The Hearkening

“The first was like a lion, and it had the wings of an eagle. I watched until its wings were torn off and it was lifted from the ground so that it stood on two feet like a human being, and the mind of a human was given to it.  – Daniel 7


I started writing this yesterday (August 23, 2016) and the Sphinx causeway is aligned with the sunset and the sun is in conjunction with Regulus, the heart of Leo and one of the fixed stars, or “watchers” of the zodiac.


10 As for the likeness of their faces, each had the face of a man; each of the four had the face of a lion on the right side, each of the four had the face of an ox on the left side, and each of the four had the face of an eagle.  – Ezekiel 1

ancient of days


It started with a bang.

MM catalina island

Mystery Missile at 33 degrees.

catalina 33

Catalina is a variant of Katherine.

There is a firework named after Catherine of Alexandria who, according to Christian legend, was condemned to death by “breaking on the wheel”. When she touched the wheel it miraculously flew to pieces.

Malta-Gozo: Fireworks
Catherine wheel firework in Malta

The Catherine Wheel reminds me of the cauldron at the Rio olympics.
rio cauldron

According to the traditional narrative, Catherine was the daughter of Constus, the governor of Alexandrian Egypt during the reign of the emperor Maximian (286 – 305). From a young age she had devoted herself to study. A vision of the Madonna and Child persuaded her to become a Christian. When the persecutions began under Maxentius, she went to the emperor and rebuked him for his cruelty. The emperor summoned fifty of the best pagan philosophers and orators to dispute with her, hoping that they would refute her pro-Christian arguments, but Catherine won the debate. Several of her adversaries, conquered by her eloquence, declared themselves Christians and were at once put to death.

Catherine was then scourged and imprisoned, during which time over 200 people came to see her, including Maxentius’ wife, Valeria Maximilla; all converted to Christianity and were subsequently martyred. Upon the failure of Maxentius to make Catherine yield by way of torture, he tried to win the beautiful and wise princess over by proposing marriage. The saint refused, declaring that her spouse was Jesus Christ, to whom she had consecrated her virginity. The furious emperor condemned Catherine to death on a spiked breaking wheel, but, at her touch, it shattered. Maxentius finally had her beheaded.

A tradition dating to about 800 states that angels carried her corpse to Mount Sinai. Her body was discovered around the year 800 at Mount Sinai, with hair still growing and a constant stream of healing oil issuing from her body. In the 6th century, the Eastern Emperor Justinian had established what is now Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Egypt (which is in fact dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ).

Catherine wheel is an older term for the cartwheel move in gymnastics.


Simon masc. proper name, from Latin, from Greek Symeon, from Hebrew Shim’on, literally “hearkening, hearing,” from shama “he heard.” In English Old Testaments, usually printed as Simeon, but in New Testament almost always as Simon. Confused with Greek masc. proper name Simon, which is from simos “snub-nosed.”

Simone. She heard.


Where is the Sphinx’s nose? Is it “snub-nosed”?

Golden girls Simone Biles and Simone Manuel.

two simones

glass (n.)  “glass, looking glass,” Danish glar), from PIE *ghel- (2) “to shine,”


The Egyptians did not find the same uses for glass that we do today. Glass was not used for windows or doors. Mirrors were made from polished copper.


Glass making eventually evolved into a sophisticated art in Egypt, with shapes and hues becoming increasingly intricate. To the basic formula of sand (silica), soda and lime, cobalt was added to create a blue shade, copper for green, tin was used to produce a milky white while the addition of gold created red. The willingness to incorporate gold into a formula to enhance the beauty of glass indicates that glass was not merely considered a substitute for something precious, but was valuable in its own right.

The Final Five. They’re golden.


Cartwheels of Fortune

The Greatest Of All Time


The Red Woman. Mother Russia.

Botticelli Venus


meteor mystery

On February 15, 2013, many on Earth were watching for news of the approach of an asteroid labeled 2012 DA14. Suddenly, those watchers – and millions of others around the globe – were startled by news of a superbolide, or super bright meteor, above the region of Chelyabinsk in Russia.

Things falling from the sky! The Mystery Missile and the Mystery Meteor happen to form a golden polar alignment. From the Mystery Missile over Santa Catalina Island to the North Pole is 6288 km (1.618) and from the North Pole to Chelyabinsk, Russia is 3886 km (1).

Russia has been in the news lots lately, mostly for it’s email hacking, doping, and media hacking, and shirtless Putin riding a bear, etc.

The Mother Russian Meteor 2.15

Like Rome, Constantinople, and Moscow, Chelyabinsk is said to be located on seven hills.

rome seven hills

Campus Martius (Camp of Mars), seven hills, and the Janiculum.

The Janiculum was a center for the cult of the god Janus: its position overlooking the city made it a good place for augurs to observe the auspices. – wikipedia

seven hills she wolf

Romulus and Remus and the she-wolf. Lupercalia

Lupercalia was a very ancient, possibly pre-Roman pastoral festival, observed on February 13 through 15, to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility. Lupercalia subsumed Februa, an earlier-origin spring cleansing ritual held on the same date, which gives the month of February (Februarius) its name.

lupercalia rising

Wolf, Canis Major.


Dog collar.

scarab necklace
woof woof.

wolf kundalini


apocalyptic scene in norcia

Nortia is the Etruscan Goddess of Fate, who is similar to the Roman Goddess Fortuna.

blind wheel goddess

Rio de Janeiro means “River of Janus”, or the river of two gates. If you’ll notice some of the most beautiful cities have a river and a mountain or high place.

Rome: the Tiber runs by the seven hills and the Campus Martius.

Paris: the Seine runs by the Champ du Mars where the Eiffel Tower is.

Cairo: the Nile flows by the pyramids and Sphinx. (Cairo means “Mars”)

Rio de Janeiro: the Janus River and Serro do Mar and Christ the Redeemer

Chattanooga: the Tennessee River, Lookout Mountain, and Campo du Marco

The interesting thing about the Nile is that it’s source is undetermined. There are claims that the source is Lake Victoria Nyanza but that is always stated as the source of the White Nile. The Nile is symbolic of the Milky Way and the flow of information from the heavens. The source of the Nile (the River of Osiris) is the ‘sun behind the sun’, or the ‘black sun’ that is the source of all spiritual data, and that comes from…

orion eye
The Sun behind the sun.

The most “generative” place in the sky flowing through the delta.

river and delta sirius orion




Water is MEMory. It IS currency. All that is.

all that is card

Everything vibrates. First a thought, then you speak. Everything and everyone IS a “spoke” on the wheel, because you already spoke. It flows from the SINter and outward from there. The source has the data.

This is Fortuna…whatever happens, happens. She doesn’t see, it just happens. It’s Mary. The Stella Maris.


This is Lucy, the woman with the FIRE.

wild card


liberty gold

Liberty. 121 total.

46  gold chromosomes. You are golden.

February 15 is the 46th day of the year.

121 + 215 = 336

Time stands still.

time amatrice

Save the clock tower?

Orlando = gold. Time stood still.

orlando time stood still


burned with the sun

here is everywhere


Today…Sirius heliacal rising at the Paris latitude. Through the hypercube.


Le Grande Arche is aligned with the Sphinx and pyramids. You are everywhere and nowhere.



A constant state of “becoming”.






The Ancient Egyptians viewed reality as multi-layered in which deities who merge for various reasons, while retaining divergent attributes and myths, were not seen as contradictory but complementary. In a complicated relationship Hathor is at times the mother, daughter and wife of Ra and, like Isis, is at times described as the mother of Horus, and associated with Bast.

The cult of Osiris promised eternal life to those deemed morally worthy. Originally the justified dead, male or female, became an Osiris but by early Roman times females became identified with Hathor and men with Osiris.

The Ancient Greeks sometimes identified Hathor with the goddess Aphrodite, while in Roman mythology she corresponds to Venus.  -wikipedia







In real time.




SEX/SEX/two-thousand SEX

A celebration of the opening of the got-hard portal.


GOAT. (Greatest Of All TIME).





Is the devil a fox? a dark horse? or a goat? or maybe a PIg? A 3.14 GIGaBITE.

If those beasts are devilish, then which are angelic? a DOG? dog/god?


stars in my eyes.

The sun represents our ego structure and consciousness. The sun is feeling some action going on here on Earth. Venus and Mars are having fuck fest like there is no tomorrow, because there is no tomorrow. There is only now. Isis and Osiris are writing the rest of the story, which goes like this…





We have an office. We do lots of dirty work.

The dress code is very strict: the less, the better.


It’s beyond words.

If we can feel each other’s sexual ecstasy, then we should all have more sex. That is coming from the whore of Babylon. The virgin Mary is Mary Magdalene the whore. Good is bad and bad is good. The all is the all.

I have to get back to my work…


the Merge

On November 13, 2015, a meeting took place in the sky. It was electrifying and astonishing, overwhelming and mystifying, and charged with thunderous emotion. That is how I would describe it, anyway. This seems to be accurate, as Isis goes on another rampage in the City of Lights at the Bataclan theatre, at the very same time the meeting in the sky takes place. CNN does some good reporting here: a night of terror, a tale of love:




On December 31, 2015, there was discussion about a meeting on Earth and while I typed an email about possible dates, the New Year’s celebration was already taking place in Dubai. The party got so heated that a kundalini fire went up the spine of the Address Hotel.



On February  12, 13 and 14, 2016, a physical meeting took place. It was a merge on a cosmic level. Powerful waves were detected from the very beginning.



The chaos and confusion from the waves of the merge was an eye-opener for the scales of justice.




Two black holes merging on stage at the LEVI stadium during the Superb Owl half-time show, aka, the Holy of Holies.

Bruno MARS and Beyonce (Afrodite) VENUS merge in the LEvI (137) alchemy bowl.

On March 13, 2016, Osiris goes into the WILD for a trip into the underworld. There is another meeting in the sky. We went to the source.


On April 9, 2016, the 100th day of the evolutionary leap year, the perfect reality was manifested in Atlantis. It was magical and transforming. Prince, represented by a symbol of merged Venus and Mars, holds a concert in celebration shortly after.

Piano & A Microphone



Purple Reigns. He took an elevator to heaven.


In 1992, Mitch Monson was working at Paisley Park, Prince’s recording compound in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The musician’s team had hired HDMG, where Monson was a partner and creative director, to create graphics for some music videos. The album still didn’t have a name, but the videos included “7,” “SexyMF,” and “My Name is Prince.” One day Prince’s head producer approached Monson and Lizz Luce to say Prince needed a symbol. She didn’t say why—Monson and Luce assumed it would decorate an album cover—but said he wanted the icon to fuse the astrologically inspired Mars-male and Venus-female symbols, and he wanted it soon.

On May 19, 2016, CHI moves to CHA, heading southeast to the oldest pyramids in the world.


It is documented in the news, as it happened from the start in Paris, heading southeast to Cairo.


They’re still looking for the black box.

As above, so below.


cairo mars

On May 23, 2016, Isis and Osiris went to Solomon’s Temple. We went into the Holy of Holies in front of an astonished crowd. The “security” didn’t like it but we don’t care. We did it anyway because it is ours.


May 23rd is the 144th day of the year (in a leap year). The primal twins in the Holy of Holies. 71 and 73 are the 8th twin prime.


It’s about the currency.


It’s ELectroMagnetic.


EL  (73)  apply the tool.

-el (1) instrumental word-forming element, expressing “appliance, tool,”

Elohim a name of God in the Bible, c. 1600, from Hebrew, plural (of majesty?) of Eloh “God” (cognate with Allah), a word of unknown etymology, perhaps an augmentation of El “God,” also of unknown origin.

IL (71) to the capacity.

-ile  also -il, word-forming element denoting ability or capacity, from Old French -il or directly from Latin adjectival suffix -ilis.

ill (adj.)  c. 1200, “morally evil; offensive, objectionable” (other 13c. senses were “malevolent, hurtful, unfortunate, difficult”), from Old Norse illr “evil, bad; hard, difficult; mean, stingy,” a word of unknown origin. Not considered to be related to evil. From mid-14c. as “marked by evil intentions; harmful, pernicious.”

Evil? or…Eve?

Generally contrasted with well, hence the useful, but now obsolete or obscure illcome (1570s), illfare (c. 1300), and illth.

Lilith. or Lucy. The Rebel.


Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso, or Gene Source.

The background looks familiar. The prime number cross.


Eye can see beyond the veil. I’m Sirius.



No more time.


No. Time is an illusion that must be shattered.




Atlantis, the power center.


Prime Time. 33 degrees North.



Right in front of the Saint Sulpice church, the Atlantis Saint-Germain-des-Prés Hotel is offering you a warm welcome and tranquillity…

Plush leather armchairs, tasteful paintings on the walls and the ticking of an antique clock all add to the atmosphere of our charming salons/ relaxation areas.

The Rose Line in the Saint Sulpice Church.


In certain circles, some kind of occult or esoteric significance is ascribed to the Paris meridian; sometimes it is even perceived as a sinister axis. Dominique Stezepfandts, a French conspiracy theorist, attacks the Arago medallions that supposedly trace the route of “an occult geographical line”; to him the Paris meridian is a “Masonic axis” or even “the heart of the Devil.”

Henry Lincoln, in his book The Holy Place, argues that various ancient structures are aligned according to the Paris meridian. They even include medieval churches, built long before the meridian was established according to conventional history, and Lincoln finds it obvious that the meridian “was based upon the ‘cromlech intersect division line’.” David Wood, in his book Genisis, likewise ascribes a deeper significance to the Paris meridian and takes it into account when trying to decipher the geometry of the myth-encrusted village of Rennes-le-Château: The meridian passes about 350 meters (1,150 ft) west of the site of the so-called “Poussin tomb,” an important location in the legends and esoteric theories relating to that place.

The heart of the devIL. 71

The heart of 71 is full of love. LOVE  EVOL.


Moving the prime twin meridian to the heart, 2 degrees East and 21 minutes.



CHI to CHA (2 degrees East, 25 minutes)



“But the right holy land of our ancestors [i.e. Giza] lies in the middle of the earth; and the middle of the human body is the sanctuary of the heart, and the heart is the headquarters of the soul; and that, my son, is the reason why men of this land…are more wise. It could not be otherwise, seeing they are born and bred upon Earth’s heart.”  – Isis in the Kore Kosmou Hermetic fragment


In the middle of the Earth is an Iron core.



mars earth getting closer



How do you make an Electromagnet?

It is fairly easy to build an electromagnet. All you need to do is wrap some insulated copper wire around an iron core. If you attach a battery to the wire, an electric current will begin to flow and the iron core will become magnetized.

suspended through copper

When we went through the portal yesterday, we opened the door to the deepest mysteries of the cosmos.deepest mysteries of the cosmos


Beyond the veil. vEIL  137


The Iron Core and Kore Kosmou.


Self-knowledge can be obtained only by looking into the mind and virtue of the soul, which is the diviner part of a man, as we see our own image in another’s eye. [Plato, “Alcibiades,” I.133]

As the physical eyes are the organs of perception of the light of the sun and the moon, so the Divine Eyes can illuminate or conceal the deep Mysteries hidden within Their depths, most especially at the core, in the pupil, in the deepest, yet most reflective, part of the eye. For in the darkness of the pupil of the eye lies concealed spiritual illumination.








Unicorns, Serpents and Kunda-loony

Money, power, governments, the raising of families, paying of taxes, the endless chain of entrapment in circumstances and obligations—none of these were ever rejected as totally and unequivocally in human history as they were by the Gnostics. The Gnostics never hoped that any political or economic revolution could, or even should, do away with all the iniquitous elements within the system wherein the human soul is entrapped. Their rejection was not of one government or form of ownership in favor of another; rather it concerned the entire prevailing systematization of life and experience. Thus the Gnostics were, in fact, knowers of a secret so deadly and terrible that the rulers of this world—i.e., the powers, secular and religious, who always profited from the established systems of society—could not afford to have this secret known and, even less, to have it publicly proclaimed in their domain. Indeed the Gnostics knew something, and it was this: that human life does not fulfill its promise within the structures and establishments of society, for all of these are at best but shadowy projections of another and more fundamental reality. No one comes to his true selfhood by being what society wants him to be nor by doing what it wants him to do. Family, society, church, trade and profession, political and patriotic allegiances, as well as moral and ethical rules and commandments are, in reality, not in the least conducive to the true spiritual welfare of the human soul. On the contrary, they are more often than not the very shackles which keep us from our true spiritual destiny.  – Stephan A. Hoeller (The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead)

The power of enlightenment



An awakening. The pineal gland (third eye opens) and there seems to be a force guiding you to do something. A higher self that has pointed you in a direction. A unicorn must symbolize a unified mind that has a goal for an evolution. Its magical.


The Bible mentions the unicorn several times.  For instance, the book of Numbers speaks of “the power of the unicorn” (Numbers 23:22 and 24:8).  In the book of Job, “Is the unicorn willing to serve you?  Will he spend the night at your crib?  Can you bind him in the furrow with ropes or will he harrow the valleys after you?” (Job 39:9-10).  And in Psalm 29: “The voice of the Lord shakes Lebanon and Sirion like a young unicorn.  The voice of the Lord flashes forth flames of fire.”  These quotations show that the unicorn is the symbol of a high spiritual ideal, of a one-pointed, “unicorn-like” directedness.



In the transfiguristic philosophy, the serpent is featured in two main symbols; firstly as something most holy and absolutely divine; secondly as something most despicable and unholy. We see the serpent as the symbol of the Holy Spirit and we see it as the hissing reptile spreading bane and venom. We discover that the serpent is described as the devil and we notice that the golden serpent is worn on the head by priests as an ornament signifying spiritual attainment. These two very much opposed evaluations of the serpent have caused great confusion and discord among those who have not understood. Man has repeatedly lapsed into idolatry and will continue to do so whenever, urged by religious instincts, he is no longer able to apprehend the objectives of the pure Gnosis.

And the LORD said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live. Numbers 21:8

21:8, those numbers again! 2s and 5s and 8s. Its always 8:15 or 8:21, or any combination of them. S’s on infinity.

And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:14-15

eternal life.

3.14 is pi

3:15 is ISISIS

Speaking of serpents on a pole and kundalini, there was kundaluny on christmas, as there was a full moon. It was raining here in Tennessee, so thankfully I saw pictures.


We are standing at the beginning of a new era.  The period before us is generally called the Aquarius era, because the vernal equinox has entered the sign of Aquarius.  Herewith a new chapter in the development of the earth and of humanity begins, because the influence of the beginning of the Aquarius era is making itself felt ever more strongly, as a result of which the world and mankind will experience radical changes.

Hermes: But what is the wisdom of God?

Pymander: It is goodness, beauty, bliss, all virtue and eternity.


We react to the solar system by means of vibrations. Vibration is the movement of the atoms which make up our bodily systems and keep them together. Any increase or decrease in the rate of vibration of the atoms will change the nature and characteristics of the form manifested.


I went out of myself into an immortal body.  So I am now no longer the one I was before, but have been begotten of the Spirit. (Corpus Hermeticum)

 Man’s needs are spiritual, psychic, and material; the problem with a materialistic world is that it attempts to satisfy all needs by offering more and more of the same thing. It is no use offering more and more food to someone with a raging thirst; likewise offering more and more material possessions to someone with spiritual longing will not satisfy that longing. – The Mystical Way and the Arthurian Quest (Llanerch, 1986) by Derek Bryce

The Spirit stands above and beyond nature. The Spirit comprises the great plan which is the driving force behind every manifestation.


The highest knowledge is to acknowledge that we know nothing.

This not-knowing makes us tranquil and devout.

In letters we may know more than illiterates,

But as to the profound mystery of life and death,

we know not one jot more.


Memories of the funhouse

The last few days I’ve had major anxiety without being able to pinpoint exactly why. Yesterday was better and today even more so. Lately, I’ve said “open the floodgates” “we need more RAM”,  without realizing maybe I am the one who needs to address my memories.


I have a sister who is six years older than me. When we were kids, we used to go to an amusement park called Lake Winnepesaukah. I would describe it as a step up from a traveling carnival but a few steps down from Six Flags. When you’re a child, a sibling that is six years older is a big difference; you’re never in the same school, you’re at different life stages, and at an amusement park, the older sibling might get to ride big-kid rides while the younger doesn’t.

I remember one time when we went to Lake Winnepesaukah and I was about six. My sister brought a friend, and we walked through the “funhouse” several times, so much that I memorized the hall of mirrors.

I commented on the LOL recently with an image like this. I knew I felt odd when I did. Just didn’t have the RAM yet….

Just wondering if “syncing” can trigger memories. Since I posted that on Roobee’s blog, I remember Scooby in a funhouse more than once!





Back to my story when I was six….

After going through the funhouse several times, we moved on something else that I got to ride with my sister and her friend. Then, they moved on to the big kid rides and went with my dad, while I went with my mom. I wanted to go back to the funhouse. I remember telling my mom that I knew my way through the funhouse and for her to wait right there and watch how fast I could go through it. I remember the carousel right across from it. I can even remember what my mom looked like that day. (And if you’re thinking my mom is crazy for letting me go through a funhouse at six years old by myself, don’t. It wasn’t crazy at the time. This was years ago and Chattanooga had a very small town feel).


The funhouse wasn’t a “ride”, and I guess it wasn’t busy that day because I don’t remember standing in a line. I breezed through it once, said “hi Mom! See how fast?! I’m doing it again!” And I walked back in.


You walk in and the door shuts. Its completely black except for neon writing that has arrows and says “this way”. You turn left and go through a door and then you’re in another dark room, but not pitch black. You can see the entrance to the hall of mirrors. A man walks up behind me and covers my mouth. I can’t scream or breathe and he is so strong. His other hand goes down my shorts and underwear and I start kicking like mad. He pulls me over (to what I remember as) a pile of hay. He pulls down my shorts and underwear and I don’t remember what happened after that. The next thing I remember is sweating and running through the hall of mirrors. I knew every turn. I didn’t miss a step as I went through the hall of mirrors and for some reason, that seems so significant now. I didn’t pay attention to the mirror, I just went. You learn from the mirror, and you know the way from having looked at the mirror so many times. Everyone is a mirror of themselves!

I ran out of the “funhouse” and my mom was at the exit. I don’t remember what she said but something about being worried and it took longer. I didn’t say anything. I don’t think I said anything the rest of the day, or who knows how long. I don’t remember what happened. Maybe I was raped. Maybe I got away. That part is hazy and I’m leaning towards that I got away, but honestly, I’m not sure what happened. But I do remember there was some blood on my underwear and there was hay in my underwear. And I remember wanting to hide the blood so I threw away my underwear. But at six, I would think there would be more blood than there was. Either way, the memory came at me unexpectedly and caught me off guard.

This memory has been on my mind ever since Frank posted Nothing Has Been Proved.

A flood of memories might not be pleasant. But that is because they would be bad ones. You never want to forget the good memories, so they stay on the forefront. The bad ones get suppressed. You must make the darkness conscious to see the light. (Carl Jung). Its about the moon and “sinning”. The moon is sin.

I can’t stand folk-art chic. I’ll take my MOON sin straight up, like the arrow says. Please take away the rest of the clutter. All in one swallow, even if it burns.

Mt. Sinai the mountain is perhaps named for Sin, a moon goddess worshipped by Sumerians, Akkadians, and ancient Arabs. As an adjectival form, Sinaic (1769), Sinaitic (1786).

horned (adj.) “furnished with horn or horns,” Old English hyrned, from source of horn (n.). The modern word probably is a new formation in Middle English. From late 14c. in reference to Moses, and the horn-like rays of light, symbols of power, that appeared on his head as he descended Mount Sinai. From 1620s in reference to cuckolds. Horned toad is from 1766; horned question is “a dilemma” (1540s).

Speaking of memories, I read somewhere that you don’t actually “remember” an event, you remember the last time you remembered it. I guess that means that you only “remember” it the first time after it happens, but physics says that in reality there is no time, so does anything ever really happen?

Jesus, come now. I feel like I’m going crazy.


In the NEWS, this just “happened”


In 1974, researchers in Ethiopia discovered a 3.2-million-year-old fossil Australopithecus afarensis, nicknamed “Lucy”. Lucy’s species was immediately hailed as a key contender for our direct ancestor.

mitochondria 1901, from German, coined 1898 by microbiologist Carl Benda (1857-1933), from Greek mitos “thread” (see mitre) + khondrion “little granule,” diminutive of khondros “granule, lump of salt” (see grind (v.)).

Spinning a yarn! Players in a play. Life is a cabaret.


CHAIRman of the motherboard

do what I want
I do what I want.

Its the CHI


33 EROS, arrows, to the HEART (EARTH)


The ROSE window. RISE, and make time stop, so that you ROSE to the occasion. Through the STARGATE.


Did you think being spiritual meant not sinning and going to church?

Its red HOT. Sinning is how you get there.

nothing yet

booty shake

Goodnight! Sin well! Think “dirty” thoughts because the dirtiest swan is the purest one. Its alchemy. I’m in a lab (in my mind) doing it over and over until I get it right and wrong. The all is the nothing. The right is the wrong. The black is the white. The ME is the WE.

I’m not stopping until we get there.

Its pure LOVE.


The New Kid On The Block

Throughout the ages, men and women of a spiritual inclination have tried to contact the spirit world via a variety of methods. Every summer and winter solstice, many people flock to the Stonehenge stone ring in England to absorb the spiritual energies from the Sun.




And in Ancient Egypt, the King and Queen’s chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza were built to align with Orion and Sirius.




On a personal level, individuals attempt to channel all sorts of spirits from Ouija board enthusiasts to the Psychic Sallys and their stage and TV shows. And books have been channelled from non earthly sources. For example, Neale Donald Walsch after writing an angry letter to God, was suddenly interrupted by a voice saying it was God and the conversation spawned the ‘Conversations With God’ books.




“You are making a mockery of Me. You are saying that I, God, made inherently imperfect beings, then have demanded of them to be perfect, or face damnation. You are saying then that, somewhere several thousand years into the world’s experience, I relented, saying that from then on you didn’t necessarily have to be good, you simply had to feel bad when you were not being good, and accept as your savior the One Being who could always be perfect, thus satisfying My hunger for perfection. You are saying that My Son–who you call the One Perfect One–has saved you from your own imperfection–the imperfection that I gave you. In other words, God’s Son has saved you from what His Father did.”

But there is a ‘New Kid on the Block’ and the means are via new technology and media. It is an unconscious process as the source connects with us at an unconscious level and normally without our conscious awareness. Not being a techno whizz kid, I don’t know the precise technological processes but digital appears to me to be the main player and hits the neural networks with amazing speed and is then downloaded into our subconscious. I have seen both videos and movies and TV series used in this way. Below are an example of various TV series.








And a selection of some movies.








Even though movies and TV series always had the potential to effect our energy centres, the new technology would appear, at a higher level, to be designed for the purpose of spiritual energy downloads and activation which effect the 3D mind and body and at amazing speeds through our collective energy grid. And I also believe the TV series, movies and You Tube videos are created with this intention at a subconscious level. Even though I have no real knowledge of them, it is possible computer Games do the same.

We are entering a New Age in many different ways.



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