

As last year seemed like 2012 of sorts, I revisited the ‘event’. Did you pay attention in 2012? It starts with the River Thames!


river through London, Old English Temese, from Latin Tamesis (51 B.C.E.), from British Tamesa, an ancient Celtic river name perhaps meaning “the dark one.”

Started with the River Goddess!

And during the “Pandemonium” part of it, I see a glyph of Leo ♌️ with an “X” chromosome. Now, I’m starting to see the magic.

Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair

Join the Mount Hope Welcoming Committee as they greet Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, at the Globe Stage! See the Queen, enjoy a sampling of the many entertainments available during the day, and learn what lies in store for all visitors to Mount Hope!

on Lebanon Road in Pennsylvania near the Susquehanna

Look at these place names near the Susquehanna: Cornwall, Dauphin, Enola, Lebanon. Wherever you go, there you are.

Like the Francis Bacon map and all the hidden clues, this map seems to be the same, using different spellings for the same word, and breaking up words as if to break up the land.

Cherokee and Susquehannok are both Iroquoian languages.

The Cherokee also believe they are descendants of Atlantis.

The Proto-Iroquoians and the Proto-Cherokee had a disagreement that caused the tribes to part ways: the Iroquois went north, and the Cherokee went south. But the thread of the Cherokee migration history can readily be discerned in the readings. And the Cherokee can claim equal status with the Iroquois as descendants of the Atlanteans. (source)

I think EVERYBODY is Atlantian.

We’ve been living in a dream (Neptune). But when we wake up (Uranus now in Taurus – an Earth sign), we become more alive and “real”.

A joke from the universe…


A message from Rain.

Rain was the one who brought up Tethys, who is a Titan. There is a connection with her (echo)location and mine. The male counterpart of Tethys is Oceanus.

Oceanus (bitter river). A reference to wormwood!

looks very Aquarian. (Kazakhstan)

The Moon-eyed people in Murphy, NC at the Cherokee museum.

14 thoughts on “tethys & oceanus”

  1. Hi MJ
    Thank you for the article!
    my hometown where I was born is called a new river
    although there are no rivers on my peninsula
    only Kenderli Bay and the Caspian Sea
    but it probably makes some sense
    the symbol of the city from the beginning of its construction and until now
    Ichthyander is on a Dolphin https://sun9-17.userapi.com/impf/c846018/v846018795/a85da/n534D51MXhw.jpg?size=960×645&quality=96&proxy=1&sign=0fa89b9e0d010f209d446c6e6600c418&type=album
    “Boy with Dolphins”
    It is not known to whom in the first years after the founding of the village
    / ʐɑˌŋɑʷøˈzʲen / came up with the idea to put a fountain among the endless steppe, depicting a boy on the sea wave in the company of two dolphins.

    Old-timers claim that the opening of the monument took place a few months after the premiere of the film “The Amphibian Man” on the screens of the USSR cinemas, and the fountain depicts the main character of the picture – Ichthyander. Today the fountain is not working, but you can take a couple of interesting pictures against its background.
    city ​​Formed in 1964, located on the Mangyshlak plateau (Mangistau).
    https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%A7%D0%B5%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B5%D0%BA-%D0%B0%D0%BC% D1% 84% D0% B8% D0% B1% D0% B8% D1% 8F _ (% D1% 84% D0% B8% D0% BB% D1% 8C% D0% BC, _1961)
    The film premiered on December 28, 1961, and on January 3, 1962, the film was released to wide distribution [1] [2]. The leader of the Soviet film distribution in 1962 – 65 million viewers [3].

  2. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%96%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%B0%D0%BE%D0%B7%D0%B5%D0%BD Mining of oil and gas. LLP “Kazakh Gas Processing Plant”. Previously, there was a correctional labor institution in the city, which was held in custody by the 3rd rifle company of the military unit 6656, where criminals from various regions of Kazakhstan were serving their sentences. In addition, there is a separate radar company of the anti-aircraft brigade of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan – military unit 51809-G and military unit 5548 opened in 2012, which provides control over public order of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Located on the site of the old airport. [13]
    The North – South railway line (Zhanaozen – Gyzylgaya – Bereket – Etrek (Turkmenistan) – Gorgan (Iran)) [14] [15] starts from the city.

    1. Rain, the pictures you show me look like an ocean with no water! (Or something). Also, a lot of them look like the southwest United States, especially New Mexico. I went there last April and it’s possibly my favorite place I have ever been.

  3. MJ

    Ice Crystals.

    I was looking into the garden earlier and saw what I thought was a waterlogged area from a distance but on further inspection was a mass of Ice Crystals.

    ‘The hugely symmetric shapes are due to depositional growth, namely, direct deposition of water vapor onto the ice crystal. Depending on environmental temperature and humidity, ice crystals can develop from the initial hexagonal prism into numerous symmetric shapes. Possible shapes for ice crystals are columns, needles, plates and dendrites. If the crystal migrates into regions with different environmental conditions, the growth pattern may change, and the final crystal may show mixed patterns. Ice crystals tend to fall with their major axis aligned along the horizontal, and are thus visible in polarimetric weather radar signatures with enhanced (positive) differential reflectivity values. Electrification of ice crystals can induce alignments different from the horizontal. Electrified ice crystals are also well detectable by polarimetric weather radars.’


    1. That is not something you see every day! I look at Reddit often, and people are posting pics of ice patterns on their windshields and I swear, this is new stuff. I have never seen or heard of this happening. I asked M (coming from Chicago, he would know), and he said he’s never seen this…

  4. MJ 🥰

    For me water symbolizes emotion. The ocean of emotion in which we swim. 😭 Can you feel it? The virus? The agent of transformation, which introduced ‘the test’. It’s a sensory test.
    The international emerge and see, first sense, sight.
    We must reach herd/heard immunity, second sense, sound.
    The two most common symptoms are loss of taste, third sense and smell, fourth sense.
    Social distancing, do not touch, fifth sense.
    It is eerily evocative of the weighing of the heart and the concept of death. I see dead people. The sixth sense. 🤔
    I think the light at the end of the tunnel, is a major revelation about death and how and maybe even why we ‘see’ it. 🤓
    And why it is 💔.

    I’ve been reading this book trilogy called The Origins Series. The Atlantis Gene, Atlantis Plague, and Atlantis Land. I just started the last book in which ‘the beacon’ is revealed. It’s apparently a defensive mechanism, a cloaking device, which the Atlanteans who came here activated to hide themselves and the earth from some outside ‘threat’.

    1. It IS a sensory test!!!!!
      Omg. You have no idea. You summed up what I have been trying to tell people for years. My sun, Charlie, had to have “sensory integration” therapy, and “listening therapy”, and even had to do this left brain/right brain integration that helped him read better. He’s more than fine now.
      But I almost had a breakdown.
      Imagine explaining to “experts” and “trained professionals” that what was going on with him is spiritual and he doesn’t have problem, the world does.
      Too bad it has to be shown this way, but I was sending out distress signals (if you know what I mean) and like you say, ‘she will be heard’.
      Thank you for saying that. I’m still so bothered by all that nonsense.

      1. MJ

        Glad to hear Charlie is good. 🥰
        The system is tilted too far to the masculine, which is logical, analytical, so as to define and label everything. And now is forced to ask “where is your heart?”.

        1. Yes. I guess sometimes the events playing out are feeling in overdrive. I’m thinking, why such a dramatic scene? 🤔 the world could just immediately feel lighter!

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