Bold as Love

sitting in my chair

The Church would have you believe I was a whore~but I tell you now that the Church is the whore~for they would have you believe that woman is tainted and that the sexual passions between a man and a woman are evil. Yet it is here~in the magnetics of passion~that the womb of ascension is created. ~Mary Magdalen

stained glass spiral


What is in the Holy of Holies, where only the priestly LEvItes were allowed?

137 spiral upward


O ! Now I see….

circle side view


The Ark of the Covenant must have been some electromagnetic device. The currency….

I am not a frozen statue, just waiting to be guided by someone….

come alive


boobs up in the snow


We were born to be WILD

look at the lion


wild hearted woman


Do not silence HER anymore.

“There is a sacred vibrational field inside of women that is the place of all things born. What women have done before time began~ is to take that sacred vibrational field and move it outside into ceremonial space to create the womb on the outside~ so something new can be birthed into this world. If women don’t do this~human beings as a species are done for.” ~Larry Merculieff

“Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The people who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.” Karl Menninger

We will walk through fIELds of gold

fields of gold


lion in the snow






sky above me


Mi, mi mi mi …..

The 528 “MI” DNA Repair tuning fork is the third note of the original 6 Sacred Solfeggio frequencies is “MI” for “Miracles” and is 528 Hz. It is the exact frequency used by genetic engineers throughout the world to repair the blueprint of life, DNA, the healthy core of which is a 6-sided crystal of structured water

solfeggio 9-pt star chakras_50





“Be like the sun for grace and mercy. Be like the night to cover others’ faults. Be like running water for generosity. Be like death for rage and anger. Be like the Earth for modesty. Appear as you are. Be as you appear.” -Rumi


round window cosmos


My Soul is on FIRE

fire within me


and freedom is nothing if you don’t use it.

the world is yours and ours


What IS real.

quote about what is real

Automatons on the Autobahn, in their Ka.


Here “she” is, automaton Maria from the movie Metropolis with the inverted pentagram, signifying a female substitution or control of female energy.


They like this idea so much they repeat it a lot.







lady gaga machine

She’s electric! And so is he, but both are naturally and don’t need any help from a machine. Like what Gurdjieff says, “contemporary culture requires automatons”; we go back and forth everywhere in cars, planes and trains to work, to make money, to buy food for ourselves and family, and that is at the very least of reasons why you have to work. You are born into the world at any given time and you grow up learning the customs and norms of that particular time you happen to be born. I was born in the seventies, and I think what is happening now started in the sixties, but I feel like I knew what it was like to “be” (exist) as a human in this world with not as much friction, as say….starting around 2001. And I would say 2009-2010 is when everything got unreal. I started realizing that there were lots of people just playing a part, and nothing more. And my son, being “diagnosed” with something called sensory integration disorder (a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses) is another big clue at what I am getting at. In this 3D world stage, we have entered a different playing field. We are no longer confined to the very restricting 3D reality. What IS REAL is the spiritual realm in higher dimensions. And our DNA is changing to accommodate it because as above, so below, and we are under the influence of a new royal star.

This isn’t really your ka.

people's ka

der wagen


And the Nazis (or Not-Sees as Anon would say) are a good place to start to learn what is going on here. On Merovee, it is evident that everyone likes to get down to the nitty-gritty. Deconstruct the words, figure out the gematria, what does it reflect in the spiritual realm? That’s why its so great! And the not-sees; a recent enough happening to explore the symbolism and such and how it all ties in with everything else, in order to crack the code, crack the eggshell and drive your own brand new KA with full consciousness as a free spirit!

I’m asking for your help in solving the puzzle. How do WE break on through to the other side?

This is making a long story short and would be CATegorized as “super”natural, but after the mind meld, I got clear “visions” or “messages” or “clues” or whatever word works best, that something is nudging at the fact that there is a group who do not want humanity to evolve, and whether it is a thought form or alien species that feeds off of the cycles of humans, it would benefit US to know how that works. Knowing (gnosis) will do US good. If it is a thought-form, we can overcome it. If it is a different species, we can overcome them.

I’m not really “into” that part of the big picture because I find those people disgusting, but I think I’ve figured out a couple of their main modus operandi. Both of the formulas do the same thing: divide and perpetuate 3D mindset.

This is not really the people’s ka

vw logo evolution
Swastika, to rotary wheel, to something not-so-obvious

As we inhabit a physical body here in 3D, we also exist in higher realms. You are your own vehicle for travel, fueled by love and electromagnetism. Ancient cultures knew this.






heliopolis ennead



Who is the First Family?

masonic A in family

the masonic A in vesica picses
Do you see the A? I didn’t realize the compass measured the vesica pisces! Its starting to make sense now….

masonic A


On to the formulas that I was talking about. Both have a purpose to divide. And that is what the pope was doing in Turkey (turn key) on Turkey Day.  In this staged part of the play, the Pope plays the part of the Christian leader and the Turkish president plays the part of the leader of country with ongoing issues of religious identity, but leans towards Islam. Like the pope says, why can’t they get along? (wink wink) they are all just fraternities with the same purpose! This photo says it all; turn the key to offset a balance and it perpetuates duality. It’s black and white, you see….

pope turkish president

Oh, and the Turkish president has some very interesting views.

turkish president women

He says they are not equal because they are made differently and nothing is as important as being a mother. Bitch, please. I can see right through you. The message here, is that by claiming a woman’s status as mother on a pedestal (the virgin mary) we want to continue  to suppress your sexuality otherwise and keep you silent! Sometimes, its what is not said. A female can be mother and lover. Of course, right after a baby is born, the role of ‘lover’ is not a priority and having children certainly drain your energy, but I don’t think your sex life is supposed to be forgotten about after having children! I’m always saying “its electric!” Maybe its the childbearing years when women are so threatening….a fertile woman’s voice makes men’s skin tingle!


And here we go….


And she’s not the only one with this “problem”.


I know a couple of those mentioned above have medical problems and not to be insensitive to this, but I’m just making a point about what makes the news.

The media obsession with female singers who “can’t sing” is strange because the “female can’t sing” theme/headline is apparently worthy of interest, even if it is about female celebrities who aren’t famous because of their singing.


And if you missed her interview when she says she can’t sing, or if you didn’t get to see her bad singing on the Late Show, she points it out again on SNL.

Another beautiful, high profile actress who can’t sing….


and another….


Yet another aspect of this ‘theme’ in the media is reporting non-singing, even if they ARE a very talented singer.



It is safe to say at this point that this is, in fact, a “thing”?!

I’m going to get right to the matter. It is the great divide in the ME, the middle east.

orthodox block women

After years of just trying to pray at the wall, a group called Women of the Wall finally get to pray, as of 2013. But it is still a struggle because of the harassment from misogynist ultra-orthodox men who yell at them, throw things at them, even throw tear gas at them. Just because the women want the equal right to fucking PRAY at the wall!

victory for israel's womenofthewall

You can read the article here, and its quite astonishing. This is from the article, and I believe this is the core of the problem. And this quote is from an ultra-orthodox, ultra-brainwashed woman!


There is so much there just in that one quote to explore. But I think it speaks for itself, so moving on….

The father of Quantum Physics, Max Planck, once said, “All the physical matters are composed of vibration.”



Max Planck, Einstein and Tesla all agree on this. This is not new age babble.

Here is a short video of sound made visible with cymatics. In the beginning was the word. And the word was God….

What is with this issue of women singing? And also what comes to mind is the movie Pitch Perfect, about competing college A cappella groups. It comes down to boys against girls. Spoiler alert: the girls win after a years long streak of losing at the national championship, but only after the character Chloe Beale has to have her nodes removed and she is then pleasantly surprised that she can hit the low notes, (which the movie points out, is why they won).

chloe beale

Venus hits the high notes while Saturn hits the low notes.

Johannes Kepler’s ‘Harmonies of the World’, Book Five


And Megan Trainor says its all about that bass.

all about that bass
It’s all about sending bass to the cube of Saturn.

And this seems to sync with the topic as well. A female celebrity, vocal chord surgery and cut off air supply.


All of these female singers who “can’t sing”, combined with what my Jewish friend was telling me about how she was upset that she did not get to go to the western wall with her husband and son because of how it is divided, got me thinking about tones, vibration, and the Abrahamic religion’s bizarre rules about separating men and women.  And then the movie Pitch Perfect. There are so many things to point out in that movie it deserves its own article.

Jews worship on Saturn day and Saturn is the god ‘El’. If you are reading this, then you probably already know about the hexagonal shape on Saturn’s pole and its relationship to the cube (the hexagon made 3D).

Saturn’s hexagon




9-11 World Trade Center Memorial


The Kaaba in Mecca

9 11 skips over 10. The symbol ” 1 ” and the symbol ” 0 ” could be a reference for…. (here’s a hint)

washington monument aerial
A phallus through the vesica pisces! Oh my!


Image by Scott Onstott, Secrets In Plain Sight

I’m starting to think that whoever “they” are, they want to tell us what is real. Their measurements (square and compass) are so precise and their neurolinguistic language is so forcefully left-brain, it is obvious something else is going on here. The image above is from this wonderful website, Secrets In Plain Sight by Scott Onstott. And NM means nautical miles.

And all of the above got me thinking about the 2005 Spielberg movie Munich, which is about Israeli agents (Mossad) avenging the death of the 11 olympic athletes from the terrorist attack at the 1972 Munich Summer Games, which was also know as Black September. Again we have nine and eleven.


The 1972 Olympics in Munich, also known as Games of the XX Olympiads (hmmm….). I saw it two times and the first time I had trouble keeping up with who was working for who in the vast network of internationals the Israeli agents dealt with. A dutch assassin they called the “honeypot” from the second they saw her was a bit of a mystery to me. Her role seemed out of place, but looking back it was completely symbolic of a formula that the secret brotherhood have to try and convince everyone exactly what “is real”. And SHE must be taken out of the equation for their success. (one of the formulas I speak of). Spielberg says this movie is based on actual events but her (the Dutch assassin) subplot is not based on historical fact. This image is from Spielberg’s Munich

Do you see the 911? (showed as 119)


I researched the actress who plays the Dutch honeypot, Jeanette (gene-ette?) and find out her name is Marie-Josée Croze! Yikes! You can see why her name and character’s name caused me to get a bit uncomfortable. Not only is her name basically the same as mine, my last name starts with a “C” also!

Mossad agent Avner (Eric Bana) and Jeanette.

Spoiler alert: In the movie, she kills one of the Mossad agents, so they come after her. And as her role was ambiguous to the main plot, it actually was all about killing HER, as she was a FREElance assassin, who lived on a houseboat (currents), with no ties to Palestine (who were the ones who killed the Israelis in 1972, after taking them hostage and killing them on an AIRPLANE). The summer games started on 8/8 and ended on 9/11. This movie tells one story, yet is another story entirely that says something very symbolic.

After Jeanette kills Carl, they track her down in her houseboat in the Netherlands. The agents have zip guns, which are improvised firearms, and their particular improvised weapons are disguised as bicycle pumps. When she realizes they are about to kill her, she offers sex in exchange for her life. Avner shoots her first in the heart. Her one-exposed breast is no accident. Who else do we know that is often depicted with one exposed breast?

one breast exposed

I have such mixed feelings about putting that gif in, but it really shows what I am talking about. And their weapons are disguised as bicycle pumps, a clever metaphor to ‘pump up’ the constant effort to keep us divided, in duality, instead of becoming one. And there they are (the representatives of what “is real”) keeping the division by killing her. (Even weirder about my personal sync with this actress besides our similar names, is that she is 44 years old and her birthday is in February and mine is too!). I’m not quite 44, but I’m four years younger. 44 or 444, that is my number and the universe reminds me all the time. Just ask Frank!

On the way to Nashville a few months ago. Into The Shining….


To even further my suspicion that her subplot in this movie is symbolic, is the purposeful camera shot of her shot to the throat (chakra). No more singing from her!


What makes this scene even more disturbing is, after she is shot, she struggles to walk, her voice trembles, and then she reaches for her cat. If you haven’t seen the movie, this might sound insignificant and you might think I’m reaching, but IMO, this is symbolic of something more profound than what is on the surface. Would you please indulge me on a little side journey, so that I can explain?

worth your while

First, time to acknowledge some ssyncretism.


The symbols and archetypes in the tarot are older than written language. Am I suggesting the Torah tells an astrotheological story? Yes. Am I suggesting the New Testament does the same? Absolutely.


The letters above man, eagle, lion and bull are their number on a zodiac wheel and aquarius, scorpio, leo and taurus is obviously the corresponding sign. Every sign has one of the four elements attributed to it (three signs per element). I have found it easier to guess a person’s element rather than sign and its kind of fun to do it this way 🙂

zodiac wheel

Matthew, John, Luke and Mark are the four evangelists. Here they are surrounding the Son (Sun) on a stone facade on the Church of St. Trophime in Arles, France.


Each of the four winged beings represent their path toward salvation. St. John through wisdom, St. Mark through courage, St. Luke through sacrifice and St. Matthew through reason.

4 evangelists_flower of life

The four beings are thought of to be a tetramorph (four morphed into one), like the Assyrian Lamassu.

Dated 721 BC

or the Sphinx


ezekiel's vision


Like the Cross, the Tetramorph symbolises a highly-complex system of relationships and elements which find their origin in the centre. Thus the tetramorph alludes to the 5th element or quintessence, the element beyond the visible four natural elements of earth, air, water, and fire, to the invisible ether of the alchemists. The psychological equivalent of the Tetramorph, the Quaternity is explored in the writings of the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.“This is a symbol of the quinta essentia, which is identical with the Philosophers’ Stone…”It is the circle divided into four with the centre, or the divinity extended in four directions, or the four functions of consciousness with their unitary substrate, the self…

four_evang_St. Nicholas Chapel_1447-49_Vatican
the ceiling at Niccoline Chapel in Vatican City, by Fra Angelico.
four evangelists in the lunette of the ogee arch
the four evangelists in the Lunette of the Ogee Arch above the main portal of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy

The word religion means “to bind” and the word Islam means “submission”.

Bel means heaven-and-earth god of Babylonian religion, from Akkadian Belu, literally “lord, owner, master,” cognate with Hebrew ba’al. 

If you have a devotion to your religion that keeps you from realizing that it is based on the stars above and not a man in the sky with a beard, then you need a Sirius reality check, because all of the things that you hold sacred to your “god” is in YOU. You are DIVINE.


Lots of discussion about Regulus this year, as it is the bright and shining heart of Leo the Lion.


And we’ve heard about Antares recently as well, with a rock it up the….

DP JD-Antares-1569.jpg

Alderbaran is the brightest star (the bull’s eye) in Taurus.


Taurus or “T” are US

Tremayne, the main TREE of the family of enLIGHTened spirits. Merovingian commenters, you know I’m talking about you.

And for the new age of Aquarius, we are moving into the influence of Fomalhaut. It is the only one of the four stars mentioned that cannot be occulted by the moon, and that means it is always looking right at you.



Aquarius is Isis, and Sirius, which is the STAR tarot card. Here is a correspondence chart for tarot card number, hebrew letter and astrological significance.


Hei! It’s number seventeen. This card is always preferred. It is a sign of hope and healing, and higher states of consciousness. Notice her swastika-like pose? And the eight-pointed star? And the water she is pouring represents the new CURRENTS. It’s electric!

Star tarot card

Ready for Some Super Syncromystic Signs from the Southeast? On February 14 and 15th of 2014, right before the mind meld (2 or 3 weeks before), I went to Atlanta (which is on the 33rd parallel) for my 40th birthday (2.15). I stayed on the top floor of the Grand Hyatt (high-at) in Buckhead. The address for the Grand Hyatt, Buckhead is 3300 Peachtree Road.

hyatt atlantis

My room was one of the four on top with a circular window. It was the one on the far left. On the morning of the 15th, we got up around 8ish and I sipped coffee and enjoyed the view while my son (5 yrs old then) played around the room as kids do in a hotel room with all the fun stuff (travel size goodies, mini fridge, etc.)  We were on the corner, and on the opposite wall of the circular window was a square window, so I actually had a double view from two directions. After a few minutes went by, I noticed that as the sun came up, it was at the same height as the moon. (I love mornings when I can still see the moon). From the circular window, I saw the sun. From the square window, I saw the moon. They were at the same height and looked the same size. I pointed it out to my son and he was impressed for about 30 seconds.

I knew things in the sky meant a reflection of things below and wondered if this sun and moon energy in Atlantis meant anything (an amazing, shocking, experience of a lifetime, a mind meld!) As a matter of fact, Frank was on my mind that morning because I remember thinking how I would email him about staying in Atlantis on the 33rd parallel and was hoping we would Skype again soon. I didn’t want the sun/moon moment to slip by and I couldn’t properly capture the moment with my iPhone camera and we were getting hungry, so I stood up and outstretched my arms in both directions, to the sun and the moon. I said to my son “hey look! I’m getting sun and moon energy at the same time!” And I asked him to take a picture with my phone. Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever asked a five year old to take a picture, but he wouldn’t do it unless I did a “tough” Hulk pose. See…. I’m really tough 🙂

me hyatt
Me being “tough” in front of the circular window.


hyatt sun moon
This was the room I stayed in and where I got sun and moon energy at the same time on the 33rd parallel AT the HIGH place.

Remember the swastika pose on the tarot card? How do you like my swastika pose in the pic? Remember the eight-pointed star on the Star tarot card? Here is the lobby of the Grand Hyatt where I did my swastika pose.

grand hyatt lobby


All of this is super syncromystic, so I checked to see if anything outstanding happened in the skies on February 15, 2014.


Oh, Leo…. here kitty kitty kitty 🙂



frisky lion roar

The Earth and Venus in their dance around the sun.

earth and venus dance

The pentagram is five and it represents the female principle and another important number that is hidden in plain sight.


Why would they want to silence “her” frequency? In the above diagram, Venus represents a double “fertility/solitude” and there is clearly a gender agenda going on….

brides and grooms


Because when HE gets with HER, we ascend and evolve. Movin’ on up!

137 spiral upward

There are some people who don’t want us to evolve and “move on up” in a beautiful spiral of love. There is an AIR emergence and they’d like to keep you grounded. Who is they? I’m not sure but lots of things point to the Phoenicians, who had knowledge about how sound and words work. They were hooked on phonics! I’m thinking ancient visitors who wanted to feed off of the energy of human kind as a slave race programmed our DNA so that we would be in a cycle of death/rebirth, cycle after cycle, without realizing our spiritual selves. And that is why this time is so important. We CAN fully recognize our spiritual selves but help with the process! The greater quantity who do this, the faster it happens.  I associate the Phoenicians with the tribe of DAN (article here) and the watchers from the book of Enoch. They are proud of their reptilian-brain ET energy-sucking background.

DANIEL     the tribe of DAN

daniel dna

And an excellent website by an ‘angle’, Raphel, who talks about 137, swastikas, hidden meanings and such, here:

quotes about 137_one

Electromagnetic interactions….


quote about 137_two

Dimensionless. A combination of three fundamental constants of nature.

The fine structure constant is the value of 𝛂 (alpha). The next time someone says “alpha male”, tell them that the phrase doesn’t make sense from the ‘mother language’, from the phoenician alphabet, which evolved into the Hebrew, Greek and Latin alphabets.

aleph mother

You can read about each Hebrew letter here. The aleph is AIR. And when you see this, it might remind you of a spinning fan, or a swastika maybe? There is so much to light, dark and shadows….

swastika shadow


From the above example, let’s assume aleph=A=swastika, for further discussion in the article.

I see ” A A “


and you don’t get 137 without HER sexual energy, the FIVE, the PENTAGRAM. See? It grows UP

137 spiral upward

Go ahead, take a bite out of the apple.

magic square

Why were the Levites the priestly class who were the only ones allowed in the Holy of Holies? LEVI  might have 137 if you flip it over. The Holy of Holies. What an idea. Whoever said who could and who couldn’t go into a sacred place? They would like to keep their place forever in Blue Genes. Not going to happen….

pope turkish president

137 is the “fine structure constant” and in physics, is the number that represents what holds everything together in the physical world and in kabbalistic mysticism, represents the threshold between matter and spirit. A group of ancient people knew this:

dna words and frequencies


….and became experts at neurolinguistic programming.

137 is the 133rd prime number and I’ll write more about that in just a bit.

The open book reads “PSALM CXXXIII”, which is Psalm 133




“In this sign, we conquer”

Not anymore.


The threshold has been crossed.


And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.  Matthew 19:24 KJV

Camel = Gimel

Gimel is “C” or “G”



Hei! That “early” (phoenician) gimel looks a lot like an “L” or….El or masonic square!

This is a Masonic Bible my dad gave to me.

bible cover


The inside cover with a reference to one specific bible verse

inside cover


darkness to light


Psalm CXXXIII, or Psalm 133

psalm 133


Mt. Hermon, 33 degrees from the Paris meridian, not the Greenwich meridian. On the top there is “Hermon Hotel”,  (HH) in the buffer zone between Syria and Israeli-occupied territory, the highest permanently manned United Nations position in the world.

Wonderful article about Mt. Hermon here.

This group of controllers have played a trick on humanity. The bible (Byblos, a Phoenician city) is their book. They hand it out to everyone and tell them it is the “word of god” and it is how you get into heaven. Have you not-iced how they don’t want you to get with HER?! And 33 is a limitation that we break on through.  That is why you read in THEIR bible that the BROTHERhood stood on Mt. HERmon together. They would like to keep you here in this fixed 3D place. BREAK THROUGH THE WALL! THEY DO NOT OWN YOU!

Get on the Plane of Consciousness



Orthodox Jews have different rules for how men and women pray and they are not allowed to be in the same part of the synagogue. Women and men sit separately in the mosque. And in Christianity, there’s this:

Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.  1 Corinthians 14:34

Silent no more.


That’s one formula, to suppress male and female. Another is all about Black Oil.


This is just a map I found when I googled “middle east”.  I want to talk about what is real and the phoenicians.  Their original language is still spoken today, on the island of Malta. Their alpha bet is where the Hebrew aleph bet comes from, which is where English comes from, so it seems these people have an enormous effect on us, even today.

Egypt, Israel and Turkey are all right in the MIDDLE. And Egypt was once called Khemet or Kemet, which is where the word alchemy comes from. The word kemet means “black” referring to the rich, black soil of the Nile delta. The symbol for Kemet was “km” and the hieroglyph was a jagged symbol that was crocodile skin with spines.

Crocodile fat was used for anointing in rituals and was sacred. And we all know what it symbolizes when anointing is in a ritual…. the kundalini (secret) secretion for ascension. And the controllers take this ‘black’ oil quite literally.

black friday ka sales
Black Friday “KA” sales.



black school white coach
The mindline tells you the formula. And notice the AA….


duke and duchess door NYC
….benefitting from “A Door in NYC”

And here we have the formula, with DANIEL (DNA 137) rapping Blackalicious’ Alphabet Aerobics (AA). It doesn’t get any more literal and straightforward than this. (And I’m not saying Daniel Radcliff is a fully conscious participant in what he is doing).

sumer babylon

You may have heard of a theory that there was a group from the Caucasus Mountains who “adopted” the Jewish faith, the Ashkenazis. Do I think all ashkenazis are a cabal that wants to control humanity? No. Do I think its possible there is a group, possibly from the Caucasus Mountains who are Ashkenazis who would do anything to control humanity? Yes.

Here is an encyclopedia I have from the 1920s


book cover compton 1927


Interesting stuff they put in there about the Caucasus Mountains….



Here is really interesting part….

caucasus men and women

There you have it! The remarkably handsome people come from the Caucasus Mountains, in case you wondered, and other incredibly racist things that seem very Nazi-ish to me, like the ‘perfect representative’ part.

Barbie, by American businesswoman, Ruth HANDLER


No more division. No more duality. Regardless of skin color, we are all a spirit of divine nature.

We are in the age of magnetism and AIR and FIRE. Our human eyes can’t see it but we can feel it. All there is IS LOVE.

All there IS IS love.

We exchange vows, we swear in court, we witness, we vow….we VOWEL




Instead of reading, think of those forms as directions!

A (pointing upward)

E (a three-pronged fork, or direct energy this way)

I (as in “I” “me”, direct this way)

O (in the all)

U (looks like a magnet)

A    E    I    O    U

The E.

The conflict in the middle East. Don’t have one. Come together.

the ME

In the US, another name for Thanksgiving is Turkey Day. Or maybe we should say ‘Turn-key Day’, which is what the Pope wanted to do on that very day!

pope turkey
The Pope in Turkey on Turkey Day

Pope said he wanted to “deepen the understanding and appreciation of the many things which we hold in common”. Such as….controlling people by keeping them from knowing who they really are by suppressing knowledge? Suppression of women? Suppression of sexuality? The Abrahamic religions have many things in common! Red flag alert!

The idea is that Israel is the middle. Everything to the east is the orient. Everything to the west is the occident. The human brain is divided into two “hemispheres”; the left and the right. And the ‘mother letter’ aleph=AIR=swastika=fan….

IS leader with fan
Hei look! A fan!


Frank says places on Earth are places in the mind. Brilliant, Frank 🙂 If Eden is at the center (the MIddle, the ME) are they trying to “fan” us away from finding our center? I think so.

eden center of earth

A=swastika.  A  A are two swastikas, one clockwise, one counterclockwise, for balance. And at this important time, ascension. Kubrick gives another clue at the end of Eyes Wide Shut, as they walk in the department store, the two spinning wheels (in opposite directions) behind them. (I can’t post the file because wordpress doesn’t like quicktime). But he gives lots of clues…. an inverted pentagram implies evil, and if you were going to identify the ‘northwest’ position on this one, what does it say?

inverted pentagram


Bellony, bell, or Ba’al.  The Five, the pentagram. Is it just turned north by northwest?

“….Baal is addressing his messengers, picturing his sister Anat sitting with her lyre and singing of her affection for him and his daughters. The messengers are told to perform a specific rite, and she will give them an important communication for Baal, the secret of the lightning.”  And then some trickery and theft happened.


From Eyes Wide Shut, the last part. Their daughter wants them to look at the “as above, so below” Barbie. See the North by Northwest star pointing to the woman in red? (Venus) Manly P. Hall says the seven ancient wonders were built to honor the planets and stars in the heavens. According to him, the Hanging gardens of Babylon were dedicated to Venus. Lots of prostitutes in Eyes Wide Shut. And what does that mean about the Whore riding the Beast? On her forehead says “mystery babylon”. Perhaps she wants what is hers, which was taken from her.

And what does Alice ( A-less) say? “Hei”.

Two swastikas spinning for coming together. Solve et Coagula

solve et coagula

The Philosopher’s Stone. The philosopher’s “S” tone. Notes to tones to Stone. Its all about frequency and vibration. Break the spell, crack the code.



Another Kubrick code: Anthony Norman (Northman), Wyandanch (Y = androg) Y DNA and LIRR (Liar) hostage drama, which is a clue to the story below about Amanda Curran (a man DNA, anchor, symbol for androg, or the philosopher’s stone).


old alchemy lab

“The alchemists’ dream is to attain knowledge of the mysterious Philosopher’s Stone, or “that Elixir by which such wonders are performed”.  In modern language the Stone is a symbol of  incorruptible wisdom achieved by uniting both rational, intellectual thinking (masculine, rational, right brain activity) with our intuitive knowing of the heart  (feminine, intuitive left brain activity)”  -from

The “kids of Merovee” or to all you “Merovingians”, this is how I see you: you are evolved spiritual beings and angels. It is time to fully realize it. Your thoughts cause ripples, even tsunamis through the etheric power grid. Let’s break on through to the other side.


Time to walk up the stairs and through the door.

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone


Where is my John Wayne
Where is my prairie song
Where is my happy ending
Where have all the Cowboys gone ?

Gone to Brokeback Mountain is the answer !

Dallas Cowboys 1970 - 'Ugly'
Dallas Cowboys 1970 – ‘Ugly’


Dallas Cowboys 2014
Dallas Cowboys 2014


But the Cheerleaders always remain the same.


Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

If you think the design for the team’s strip in American Football these days looks like it’s a fantasy from the mind of a gay man, then that’s because it’s what it is. And its catching on everywhere.
England Rugby Union 2014
England Rugby Union 2014


England Football 2014
England Football 2014


And even James Bond went gay.

And you may have noticed that ‘Family Viewing’ on the television is no longer ‘Family Viewing’ but ‘Women and Gay Men Only’ viewing. Men don’t watch much television these days because there’s nothing for them to watch.

Strictly Come Dancing
Strictly Come Dancing

Anyway, I think you get the picture. And if I thought it was just ‘progress’ or me being nostalgic for when ‘men were men’ I would not be bothered. And the ‘gay community’ ( whatever that is ) is effected just as much as heterosexuals by the gaying of the media. To understand what is happening we have to examine the male – female polarity.

In the image above of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders I wrote that ‘the Cheerleaders always remain the same’ because that is the nature of the feminine. It is what it ‘IS IS’ . The ‘feminine’ are the waters of the Universe and it depends on the ‘masculine’ energy to stir the waters so it can create and give birth. This dynamic works in all creation and we are all a mix of this creative power but in our world we experience a separation of the masculine and feminine – Man and Woman, Adam and Eve.

And if the waters are not stirred, the waters become stagnant. But this innate primal energy within us is suppressed and diverted as soon as the sexual energy is fully activated and the masculine energy then gets turned in on itself and can emerge as a violent destructive force which can manifest in wars and an ugly perversion of our sexual energy which views the feminine as sex objects without love.

The Genesis creation story speaks of a time pre-Separation where Man and Woman were joined and it was called the Garden of Eden but then the vengeful God threw us out of paradise because of our sinfulness. I won’t go into that in detail but what it implies is that the joining of Man and Woman without guilt is Heaven and at the best times in our close relationships, they are Heaven because it is Heaven.

Our world is set up to stop the rejoining of the male and female polarity and the ‘Gaying’ of society is intended to suppress the masculine energy. It is difficult to alter the feminine energy because it just IS and responds to the masculine but the spark of the masculine can be controlled by various methods . Food, work, health policy, education, war and media propaganda etc, etc is there to control these energies and stop the male and female joining at a deep enough level where they would crack open the egg shell of duality.

I wrote earlier that it affects the homosexual community just as much as heterosexuals. From my observations, the Male hunter in a homosexual relationship can be more ‘masculine’ than his heterosexual counter parts in his pursuit of Dorothy. But even there, the idealised relationship is now safe and cosy and ‘safe and cosy’ leads to death for the Soul. It’s no longer ‘Frankie Goes to Hollywood’ but Elton and David’s wedding.





On a larger scale what is happening is that ‘The Goddess’ wants to give birth to the New Age but needs a powerful masculine energy to join with her to create it and there is resistance to this. And so we see dumbed down men slowly having their balls cut off and in a constant state of frustration because they are unable to express their masculinity. This is not an accident.

But it’s happening anyway. The male and female polarities are joining very quickly to end the Separation. The boys are back in town !


boys are back
In town or downtown, it seems a problem has recently emerged with ‘catcalling’ and harassment (which is very annoying because there is no good response to unwanted attention). But as a mindline it is just another example of the MSM trying to convince people that women and men just can’t come together. And then, throw the ‘race’ issue in the mix and you start to see a pattern emerge when you think of all the stuff about Bill Cosby and how he “targeted white women”. The MSM is nothing but a circus.
catcalling tweets


If you start to notice, the phoenician syllables “ME”, “MiMi” or “MEME” are always close by. Conflict in the “middle east” is an ongoing pursuit by the controllers who do not want you to reconcile a balance within yourself or with someone else. That would mean a lot of LOVE in the whirl (d) and we would move on up!

The Inner Cowboy never dies – he just goes to sleep.

Time to wake up.

US “BE” port

( Frank writes ) A few months before the London Olympics in 2012, I included the ‘Volunteer’ image below which asked for volunteers to help with the organisation for the Beacon Lighting and the passing of the Olympic Torch through Reigate, England in 2012, in an article on Merovee. At the time, I posted it ‘for interest’ in connection with the London Olympics ( the flame passed through the Ray Gate on the same day as Aurora ). Shortly afterwards everyone started turning up on Merovee. With hindsight, I believe there was more to the request than I thought and what was actually being asked for was for individuals to take the Light through the Ray Gate in a spiritual sense, in connection with the Shift. And then all the evolved spirits replied. That’s you !




I have been thinking of writing an article to the regular readers and commentators on Merovee for some time about their true spiritual role but have been reluctant because I felt too close to the action to do it justice. MJ views everyone on Merovee in the same way and I have agreed for her to write the following article in this regard as she is slightly more detached than me. You and me and MJ are not just contributors to a blog but are spiritual beings who are helping to raise the consciousness of humanity. And it’s time you started seeing yourselves in this light 🙂 Anyway over to MJ.

President Snow: Her entire species must be eradicated.
Plutarch Heavensbee: Her species, sir?
President Snow: The other victors. Because of her, they all pose a threat. Because of her, they all think they are invincible.

girl on fire
the girl on fire

President Snow: She’s not who they think she is. She’s not a leader. She just wants to save her skin. It’s as simple as that.
Plutarch Heavensbee: I think that’s true.
President Snow: She has become a beacon of hope for them. She has to be eliminated.

sutherland catching fire
fictional character President Snow of the Hunger Games series. Who else likes to stand on their balconies and look at the people ‘beneath’ them?

Plutarch Heavensbee: I agree she should die but in the right way. At the right time. It’s moves and counter-moves, that’s all we’ve gotta look at. Katniss Everdeen is a symbol. Their Mockingjay. They think she’s one of them. We need to show them that she’s one of us. We don’t have to destroy her, just the image. Then we let the people do the rest.
President Snow: What do you propose?
Plutarch Heavensbee: Shut down the black markets take away what little they have, then double the amount of floggings and executions put them on TV. Broadcast them live! Sow fear, more fear.

hoffman sutherland hunger games
President Snow: It won’t work. Fear does not work as long as they have hope. And Katniss Everdeen is giving them hope!
Plutarch Heavensbee: She’s engaged! Make everything about that. What kind of dress she’s gonna wear? – Floggings! What’s the cake gonna look like? – Executions. Whose gonna be there? – Fear. Blanket coverage shove it in their faces. Show them that she’s one of us now. They’re gonna hate her so much they just might kill her for you. 
President Snow: Brilliant.

I dare someone to tell me this kind of conversation doesn’t really happen.




Plutarch Heaven’s BEE.

The real Plutarch, the Greek philosopher, was one of the two priests of Apollo at the Oracle of Delphi. He wrote on Isis and Osiris. He was initiated into the Mysteries and it is interesting that Suzanne Collins (author of The Hunger Games series) chose the name Plutarch for the character of the Head Gamemaker, and if you’ve seen or read the series, you’ll remember Seneca was the first Head Gamemaker. The real Seneca was advisor to Roman emperor Nero.

When I watch the Hunger Games, I feel like I’m watching a documentary of what really goes on in our society. And to make things even stranger, the actors playing the parts are placed in the media to be our modern-day gods and goddesses.

lawrence mystique
Jennifer Lawrence plays Mystique in the X-men
Jennifer Lawrence, at a premier for the X-men
catching fire
Katniss Everdeen ‘the girl on fire’
Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere in Par isis of Hunger Games Catching Fire


It is very clever how ‘the machine’ of Holy wood blurs the line of real and fantasy. It is good for programming purposes.

The archetypes played out and channeled through US are encoded in our collective memories and psyches. That is why they are and we are MEmes, played over and over and over again.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.

They resonate with everyone and have a powerful effect on us ALL. I’m starting to realize the fascination with hollywood stars is just another attempt to distract people from soul-searching, self-reflection and self-empowerment, and connecting with real stars in the night sky. The roles played on the big screen are dazzling and that is done very carefully and with purpose, so they fill the role of archetype and the collective unconscious is steered in a particular direction.

archetype – a character, action or situation that seems to represent universal patterns of human nature.


Carl Jung argued that the root of an archetype is in the collective unconscious of mankind. I am so thankful that I have a witness (Frank) when I tell you that certain archetypes are not just archetypes, but spirit, angels, beings of light in other dimensions,…. I’m not sure the best way to describe it, but I promise you, beyond-everyday-experience is happening before my very eyes and it is as real as pouring coffee in a coffee cup.

If I told you the incredible phenomenon that I observe daily, you might think I am nuts. But I’m going to try and explain because you are a part of it, but I don’t think you fully realize it yet. It involves the 3D world reflecting the spiritual world, which is 5D and beyond. I do think readers of this blog will agree, the energy and thought (ME ME) put towards whatever that IS, will manifest in 3D.

What is “real” anyway? What israel anyway? What IS  RA  EL anyway?

is ra el


Sound, vibration, tone. Those are re-ALL. Everything is vibration. When you say, agree, consent, disagree, vocally, in your mind, in your spirit, any ‘Thoth’ that you have, it is all vibration. And even the thoughts that aren’t naughty are sine-ful, too. We are born ‘sine-ers’ because we emit a sine wave.

And if “El” is Saturn, which is associated with time, then it would only make sense that time can be explained with right angles ( L ), as explained here

Pythagoras’ theorem is not just a mathematical truth, but a fundamental physical reality. If you draw two lines at right angles to one another, radiating from the wave center, one 3 wavelengths, the other 4 wavelengths, then complete the rectangle, magically! you find the hypotenuse is exactly 5 wavelengths long. This is because this wave diagram truly represents how matter interacts / forms its spatial dimensions.

right angles time

Further, three dimensional space and spherical space are equivalent, as it takes three variables to describe a sphere. In fact the cause of three dimensional space is simply that matter interacts spherically.

The fourth dimension of ‘time’ is really just the motion of the wave (motion causes time).

saturn is lead

And why would the controlling, Canaanite god El (Cronos or Saturn) want to clip Cupid’s (an angel’s) wings? It would depend on which ANGLE you are coming from.




I’m not sure which pasta shape is ideal for a conscious evolution, but this is the best example I can think of for how to show I think our vibration output makes a difference.

The Saturn archetype is associated with the notion of a boundary or limitation, power and control. It is therefore, associated with lead. Lead is a soft and sluggish metal and is the slowest conductor of heat and electricity and is the least resonant. Think of an old person hunched over, walking very slowly, holding up a line of people who would like to pass in order to get on their way. But lead can weigh you down. Around and around on the loop, possibly lifetime after lifetime. I want US ALL to rise above the loop.

If Isis just IS, she is the female energy. Osiris is the male energy and they are twin flames and that is why they are brother and sister and husband and wife (like Adam and Eve were ONE before they got coats of skin).

He can’t WAIT to get a bite!

So why Israel instead of Isosel? Because Isis and Osiris ignite a spark when together that makes a NASA rocket launch look puny. The kundalini is activated. There is no time, no perception of time, death, guilt, fear or suffering. Only bliss, love and ecstasy for eternity. They rise above the loop. And that is why the controllers do everything they can to prevent ascension. They cannot control you when your mind is aware of the dimension I speak of. And when your mind is aware, then new pathways are formed in the brain, DNA becomes unlocked, vibrations are spread throughout the aether and then….

the SHIFT.

From Catching Fire, “Her entire species must be eradicated”. The techno world is getting so arrogant that they now believe they can outright ‘substitute’ the feminine energy in the false energy grid with the control of time (Saturn) and that specific vibration, homosexual programming, and maybe highly sophisticated biotech?!

I think this calls for a “caption this” contest


In this world, there is more than one reality. There is an ugly, techno reality that tries to be a substitute for the real one, and there is the real one, which is beautiful, spiritual, loving, uplifting, limitless and eternal. The real one wants to SHINE. It is calling all ANGELS to let this happen. It will happen. When, exactly, would you like to exist in a constant state of bliss? NOW? Then get to working on those angles, angels! All you have to do is think and know who you are and consciousness will spread throughout the real energy grid. Initiation happens NOW


As Saturn rules time, which is a 3D construct concerning the physical body of the third dimension (not real), I think it is important to consider the combination of sound, words, vibration, geomancy and the hexagonal shape on Saturn’s pole, and the hexagonal head of the temp-EL of Baalbek.

Baalbek hexagon head

circle squate hexagon
Saturn makes a rough ride!


The temp-EL (angle (L) of time) is all in our heads, and the last time I checked, they aren’t hexagonal! Let’s round it out!




Do Re Mi

doremi hands

Mi mi mi mi mi mi………… meet me in the middle.

Memphis, Egypt

Middle East

Middle Earth

So fa, sofia has had LAts TI Do.  And the work has been mostly done in the AETHERnet.

I’ll never forget when I first ‘discovered’ Merovee. Without going into detail, my strange attraction was not random, and actually, after my spiritual experience in the last year, I don’t think anything is random. It all started in January when I would go out on my back deck and look at beautiful Sirius through the telescope my dad gave me. I stared at it so many times before realizing what it was. And I was fascinated by it and thought about how I ‘felt’ it throughout the day and then I would of course, go look at it again at night.


I think everything IS

Everything is sound and vibration and in order to control, the education system is years of grammar and rules of language and spelling and math in 2D and (yawn)….


This word is is is is a symbol:   I S

“I” S.  “I” sine a wave.

Back to the US Bee port. It is Merovee.  And it is a blog where reading the comments are actually a part of the article and make for a damn fine read. Excellent job Frank! and excellent job, Roob, Hugo, Anon, Elena, DDNA, BertieButtons, TTN, Trinity, Suliwebster, and all the rest of the regular commenters!

Merovee IS the US “BE” port, and here WE go!

Starting off, here is the

gem in i

Roobeedobeedo  🙂  What a SHINY ruby you are!

The Zero Theorem is a plausible one, because Frankly, it happened. WE fell into the “0” together. It was crazy, scary and the most beautiful experience. And somehow Roob was the catalyst for the ‘happening’, so I think of her as Hermes or Iris, and also as Nephthys.


She knows about ascending from the loop! Not coincidentally, we quickly got into deep discussion about True Detective a while back on Merovee. (not exact quote but close, below)

Roob: What I found interesting was the dialogue on the movie he was watching, which was North by Northwest….
And what the devil is all this about? Why was I brought here?
Vandamm: Games, must we?
Roger: Not that I mind a slight case of abduction now and then, but I have tickets for the theatre this evening, to a show I was looking forward to and I get, well, kind of unreasonable about things like that.
Vandamm: With such expert play-acting, you make this very room a theatre. My secretary is a great admirer of your methods, Mr. Kaplan. Elusiveness, however misguided …
Then Errol Childress (from True Detective) does his impersonation of Cary Grant and says “Now Betty, I have very important work to do. My ascension removes me from the disc in the loop – I’m near final stage. Some mornings, I can see the infernal plane.”

hermes caduseus
This caduceus I’m carrying, I like to call it “Fast as Fuck”

I think of Roob as a linguist of the spiritual realm. She is a word expert, understanding the significance of sound and vibration.  As gemini is an AIR sign, it starts to make even more sense. One of her favorite reference sites must be etymonline because she frequently comments on the etymology of a word. Very smart. You can find out a lot about what mind lines really mean! And she does excellent stuff on syncromystic forum.

Osiris sits in judgement at far right with Isis and Nephthys.

From etymonline:

secret (n.) late 14c., from Latin secretus “set apart, withdrawn; hidden, concealed, private,” past participle of secernere “to set apart, part, divide; exclude,” from se-“without, apart,” properly “on one’s own” (see se-) + cernere “separate” (see crisis).

And that brings me to one of my favorite go-to reference sites: Secrets in Plain Sight (SIPS) by Scott Onstott. Why is this a favorite? Several reasons: 1. the research presented is done right in front of you as he narrates 2. he uses google earth to show significant relationships to places around the earth, so it is something anybody can go back and do themselves, and it is undeniable 3. ancient and modern are brought together through correlation of space, time, symbols, location and sacred geometry. I confidently say it is a lesson in the mystery school 4. He presents in such a cogent manner without going too far off topic and the video series Secrets in Plain Sight vol. 1 and SIPS vol. 2 would be appropriate for any audience, as it is very educational. Volume 1 is broken up into a mini series and you can find them on the SecretsInPlainSight youtube channel. Here is the London episode:

Reading his blog one day, I came across a post Something Nothing Everything, where Scott writes about himself:

I was born without both of my legs below the knee and without my right hand. This is due to a rare condition called amniotic banding where fibrous material wraps around limbs in the womb, cutting off circulation so that the affected limbs do not develop. I have walked on artificial legs all my life and do very well considering.

My body is defective but I have never thought of myself as defective. I know very well the limitations of my body and completely accept them. By virtue of this uncommon limitation I realized early in life that I am not my body nor sensations felt in my body. This is the grace of my physical disability. If I am not my body then I am something wholly different, but what that something is, is another question. I do not have a problem with it and never have because I am not handicapped, only my body is.

And keeping on the topics of secrets, Anon, who is fine to keep her identity secret, really opened my eyes about black oil.

black gold

Anon: It’s about black oil.

anon (adv.) late Old English anon, earlier on an, literally “into one,” thus “continuously; straightway (in one course), at once;” see one. By gradual misuse, “soon, in a little while” (1520s).

….into ONE

….for WE are many!


You are so right, Anon. It is about black oil.

Do these fuckers know how to exploit, or do they know how to exploit?


from etymonline

The Egyptian name, Kemet, means “black country,” possibly in reference to the rich delta soil. The Arabic is Misr, which is derived from Mizraim, the name of a son of Biblical Ham.

kemet game


kemet board game
A game about the River Nile!

Interestingly, Kemet or Khemet is not a term that is easily researchable (IMO). But it is an ancient term, and I’ve read that it is where the term ‘alchemy’ comes from. So, if Kemet is about the rich, fertile soil of the Nile delta, then we have another Sirius connection to consider 😉  Egyptians based their calendar on the heliacal rising of Sirius, namely the day it becomes visible just before sunrise after moving far enough away from the glare of the Sun. This occurred just before the annual flooding of the Nile and the summer solstice.

Again, we have this phenomena where something happens ‘fast as fuck’ and the details are tangled up in Egypt, Sirius, a flooding/rush/oil/superfast/secret/secretion up the spine (Nile River). In the Middle East (ME) and U.

U and I  (U N I)verse

Anon, thank you for pointing out that A Free Ka is about black oil and places in the ‘mine’.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine carried on thrones after their arrival at Funafuti in Tuvalu

tin tin in the congo

The wise words of Anon:

“What you see is an effect and is a mirror of your state of mind, and your power to choose.” I agree with this. What WE see is a mirror of our collective State of Mind and we are currently choosing to mine and privatize the shafts of a free ka. That is not a ”they” doing that. It’s not just my individual psychosis seeing and creating that 3d reality. It’s the effect and mirror of a consciousness ”on a higher plane.” I’m a space kadet but I know how to plant my feet in the ground too. Change it in the mines down here and it’ll change in the Mind “up” there. Some work from the sky down. It’s also valid to work it in the other direction too.

Anon is anon, so I suspect she wears a mask to hide her identity.

anon goddess

And Anon, before I forget to tell you this, you often have me in stitches with your cleverness and wit. Between you and Roob I am LMAO!

Anon:  “If you dig into the mystery system of the ancients, there is a myth that there is a layer of demi-gods (titans) an ascended rung ”above” us full of archangels and the like and, get this, they don’t even like us. “

Titans don’t like us?! Damn it! Let’s ask….

T  T  N

TTN! You are a Titan! A Tennessee Titan! Just look at your Merovingian neptune fork! Could it BEE a tuning fork?….

BTW, anon says you don’t like US….Is that true? You do have wonderful insight and are very entertaining. But something about you is a little hard-edged….is that the TiTaN coming out now and then?


I was wondering, have you seen Aphrodite on Cyprus? Aphrodite comes from the word phosphor or phosphorous, which is the element and its number 15 (IS). Phosphorous IS the word is Greek for light-bringer and the Roman equivalent is Venus, the morning star or “shining one”.

TTN, welcome to The Shining.

titan cheerleader
Tennessee Titans cheerleader


titans shimmy

Such a sine-ful dance! Zoot alors!

J’ai une bonne idée! Let’s have a hug-“O”


Hugo is SHINING. Just change the 3D to 5D

from etymonline: Hugh masc. proper name, from Old North French Hugues, Old French Hue, from a Frankish name meaning “heart, mind,” cognate with Old High GermanHugi, related to hugu “mind, soul, thought.”

There are no coincidences.

And Frank has said to ME several times that Hugo has a good understanding of how technology is a representation of US in the false matrix. Perhaps he is a modern day Thoth?

HUGO: The religious/spiritual nature of all this is evident in the Engineers’ attire (priestly robes), David’s name (i.e. the biblical King David) and Janek (Captain of the Prometheus) asking Weyland’s daughter Vickers (i.e. Vicars) “Hey, Vickers…I was wondering…are you a robot?”. It’s also alluded to through the childless and barren character of Elizabeth Shaw and her not-so Immaculate Conception, which is hinted at towards the beginning of the film when she awakes from hypersleep suffering from ‘morning sickness’. All this builds on the previous films in the Alien franchise. Aliens gave us the whiter-than-white character of Bishop, which requires no further elaboration. The first film, Alien, gave us the character of Ash (“Ash is a goddamned robot!”) who attempts to kill – or should that be impregnate? – Ripley with a ‘cock’ formed from a rolled-up porno mag. Religion and creation are evident in Alien 3 too: the prison colony’s inmates forsake their violent, criminal past and form a neo-Christian religious order based on abstinence from all forms of sexual congress or procreation. Ditto Aliens 4, where the ship’s artificial intelligence (named ‘Mother’ in the other films) is called ‘Father’.

In Prometheus, the punishment for breaking the Holy Taboo is extinction, which is exactly what Elon Musk (among others) is predicting for humanity.



HUGO: As I’ve said before, books are time machines – devices for storing human consciousness and projecting it into the future. This is taken one step further with the internet and electronic storage: we’re not simply uploading zeros and ones, we’re actually sending little portions of ourselves into this new space. I sometimes wonder whether we’ll wake up one day, login to and realise we’ve got nothing left inside us to send, that we’ve already sent everything that defines us as individuals or makes us different from Joe Bloggs round the corner, that everything required to construct a synthetic digital version of ourselves is already floating about above our heads, just waiting for us to flip the switch and take over.


HUGO, we always want to hear your insightful thoths….

HUGO/Thoth telling us about the secret teachings

Our spirit makes us different and in order to not get trapped in the techno world that you speak of, we have to evolve! Keep doing what you are doing HUGO!

The language of the universe is math. All is vibration and can be measured with numbers. Since we have eyes we see it as color, light and shadow. And we have ears so we hear tones in different volumes. We have nerve endings that send messages to our brain when something is HOT or if we are hungry. But I’m starting to see/hear/feel things in a different way. I think it has to do with my DNA and it being DIVINE….

DDNA! Tell us all about it! We are among the ‘gods’

among the giants

I’m not invisible nor is my apple, I just need to comment more on merovee. But I can see you and here you are

angel of light

DIVINEDNA: It’s Time To Wake Up – We Are All One

pyramids around the world

Roobeedoo2: Maybe we’re picking up the frequencies from strumming the cosmic web

DIVINEDNA: Who knows for sure…maybe we’ve already picked something up. That something: was it a message we sent millennia ago and it bounced back to us?

DDNA, I think the MEMEory is coming back to us and you are right, we are all connected.

glistening waters

Water holds memory and has the ability to mirror and reflect as the currents and tides flow. And right here, DDNA, you are on a roll!

DDNA: Attack of the Pineal Gland..hue-mans computer chip. Profile of Africa/Alkebulan looks like a face, facing right…the little yellow area on the small gray map is the pineal gland.


Bloodshed – they’ve been attacking man mind for centuries.

Brilliant observation, DDNA! Never thought of that angle before!



What do you see? From what ANGLE are you looking?



but wait!….This just in from Trinity….

Trinity: Isn’t this what we are here for, in this “illusion”?

Learning how to turn our happy dreams into reality?

And finally had the AHA moment: the thought that I’ve been “trapped” in my “doomed love” story for eva….and that I can choose a different ending this time! I’m angry for no good reason! I can choose again! I can BE UNITED. WHOLE. HOLY! I can stop waiting and accept LOVE right now!

Like my front door, is the door to HEAVEN purple?


Trinity, are you starting to see things from a different angle? Perhaps now you will realize that YOU are an angle of light and you reflect reality.

Who, me?

who meYes, you, Trinity. Your ‘thoths’ are angles and the more you re-bell, the better 😉

Freedom’s just another word for nuthin’ left to lose

Speaking of angELs, Elena has brilliant insight and its not surprising given her angelic name

elena angle


Elena: I think Genesis 1:2 describes the sexual encounter between the god and goddess.

“And the earth (goddess) was without form, and void; (the womb was empty) and darkness ( the vagina) was upon the face of the deep. (the womb)
And the Spirit of God moved (back and forth) upon the face of the waters.” (the womb) …from American King James Version

Time to ‘uncover’ the true story.

 It is indeed, Elena!

All of the regulars on Merovee definitely have unique personalities, and some even have specialties! Like Conspiracy Theorist

Our resident interpreter of the skies….



Conspiracy Theorist: When you see Isis, the Beetle is not far behind

CT, how right you are! WOW!

george frank


Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun
If the sun don’t come
You get a tan from standing in the English rain
I am the eggman, they are the eggmen
I am the walrus, goo goo goo joob goo goo goo goo joob

BertieButtons: Anon, sometimes I wonder if ‘our’ (and it really might be ‘there’) sanity is worth saving and that forsaking it is the only way of finding ourselves. After all, what is sanity based upon? Adhering to, or being seen to adhere to, society’s norms and values. An Anon mentioned Magic Mushrooms in this or a previous post. They are now categorised as a class A drug in the UK. Ask yourself why we are not allowed to hallucinate. Are hallucinations real perhaps.


BertieButtons:  I guess I want to say, don’t always look for safety in numbers. Stand alone like the fool, it’s ok. Once in a while, risk losing your head when all around people are keeping theirs.
Be true to yourself.

Bertie, I can see why you like this:

“I maintain that truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or coerce people along a particular path. … This is no magnificent deed, because I do not want followers, and I mean this. The moment you follow someone you cease to follow Truth. I am not concerned whether you pay attention to what I say or not. I want to do a certain thing in the world and I am going to do it with unwavering concentration. I am concerning myself with only one essential thing: to set man free. I desire to free him from all cages, from all fears, and not to found religions, new sects, nor to establish new theories and new philosophies.”  -Krishnamurti


Suliwebster: Maybe that is why the river isis is now called the river thames.
Scarily negative sounds like scarily female to me. Negative is female. Don’t be so negative !

I remember

SULI writes some brilliant things 🙂 The truth is endless possibilities….

Calling all angles! Calling all angles! Where are you SolisMartello? Makky? JME316? Dream? Naive?….and VICTOR? oh, and RR? It looks like I’ll have to do a part 2!

Let’s rise above the loop. All the people on Merovee are brilliant, insightful angels. OWN IT! That is what you are and your thoughts are making a difference. And if you think it is taking a long time, it took a long time to get it this way. In that perspective, things are happening rather quickly. There is an AIR emergence!

Let’s sync time

sync time


You are spirit and you have on a human suit. Our divine DNA might allow usssss to shed our skin in the new age of AIR….

shed your skin


He roller-coaster, he got early warning
He got muddy water, he one mojo filter
He say “One and one and one is three”
Got to be good-looking cos he’s so hard to see
Come together right now over me


snakes that kiss

We have the Power. We are the Power.

You Sexy Beast





There is a huge amount of sex in the world. In fact a fuck of a lot. Everything you see is a result of sex and is the outcome of a ‘Holy Union’. For this article to be created my mind has sex with my fingers and then my fingers have sex with the keyboard, which then fertilises the egg of the article and eventually I will push the publish button and Life is created. Hey Presto !



Sex is the Story of Life and for new life to be created, a Sex Change is needed. The creative instinct is hardwired into Life . Life continually bangs into itself on purpose to create more Life. ‘In Out. Shake it all about’ . Without the Sex Change you would not be reading this or do anything.




The physical body is born from Sex and starts having Sex with the Universe as soon as it is born and even when it dies, it still continues to fuck as the atoms change form and create new Life.

The Universe is an incredibly sexy place and sexiness is encoded into Life. You are a Sexy Beast.


But how many men and women truly feel they are sexy ? Even ‘Sexy Beasts’ only know they are sexy because of the effect they have on others.


Strictly Coming
Strictly Coming


Yet even though Sex is the fundamental energy of the Universe, humanity is totally fucked up by sex.

From Genesis:

So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate; and she also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate.

Then the eyes of both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made loincloths for themselves.

They heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden at the time of the evening breeze, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden.

But the LORD God called to the man, and said to him, “Where are you?”

He said, “I heard the sound of you in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.”

He said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?”

The man said, “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit from the tree, and I ate.”

Then the LORD God said to the woman, “What is this that you have done?” The woman said, “The serpent tricked me, and I ate.”

The LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, cursed are you among all animals and among all wild creatures; upon your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat all the days of your life.

I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will strike your head, and you will strike his heel.”

Guilt about Sex is the Veil before God and is the cause of the Separation between man and woman, ‘God’ and our true Divine nature. We are ‘Children of a Lesser God’.

Here are Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.




And this is what the Greater God and Goddess think of the sexual union.




In Genesis 1:1 it is written : “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” and later on it says : “So God created man ( Adam ) in his own image” which implies that God is male. And unless I’m missing something here, it also implies that God masturbated to create the Earth. Just looking out the window at the trees, the flowers and the animals and myself this seems highly unlikely. God would need a Goddess to fuck to create Life and vice versa.

The guilt about sex can also be seen with swear words which tend to be about sexual organs and the sexual act . Words such as Fuck, Prick, Dick, Cunt, Asshole are regarded as rude in polite society but in a different place are regarded as ‘Holy Words’, as sex and the sex organs are Holy and Wholly. And it is the guilt and fear about Sex that causes the sexual dysfunction within humans we see with rape, child abuse and the power struggle within relationships as sex becomes a weapon used by both parties.


Hot and Ready Dicks
Hot and Ready Dicks


The positive aspect of Lust is a Lust for Life and a desire to create. Here is a dictionary definition of lust :

“Animal desire for sexual indulgence, lascivious passion; passionate enjoyment of or desire for sensuous appetite regarded as sinful.”

But from a very young age we are told that lust and passion should be controlled and that our animal desires are sinful. We are told it is wrong to be a Sexy Beast and the vast majority of our energy and time is concentrated on survival and our Life force is repressed, subverted and targeted at ‘acceptable’ experiences such as work, television and all the other sundry ways that it is directed.

The animal, subconscious energies within the human psyche give us strength and vigour. They are our life force and the life force of the Universe. Without it there would be no Universe, no you or me, no creation.


You Sexy Beast
You Sexy Beast


Eliphas Levi says “He who has joined the hexagram and pentagram has solved half the sacred secret”.


The other half of the sacred secret?



The Vesica Pisces.

Look at the veiled lady singing. (Beyonce and Jay Z On the Run tour)


Beyonce singing “Bang Bang (my baby shot me down)” by Nancy Sinatra



I was five and he was six
We played with horses made of sticks
He wore black and I wore white
He would always win the fight

Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down

Seasons came and changed the time
When I grew up I called him mine
He would always laugh and say
Remember when we used to play

Bang bang, I shot you down
Bang bang, you hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, I used to shoot you down


This is how you reconcile the five and the six




Instead of Bang Bang and shooting down, how about a BIG BANG instead?



It takes two. Male and Female. Nothing can be made without the other.

This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six. Revelation 13:18

Keep that Bible verse in mind when reading this mind-blowing article.



Yet it is clear there is something not quite right with the world and life and the way this sexual energy is experienced. And when you observe Life under a microsocope it soon becomes obvious that there is a force which stops us from expressing our true spiritual and physical potential . Aging, disease and fatigue from Life soon dissipates the life force within us and the longer we live, the further we detach from it until we end up as a shell. This is not how it is meant to be.

Our 3D physical reality is a pale reflection of how we should experience our physical incarnation. We are truly eternal, divine beings of passion and love but have convinced ourselves that we are just little human beings of no consequence who die after 80 years or so and thats it for us. And everything in the 3D world is set up to keep us in this narrow spectrum of experience and belief. You name it – education, religion, work, media, news etc,etc – is designed to keep humanity within our limited bandwidth.

But we have entered a New Age and life is going to be radically different as enormous energies are exerted to crack the eggshell, and return us to a pre-separation state of existence so we live physical life as it is intended. And Love is the force that is causing the wall to crumble and the Love Force will not be denied. Primarily the energies are sexual as we experience a collective kundalini awakening and as the Separation was caused by guilt about sex and love, the guilt needs to be reversed to return to our natural state of innocence. Some will experience this as sexual and others in a different way but no one will be able to avoid it.




Kundalini Rising
Kundalini Rising


When I was small – about the age of 3 or so – on a hot day, I used to play in the garden naked. And then one day my Big Brothers told me that if I didn’t put on shorts or swimming trunks, the police would come and arrest me. They were a bit like that ! And I doubt if since then I have been naked in public save from designated areas such as showers. This mentality is absurd, and ridiculous. Anyway, we can’t take it much longer and we don’t think the Universe can either and to help things along here are images of a man and a woman naked before ‘God’. If it’s good enough for ‘God’ then it’s good enough for us.






You Sexy Beast.

PITCH slapped




rihanna tmz

Are you wondering why they ‘pulled’ Rihanna’s music from Thursday Night Football Open? I wondered too. I kept reading story after story, thinking ‘I just missed something. She must’ve tweeted something provocative about domestic abuse or something….’. 

Nope. What is happening here is a bit of a ‘glitch’ in the programme. A risk was taken and it turned out to be a poor choice. As a former intern in the P.R. business, I’m answering “no” to the question “does it fly?”

But in a mirrored world, it does fly.


Rihanna has Isis tattooed just under her breasts. And Isis is flying everywhere right now. She’s out of control! Her currents are felt by all, everywhere. And as American football might be the most homosexual social programming in the U.S., having Rihanna SING during the THOR’sday Night Football is a bit threatening to this particular programming. It is, after all, much more than sport to some people. If you’ll remember from the Super Bowl in 2012, Madonna had this to say about performing during the half-time show:

“The Superbowl is kind of like the Holy of Holies in America. I’ll come at halfway of the “church experience” and I’m gonna have to deliver a sermon. It’ll have to be very impactful.”

She is about to SING in the temple!

Before reading further, I’d like to say…. frequently on this blog we write about how unreal the 3D world is and how the mainstream media is used to direct people’s attention from the real world. There are many topics that are debatable whether or not they are real, i.e., climate change, the never ending war, the scary virus, the missing plane, etc., but what is real, are human feelings, emotions, realization and love.

At Blade and Chalice, we want all consenting adults to express themselves sexually as they want, with complete freedom. Gay, straight, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, and any other description of a person’s sexual preference or orientation is fully supported by us (as long as it is between people who are old enough to make decisions about this). And while it is not my main goal to be ‘politically correct’, I don’t want to give anyone who reads this blog the wrong impression when I write about social engineering and homosexual programming. It is one thing to be gay. It is another to confuse and distort ideas about sexuality in a subliminal manner using techniques employed by the MSM, education system, government, corporations, etc. and other institutions who are a part of this agenda, for the purpose of mind control and control of humanity in all aspects.

There is a bigger event going on in the world right now than just gay rights and bullying. It is an agenda that started thousands of years ago by the ones who seek to control humanity and take away their freedom to just ‘be’.  Whether you are straight, gay, asexual or bisexual, as a human being you have a desire and a right to express yourself with freedom. Please take no offense when I write about the homosexual programming agenda which seeks to keep us from evolving so that a few people on Earth can feed off the rest of us like parasites. It is not anti gay, it is anti control. We are all sovereign individuals who are born with the right ( by natural law) to explore our own sexuality without the interference and assault of messages coming from all directions from everywhere except within. Homosexual programming effects gay people in a negative way, too.

gay football

I’ve said this for years. American football is the perfect example of social engineering programming. I never got into football, but I have always had friends who did (and still do) and before I learned to just not say anything, I would be sitting there, looking at everyone’s faces while they were so engrossed in the game and I would just be completely bewildered. “Doesn’t anybody see how gay this is?!” And I was never trying to start anything, I just really just wanted to understand. I don’t care if someone is gay. I don’t care if football is gay. But fucking admit it is gay! That is the problem. The reason I was always met with such hostility when I said this is because no one would acknowledge that it really is gay, even though they knew in their subconscious that it is. And these opposing feelings cause dissonance, which stirs powerful emotions.

This is how social programming works: put something in front of people over and over again to ‘normalize’ it, (especially when it is backed with lots of money, institutions, universities, sponsors, corporations, etc.,) and slowly change it over time, molding it to what you want, which also molds people’s acceptance of it, and before you know it, you’ve got the most gay (pretending not to be) sport watched by millions, who are completely in denial about what is going on. Don’t get me started on this one….


What a cool personal sync it would be for him if his middle name started with a “T”!  (LOL)   Jesus Christ! Does he think he’s Jesus Christ?!

I’ll give MSM credit:  words, stories, faces, mind lines, anagrams, symbols, inter-related mixed with non-related words put together (Obama, Osama), etc., are usually played out quite well as a tool for subliminal messages. But the “official” reason why CBS decided to pull Rihanna’s music from NFL’s Thursday Night Football coverage is because Rihanna might be the most famous domestic abuse victim and they were worried that featuring her would further the reputation of the league’s being a haven for assailants.


Rihanna in 2009



bey lip syncs in paris

This was news just a couple of days ago.

And remember this?

bey inauguration miming
Oh Bey, can you sing?


And as I’m writing this, I go to ‘on demand’ cable and I decided to watch SNL from May of this year,  with host Charlize Theron and musical guest The Black Keys. I couldn’t believe the opening!….

charlize can't sing


Ladies! All the sinning going on these days! Let’s try to control ourselves, okay?

Christina Aguilera not feeling like herself tonight


We have to think about our children. What kind of example are we setting and who are exposing our children to?

Hello Kitty, what do you think? Hello Kitty says….Oh, sorry kitty.  I forgot, Hello Kitty doesn’t talk.


too sweet barbie
And what do you think Barbie? “math is hard”.


And Joan Rivers’ ear, nose and THROAT doctor.

joan rivers throat doctor selfie
From, a selfie was taken by the dock on the river.


River, bank, currency.

And Disney, who has forgotten to include a ‘mother’ role in their movies, decade after decade, is reaching far and wide with their latest hit with young girls, the movie frOZen. And her name is ELsa.

frozen bride elsa

A shift is happening. ISIS melting. Aquarius and Leo are SEX ON FIRE Its causing an AIR EMERGENCE. The currency of the water in Pisces is ‘changing states’ to AIR of Aquarius.  The attempt to keep the currency FROZEN is Disney’s most hilarious movie yet, and I haven’t even seen it!

Iceland volcano


little mermaid frozen

….as it expands its FROZEN empire.

She comes in colors everywhere. She combs her hair. She’s like a rainbow.

Aerial, the Little Mermaid, (red hair next to Cinderella), fell in love with a huMAN. Rather inconvenient, since she lives in the water and he lives on land. But it works out (in the fucked up, magical world of Disney), a character named Ursula magically grants Aerial a pair of legs, but she has to give up her voice. And that is what really happens in the movie.

And whatever is going on with domestic violence in the NFL, will hopefully get straightened out when Condi Rice (con d’ isis?) gets involved. She is, after all, the ex-secretary of state. (state changes?)

condelezza NFL
Cleveland Clinic, CC, imagine as coco chanel, like the vesica pisces. And Condoleezza ‘R’ Ice! They really want to keep her frozen! And do your own research on the brown reference. Hint: “step into his shoes”.

god el in hot seat

Ray R-ICE (fiery sun Leo rays beaming through and melting ice is actually what is happening) is causing Goodell (god ‘EL’) to be in the HOT seat again! You’re damn straight! In the beautiful mirror world, a different kind of union is taking place and yes, he did score! I wonder if they call it ‘screwing’ because love spirals out of control?



A friend of mine recently showed me some pics from her family’s trip to Israel they took last summer. She is an Israeli jew, and she translated signs in Hebrew that were in the pics, so I would understand the significance. She started reading one that I just couldn’t believe. I asked her to repeat, please. She said again, “it says,  ‘women, do not sing here….'”

And she was talking about a sign just outside the entrance to the Western Wall.

western wall men women

A story from jewish online newspaper, Haaretz: In August, four women, two of whom were members of the women’s group were arrested and detained at the Western Wall for wearing prayer shawls. The women were arrested for “behavior that endangers the public peace” and wearing prayer shawls.


It goes on to say….In response to Tuesday’s arrest, Yizhar Hess, head of the Masorti Movement, said that the women detained by police “didn’t steal, hit, threaten, or even go over the speed limit. They just sang,” adding: “But, apparently only men can sing near the Western Wall.”

Women, Go Shhhhhh!

human rights tibet


Women, be quiet in churches….

and let the castratos sing?

This is a little song I wrote about giving up my balls to sing for you fuckers.


In the beginning was the word, and the word was god. All is vibration, sound. And the thought of your intuitive side of the brain awakening and ‘speaking’, is quite frightening to tptb.



Lady Gaga’s not worried. She has on her Poker Face.



Poker Face. Poke her face. A two-for-one message from the evil controllers: poke her face (to shut her up) and poke her face (to degrade the sacred feminine).

And how do I know its not just about a little fun foreplay? Because there is also the message to carry the ‘purple purse’.

purple purse

I could write an entire post about this, but just to make a long story short, the status symbol and other symbolism that goes along with the handbag you carry and the emphasis on handbags and purses, is because it is a symbol for the womb, the chalice. The fashion industry is a large ‘branch’ of the control system. And while it is convenient to carry a bag for your belongings, the emphasis on the bag has another purpose besides utility; a reminder to keep yourself separate from the womb, what you need is not inside yourself, your most precious things (money, phone, keys, etc.) are all in the bag, OUTSIDE of you! Nothing could be further from the truth! See the shape of the logo? The upside down triangle (delta) is also the symbol for chalice. And look, it appears to have a chastity belt, as there is a keyhole on it. No problem! I know who has the key 🙂

The (i) has to travel! And where is she going?

Why is Beyonce ON THE RUN?



The girl is gone? Where did she go?


Rosamund Pike looks frOZen on that magazine cover! Interesting, she also played ICY character Miranda Frost as Bond girl in Die Another Day.

miranda frost


Which reminds me of a mind line I saw last week.

frosted lips
The purpose of lipstick is to ‘redden’ the lips for sexual attraction. During orgasm, lips naturally become more red as blood rushes to them, just like it does to cheeks. Now, why would you want this dead, frozen look?


And back to cups and chalices, Anna Kendrick says you’re gonna miss her when she’s gone, in her audition for the Barden Bellas in the movie Pitch Perfect.

anna kendrick cups




And she also SingS “Don’t you forget about me!”

call my name

I’m starting to get paranoid! As a female, I’m feeling like I’m not wanted!

Too bad…. The PITCH is back!


The bitch is back. Bitch, a female dog. A female dog STAR.

the star

Siriusly, I don’t care if you call me a bitch. I am flattered. I love being the brightest star in the night sky, right next to Orion.

In my last post, I included a gif with a magnet falling through a copper pipe. Copper is associated with the planet Venus, which of course, is the feminine goddess.

MoneyPenny …. copper penny!

The chemical abbreviation for copper is Cu, which is where the name Cyprus is derived, where the Temple of Aphrodite is. Venus, Aphrodite and Copper, which is Cu. I’m thinking this is where the word ‘cunt’ comes from. And what a shame, as it is thought of as a very insulting thing to say to someone! But if cunt means beautiful, sexy goddess, then maybe it’s not such a bad thing to be called.


It is an energy. The feminine energy. We all have it. We all have the masculine energy, too.  The copper pipe (kinetic energy) and the magnet (potential energy) are the feminine and the masculine. I realize the term ‘goddess’ makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

And what about all these whores walking around, or grinding against poles….? 🙂

sexy pole dance

sineful dance
A very sinful, or is it ‘sine-ful’? dance


And for those who have wondered throughout their lives, why all the hostility towards women?, it makes more sense when you look at the big picture in terms of energy.

It is a universal law that everything has polarity, and as I just opened another tab to reference exactly the wording of this universal law, I must say the syncs are really getting insane these days. I googled ‘universal law, polarity’ and the first search result I clicked on has this image:


Thank you, universe! 🙂

The situation just IS. And how you perceive something or think about something can be good or bad, it can be hot or cold, etc.

And for creation, there must be male and female.

From the creation stories and cosmogonies that I have read, this is how I picture it: there IS a body of water, or something like this, which is watery, and womb like, and its just there, existing (feminine energy). It IS.  And then a ray of light (masculine energy) “penetrates” it, and you get a current.

I found a perfect example. Here is a solar-powered electrical outlet that you can stick on a window with suction cups, simply called ‘window socket’.

window socket

The Window Socket offers a neat way to harness solar energy and use it as a plug socket. So far we have seen solutions that act as a solar battery backup, but none as a direct plug-in. Simple in design, the plug just attaches to any window and does its job intuitively. Designers: Kyuho Song & Boa Oh

The round part (the waters of Nun) is placed on the window. Its just hanging out, looking really hot and sexy, when a gorgeous sun ray notices it and thinks I gotta have me some of that, and they have sex when the ray (phallus) penetrates the ‘womb’ on the window.

plug in


Sex creates so much energy, that if you can harness and direct the currency from it, then you’ve got power! Literally!

LOVE should be the currency. Think of how much fun it would be to get rich 😉

Something that comes to mind are ancient temples and megalithic sites like Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids, the Temple of Aphrodite, and the elusive Atlantis. It would be interesting to see where these line up on Earth’s ley lines, which is essentially a natural power grid for our planet. How do I say this with such confidence? I’ll list links at the end of the article for excellent resources for this information. And then on the bad side of this, the evil ones today who perform satanic ritual abuse (which involves rape, killings, evoking lower spirits, etc.) and since it is based on trauma and fear, it also creates a lot of energy. And sadly, lots of the rituals involve children, which makes this so fucked up


And if you’ve seen the movie, you know the monsters scare the children and harness power through their screams, but in the end they find out children’s laughter has more energy, so they make them laugh instead. Disney, stay the fuck away from my child and everyone else’s.

Things with currents: water, electromagnetic current, monetary systems, wind currents, and events that are happening NOW, as in current events.

Ocean waves


A quick analysis of the symbol for Aquarius. I promise, I do have a point….

aquarius symbol


Currents, letter M’s, letter S’s, sine waves, ocean waves, river currents, electromagnetic waves, and what is happening now….

symbol for egyptian waters of nun

What is happening now is a shift in the ages. Not only are we at the beginning of a new age, we are at the beginning of a new cycle! There be dragons out there in the unexplored cosmos, and as above, so below, the unexplored areas in your mind!  WOW, MOM!

wow mom

Is is just me, or um….

That’s right folks, a male god did not jack off a new universe. A male energy with glorious rays of masculinity penetrated the IS, the feminine in a womb-like body of flowing currents.

See this sperm-looking light traveling through space?


He’s headed right for her!

The waters of nun




69, the yin and yang


The whore is riding the beast, and oh what fun it is. And while I am not filthy, my ‘cup’ is, as it is the chalice, which is the womb, which contains the ‘all’. And in the waters of nun, we are back again, with the memory of everything that has and is happening. IS happening.

A peacock from her cup, symbolizing eternal life.



Beyonce is telling us something here.

beyonce pattern

The pattern on her top is very common, called a greek key pattern.

Greek_Key Often seen on tiles in pools. See the 15151515, or ISISISISISIS?

For balance, ideally you would want

15151515112121212, as found on this pool of the famous Hearst Castle in the US

hearst castle pool

Or, even this one below. The KEY is balance!

greek-key 52



25, 52, T T T T, or upside down T, upside down T, etc.

what the upside down T is, is (pun intended!) the chalice. The waters of nun. The source of all life.

Frank has been telling me that “T” is the key!

The “T” key around her throat chakra so she can sing in the temple! Thank you, Frank! There’s one of many reasons why the goddess loves you!

ISIS0SIRIS…. the “R” for right angle. The gif below explains the relationship between sine, cosine and right angles.



Sin, co-sinning (coming together) and angels. This sounds so familiar….

In another post, I wrote about how Japanese Dr. Emoto wrote a book on his research, Hidden Messages in Water, and how water holds memory. We can all agree there is filthy-ness in our currents. And that is why we are back at the beginning; to cleanse, with grace. For-giveness. My handbag is made of recycled water bottles, so interesting personal sync, as I ride the sexy beast, the scarlet woman is headed your way!

Pole dancing 🙂

52, 25




Time is the fourth dimension, and the emergence of the new age is taking us to the Fifth Dimension. And didn’t the 5th Dimension tell us something about this a few years ago?

Take a bite of the apple and you will see stars



All is vibration and females and males create beautiful harmony when they sing together. The female energy is coming back whether you like it or not. And if you don’t like it, its just your ego talking. Instead of telling her to shut up, tell your ego to shut up. She’s not going anywhere. She just IS

The Pi rate is 3.14, the beautiful spiral found in nature. In the watery age of Pisces, the currents were controlled by pirates.



In another post, I showed their ancestral relation to the Phoenicians, who were a sea-faring group. And back to what just IS



The law of polarity. When you travel 150 miles at sea one way, then you travel 150 miles back the other direction. Okay, but one way might be faster than the other because of the winds, the air, the unseen forces…. Why does he have Pi on his sleeve, as he sits in his emergency helicopter? Is he going to be an AIR pi-rate?


And behind the Pi symbol, looks like the templar cross. In this sign conquer? No. Not anymore.


Another way to control the currency, and it is something of the past as humanity wakes up to their crimes. In banking, prime numbers are used to encrypt for prime security. Read about it here.  And the templars invented international banking. Hmmmmm



Back to our singing. Why was Pirate Radio so upsetting to tptb? The header of this site says it all:



Llewelyn S. Lloyd, in the Journal of the Royal Society of Arts (16 Dec., 1949), described his innate drive to “tune-up” to a “brighter,” more soothing and inspiring frequency than A=440Hz. The British author and composer expressed his preference for precisely A=444Hz tuning, that manifests the C-5-pitch at 528 Hz. He wrote that this 4 Hz higher pitch is more generally pleasing for musicians worldwide.

528Hz is the bioenergy of health and longevity. It is the harmonic vibration that lifts your heart and divine voice in harmony with heaven.

52 for 8, 52 for infinity.


Collapse duality. Meet in the middle at the beautiful Pi rate



nfl jesus
Let the B.S. go (the bullshit)

Always trying to control the female. Or substituting the feminine energy….


Are you surprised Michael Sam is number 52?


In Manly P. Hall’s The Secret Teachings of All Ages,

“The Qabbalist conceive of the Supreme Deity as an Incomprehensible Principle to be discovered only through the process of eliminating, in order, all its cognizable attributes. That which remains – when every knowable thing has been removed – is AIN SOPH, the eternal state of Being… AIN SOPH is the unconditional state of all things.”







Who unveiled Isis?

isis temple inscription


You won’t be able to ignore it much longer. Not even in a zombie apocalypse will the female energy go unnoticed



You might say it is an SOS, or SS in the big “O”



Kundalini snakes up the spine and opens your third eye. All that was hidden is revealed. She is telling you that all there is, is LOVE.

Make Everyday a Bank Holiday

This world is getting more unreal everyday.


I don’t know where to start. On the journey of awakening, I first started wondering why schools didn’t teach children sacred geometry and why they didn’t integrate subjects more. And why do they say they don’t know why ancient megalithic structures are geometrically and geographically connected, yet use ancient symbols for mega-rituals and hidden knowledge from ancient mystery religions to have the ‘upper hand’ in this game of life?




I’m tired of the game. I want real. Things that are real in this world involve love and love is all there is. The rest is just a lot of energy exerted for some sick-minded people who thrive on fear, hate and suffering.

Firstly, I want to point out that there are enough resources on this planet for everyone. And if there is a danger of running out, it is because of the evil ones not using the right energy sources and they do this with full knowledge, intentionally. Free energy is a fact.

Tesla, a genius born before his time, soon discovered there is electromagnetic energy freely flowing in the vacuum which is readily available for the taking, and suggested extracting such energy for the world to use, instead of using fossil fuel as the main energy source. Here is an excellent, thorough article with many different diagrams and suggestions for free energy.

A magnet falls through a copper pipe

And the fact that it is suppressed is because if you have free energy then the false banking system would be useless and right now, that is the biggest source of power for the fuckheads who want to rule the world. Now, about the banking system….

hooker heels

As above, so below, that is the hermetic law that describes the macrocosm to the microcosm and if you read this blog that you know all about it. And why do we have a banking system? Because it prolongs karma and gets enough people in the mindset of ‘owing’ and paying back. And it has complemented the religious control system quite well, too (born a sinner who needs to repent is like being born with a negative bank account). All of these branches of control have been crafted to work together, and thankfully people have started to wake up to some of them. But since you have to pay for food and need food to live, the banking system carries on.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”  – Albert Einstein

All is vibration and energy. And we are souls inhabiting a 3D body moving at a slow vibration. Our body is the computer and our mind is the software. It is very, very good software. I would like to crack the code and get past it! We have already cracked part of the code, now its time to smash the wall entirely!

Love is all there is and when we think with our hearts instead of our minds, it shows our true nature. In Christianity, the belief is that your sins are forgiven through the grace of god and he sacrificed his son so you could live. Too bad we don’t get the whole story and too bad most people think ‘sacrifice’ is an act of love. Sacrifice is one of those tricky mind games. It is the opposite of intuition. Think about this: what if someone or something said “you can have everything if you give up your child”. Well, would you have everything? NO! You just gave up the most joyous thing you ever knew!

So, is that your god?

Jesus says that if you collapse duality, think with your heart, everything is for ‘giveness’ and we can bring about Christ consciousness and we will experience life in a completely different way. No more pain, sickness, suffering. Just eternal life of Love.


And the part about the grace of god, why can’t we all let go of our negative feelings and show grace, and all of our karma would be for-given? Can you imagine?

Imagine if everything is free. EVERYTHING. You wouldn’t be stuck in your car on the way to work and on the way back home for hours everyday. You wouldn’t worry about buying food. You wouldn’t worry if your child could take swim lessons like his friends, you wouldn’t worry if your electricity bill would get paid, you wouldn’t be in a mental prison because you are stuck in a job that you hate, you wouldn’t be stuck in a mental prison at all! Imagine if no one needed to get paid for the work they did because everything is free! Imagine what our minds could create if they were free to think about things they wanted to! Imagine the time you could spend with your children, tending to your garden, sewing, bike riding, reading, creating, daydreaming….whatever you wish to do, you could do it!

And if you are thinking that the world would be chaos and no one would do anything but sit at the bar and down a few beers, I completely disagree and would gladly debate this. I have faith in humanity and expect greatness because I think humanity is great!

Remember this: the world that you see is what you project in your mind. Don’t you have more love than that? I think the possibilities are infinite. There is no limit. No boundary. Nothing! And we were born this way. But the Program knows our software very well and it starts at a young age, telling us what we can and can’t do.

I was watching this Dr. Who episode, The Rings of Akhaten, where the doctor takes companion Clara Oswald to an alien planet and the currency is an exchange of whatever you are buying, you must give something of yours with sentimental value. For example, a scarf that your grandmother knitted you would be worth more than a pair of earrings you don’t have a strong attachment to. And this example of a currency system is a two-for-one as far as a literal and symbolic example of the bullshit banking system we live with! Everything costs something! I’m telling you, EVERYTHING SHOULD BE FREE!

dr who tells it like it is


“But some people might work harder and should be rewarded as such.”  My answer: If everything is free, everybody gets what they want.

“But what about doctors, for example, who go to school for years and do internships for years who have a lot of knowledge about how to medically treat people?”  My answer: if their education is free (and therefore their mind, too!) then they don’t have an ‘obligation’ to the medical societies and pharmaceutical companies and peer-reviewed journals, etc. and healing methods would be much more diverse and widely accepted. The medical community has to conform to certain beliefs and standards to be a part of the medical community. And, just to point out, the overall vibration of every human would be much higher when they are freed from the burden of a monetary system, making everyone on Earth much healthier.

“But who would take care of roads, public schools, government employees, trash pick-up, etc., which is paid for by tax dollars?”                 My answer: When people are free to do what they want instead of what they choose for monetary compensation, they aren’t a prisoner to their job. Their mind becomes free, they become free, and they become more of a giver. Things that need to done will fall into place beautifully, in the same manner of how the planets orbit and rotate around the sun; it will be a harmony of communities working together. If society believes that people only do things for compensation, then society looks upon itself as robotic individuals who aren’t capable of a higher purpose. I believe our abilities are vastly undermined and anything is possible! I’m not afraid to see what would happen!

“But there are mean people out there who want to harm others and there are lazy people who will take advantage.”  My answer: Without a monetary system there would be no tax-paid government employees like police officers, etc. and people would take matters into their own hands. And while this might sound scary, think of how different people’s attitudes would be in terms of judging others, when judging isn’t so popular anymore! And perhaps it might sound primitive to go to a system where matters are dealt with individually, but I think a ‘shift’ is at hand and the world will not become a place where everyone carries a gun. It is time to EVOLVE. We will become beings who experience life in a different way altogether.

And that is the point of the debate. It is time to evolve. We don’t want a revolution, which is just another time around. We want an EVOLUTION, which is a time of going higher. Enough of this petty ‘owing’, borrowing, paying back, exchanging something for something….we are capable of so much more than that.

Money is a substitute for Love. Love is All There Is and we look outside of our Self for more Love because we cannot feel ‘The Love’ and hide from ‘The Love’ but you can’t have more than All There Is. It’s impossible and we try and fill the hole within our soul with unreal physical items which we need money to obtain. It is the reverse of God’s Will which is that we have everything for Free.

Our money system is a real life version of Monopoly where sometimes we think we win and sometimes we lose but The Bank always wins and we equate Happiness and self worth on how many bits of paper and and metal coins we collect. We are always Free because our Love is Free and Money is a reflection of the belief that we have ‘to do something’ to get Love or others have to do something for us to give our Love. The currency is flowing the wrong way.

A Bank Holiday in Britain is a term used for a public holiday and the Banks are closed and it is a rare occasion for the currency to flow where it wants and not surprisingly, people can enjoy themselves and I’m not surprised that weekends and Bank holidays are when the Banks are closed. The Frank part of ‘Blade And Chalice’ worked for 14 years in a major UK bank and I very quickly stopped seeing Money as Money and over the years became very disillusioned as I realised I was working for a company that was a Loan Shark dressed in a sharp suit and tie.


The monetary system is a way to control the currency. You imagine that the money you deposit with a Bank is yours but in Law it does not belong to you and becomes the property of the Bank who supply you with an IOU to repay you. And once you get to certain age you will find that you cannot afford to buy some items, car or house without taking out a large loan and find yourself in debt and even further on the hamster wheel having to repay the debt.

And if you don’t have enough money you will not be able to eat and you will starve and the quality of education and health care is dependent on Money. In Britain every winter, if the weather gets really cold the elderly are able to claim a rebate on their heating bills from the government but of course many spend the winter shivering because they are scared of the bill from the energy companies.

Children are sent to school from a young age not to learn but to pick up skills which keeps the wheels turning and gain qualifications to obtain a job and earn money and spend the rest of their lives working to earn money. And once the physical body begins to break down, then you are allowed to ‘retire’ but of course with far less money than previously and the best years of your life are spent ‘working’.

We don’t need money and in short the system is totally fucked up.

First of all, I would like to point out that most people spend most of their time at work. So think about it, your experience (which is constantly reminded to you as ‘time’ with a clock everywhere you look) here on earth as a physical being, is mostly at work, so you can (barely) have enough money (which is just pieces of paper and coins) to survive. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t see how wrong this is? And I think most do see the problem, but getting everyone to take action is the obstacle. Most people are too afraid they would go to jail if they didn’t pay their taxes, or if they just walked in and got what they needed from the grocery store and didn’t ‘pay’. And they probably would go to jail, to set an example for anyone else who gets these ideas. But the point is this, you can dam a river, but you can’t stop a tidal wave. And humanity’s ocean of consciousness is surfacing; with hot lava from volcanos, sink holes swallowing entire blocks, and the earth is quaking from this awakening. Leaving the old picsean way, entering the new aquarian age and some beautiful changes are going to happen. But the more you resist, the more intense the birth pangs will be!

“let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”


Back to Dr. Who, I just can’t think of a better example of our current fucked up system, so eloquently explained in the episode The Rings of Akhaten in season seven. Time and money go hand in hand and they are favorite control mechanisms because they are the most effective. Time is associated with the planet Saturn. Saturn is also known as “El”. Interestingly, most angels (angles) have a name that end in ‘el’. An angle of light of how you see things. When you see things in a different light, does that mean you were visited by an angel? And while I don’t believe there is some human-looking being with a scythe sitting around planet Saturn watching the rings go round and round….

I believe planets are related to human consciousness and the ancients knew of this and knew about its connection to time and our perception of it. Saturn. It’s about time and about ELectricity. And since those two things effect our life cycles here on earth, they worshipped Saturn like a god.

Dr. Who meets Hunger Games


Merry singing to the old god


Merry has to sing. She has to sin “G”.  She has to emit young female energy sine waves to the god as a planet with rings around it and then she is about to be sacrificed. Does this sound familiar? Spoiler alert! Dr. Who and Clara save her and here is what Dr. Who says to her before he goes up against the bad guy:

The Doctor: He’s waking because it’s his time to wake. And feed. On you, apparently. On your story.

Clara: She didn’t say stories, she said souls!

The Doctor: Same thing. The soul’s made of stories, not atoms. Everything that ever happened to us—people we loved, people we lost… people we found again against all the odds—he threatens to wake, they offer him a pure soul. The soul of the Queen of Years.

Clara: Stop it, you’re scaring her.

The Doctor: Good. She should be scared. She’s sacrificing herself. She should know what that means. Do you know what it means, Merry?

Merry: A god chose me.

The Doctor: It’s not a god. It’ll feed on your soul, but that doesn’t make it a god. It is a vampire and you don’t need to give yourself to him.

I don’t understand how it works, but somehow, through the planet saturn, there are some people who know how to take advantage and manipulate time and energy and feed off of humanity.

58949722 / State Opening of Parliament


Ironically, their time is up! And as they are completely out of touch with spirit, they are confused about why their game doesn’t work anymore. They are so robotic and ritualistic they wouldn’t recognize an intuitive thought from their soul if it fell on their lap! (if they even have a soul) They are sitting there thinking ‘Look at us! We ARE royal! Really! We are! Don’t you see my royal outfit? And throne?!’

It is ridiculous! And while their mask is coming off and reality is becoming unveiled, control is slipping away and desperate attempts by tptb are laughable.



burn isis flag challenge



They are still so afraid, after all this time, of the serpent in the garden. The kundalini energy is rising. And it is HOT HOT HOT!

Fire and Isis


You can’t stop a tidal wave, you can’t stop a volcano eruption and you can’t stop humanity from waking up. Look again at the image of queen and prince Phillip. How ridiculous do they look? You are the queen or king of your own mind. And that is what they have tried to do all these years; control your mind.

A new card is on the table.



The water bearer is here. Let go of the old age and embrace the new one with love. A new currency is flowing and some electromagnetic connections are being made on a molecular level. DNA is electromagnetic and as more of it becomes unlocked, more memory and data is accessed. Here’s the thing, our range of vision does not allow us to see electromagnetic waves, but we live in an electric universe. The ones who seek to control us have passed this knowledge down, generation to generation, and have kept the secrets of the universe to themselves. There are certain times as the Earth is in rotation, that open portals, allow for more magnetic energy, and would make certain rituals more effective. I would bet it made certain individuals uncomfortable when Tesla said this:



And you know there were lots of people who didn’t like it when he said this!


As above, so below, we are bound to the laws of physics as we are electric beings. And when you are the turner of the wheel of this unseen force, you can sit on a throne and call yourself god, as long as no one realizes what you are doing. Ruling with the right hand is a ‘wink wink’ kind of term. The make one wheel bigger on the right side of the chariot, to keep it going around and around, but never ascending up.

ben hur


How long have they Ben Hur? Too long.

Two equal parts, one male, one female would bring harmony and balance to this world and OMG at the ecstatic feeling everyone would have. I can tell you from personal experience what it is like to be rejoined with the other part of yourself, but at the same time it is BEYOND WORDS.

Here is a challenge, since it seems people are into taking challenges these days: someone find out if modern medicine has the approach of being chirality correct, and then tell me if you think tptb want to control how long you live on this Earth.



One spins one way, the other spins the other way.

from wikipedia: In mathematics, a figure is chiral (and said to have chirality) if it cannot be mapped to its mirror image by rotations and translations alone. For example, a right shoe is different from a left shoe, and clockwise is different from anti-clockwise.

The best example of chirality is handedness. Your hands are chiral. Some chiral three-dimensional objects, such as the helix, can be assigned a right or left handedness, according to the right-hand rule.

Rider Waite Magician


And this is for people who take the bible literally, I want you to read this very closely, and then tell me if you still think the Creator intended on female sexuality being controlled….here is the entire article.

What is the problem of chirality? In our bodies, proteins and DNA possess a unique 3-dimensional shape, and it is because of this 3D shape that the biochemical processes within our bodies work as they do. It is chirality that provides the unique shape for proteins and DNA, and without chirality, the biochemical processes in our bodies would not do their job. In our body, every single amino acid of every protein is found with the same left-handed chirality. Although Miller and Urey formed amino acids in their experiments, all the amino acids that formed lacked chirality. It is a universally accepted fact of chemistry that chirality cannot be created in chemical molecules by a random process. When a random chemical reaction is used to prepare molecules having chirality, there is an equal opportunity to prepare the left-handed isomer as well as the right-handed isomer. It is a scientifically verifiable fact that a random chance process, which forms a chiral product, can only be a 50/50 mixture of the two optical isomers. There are no exceptions. Chirality is a property that only a few scientists would even recognize as a problem. The fact that chirality was missing in those amino acids is not just a problem to be debated, it points to a catastrophic failure that “life” cannot come from chemicals by natural processes.

In other words: one wheel bigger than the other keep going round and round, always staying on the same plane. Two wheels that are equal will let you ascend to higher planes.

And this is the AIR EMERGENCE-y.


Thanks for caring, Wills, but I’m good. I prefer to keep going with my ascension.

Today is the perfect day to celebrate the new currency. Everyone is already rich. You were born with a positive bank account of LOVE.