Caves, portals, martians

I wasn’t going to talk about Mars anymore, but I have to! On the premise that there are people that live on Mars, look at this. Before you roll your eyes, you might want to see this. I know I’m not the only one to see that there is something funny going on with time, reality (whatever that is), and the clown show masquerade. Humor me and read this.

One thing I had to get over my own mind control about space and Mars. I don’t believe anything NASA tells me. I certainly don’t believe they went to the moon, so why would I assume anything about Mars? Martians might live inside the planet.

The other night, the Kid’s Choice Awards was on. It’s all about “sliming” people and when they weren’t doing that, they were connecting to Mars. Throughout the entire show, they would take a minute to get their orange blimp connector to the red planet. If you are not aware of the possibly that this is quite literal, I suppose the sea of green slime that is part of the stage arrangement is a conduit for travel, whether it be physical or spiritual. I mean, its REALLY a lot of slime and of course I get the other connotations, too.

In Ghostbusters, the conduit of ‘travel’ is green ectoplasm.

Martians are very interested in the kids. And they play the polarity thing, too. First, a boys club of ghostbusters, then a girls club (that are lesbians).

Red and Orange are Mars colors. And keep in mind, that apparently sunsets from Mars are blue.

Mars symbolism:

Roman is just a word that describes this hidden club and some bloodlines that can’t get over the devastation from when Saturn stopped being the sun which looked purple in the sky. (according the electric universe model and that is probably truth because the ‘official’ story we are told is never the truth).

The Romans have no official bloodline, they started with Romulus and Remus and she-wolf (modern translation is whore, or, to the Martians, female for breeding). WOLVES are VOWELS, or tones.

Rome is the only place who’s official deity is Mars the god of war (or Greek Ares).

Romans were a Mithratic cult and they met underground. This is a Mars theme: underground, tunnels, caves. (the Romulus/Remus story).

Mithras is older than Roman, it is the Abrahamic religions and even a Vedic deity, Varuna.

Iron, forged metal, advanced technology.

Wolves. Horses. and Bulls.

Mithras slays the bull which is actually the moon, according to what I have read. It’s a “mystery cult”.

The creation of the world is the central episode of Mithraic mythology. According to the myths, the sun god sent his messenger, the raven, to Mithra and ordered him to sacrifice the bull. Mithra executed the order reluctantly; in many reliefs he is seen turning aside his face in sorrow. But at the very moment of the death of the bull, a great miracle happened. The white bull was metamorphosed into the moon; the cloak of Mithra was transformed into the vault of the sky, with the shining planets and fixed stars; from the tail of the bull and from his blood sprang the first ears of grain and the grape; and from the genitals of the animal ran the holy seed which was received by a mixing bowl.

To me, this is the most telling. Mithras is “god of the contract”.

God doesn’t make deals? Apparently, that’s all he does.

Cue the Roman war drums.

If all pyramids were technology as a portal to Mars, the royal Roman Nazis in Britain (means “covenant”) were showing their commitment to Mars. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE (ESPECIALLY YOU, MARTIANS!)

Meghan MARS. Deal or no deal (with god)?

Whatcha got there?

Daphne Guinness also has Martian ties. She was married to Greek shipping guy Niarchos. They “met” in Switzerland. Or actually not. Her entire family is intermarried with the Niarchos people. The Mitford Sisters, they’re related. The Guinness harp and the bloodline of David.

Also in 2012, the goddess, literally some Roman soldiers, and a big “M” to show who this is for. M, MDNA, and the contract (sacrifice) was that Whitney had to go, because Black Lives Matter.

“Strike a Pose”…a violent, Maritan/Roman thing to do.
At every colosseum/stadium for NFLm (Martians are Nephilim)

Chris Knowles at The Secret Sun has been talking about this a long time. About Mithras anyway. I don’t know that I have heard him say he thinks people live on Mars.

Mars needs cheerleaders. And water.

Hooover Dam on the Colorado River straddling Nevada and Arizona at dawn.

The Nephilim/Martians/Fallen angels at Hoover dam.

It tells you all about the ‘contract’, or sacrifice.

“They died to make the desert bloom”

The contract/sacrifice to ensure water for dry Mars. There has to be a contract which is a sacrifice. Why? Because they need it. The sacrifice is to induce fear, for one. Why not ask? Because to the Martians, there is contempt for what they want/need. They are not in good humor. They are ‘gods’. The whole Earth is a ‘she’ to them and they have advanced technology. Think about how the control on Earth is top-down. Haven’t you ever wondered why there is motivation to take over the entire earth? You know, by the British empire, or whatever. I don’t care how much money or how nice a lifestyle anybody has in the scheme of that. It never made sense to me. And, it goes beyond their lifetime. Bloodlines! is what you hear. Ok…but, why again? It just doesn’t seem to add up. And the “working royals” are just that. They have a job to do. Nobody on Earth is in charge. What do the royal Earthlings get out of it? Possibly they go to Mars or something. Maybe their kids don’t die or live in a cage in a D.U.M.B., but their kids are not theirs’ either. All of Earth is controlled by Martians.

The alter for the altar.

alter (v.)

late 14c., “to change (something), make different in some way,” from Old French alterer “to change, alter,” from Medieval Latin alterare “to change,” from Latin alter “the other (of the two),” from PIE root *al- (1) “beyond” + comparative suffix -ter (as in other). Intransitive sense “to become otherwise” first recorded 1580s. Related: Alteredaltering.

Mr. Ripley has an alter. Saturn used to be the sun and it was a purple noon.

Sol Invictus

Her alter is Roman and she’s on the altar. Please look at this. It’s all right there.

Mithras slays the bull, which is Taurus. The head of the bull represents the female reproductive organs and the brain. Control Earth through mind-control. Look how divided we are. And at this point, it is downright ridiculous. I came to a dead end road with all this in a devastating way. Then it was the coronavirus. Corona radiata in the womb, and in the brain.

Why are they always doing this?

They don’t have a life. They are a show for Mars colony. Trippin through time because of whatever they’re arrangement is. Mars has advanced technology. Earth has women and children and water and warriors. You gotta maintain the rank and file in this relationship.

Maintain order through the pyramid structure and some things just fall into place.

Fascinating. At the most famous horse race, The Kentucky Derby.

They don’t have custody of their kids. Mars does.

They’re just showing their allegiance.

Wave to the Martians!

I don’t know what the DNA obsession is. But the Earth is one entire womb!

This is the Lowell Observatory.

It’s in Flagstaff, Arizona and it sits on Mars Hill. Lowell Observatory is named after Percival Lawrence Lowell ( March 13, 1855 – November 12, 1916) who was an American businessman, author, mathematician, and astronomer who fueled speculation that there were canals on Mars.

St. Mars square by the canal in Venice. Canals on Mars, canals in Venice.

Wear your mask. It’s a carnival.

Diana, the moon goddess. This was too disturbing. It’s their mother for f*cks sake. A deal was made? It can’t be too life-threatening to produce an heir. Ok, but just so we don’t lose control again, we’re gonna put this chip in your head. (IDK but really, why?)

“I got his by a golf club when I was playing with a friend of mine,” the prince revealed in the interview. “We were on a putting green and the next thing you know there was a seven-iron and it came out of nowhere and it hit me in the head,” he continued. 

Yep. Mars (iron) is in control.

Kate has a 3-inch scar on her head. A childhood operation that was very serious.

Look, Donald Trump is a clown. But his uncle has ties to Tesla, his son is a time-traveler, and he keeps this going:

Because why?


Why the climate hoax? Because there has to be one for the Martians. Creating scarcity. But what exactly is going on? The idea of controlling the masses isn’t something so shocking. But there is something else going on. There is no person on this earth, right now, that feels ok.

Look at this. What are they doing?

It’s near the Gotthard Tunnel. I don’t know the significance of that area but lots of weird stuff in Switzerland.

Remember, orange or red means Mars. Here’s Prometheus giving ‘light’ to the workers for Mars. Because they have advanced technology.

A portal to Mars. I’m not sure how but Martians like tunnels, caves, portals. It could be for hidden trafficking or advanced technology to allow for something to transfer. If you ever wonder, why? Why suppressed free energy and stuff…because! Martians lose their grip on resources. They have to have the advanced technology. Otherwise we don’t have to do anything for them. And it would explain why it seems the ‘elite’ serve a hidden master. They do! Because whatever deal they made is with a Martian and the Martian can attack covertly. Kill them, or entire cities. How or what the operation is, of course I don’t know but it seems like they either want to tell us, or are doing it slowly.

There’s the bull (Mithras) Cave. Martians.

Is it boring?

Elon Musk’s project.

Made me think about this

Speaking of Elon Musk. What about this? Is this for Earthlings, or …?

Why does it look like it belongs in the desert?

Are you fascinated yet?

Horses are sacred to Mars.

“fought an illness valiantly” 🙄 next to red-harry. Speaking of, what about this template? Deal or no deal?


She said she felt like The Little Mermaid.

Malta, minotaur, bull, cave. We aren’t told the truth about anything. I do wonder what reality is, sometimes.

and the fascination Fashions! These are weird to me. They’re mind-controlled dolls born from the womb of the earth portal. They don’t look like Earth girls.

And RasBen has pointed out before, that if the bible is a story that has been converted, perverted, and misleading people for as long as we know, what would be something with some truth? The book of Enoch.

Throughout the bible and the Epic of Gilgamesh, the gods often did not like to show their faces and communicated through transmitters where the voice of the gods could be heard, but not seen. Today, we have technology like this, allowing us to speak to people without seeing their face, could they have been referencing something like a telephone or telecom?

Ancient astronaut theories have interpreted this secrecy as extraterrestrials not being able to take off their helmets and having bases on mountains, which were kept hidden from humans. This is a recurring theme in biblical texts and particularly the Epic of Gilgamesh. In fact, in the seventh tablet of the Epic of Gilgamesh, he describes being brought to a door that speaks like a living person — much like the intercoms we’re familiar with today.

Martians=Nephilim=fallen angels. The portals used to be pyramids. Now it is CERN and who knows what else?

M and I went to Asheville recently and walked around the top of Mt. Pisgah where ley lines cross and you can most definitely feel some vortex energy. Lots of twisty trees and nice energy at this beautiful location.

You know about those “high places”. It’s where the Nephilim landed. Pisgah in the bible is where Balak made sacrifices. It has to do with ley lines. There is a ‘pouring out’.

How can I say this with certainty? Because I don’t have anywhere else to look at this point and I am putting together pieces. You have to think as Earth as one thing. Ideally and naturally it is. Of course the human Earthlings are individuals. But isn’t that sad that we don’t even know what that is or how it could be? Can you imagine just feeling peaceful at a place that you call home? If the center of the Earth’s ley lines are in the UK, that explains why the word ‘Britain’ means “covenant” and all around the Earth are other places that show the Martian domination. The most famous pyramids are in Cairo. Cairo means “Mars”. Washington DC is literally new Rome. These colosseums, I mean stadiums… who exactly are they for?

The NFLim. And what do you hear about? Football players and their contracts!

Back to the ley lines. I think they have to do with the Ark of the Covenant (with the Martian nephilim). There are cryptic messages to be found on everything to do with the story we are told about the “founding fathers” of America. Please, this is the language we are given. I am not making this any more splintered story than it already is. I’m sure there are female Martians too! And the Earth as a whole is female. Johannes Kelp was in a strange secret society called The Society of the Woman of the Wilderness. The native people here were matriarchal, but that just meant the land was with the mother and a central ‘government’ didn’t own it. No taxes or anything. The men were still leaders and warriors, they just had a different arrangement. But this arrangement didn’t work if there was to be a take over. They either had to divide up the land or move west of the Mississippi. This was getting the woman of the wilderness. I think you could take over the ‘ark’ or ley lines or aetheric field by putting a clock tower and town hall on important sites like mounds and other sacred sites. The George Washington Masonic Monument has an actual ark of the covenant.

And crystals and caves and sacred spring water? What about inner Earth? I hear there’s a central sun and it’s like paradise. Are there not caves and tunnels are around Earth that are ancient?

There are new findings in the “Cave of Horrors” that contain more Dead Sea Scrolls.

Nahum 1:5–6, which says: “The mountains quake because of Him, And the hills melt. The earth heaves before Him, The world and all that dwell therein. Who can stand before His wrath? Who can resist His fury? His anger pours out like fire, and rocks are shattered because of Him.”

Wonder who that could be?

M and I have both felt attacked very suddenly and in a dramatic way after just feeling relaxed. It feels like an attack in the head. And there’s too many people saying they pull small metal things out of their body. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of why where would be this kind of control for any reason here on Earth. And since we aren’t told anything, why not consider this? Why is there a Bureau of Land Management? Nobody here on Earth is in control. And this is the big secret.

Our minds are being messed with in the most literal way. Mine is, anyway. Splintered and confused.

20 thoughts on “Caves, portals, martians”

  1. We’re the Martians and Martian stuff we don’t like is stuff in our minds. It will stop bothering us if we clear out our minds, know that everything really is nothing, and focus on the heart core super nirvana love bliss energy that is the only true reality.

    Anyway here’s a YouTube about a Martian who tries to clear all Martian stuff out of his mind by driving in a truck to the desert and building a tent village. At the end of the YouTube you can see the Martian driving his truck to a Spaceport to pick up other Martian and take her to the tent village. Then the two Martians think the tent village in the desert is paradise (or anyway they think it’s a pretty nice place to be): Here’s the YouTube:

          1. I forgot this is the year of the bull (and horse energy). Makes sense given all the Mars stuff this year.
            And I was thinking about the Antarctica, Buzz Aldrin “get your ass to Mars”, David Bowie, Black Star stuff. It’s all syncMiss.

  2. And about comment I just wrote saying that everything is nothing my comment is also nothing. All commentary is nothing. And YouTube I posted is nothing.

    Excellent heart core energy is something. Twin Martians are something. And stuff we like can be something. But everything else is nothing.

    This comment is nothing and will stop commenting.

      1. Yep, difficult to know what’s what.

        But basically I think there is no what or what’s what to know and everything really is absolutely nothing.

        Heart core energy is something and heart core energy is anything we like and love.

        And everything else is really and absolutely…nothing.

        Your Martian video is better than mine and video of stars is excellent and in favorite place everything else will dissolve into…nothingness.

        That’s what I think and really think there’s nothing else to know and OK will stop commenting.

  3. MJ

    Working on the theory that every mad idea you have is probably true.

    Texas is Mars and the Superconducting Super Collider.

    When I first saw this video my immediate thought was that it was the Alien mine in Total Recall with the alien technology which supplied Free Energy. And that it was closed down when it was found.

    1. Frank, when you think of the bizarre and horrific stories that are mysterious, and that keep popping up. Take adrenochrome, for example. First reaction is omg how sick! And then you see that you can look this up. You start to question, why? And to the extent this mysterious, bizarre and horrific stuff that is under the surface (and sometimes not), you realize that it doesn’t really have anything to do with anything here on earth.
      And the “science” community…DON’T QUESTION IT! You’re not qualified. But how do I become qualified if I don’t…DON’T QUESTION IT.
      The ridiculous cycle that again, has nothing to do with here on earth. Even if our consciousness has to see it as an outside thing, well….in the holy babble, there was a 3rd party…
      This is the part where we fix it.
      Heaven on Earth is not fantasy. We live in a virtual reality so the humans on Mars can live. And they are very sad about not living in the golden age. We are too.

      1. Just as a sort of confirmation of what you are seeing.

        About the Mind Grid and portals. I’m pretty sure my memories are correct. The initial rituals took place on the Greenwich Prime Meridian give or take half a mile which I don’t think was an accident. By the nature of the schools and the medical and psychological knowledge that would have been needed there must have been a Deep State involvement. And the second school had a strong link to the ANC in South Africa as well as visits from Prince Charles. The security services at the highest level would have known very well what was going on. Also there is a military connection I think which fits with the Mars energy. I suspect the core of the darkness lies within the military. And if a minor officer in the police or security services starts looking they quickly get shown the door. Or worse.

        At the same time I think there was probably a soul reason to enter the Heart of Darkness.

        There were lots of masks. I can only remember one face and that was a High Priestess. I’m loathe to point a finger with all this weird doppelganger stuff going on but she was a dead ringer for a well known Hollywood actress.

        And I don’t have any memories post puberty which indicates to me it’s the pre-pubescent energy that is important.

        1. And about mind sets and functionaries in general. I know from my banking days there was a level which you couldn’t go beyond unless you were prepared to kick people out of their houses just because they don’t have enough money and similar things. And not care.

          I have a family friend. He is a lovely man and the life and soul of the party. Back in the 1960s he used to fly jet planes with atomic weapons aboard and had a very senior post in NATO in Norway for a time during the Cold War.

          Not to put to fine a point on it if the order came through from ‘Management’ he would have given the order to fire atomic missiles at the Soviet Union. I asked him would you have ordered a first strike without asking why or knowing if the Russians were preparing to attack the West. And he replied something along the lines of ‘Orders are Orders’. And he was prepared to blow up half the world just because Queenie or a President told him to without any reason. The contradiction between his good natured character and that mind set is difficult to understand.

    2. Right! When you think of Earth as one ‘her’, and the “lord” as a cranky Martian, re-read the holy babble. Then, it actually makes sense.
      The message about free energy is that no, you can’t have it because how can Martians have any if the Earthlings are ‘free’ from their control. But they can!

    3. Total Recall (the first one)
      “In 2084, construction worker Douglas Quaid is having troubling dreams about Mars and a mysterious woman there. His wife Lori is dismissive of Mars, where the governor, Vilos Cohaagen, is fighting a rebellion. Quaid visits Rekall, a company that implants false memories of vacations, and chooses a “trip” to Mars as a secret agent. However, the procedure goes wrong because Quaid has suppressed memories of actually being a secret agent on Mars.”

      Construction worker.
      Why does this world not feel real? Because we live in a CONSTRUCT.

      Mithras (god of the contract)

      A contraction is when the muscles of your uterus tighten up like a fist and then relax. Contractions help push your baby out. When you’re in true labor, your contractions last about 30 to 70 seconds and come about 5 to 10 minutes apart. They’re so strong that you can’t walk or talk during them.

      Earth is one womb for Mars.

  4. Everything on Earth is just stuff in the mind of the god/goddess. Know that everything in that mind is OK and also know that everything is nothing. And focus on heart core.

    Or just somehow focus on the heart core and know that nothing else matters.

    And to focus on super nirvana heart core love energy of universe clear everything out of mind. And when all things and thought forms out of mind think only about beautiful girl and nice feeling in underpants.

    That is a message from ancient Hindu book.

    Stopping comments..

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