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The HEART of the EARTH

“Caves are prevalent images in the world of myths, legends, and cults. The cave is thought to be closely related to the symbolic HEART, and is often a place where the self and ego unite. They can be secret passageways to an underworld, places in which to make contact with the powers and forces which will eventually make their way into the world of light. In popular legend, caves usually house gnomes, spirits, DRAGONS, and TREASURE; they are often the site for initiation ceremonies. Psychologists interpret a dreamer’s dangerous passage through caves as symbolizing the search for the meaning of life in the deep strata of the “maternal unconscious”, as for Jung it represents the security and the impregnability of the unconscious (Biederman, 61). Entering the cave is considered re-entry into the womb of Mother EARTH. General symbolism of containment.

With a phallic snake and water, embodies the origin of life. Resurrection, often when a double cave, Christ was born and buried in a cave. Fertility and love making.”

This image abounds with Greek, Latin, and Hebrew inscriptions which indicate some sort of sacred knowledge to be found within. This knowledge will perfect the souls of those who pursue illumination. The image draws on alchemical depictions of the sun’s perfection of base metals into gold and numerological associations: note that there are seven steps and seven banners.


Craighead Caverns is an extensive cave system located in between Sweetwater and Madisonville, Tennessee. It is best known for containing the United States’ largest and the world’s second largest non-subglacial underground lake, The Lost Sea. In addition to the lake, the caverns contain an abundance of crystal clusters called anthodites, stalactites, stalagmites, and a waterfall.



heart = earth

The heart is the locus of physical and spiritual being, and represents the “central wisdom of feeling as opposed to the head-wisdom of reason” (Cooper, 82). It is compassion and understanding, life-giving and complex. It is a symbol for love. Often known as the seat of emotions, the heart is synonymous with affection. In Egypt, represented life-essence, as the mummified had their heart preserved, first part of man to live, last to die. Hearts also carry senses of intellect and understanding, as well as connotations of the soul, along with come will and courage. Is the central point (with the brain and sexual organs being the endpoints) of the vertical scheme of the human.


The dragon is a highly complex symbol, combining images of the serpent and the bird, two loaded images in isolation. Together, they form one of the most powerful monsters dating back to antiquity. The dragon is a symbol of evil, in both the chivalric and Christian traditions. In the Orient, it symbolizes supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. In most traditions, it is the embodiment of chaos and untamed nature. It is associated with the depths of the unknown sea, with the mountaintops, and with the clouds. Heroes typically fight (“slay”) dragons to gain control over territory; dragons are also usually guardians of a treasure,whether it be material (as in GOLD) or symbolic (as in knowledge). Killing the dragon is the conflict between light and darkness, slaying the forces of evil.

It has many correspondences: in psychology it is a fear of incest, or the chaos of the unconscious, evil. In ALCHEMY it relates as one of the many names of prime matter. In Blake it represents sex and war, and in Yeats it is a guardian of life. Dragon blood is a talisman, ensuring good fortune, health and luck, can inflict incurable wounds if weapons are dipped in it.

The Lost Sea is a few miles from Madisonville.

The area surrounding Madisonville also became the centre of the “Overhill” Cherokee culture, with many, many Cherokee towns and villages locating themselves along the Little Tennessee River and Tellico River. The town of Tanasi and later, the Great Echota, were considered to be the ‘capital’ of the Cherokee Nation. It was there that the explorer DeSoto, visited in 1540, probably one of the first white men the Cherokee had ever seen. Just to the south of the Madisonville crop circle site are two additional former Cherokee mound and village sites – the Great Tellico, which was also known to the Cherokee as “the mother city” and Chatuga, its ‘sister’…

There is a connection between the Madisonville crop circle and the Serpent Mounds of Ohio. We don’t get a lot of crop circles here, but when we do…

“The search for treasure has a twofold symbolism: either the search is for earthly treasure, such as gold or jewels, usually hidden in a CAVE or underground, the finding of which brings trials and tribulations and, where greed is the motive, leads to final disaster, or the search is for spiritual treasure, symbolizing esoteric knowledge or enlightenment, the search for the Center, for lost Paradise, the Grail etc… and the goal is guarded by monsters or DRAGONS; this represents man’s quest for, and discovery of, his own true nature” (Cooper, 176).

Crop circles, synchronicity, earth changes, eclipses, etc, are all pointing to a time of connectedness. There weren’t any walls. And the government can stay shutdown forever.




From Astrology King

“The Full Moon on Monday January 21, 2019 in the first degree of Leo is a total lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse January 2019 astrology is most affected by Uranus. A challenging square aspect to this planet of uncertainty and rebellion brings change but also opportunity. Unexpected events and news are likely to cause anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Life may seem more hectic and fast paced than before.

Lunar eclipse January 2019 falls in an area of the sky with only dim stars. However, brighter stars align with the Sun to give the confidence and courage to accept change. Patience, self-control, adaptability and an open mind will help you and take advantage of the new opportunities that arise from the changing conditions ahead.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Like a regular full moon only stronger, a lunar eclipse focuses attention on your emotions, intimate relationships, and your home and family. A total lunar eclipse has an even strong influence on your private life. Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. This lets you take an objective and balanced look at your close relationships. Because you will be in touch with your own needs and intentions, you will clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

With a total lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months.”


One of the most maddening Mandela effects is the one about a certain verse in the babble.

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.  -Isaiah 11:6

There are many out there insisting that they remember it as “the lion also shall dwell with the lamb…” and IMO, is a big factor in many Christians taking notice of the Mandela effect.

Either way, lions aren’t scary.


Wolves aren’t scary.


For I am knowledge and ignorance.
I am shame and boldness.
I am shameless; I am ashamed.
I am strength and I am fear.
I am war and peace.

For it is I who am acquaintance: and lack of acquaintance.
It is I who am reticence: and frankness.
I am shameless: I am ashamed.
I am strong: and I am afraid.
It is I who am war: and peace.

The Rebirth Day.



CYBER-ia, Russia

Is your attention drawn to Russia lately?


Something strange is going on at the top of the world. Earth’s north magnetic pole has been skittering away from Canada and towards Siberia, driven by liquid iron sloshing within the planet’s core. The magnetic pole is moving so quickly that it has forced the world’s geomagnetism experts into a rare move.

On 15 January, they are set to update the World Magnetic Model, which describes the planet’s magnetic field and underlies all modern navigation, from the systems that steer ships at sea to Google Maps on smartphones.”


“A little bit of knowledge Can be a dangerous thing; Or it can be a vibrant seed Giving rise to verdant forests And awakening sleeping giants.”

(sanitized and declassified)

Why so Sirius? Is your mind blown?



The tree represents ‘as above, so below’.

It is estimated that the Tunguska explosion knocked down some 80 million trees over an area of 2,150 km2 (830 sq mi), and that the shock wave from the blast would have measured 5.0 on the Richter magnitude scale.

On the morning of 17th of June, around 9:00, we observed an unusual natural occurrence. In the north Karelinski village (213 km north of Kirensk) the peasants saw to the northwest, rather high above the horizon, some strangely bright (impossible to look at) bluish-white heavenly body, which for 10 minutes moved downwards. The body appeared as a “pipe”, i.e., a cylinder. The sky was cloudless, only a small dark cloud was observed in the general direction of the bright body. It was hot and dry. As the body neared the ground (forest), the bright body seemed to smudge, and then turned into a giant billow of black smoke, and a loud knocking (not thunder) was heard as if large stones were falling, or artillery was fired. All buildings shook. At the same time the cloud began emitting flames of uncertain shapes. All villagers were stricken with panic and took to the streets, women cried, thinking it was the end of the world.  –Sibir newspaper, 2 July 1908


The Nag Hammadi Codex V. 

The revelation that Adam taught his son Seth in the seven hundredth year, saying, Listen to my words, my son Seth. When god created me out of the earth along with your mother Eve, I went about with her in a glory that she saw in the eternal realm from which we came. She taught me knowledge of the eternal god. And we resembled the great eternal angels, for we were higher than the god who created us and the powers with him, whom we did not know.

God, the ruler of the realms and the powers, divided us in wrath, and then we became two beings.  And the glory in our hearts left us, me and your mother Eve, along with the first knowledge that breathed in us. And glory fled from us and entered another great realm. Your mother Eve and I didn’t come from this realm. But knowledge entered into the seed of great eternal beings. For this reason I myself have called you by the name of that person who is the seed of the great generation  or its predecessor.  After those days the eternal knowledge of the god of truth withdrew from me and your mother Eve. Then we learned about the inanimate as we did about human beings. We recognized the god who created us. We were not strangers to his powers. And we served him in fear and slavery. After these events our hearts darkened, and I slept in my heart’s darkened thought.


A symbol is a message from the higher realm, manifesting in the lower realm. The electromagnetic field is changing ‘channels’, or having a different frequency. We see the reflections in a prism. And the images are different.

Here are some pics taken in the last month. Why is the sky pink at night?



What about this one?! Look at the inverse shadows and the triangle shape…what is causing that?


A fiery sky.





Sometimes I think truth and realization is so overwhelming, it’s easier to just block it out. Because how is a person supposed to handle that much? The ice is melting and will flood the earth with emotion. There is nothing strong enough to withstand this. There is no substance strong enough to build a wall.

“It’s disgusting!” “They’re dirty! Scoundrels!” “How insulting!”



Watch. You (everyone) are/is the observer.

weapon (n.)

Old English wæpen “instrument of fighting and defense, sword,” also “penis,” from Proto-Germanic *wēipna- (source also of Old Saxon wapan, Old Norse vapn, Danish vaaben, Old Frisian wepin, Middle Dutch wapen, Old High German wafan, German Waffe “weapon”), a word of unknown origin with no cognates outside Germanic; possibly a substratum word.

Look inside. The predator. The prey. It’s a machine.

What happens when you just let yourself get devoured? Or, see that you are both?

You (everyone) are/is the predator AND the prey. You are the angel and the devil.

Batman: You wanted me. Here I am.

JOKER: I wanted to see what you’d do…and you didn’t disappoint. You let 5 people die.Then you let Dent take your place. Even to a guy like me, that’s cold.

BATMAN: Where’s Dent?

JOKER: Those mob fools want you dead so they can get back to the way things were. But I know the truth: there’s no going back. You’ve changed things. Forever.

BATMAN: Then why do you want to kill me?

JOKER: Kill you? I don’t wanna kill you. What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? No. No. No! No you- you complete me.






is 10 years, 10 months, and 8 days.

Or, 1086% of a common year.

The Man with a Golden Arm retires at 81.

Auroras are produced when the magnetosphere is sufficiently disturbed by the solar wind that the trajectories of charged particles in both solar wind and magnetospheric plasma, mainly in the form of electrons and protons, precipitate them into the upper atmosphere (thermosphere/exosphere) due to Earth’s magnetic field, where their energy is lost.


At the 2:30 mark.


It happened shortly after 9 p.m. at the Astoria East and North Queens Con Edison plant on 20th Avenue and 32nd Street in Astoria.

An electric arc is defined as “a visible plasma discharge between two electrodes that is caused by electrical current ionizing gasses in the air.” Electric arcs occur in nature in the form of lightning.

Something spiritual?!

It happened a day earlier in Louisiana.



The proton pack, designed by Dr. Egon Spengler, is a man-portable particle accelerator system that is used to create a charged particle beam—composed of protons—that is fired by the proton gun (also referred to as the “neutrona wand”). Described in the first movie as a “positron collider”, it functions by colliding high-energy positrons to generate its proton beam. The beam allows a Ghostbuster to contain and hold “negatively charged ectoplasmic entities”.

If the “news” didn’t tell you it was a transformer, it would have been magic. And if the news tells you that it was a transformer, it is still magical. And if the news tells you it was magical, you wouldn’t believe it. Let me ask you something…


The “news” made a point to say it was NOT aliens.


It was electrical. An electrical thing in your brain.



We’ve made contact.


So, um … who you gonna call?





That’s what I think you are.

“…the great floodgates of the wonder-world swung open…”
Herman Melville, Moby-Dick or, The Whale

There’s a scene in Elf where Baby it’s Cold Outside is sung, and when she discovers him in there, she freaks out, yet he was just singing a duet.

Elf is a comedy about Buddy (Will Ferrell), who finds out he’s not really an elf, but his biological father is in NYC, and to his dismay is on the naughty list according to Santa. His father is played by James Caan and that makes me smile because he looks like M 😊

Me too! That’s what I think too! 🙂

In other news, Russia has developed a new weapon that is 27 times faster than the speed of sound.

The Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle flies 27 times faster than the speed of sound, making it impossible to intercept, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told Russian state television.

The new weapon “essentially makes missile defenses useless,” he said.

Borisov spoke a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw what he described as the conclusive successful test of the Avangard and hailed it as a reliable guarantee of Russia’s security for decades to come.

In Wednesday’s test, the weapon was launched from the Dombarovskiy missile base in the southern Ural Mountains. The Kremlin said it successfully hit a practice target on the Kura shooting range on Kamchatka, 6,000 kilometers (3,700 miles) away.

Sounds like it could blow your mind.



Merry Christ-maze

Without too much babbling…here we go.

maze (n.)

c. 1300, “delusion, bewilderment, confusion of thought,” possibly from Old English *mæs, which is suggested by the compound amasod “amazed” and verb amasian “to confound, confuse” (compare amaze). Of uncertain origin; perhaps related to Norwegian dialectal mas “exhausting labor,” Swedish masa “to be slow or sluggish.”Meaning “labyrinth, baffling network of paths or passages” is recorded from late 14c. (on the notion of something intended to confuse or mislead”). Also as a verb in Middle English, “to stupefy, daze” (early 14c.).

babble (v.)

mid-13c., babeln “to prattle, utter words indistinctly, talk like a baby,” akin to other Western European words for stammering and prattling (Swedish babbla, Old French babillier, etc.) attested from the same era (some of which probably were borrowed from others), all probably ultimately imitative of baby-talk (compare Latin babulus “babbler,” Greek barbaros “non-Greek-speaking”). “No direct connexion with Babel can be traced; though association with that may have affected the senses” [OED]. Meaning “to talk excessively” is attested from c. 1500. Related: Babbled; babbler; babbling.


capital of Babylon, now a ruin near Hillah in Iraq, late 14c., from Late Latin, from Hebrew Babhel(Genesis xi), from Akkadian bab-ilu “Gate of God” (from bab “gate” + ilu “god”). The name is a translation of Sumerian Ka-dingir. Meaning “confused medley of sounds” (1520s) is from the biblical story of the Tower of Babel and the confusion of tongues (Genesis xi). The element bab figures in place-names in the Middle East, such as Bab-el-Mandeb, the strait at the mouth of the Red Sea.
ga ga
“Trust me”.

Trust you?! Stop dying! I just want to be where you are. The underworld, the upper world…if it’s not together, its hell.

Open the Gate.

“I have no plans to die today.”

Great! We’re done, then?

Last night this was on. Last Christ mass? Promise?

Without too much babble, it’s from 2014.


“During this time, both the Doctor and Clara reveal that they had lied to each other during their last meeting: Clara lied about her dead boyfriend, Danny Pink, having returned from the Nethersphere, while the Doctor falsely claimed to have found Gallifrey.”

The Great Whore of Babylon and the anti-christ, or “great deceiver”. What meaning does “liar” or “deceiver” have, when you’ve got one of these?



You could say it disrupts the structure, constantly, and unlocks the gate.

Sew, this has manifested in Chattanooga.






“labyrinth, baffling network of paths or passages”


This is not an alleycat, but he was born under a trailer and he is a Royal Spanish cat with ties to Royal Russian aristocracy and possibly ancient Morocco.

Fizzio del Gato de Rioja Achuchar Azulay bin-Nappin

Roobee has written a wonderful post, and a wonderful story, and perhaps someday the LOL will be a sister site of B&C.

Why so Sirius? Lighten up.


Speaking of passageways, a Golden State Warrior challenges the gatekeepers.

What is the moon to you? A rock that goes around the earth? Or a beautiful luminary used as a divine symbol, even if it is a symbol that the illusion is over.


Do you remember when the phases, or faces of the moon were a left to right thing?


Now it’s a top to bottom thing.


Zeus is in another dimension. Sometimes, he is spotted by Texas Jenny or Soft Eyes.

I miss you, kitty.

And this is beautiful Juno! She was sent to find information about Zeus/Jupiter.


Preparing for mission!

I can haz mission.

Zeus (Jupiter)





I went into a store the other day and had confirmation that Juno made contact with Zeus and of course, I had to get them and they are a Christmaze present for M.




I can haz a song.

Cloud cuckoo land.

The Juggernaut

In the next world war
In a jackknifed juggernaut
I am born again

In the neon sign
Scrolling up and down
I am born again

In an interstellar burst
I am back to save the universe

In a deep deep sleep of the innocent
I am born again

In a fast german car
I’m amazed that I survived
An airbag saved my life

In an interstellar burst
I am back to save the universe

In an interstellar burst
I am back to save the universe

Juggernaut –  in current English usage, is a literal or metaphorical force regarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable.

Speaking of unstoppable forces, we were talking about 9/11 last night. The event that never stops.

M was saying that he spent so much time investigating 9/11, meticulously going over each different conspiracy, with every one of them being a rabbit hole in itself, only to realize it was about finding his twin. He said he has book with these pictures of these extremely bizarre and anomalous things about 9/11, like pieces of steel that warped into a snake pattern and cars parked two miles away that had caught on fire and seemed to decimate into dust, like the towers did. The book is called Where did the Towers Go? by Dr. Judy Wood, and her theory is about suppression of free energy. When he showed it to me last night, the information on the pages were popping out in a language and message on their own, regardless of what the author wrote (absolutely nothing against her wonderful and well-researched book). I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten about the hurricane that was happening during 9/11 !

Frank, did you observe this from space?

Erin, or AIR-in. It’s hyper dimensional.

Erin, or, perhaps ‘rein’.


Erin is the ancient name of Ire-land.

From mid-15c. in reference to the Celtic language spoken in Ireland. Some Middle English forms of the word suggest influence of (or punning on) Old French irais, irois “wrathful, bad-tempered” (literally “ire-ous”) and Irais “Irish.”

Meaning “temper, passion” is 1834, American English (first attested in writings of Davy Crockett), from the legendary pugnacity of the Irish. Irish-American (n.) is from 1816 (as an adjective from 1820). Wild Irish (late 14c.) originally were those not under English rule; Black Irish in reference to those of Mediterranean appearance is from 1888.

It also means “fat”, or “to swell”.

You know the saying…


About the TOWERS and 9/11, M said “I’ll never forget the night it happened. My mom called and said ‘turn on the tv'”. 

me: “The night that it happened?”

M: “It was nighttime in Asia.”


To M, 9/11 happened at night and Frank says it was a Moonday and he was the only person not on Earth at the time.

I also got a call to turn on the tv the morning of Sept. 11. When I did, and saw smoke coming from the North Tower and it was being reported that a plane hit it. Why the f*ck was it flying so low?!

Then, right before my EYES, I saw this (maybe not from this angle, but it was clear what was happening).


BOX CUTTERS. That’s how.


It’s the storm on Saturn! We cut open time!

from yesterday, Dec. 17, 2018


“Saturn wasn’t born that way.”

Fast forward to December 26 in 2004.

Dec. 26 is called BOXING Day. I’ve seen YouTubes calling it ‘The Day the Wave Came’.

Do you remember what day you realized this world isn’t what you thought it was?

He says “it was May 1, 2004.”



The Order of the Dolphin is sending out a signal…

Back to 9/11.

You’ve got two twin towers, Boaz and Joaquin, with the goddess between them.

BJ (throat chakra)

Mother and her spirits.

Authenticity comes from within. The throat chakra is about speaking your truth AND hearing truth by filtering out the static.

Vishuddha chakra is known as the purification center, where the nectar amrita drips down from the Bindu chakra and is split into a pure form and a poison. In its most abstract form, it is associated with higher discrimination and is associated with creativity and self-expression. It is believed that when Vishuddha is closed, a person undergoes decay and death. When it is open, negative experiences are transformed into wisdom and learning. The success and failure in one’s life are said to depend upon the state of this chakra, whether it is polluted or clean. The feeling of being guilty is given as the most prominent reason for this chakra to block the Kundalini energy moving upwards. It is associated with the element Akasha, or Ether, and the sense of hearing, as well as the action of speaking.

Meditation upon this chakra is said to bring about various siddhis or occult powers: vision of the three periods, past, present and future; freedom from disease and old age; destruction of dangers; and the ability to move the three worlds.”

The High Priestess card is not usually associated with the throat chakra, but with the crown chakra. However, she is holding a TORA.


TORA is ROTA, and that card is associated with the throat chakra.


I decided to add 33 years and 33 days to when I was born. It turns out to be the vernal equinox, March 20.

God of the underworld

There are pomegranates on the veil behind the priestess.

If you are born on 1.21 and add 33 years and 33 days, it is February 23, the founding day of the Rota(ary) Club


33 and raising the djed