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Frank has resurfaced on Blade and Chalice not in a way I anticipated. Frankly speaking.

The website Merovee has been suspended by WordPress and just putting everyone in the picture who finds their way here.

This relates to an old article ‘Why So Serious’ d/d 25th April 2013 which has supposedly infringed the WordPress Terms and Conditions. The infringement relates to an image included in the article.

And with my Merovee hat on, I notice the date of the article was a 0,1,2,3,4,5 date.

It’s Historical. This isn’t the guilty image though but I think is connected.

The First Church – Oak Hill, Franklin Rd.



The problem for me is I cannot search through the old posts on Merovee’s dashboard and as it is a long time ago – over five years – I have no idea what the guilty image is and no idea why it is guilty. Or who has made the complaint. I assume the article was to do with the Joker and if anyone has a good memory ?

I have asked WP for an explanation and hopefully I will be able to sort things. But the Why So Serious link seems to indicate there is a Joker / Fool connection. I’ll find out in time. To be honest, life is so bizarre at the moment it doesn’t come as a surprise. One damned thing after the other.

Merovee has been suspended. Merovee is well hung.

Why So Serious ?

The New Kid On The Block

Throughout the ages, men and women of a spiritual inclination have tried to contact the spirit world via a variety of methods. Every summer and winter solstice, many people flock to the Stonehenge stone ring in England to absorb the spiritual energies from the Sun.




And in Ancient Egypt, the King and Queen’s chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza were built to align with Orion and Sirius.




On a personal level, individuals attempt to channel all sorts of spirits from Ouija board enthusiasts to the Psychic Sallys and their stage and TV shows. And books have been channelled from non earthly sources. For example, Neale Donald Walsch after writing an angry letter to God, was suddenly interrupted by a voice saying it was God and the conversation spawned the ‘Conversations With God’ books.




“You are making a mockery of Me. You are saying that I, God, made inherently imperfect beings, then have demanded of them to be perfect, or face damnation. You are saying then that, somewhere several thousand years into the world’s experience, I relented, saying that from then on you didn’t necessarily have to be good, you simply had to feel bad when you were not being good, and accept as your savior the One Being who could always be perfect, thus satisfying My hunger for perfection. You are saying that My Son–who you call the One Perfect One–has saved you from your own imperfection–the imperfection that I gave you. In other words, God’s Son has saved you from what His Father did.”

But there is a ‘New Kid on the Block’ and the means are via new technology and media. It is an unconscious process as the source connects with us at an unconscious level and normally without our conscious awareness. Not being a techno whizz kid, I don’t know the precise technological processes but digital appears to me to be the main player and hits the neural networks with amazing speed and is then downloaded into our subconscious. I have seen both videos and movies and TV series used in this way. Below are an example of various TV series.








And a selection of some movies.








Even though movies and TV series always had the potential to effect our energy centres, the new technology would appear, at a higher level, to be designed for the purpose of spiritual energy downloads and activation which effect the 3D mind and body and at amazing speeds through our collective energy grid. And I also believe the TV series, movies and You Tube videos are created with this intention at a subconscious level. Even though I have no real knowledge of them, it is possible computer Games do the same.

We are entering a New Age in many different ways.


Karma Chameleon

We have to pay for everything. The physical world revolves around money and our life can become a never ending revolving door of paying the bills and getting enough to feed ourselves and our family.




Sky bill


It is common for people once they start on their spiritual journey to question money ( and you don’t need to be spiritually inclined ) and ask why are we trapped in an absurd game of Monopoly where bits of paper and metal that have no value in any sense are so important. Why haven’t we picked up the board, thrown it at the wall and started a more fun game ? Why do we persist with a system that from any rational perspective is illogical ?

Everything in our physical reality is a reflection of a desire in the Mind and paying the bills is no different. It would seem there are a multitude of people and organisations that we have to pay from the energy bills, to the water company, to the Internet provider. And you may have noticed that that however much money your bank account shows, it is never enough and you need more. But in reality, there is only one bill we are trying to pay.

The world appears to give us a wide option of choices and using the utility companies as an example, there seem to be large variety of different organisations who will supply you with your energy, water, phone, TV and Internet who will offer different services and costs. But it is an illusion of choice.




From Wikipedia – Karma:

“Karma (Sanskrit: कर्म; IPA: [ˈkərmə] ( listen); Pali: kamma) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering. Karma is closely associated with the idea of rebirth in some schools of Asian religions. In these schools, karma in the present affects one’s future in the current life, as well as the nature and quality of future lives – or, one’s saṃsāra.”


The concept of Karma is widely misunderstood. Many see it as a form of punishment and when something bad happens to someone we don’t like, it can be satisfying to see Karma as the cause and a form of vengeance. But it really doesn’t work like that.

At the core of our belief system, we think we are sinners and that we have sinned. And that to balance the equation, we have to pay. The negative side of ‘Do Gooding’ is motivated by this belief, where we think by sacrifice we will repay the karma of our past deeds. And assuage the anger of the vengeful God who is ever ready to throw a thunderbolt or two our way.

The belief in our own and others’ Guilt is the cornerstone of our reality. Do Not is the basis of the law and below is the Endless kNot of Karma but the true Law is ‘Just Do It’ and it is just and it is fair.




We don’t have to pay for anything. It is our own choice and the choice comes from the belief in sin and guilt and sacrifice.

It’s All Free. You need do nothing.


The Wall

Our world and mind consist of boundaries. Our physical Earth is an orb which is limited by its physical boundary. On earth, land masses are limited and separated by the sea and we have different continents and countries, and within the countries we have further divisions such as cities, towns and villages.

When we are young, we go to school and one of the first things you learn at a new school are what areas are ‘Out of Bounds’ which the school wants you to remain within. Psychologists tell us children want to know where the limits lie and will push the boundaries and so parents and teachers lay down the law. As we become adults, boundaries still exist but are changed slightly from childhood and we replace the boundaries of childhood with the boundaries of adulthood.

We have boundaries of behaviour and physical boundaries. When we are young, we escape these limitations by turning to our imagination and see ourselves as scoring the winning goal in the World Cup or as Superman, or as a Princess but as we age, our imagination becomes more and more limited as the pressures and mundanity of physical life impose themselves upon us.

We have Laws for everything and the Law mainly says ‘Do Not’ or orders you ‘To Do’ in a way which suits it. Your work contract may say you have to work 9-5 Monday to Friday and within this contract, there will be a standards of behaviour and your job outline and expected responsibilities.

‘Do Not’ go beyond the boundaries.




And if you do, you may have to go in front of the Judge for sentencing.


Judge Jeffreys - The Hanging Judge
Judge Jeffreys – The Hanging Judge


So who sets the limits and decides where the boundaries lie ? In short, we do or rather our Ego mind does. All boundaries in our physical reality are limits created by our ego mind, even our Bodies and Time. We see separated bodies and objects and we divide time into seconds, minutes, years, decades and centuries. We have boundaries of Birth and Death.

We use the Law to set the boundaries of our behaviour and the boundary for behaviour is called Guilt. Beyond the Pale. And when we go beyond the boundaries, it is termed Sin and we become a Sinner and ‘Break The Law’.

Sin and the Law are concepts used to keep us within our physical reality and deny our spirituality. The body is seen as sinful and we become to believe we are bodies but our bodies can do nothing on their own. The body takes its orders from the Mind and everything is in the Mind. It is all imagination and Sin is imagination as well.




But the boundaries have purpose and the purpose is keep out God and Unlimited Love. Our ‘ego’ uses the physical world to deny Love and we have built a defensive wall around us to protect us from the reality of our being.




The biggest boundaries are belief the body is ‘Me’, Death and Time and all three are inter-connected as if there is no birth or death, no beginning or end, then there can be no Linear Time. I notice that ‘Wall’ is very nearly ‘Law’ spelt backwards which speaks to me in the same way that Live is Evil backwards.

We need to go over the Wall and break out of the prison. The Law is a self imposed boundary in the Mind and the imaginary prison walls are of our own making. Death and Guilt are boundaries which we need to go beyond.

We are eternal Innocence.

The Return Of The King

And I can assure you, I’m not talking about Prince Charles !

“I would rather spend one lifetime with you than face all the Ages of this world alone”


Aragorn & Eowyn 'Lord of the Rings'
Aragorn & Eowyn
‘Lord of the Rings’


The King is waking.

“And the Lawed God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept.”


King Arthur sleeps
King Arthur sleeps


But ‘The Lady of the Lake’ kept Excalibur safe for when he awoke.


It has just been a bad dream. We have dreamed we are all alone in a huge universe where we are effected by forces outside of our control. The King has dreamt he is only a peasant and the Queen that she is just a serving wench who are sinners in the eyes of a cruel God who deserve punishment and need to perfect themselves to please this tyrant.

But the King and Queen can never be separated. Our world is Maya – an illusion of isolation. The feminine is the Is – she is Isis and the masculine is ‘Spark Man’ who causes the ocean to remain vibrant and alive, and if the masculine energy is dulled then the waters can become stagnant. And the energies between masculine and feminine should flow between each other in an equal partnership of For Giving and Love. But our dream is a distortion of reality, where we see the genders as separate from each other whilst the Universe sees us as One and whole and holy.

The King is waking up. In one of these weird coincidences, while I was thinking about the article, a few days ago BB King ‘died’ and my first thought was ‘The King is dead. Long live the King’.




The new King will not come with a mindset of guilt, fear and control but from the heart not the mind and from spiritual masculine love. He will no longer be a worker ant programmed by our false survival need but from the perspective of an eternal spiritual being of male love eternally joined with his Queen.

The cause of the separation between male and female ( and the other divisions ) is the guilt from the Fall as described in Genesis. All guilt originates from there but the guilt is a self inflicted wound. There is no judgemental male God who tells us what is right and wrong and he is literally a figment of our imagination which we then project outwards and we have created a world which is a mirror of the scary, thunderbolt throwing God.

We are all part of ‘God’ and the old patriarchal mind was a mirror of our distorted view of the male ‘God’. And as the King awakens we will also view the male god in a new light because he is just us looking in the mirror.




Wakey, Wakey !


And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. Genesis 28:12 KJV


And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved. Genesis 32:30 KJV

Peniel. Pineal. Nepal.


Kathmandu. Kat Man. Lion….

There’s a lot of fource in Kat Man’s postal code!


Crowley changed the ‘strength’ tarot card to ‘lust’….and just wanted to point out yet another kat man (beast, lion) and woman (Mt. EVErest).


There was so much force in the earthquake last week, it caused an avalanche on Mount EVErest!


Did the Kat Man mount Eve?

from wikipedia: The location, magnitude and focal mechanism of the earthquake suggest that it was caused by a slip along the Main Frontal Thrust. The earthquake’s effects were amplified in Kathmandu as it is sited on the Kathmandu Basin, which contains up to 600 m (2,000 ft) of sedimentary rocks, representing the infilling of a lake.

Holy Mother of ….

from etymonline:

Everestmountain between Nepal and Tibet, named 1865 for Sir George Everest (1790-1866), surveyor-general of India. The Tibetan name is Chomolangma “mother goddess of the world.”

Back to Jacob….


 And God said unto him, Thy name is Jacob: thy name shall not be called any more Jacob, but Israel shall be thy name: and he called his name Israel. Genesis 35:10 KJV


IS RA EL  ( IS = feminine) ( RA = masculine) ( EL = god)

from wikipedia: When Ra was in the underworld, he merged with Osiris, the god of the dead, and through it became the god of the dead as well.

Isis frequently schemed against Ra, as she wanted her son Horus to have the power. In one myth, Isis created a serpent to poison Ra and only gave him the antidote when he revealed his true name to her. Ra now feared Isis, as with his secret name revealed she could use all her power against him and have Horus take over the throne.

Watch out, Ra! Osiris has risen! On Easter…. 

Speaking of OsIRIS, a complex pattern of neurons in the brain cause us to see things in color. Everything is really fifty shades of grey 😉

The color of something perceived is dependent on the background, the lighting and the observer. These two X’s are the same color.



You don’t need Ra anymore when your 3rd eye is wide open.

No rainbow without the sun! (no illusion without light pouring in your 3D self!)


Some think the kundalini of the earth is located in the area of Mount Everest. The Not-Sees certainly did.


OS means open source, IRIS is eye.

The door for the middle chamber was in the right side of the house: and they went up with winding stairs into the middle chamber, and out of the middle into the third. 1 Kings 6:8 KJV

Three eyed Shiva

Before the separation in the garden, we were ONE. Everything got out of balance when we left the garden in the EAST. But we are at an auspicious time right now….

“Let there be lights in the heavens and let them be for signs” Genesis 1:14


“When you see the man with the pitcher of water, follow him into the house.”  Luke 22:10




The changing silver sun allows more photons (SHINY) in our DNA, and a Jacob’s ladder (electrical arc) has been made between the masculine and the feminine


MEmphis. MEroe. MErovee. MEditerranean. MElanin.

from etymonline:

black: Old English blæc “dark,” from Proto-Germanic *blakaz “burned” (cognates: Old Norse blakkr “dark,” Old High German blah “black,” Swedish bläck “ink,” Dutchblaken “to burn”), from PIE *bhleg- “to burn, gleam, shine, flash” (cognates: Greek phlegein “to burn, scorch,” Latin flagrare “to blaze, glow, burn”), from root*bhel- (1) “to shine, flash, burn;”

now check this out from etymonline:

Sirius: brightest star by magnitude, late 14c., from Latin Sirius “the Dog Star,” from Greek Seirios, said to mean literally “scorching” or “the scorcher.”

Sirius and A and B forming a DNA pattern


Black means to SHINE or SCORCH, and Sirius, the SHINIEST star means “SCORCHING”

And the most “scorched” people (most melanin) live in Sudan (US DNA)….


….where there are pyramids in MEroe?!



The pineal gland secretes melatonin, and it is a hormone responsible for health and enlightenment.

Aurora consurgens, 14th century:

“Turn to me with your whole heart and do not despise me because I am black and dark, for the sun has burned me so, and the black depths have covered my face.”

She is showing you the kundalini snaking up her spine. Notice the “evergreen” (eternal) wings.

I found this image in this book. Saw the author and knew it was a sign 😉

alchemy and mysticism
by Alexander Roob (RooBee do!)

And the image and quote above make me think of this:

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars  Revelation 12:1

“….do not despise me because I am black and dark….”



Don’t hate me….



because I’m beautiful.


The matrix and mindlines these days are crazy. Absolutely berserk. Getting back to the garden isn’t so easy. It is as if we are waiting for critical mass, and the resistance is causing chaos. The ego is fighting for survival because the mind matrix has been hacked. “She” (spiritus sanctus) woke up, Osiris is rising and there is a whole new game on the horizon.

Sudan  SU DAN  US DNA (all of US, our DNA)

We have a collective consciousness and right now there is a storm going on in the ‘whirled mind’



The control freaks (the ego part of US) prefers the very controlled and predictable North West part of the mind. The ego thrives on control. If I were going to make VERY GENERAL, symbolic analogies about mapping people and gender, from a western pov….

The East = Women

The South = darker skin (generally)

And generally speaking, name two groups of people who have had to put up with others consistently trying to control them and degrade them? Black people and women.

What is it with this? We are mirrors of each other. Can we not stand to look at each other? The east (feminine) side is the free-flowing creative side.  (can’t be controlled). The south (more melanin-rich) has a greater alchemical process within them for health and consciousness. (too much ‘open source’ to be controlled).

Its time to

*The most conflict right now in the US concerns African-Americans but I’m not forgetting other melanin-rich people who have suffered injustice, also, simply for having darker skin. Native Americans, aboriginals, south asians, south and middle Americans, the list goes on and on.


There has been a joining in the spirit world. The male and the female. The cycles of guilt and time and “doing time” are over. The shedding of skin has started.  Spirit doesn’t give a damn about money, or if someone is gay, or how educated someone is, and spirit certainly doesn’t give a damn about race or skin color.

Spirit only cares about love. Love is the only thing that is real.

Meet me in the middle. Me, as in You. WE are one big ME!



Bring it all together. Male and female, black and white, first and last. It will be ONEderful.

A little boy and a little girl were looking at a picture of Adam and Eve. Which is Adam and which is Eve? said one. I do not know, said the other, but I could tell if they had clothes on.  – Samuel Butler (novelist)


The garden is within us. We can find it again. Start with your mind….


37. His disciples said, “When will you appear to us, and when will we see you?” Jesus said, “When you strip without being ashamed, and you take your clothes and put them under your feet like little children and trample them, then [you] will see the son of the living one and you will not be afraid.”  – The Gospel of Thomas

In the garden we acquired “coats of skin”. Jesus says if we want to get back there, we must shed them again, without guilt. No coats of skin because no more guilt. No coats of skin because there is no skin color.


Am I telling you to rip off your clothes and run around naked? Walk into the office on casual Friday with nothing but your birthday suit on? If you want 🙂 What I am saying is that an evolution is upon us. We are done with the cycles of time.

Now, for something PUNNY!

Let’s ANALize the situation about URANUS.

(who can say that without laughing?!)

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. (LOL)

Isn’t Uranus bootyful?


In the Bible which was written in Greek, Jesus says the Kingdom Of Heaven is at hand. The Greek word for heaven is Ouranos which is translated into English as Uranus.

It has to do with cosmic consciousness, pineal (Nepal, melanin), and getting rid of guilt, so we can return to the garden.

The talking snake in the garden was kundalini energy, and it was talking to the feminine side of the brain. No, Eve is not guilty of anything.

Kundalini snakes us the spine, starting at the root chakra, all the way to the crown chakra. The bible calls this the “backside” 🙂

Moses at the Burning Bush
Now Moses was pasturing the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian; and he led the flock to the backside of the wilderness and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. The angel of the LORD appeared to him in a blazing fire from the midst of a bush; and he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, yet the bush was not consumed.… Exodus 3:1 – 2

Some bibles call it the west side, KJ version says backside. And the burning bush is the pineal gland.

The Book with Seven Seals
I saw in the right hand of Him who sat on the throne a book written inside and on the back, sealed up with seven seals. Revelation 5:1

Seven seals, on the back are the chakras up the spine.

And another mentioned above.

And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved. Genesis 32:30 KJV

The tribe of Judah, who’s symbol is a lion, camped in the EAST, at the point of the rising sun. They are the tribe of light!

All those listed of the camp of Judah, by their companies, were 186,400. They shall set out first on the march. Numbers 2:9

speed of light


pretty damn close 🙂

“When you see the man with the pitcher of water, follow him into the house.”  Luke 22:10

The speed of light (the sun, Leo) is opposite on the zodiac wheel of Aquarius (the time of great change). We are living in exciting times…. actually there are no words to describe….

snakes that kiss



Recently, I have read the book version of ‘2001 : A Space Odyssey’ by Arthur C Clarke. Even though the film and book were written in tandem, the book expands on some of the themes in certain areas which may seem vague in the movie.




The early part of the book centres on a major step forward in evolution for mankind through contact with The Monolith. It shows that once one of the man apes, ‘Moon Watcher’ entered the energy field of the Monolith, then the rest of the tribe is effected as well and they all start learning new skills and this then ignites the evolution of the man apes and over a long period of time, we evolve into humans as we know ourselves and kick start the learning and cognitive part our mind.

“The tools they had been programmed to use were simple enough, yet they could change this world and make the man-apes its masters. The most primitive was the hand-held stone, that multiplied many-fold the power of a blow. Then there was the bone club that strengthened the reach and could provide a buffer against the fangs or claws of angry animals. With these weapons, the limitless food that roamed the savannahs was theirs to take.”




‘2001 : A Space Odyssey’ has been by some as a metaphor for the ascension process we have been experiencing since the 1960s. Critics would claim it’s just a work of fiction but maybe humanity did really contact the Monolith through the film and that when viewers watch the movie , they are actually joining with the energy of the Monolith through the movie itself and ‘The Monolith’ kick started a new evolutionary jump for humanity.

Much of the book and movie, relate to the relationship with the human occupants of the space ship, Discovery, Dave Bowman and Frank Poole and HAL who is the inboard computer and is in control of all the technology on the ship, and is in effect the Mind of ‘Discovery’ and Dave and Frank are totally reliant on HAL.

Humanity has its own HAL on Spaceship Earth in its MIND and it barks out orders and has very strange beliefs and tells you lies about yourself. It has a distorted view of Life, the Universe and Everything.

Here are some of its stranger messages that it transmits and our brain then interprets them as our own beliefs .

  • I am a body
  • I die
  • I am a sinner
  • I am imperfect
  • God is my enemy
  • Life is scary
  • I am weak
  • I can be hurt
  • I need
  • Sex is wrong
  • I need saving
  • There is a beginning and end to life

And there are a host of other beliefs about ourselves which HAL tells us is true about our Self but in fact, the complete opposite is true. Using the previous list as a guide, here is the alternative version from our real Self.

  • I am a non physical soul of Love
  • I am eternal
  • I am Innocence
  • I am perfect
  • God loves me without condition
  • Life is safe
  • I am the power and energy of the Universe
  • I have
  • Sex is good
  • I am my holy saviour
  • Life is eternal

And from this belief system which originates from HAL, a whole world of death and want and guilt has been created. At the end of the movie HAL is dismantled by Dave Bowman and switched off.  Our mind is currently undergoing the same process . Our false belief system is being  brought to the surface of my mind for release and much of what was hidden has become visible, and above the clouds of HAL is where the real treasure lies.


Hal memory


After switching off HAL, Dave Bowman experiences a spiritual hyper jump though the Universe and ends up in a strange hotel room where he is to be spiritually reborn and the old mind  erased. The room is a virtual reality creation for Dave  made by the alien intelligence that created the Monolith.

“There being no further use for it, the furniture of the suite dissolved back in to the mind of its creator. Only the bed remained – and the walls, shielding this fragile organism from the energies it could not yet control.

The springs of Dave’s memory were being tapped. In controlled recollection, he was reliving the past.

And even as he relived these events, he knew that all indeed was well. He was retrogressing down the corridors of time, being drained of knowledge and experience as he swept back towards his childhood. But nothing was being lost. All that he had ever been, at every moment of his life was transferred to safer keeping. Even as one David Bowman ceased to exist, another became immortal.” 

Through the Monolith !


WHORE-ific acts in the WILD and the Alchemy of Greased Lightnin’

What or who were you expecting?

meow meow its me

Getting WILD in the Tonga, or is it WILD on the TONGUE-ga? 😉

tongue ga

Watch this video if you want to understand what is going on.

You must. Please have a sip….

In this backwards whirl-d, the major (Abrahamic) religions have brainwashed people into thinking that looking within, or going into the darkness, or “going there”, or even questioning, will take you on a one-way trip to hell. This is

look within

By doing that very thing (a-voiding looking within), the most horrific acts have emerged from what we call humanity because of the suppression of sexuality and self-expression in general. It is unhealthy and unfortunately also, a tool for controlling and keeping the human spirit down.  Butt NO more.

internet false idols

The etheric sea of chaos and FREE thought and imagination (some call it art), there is no direction and it causes the mind to PAN-ic. What to do? Where to go? OMG am I really thinking that?! It is the subconscious. The feminine side. I’m sick of walking on eggshells because the fucking thing has hatched! WAKE UP and stop being afraid of what is a part of you. Call it the goddess, the virgin, the whore, the scarlet lady, the Holy Spirit, Eve, Lilith, Aphrodite, ….etc., call it the right side of your brain, call it creativity….just know that it is a part of you and you need to embrace it. Some call it Satan (which is merely a thought form). Is Satan real? As real as you think he is. Satan is part of duality. If there is good then there has to be bad (only in the third dimension).  But really, all there IS, IS love.

satin finish
Satan’s got up his mitten, to spank that naughty kitten!

You horny devil 😉

HELL-O. This is a wake up call: hell is on earth right now. Reality is murky. The collective subconscious is having an all-out panic attack and it is reflected in the headlines. What would Jesus do? What Jesus does, is for you to figure out. Hint (the kingdom and queendom is within you).

I want to make Jesus proud. I’m sounding the church bells.

ding ding

No more playing nice sssssssssss

You’re going to have to deal with HER

woman in red exercise

serpent lady 1

hair growing

is she really so bad?

her name is wild flower

jessica rabbit

serpent lady 3


serpent lady 5

serpent lady 4

serpent lady 6

veiled indian ladySo he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.  Revelation 17:3

There’s those numbers again 173, just in a different order.

137 the fine structure constant.

John of Patmos was embracing his “East coast rap” poetic self. Just imagine Snoop Dogg rapping revelation 17:3…. (‘red bitches talkin’ shit bout homey…. he got seven heads on his dick, he so horny….’)  Just sippin’ my gin and juice, people 😉

The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written:


I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement.

Scarlett Johansson Dresses Skirts Evening umIeApaZCbjl

I am your mother.  I am your sister.  I am your daughter.

lady in red 1

I am your mother. I am your sister. I am your daughter.

red dress turquoise earrings

I am your mother. I am your sister. I am your daughter.

elle-fanning-cover-story-04I am your mother. I am your sister. I am your daughter.

lady red head scarf

Are you getting the idea?

red veil Every woman

she IS

is the woman in red

red dress matrix

She is the virgin and she is the whore. There is only one HER.

Time to shamble! And here we go, quick as lightning’, GREASE is the word! The secret secretion up your spine, the kundalini, the sacred oil of christ-all consciousness. Please, step into my alchemy lab….

In the opening scene of


the male and the female emerge from the primordial soup. The ocean represents the waters of nun. They represent all male and all female and their names are a hint, explained below. If you happen to catch this movie sometime, notice how there is no one else in the opening beach scene except Danny and Sandy and the first time they are shown, they are literally walking out of the ocean together.

emerging from the waters
Love is a many splendored thing

sandy danny dna

When shown closer up, Danny has on a red (masculine) jacket and Sandy has on a blue (feminine) jacket. At this point, they are still ONE, as two polar opposites with the same vibratory body as one female part and one male part in a magnetic union. (yin yang)  They are in the garden and everything is perfect.

grease kiss opening scene

I watched the opening scene a few times to try and take in all the details, after I realized the symbology. I kept thinking ‘I wonder what this scene means, exactly?….’

grease king arthur

Then I check my email and there is a new Merovee post about King Arthur, and Frank decided to include an image of a castle! Happens all the time. Our minds are melded. But what does the image mean? Perhaps it means that when the separation ends, we will all be in Camelot.

Then this scene at the beach and the dialogue is a big clue.

back to OZ

Then the opening song ‘Grease’ written by Barry Gibb. It seems the opening scene at the beach is symbolic of US before the separation.  Danny and Sandy are twin flames. More evidence of this to come…. (also interesting to note the first letter of each of their last names, Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko, spell OZ)

Right after Danny says “It’s only the beginning”, then the animated opening song of the movie and the first image shown is a radio and then hand reaches over to adjust the FREQUENCY. Out of the garden, to a more dense vibration in matter, bound by time.

grease radio

Because Danny and Sandy have gone to Rydell (ride EL) High School, and EL is also known as Cronus, father time, Saturn, etc….

rydell pennant grease

The Abrahamic religions are all about El, separation, guilt, and wanting you to pay for your sins.

They heard the sound of the lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the lord God among the trees of the garden. Then the lord God called to the man, and said to him, “Where are you?” 10 He said, “I heard the sound of You in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid myself.”…

Because I was naked….not comfortable in the lower dimension! Our reality is held together by a certain constant vibration (sinful sine waves) and a force called gravity, that causes us to have a body that lives and dies throughout time cycles (Saturn, El), but we are finished with those cycles! Let’s  for give and embrace CHRIST-ALL consciousness! I’m tired of Saturn constricting me (that planet is so “old age”) And also I’d like to point out from genesis 9 above, when the “lord” god said “where are you?”….I thought “lord” god was omnipotent! The entire story of the garden of Eden is full of holes (that’s what she said!) 🙂

I’m having a glass of abominations.

red wine

Back to the Alchemical Greased Lightnin’….

Step 1.  CALCINATIONThe Fire of Creation. Molten matter, volcanic ashes to create a livable environment. The opening scene was shot at Leo Carrillo State Park, making explicit reference to From Here to Eternity

danny sandy beach1
In the beginning, its just you and me, and for eternity, its just you and me.

CALcination in CALifornia, which is part of the Ring of Fire.

Step 2. DISSOLUTION – this represents a further breaking down of the artificial structures of the psyche by total immersion in the unconscious. Letting go of the ego to get to the real.

When Danny and Sandy see each other for the first time at Rydell, they were both instantly ecstatic. But then Danny remembered his false front, which appeared to be encouraged by the other T-birds (who are all really just other Dannys). In other words, the ego felt threatened and quickly put up its false persona again to protect the control system, which itself is the ego. The Pink Ladies behind Sandy are all just other Sandys.

where is danny from the beach
Where is the Danny Zuko I met at the beach?


danny be cool

grease daddy dom
RATS = STAR We are stars. Is Frenchie making reference to a daddy dom?! This twilight language is in the subdomain 😉


On a physical level, dissolution represents iron oxide (rust), the corrosive powers of water on the hardest of materials.

this ka could be systematic


….opening up the floodgates for renewed power. Fixing up the Ka, for Greased Lightnin’

greased lightnin

All of the T-birds are Danny and all of the Pink Ladies are Sandy. Rizzo tells you this outright…. Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee.

rizzo sandy
Is that a Dark Horse behind her?

And here are some versions of Sandy, showing the virgin morphing into the whore.

sandra dee being the whore

Sandy and Danny are twin flames. They are the same, but experience 3D in duality. In dissolution, there is lots to do with water, as it represents the feminine principle of watery chaos. Sandy is hopelessly devoted to Danny. Of course she is. When she looks at her reflection in the pool in the yard, at Frenchie’s slumber party, she sees him.

hopelessly devoted to you

my reflection is you

Step 3.  SEPARATION – a conscious process in which we review formerly hidden material and decide what to discard and what to reintegrate into our refined personality. Much of this shadowy material is things we are ashamed of or were taught to hide away by our parents, churches, and schooling. Separation is letting go of the self-inflicted restraints to our true nature, so we can shine through.

danny plays sports

Although he puts up a front, Danny is hopelessly devoted to Sandy. After he sees her on a date with a jock, he decides to take up sports to try and win her back. This is not easy for him, as he struggles with his ego and showing vulnerability. But Sandy sees that he wants her, so they make up and go to the dance together.

gotcha talking

Step 4. CONJUNCTION – Psychologically, it is empowerment of our true selves, the union of both the masculine and feminine sides of our personalities into a new belief system or an intuitive state of consciousness. The alchemists referred to it as the Lesser Stone, and after it is achieved, the adept is able to clearly discern what needs to be done to achieve lasting enlightenment, which is union with the Overself. Often, synchronicities begin to occur that confirm the alchemist is on the right track. Conjunction is using the body’s sexual energies for personal transformation. Conjunction takes place in the body at the level of the Heart or Copper Chakra. Copper = Venus

Sandy in white because she is still the virgin.


the dance danny sandy

Dance is a metaphor for sex and there is something very ritualistic about the Hand Jive scene, with everyone in a circle, clapping enthusiastically, and the dancing seems to get hotter and hotter, as if it is building up to orgasm.

But Sandy is not quite ready for Heiros Gamos, yet. Earlier in the movie, Frenchie asks Rizzo about Sandy becoming a Pink Lady….

too pure to be pink

During Hand Jive, Sandy is still too pure. That is why Cha Cha is waiting for a chance to step in. Cha Cha is another Sandy (but not yet realized).

cha cha behind you

cha cha ruffles

Danny doesn’t really try to stop Cha Cha from cutting in. And it seems their motivation is just to win the dance contest (complete the ritual). In this step in the alchemical process, sexual energy is needed.

danny dances with cha cha

Sandy is upset with Danny after the dance, shown in the scene at the drive-in.

I love this shot in the movie. A reference to Isis and Osiris watching the ‘dog star’.

grease drive in movie

Still in CONJUNCTION, sexual energy is still needed. Danny wants their “two worlds to be one”, but is sad and perplexed after Sandy walks out when he tries (clumsily) to kiss her.

making a move



Step 5.  FERMENTATION – Its arrival is announced by a brilliant display of colors and meaningful visions called the “Peacock’s Tail.” Fermentation can be achieved through various activities that include intense prayer, desire for mystical union, breakdown of the personality, transpersonal therapy, psychedelic drugs, and deep meditation. Fermentation is living inspiration from something totally beyond us.

Liquor Hepatis means “Liquor of the Liver,” which the ancient Egyptians believed was the seat of the Soul, and the color they associated with the compound was green, the color of bile. Surprisingly, Liquor Hepatis exudes a wonderful fragrance, and the alchemists made a perfume of it called “Balsam of the Soul.”

Danny wins the race.

the race

Sandy does some reflecting and decides she needs to ‘start anew’. She is hopelessly devoted to Danny, so she says goodbye to Sandra Dee.

sandra dee

Step 6.  DISTILLATION – consists of a variety of introspective techniques that raise the content of the psyche to the highest level possible, free from sentimentality and emotions, cut off even from one’s personal identity. Distillation is the purification of the unborn Self — all that we truly are and can be.

She is the Virgin, and she is the Whore.

grease sandy the whore

In this next to last step, things are coming together. Danny, in his letterman sweater becomes her (Sandra Dee), and Sandy becomes him (the whore, in her all black leather).



Step 7. COAGULATIONThe seventh and final step in Alchemy. Coagulation is first sensed as a new confidence that is beyond all things, though many experience it as a Second Body of golden coalesced light, a permanent vehicle of consciousness that embodies the highest aspirations and evolution of mind. Coagulation incarnates and releases the Ultima Materiaof the soul, the Astral Body, which the alchemists also referred to it as the Greater or Philosopher’s Stone. Using this magical Stone, the alchemists believed they could exist on all levels of reality. 

Ascension after becoming ONE

grease OMFG


We’ll always be together…. happily ever after for eternity.

In paradise we were ONE but decided to separate to realize true LOVE on a scale bigger than we can possibly imagine, knowing that we would become ONE again after cycles of time and when humanity realizes christ-ALL (crystal) consciousness, and our spirit is joined, it will be the end of separation and we return to our androgynous selves.

I solve my problems and I see the light
We gotta loving thing, we gotta feed it right
There ain’t no danger, we can go too far
We start believing now that we can be who we are

Grease is the word

They think our love is just a growing pain
Why don’t they understand?  It’s just a crying shame….
Their lips are lying, only real is real
We start to find right now, we got to be what we feel

Grease is the word
Grease is the word, is the word that you heard
It’s got groove, it’s got meaning
Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion
Grease is the way we are feeling

We take the pressure and we throw away
Conventionality belongs to yesterday
There is a chance that we can make it so far
We start believing now that we can be who we are

Grease is the word
Grease is the word, is the word that you heard
It’s got groove, it’s got meaning
Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion
Now, Grease is the way we are feeling

This is the life of illusion
Wrapped up in trouble, laced with confusion
What are we doing here?

We take pressure and we throw away
Conventionality belongs to yesterday
There is a chance, we can make it so far
We start believing now that we can be who we are

Grease is the word
Grease is the word, is the word that you heard
It’s got groove, it’s got meaning
Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion
Now, Grease is the way we are feeling

Grease is the word, is the word that you heard
It’s got groove, it’s got meaning
Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion
Now, Grease is the way we are feeling

Grease is the word
Is the word
Is the word
Is the word

And Happy (late) Birthday to DDNA!

Earning A Loving


Are you winning at Monopoly ? Do you have a large sum of money stashed away in the bank and own lots of properties. I thought not but it doesn’t matter – it’s just a game. It seems just like in the board game of Monopoly, it’s those who cheat who win and it’s the Banker who never runs out of money. And when you go to the kitchen to get a drink, when you come back you may discover that mysteriously the Monopoly board looks different and you no longer own what you thought you did. This applies especially when you play with children.

The financial system of the world is a huge game of Monopoly with bankers and cheaters and those who play by the rules. But they never win. Nobody wins. The world loves the game, it seems. From an early age we are educated how to play the game and learn the rules. And after we leave school we then play the next part of the game – ‘How to Earn a Living’ and we find ourselves doing some job where in return for labour we receive variable amounts of paper and coin which allows us to play the game.

But at a deep level of the psyche of humanity, it is a reflection of our belief about Love and in truth, it should be called ‘Earning A Loving’. Our separated ego mind tells us we need Love and there is not enough Love and it is something that must be earned and worked hard for. It is a reflection of the belief in a God who gives love depending on how we behave and how hard we work. It is a belief in a Lesser God.


veronica vain


Which leads into Veronica Vain. Paige Jennings is an ex Wall St Intern who due to a mishap has been forced to leave banking and has decided to take up a career as a ‘Porn Star’ and uses the name Veronica Vain. Among her memorable quotes are beauties such as : “I just left a job on Wall Street for a porn career because I can’t stop masturbating at work and love cumshots. Is that cool with you?” and “I left finance because if I’m going to take it up the ass for a decade, I’d prefer to get in to a hall of fame for it.”





Paige Jennings is far brighter than I was at her age. I worked for Barclays Bank for fourteen years and I took it up the ass to earn the Monopoly money, and all Miss Jennings is doing is maximising the earning potential of her undeniably attractive assets and understood the reality of the situation long before I did. She’s just playing the game and showing us the truth.

Since the arrival of videos on the internet the Pornography industry has exploded and again is a reflection of the game of Monopoly. We are pawns in the Porn Shop. And here is the ‘Porno Graph’ which shows this growth 🙂 .




We are told we have a Free Market economy. This is not the truth. If we lived in a Free Market, then everything would be Free and we would be free. Go to any market and you will discover that we live in an UnFree Market when you hand over the Monopoly money.

It all comes back to Love. We believe we need Love and that it is something you must earn and pay for. The reality of the situation is totally different. In Maya we think Love is a limited commodity to trade with but in reality, unlimited Love is All There Is and all we are. We have it all and our true nature is to give this Love and prostitution is a mirror of our mistaken belief we need Love and is something to be haggled over and charged for.

In Maya, we are all prostitutes and bend over and take it up the ass to survive and prostrate ourselves before a Lesser God of limited love, vengeance and judgment. But in the higher realms, we have the same occupation but are ‘sacred prostitutes’ who give Love freely in the true Free Market. No Charge. The Greater God can only give unlimited love and as we are part of the Greater God, it is our real nature to give and receive unlimited love freely. You need do nothing.




And we can end the game of Monopoly by switching from small love to Big Love. I think ‘Twister’ would be a good alternative !

The States Of Mind

Our mind tells us we live in separate states. We think we move from one place to another in a body. We believe we can walk from one place to another and that we can get in a form of transport such as a car and it will takes us from here to there and back again.




Below are some images of commonplace sights from my town which will be familiar to readers.


The High Street
The High Street


The Clock Tower
The Clock Tower


The Temple
The Temple


The Pub
The Pub


The Shop
The Shop




The Library
The Library


They are all States of Mind. It is the same Library, the same Temple and the same Shop wherever you go and the State of Mind is Need. They all supply us with something we think we need. Food, drink, entertainment, the Time, the need to know and the need to worship. It is an illusion from the belief we are a Body and are born and then die. They are all the same room and the room is in the Mind.

We’ve been on a long journey on the Road to Nowhere. We were born in the Cosmic Waters.




And found ourselves in The Garden of Eden. In the Garden of Eden, we decided that we were Guilty and locked ourselves out of Heaven.


We then started spreading out and found ourselves in different States of Mind such as Ancient Egypt and Rome.






And as we evolved we moved everywhere on Earth and entered Middle Earth and discovered wonderful new technologies along the way.








But recently, we have wondering about the Stars and are now thinking of moving even further outward to another State of Mind.






Tau 1 Gruis exoplanet Hydra 1


The movie ‘Identity’ told the story of a group of strangers who find themselves mysteriously drawn together in a motel. In another scene a murderer, Malcolm Rivers is being analysed by a psychiatrist. Back at the motel, the strangers find themselves being killed one by one, by an unknown killer.

At the end of the movie it is revealed, that the motel is in the mind of Malcolm Rivers and none of the individuals at the motel exist apart from in his mind and that Rivers suffers from Disassociative Identity Disorder.



At the beginning of ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ a Pan Am space plane carries Dr. Heywood R. Floyd (William Sylvester) to a space station orbiting Earth for a layover on his trip to Clavius Base, a Lunar US outpost.In the scene he meets the same woman three times and himself.

It is always the same woman and the same man.

He meets the first attendant in the waiting room.




And then the receptionist.




Then Dr Floyd meets himself.


And gives instructions to HER again via the computer.




And later on in the movie, Frank and Dave join on the spaceship ‘Discovery One’.








‘Cube’ is a Canadian psychological thriller horror film series. All three films are based on the same premise: there is a gigantic, mechanical, cubical structure of unknown purpose and origin, made up of lots of smaller cubical rooms. Each of these rooms has six doors, one on each face of the cube, which lead into adjacent, identically decorated rooms, only differing by colour. Some of these rooms are “safe”, while others are equipped with deadly booby traps such as flamethrowers and razorwire. In some cases it is possible to detect a trap by throwing an object into the room first, although this method is not always reliable due to the trigger mechanism of certain traps.

In each case, a group of strangers awakens in this mysterious structure, without any knowledge of how or why they are there. In order to escape from the prison, they must band together and use their combined skills and talents to avoid the traps and navigate out of the maze, while also trying to solve the mystery of what the cube is and why they are in it.





“We haven’t been moving in circles. The rooms have.”

It’s only the scenery that changes.