Seven Seven Seven








REINA is used mostly in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Yiddish. It is of Spanish origin. It is literally from the word ‘reina’ which is of the meaning queen.



Boeing 777





The Pleiades (/ˈpl.ədz/ or /ˈplədz/Ancient GreekΠλειάδες [pleːádes], Modern [pliˈaðes]), companions of Artemis, were the seven daughters of the titan Atlas and the sea-nymph Pleioneborn on Mount Cyllene. They were the sisters of CalypsoHyas, the Hyades, and the Hesperides. The Pleiades were nymphs in the train of Artemis, and together with the seven Hyades were called the Atlantides, Dodonides, or Nysiades, nursemaids and teachers to the infant Dionysus.

In Roman mythology, Diana [djˈaː.na] was the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals. She was eventually equated with the Greek goddess Artemis, though she had an independent origin in Italy.






Sean masc. proper name, also Shaun Shawn; Irish form of John.


Seven Veils is a spicy oriental composition built around the warmth of vanilla flower and indian sandalwood. It is based on the biblical tale of Salome’s dance of the seven veils, a story of many layers. Tainted and bejeweled, Salome turns to the art of shameless seduction. Barefooted, sanguine and black eyed, she demands a man’s head on a plate in exchange for one single dance…

Similarly Byredo Black Saffron and Seven Veils have distinct personalities. Black Saffron is an introvert who wants to be known as an androgynous intellectual but is too shy to attend any of the parties she’s invited to. Instead, she gorges herself at home on raspberries sprinkled with rosewater while she reads Oscar Wilde in her leather club chair and is in bed by nine o’clock. Seven Veils is a gourmand bombshell who makes a tantalizing, Salome-like entrance, but after a while you get the sense she’s more of a girl-next-door type who’d rather be mixing a bundt cake.



The Moon-key Trial PART 2

The longest duration. Whether you think it’s a BIG BANG, or fractals that spiral from the first illumination on the primordial waters, the MegaLove from that moment endures.


1:21, or 1:1


The Scopes Monkey Trial

scope – from Latin scopus, from Greek skopos “aim, target, object of attention; watcher, one who watches” from metathesized form of PIE *spek-yo-, suffixed form of root *spek- “to observe.” Sense of “distance the mind can reach, extent of view” first recorded c. 1600.



According to Witten, M should stand for “magic”, “mystery”, or “membrane” according to taste, and the true meaning of the title should be decided when a more fundamental formulation of the theory is known.  -wikipedia

Go across the amygdala.


almond-shaped… almond is like a seed. The S-tone house has expressed concern about something going nuclear. It’s not going to be this:


nucleus (n.)  1704, “kernel of a nut,” 1708, “head of a comet,” from Latin nucleus “kernel,” from nucula “little nut,” diminutive of nux (genitive nucis) “nut,” from PIE *kneu- “nut” (source also of Middle Irish cnu, Welsh cneuen, Middle Breton knoen “nut,” Old Norse hnot, Old English hnutu “nut”). General sense of “central part or thing, about which others cluster” is from 1762. Use in reference to cells first recorded 1831. Modern atomic meaning is 1912, first by Ernest Rutherford, though theoretical use for “central point of an atom” is from 1844, in Faraday.


The potential (potent, masculine energy), is all within a seed that grows from the earth with the power of fire (the sun) and water (the moon).


House of S-tone, please read this.

There is no battle of the sexes. We are all both male and female.

absurd nature


Going nucleus is like this…

Are you a builder of your own reality? Or, do you think there is some higher creator outside of yourself? “…central part, which others cluster…”.

That sounds like a POLE!

What do you think “desolation in the temple” is?


Impossible to understand without brain expanding to experience higher dimensions, and that would include understanding at an atomic level (or at it’s very most microcosmic), which the subconscious dream renders as “nuclear” (in the nucleus).  There will be no horrible nuclear apocalypse. If you believe Sandy Hook happened, or Aurora, or 9/11, then perhaps you might believe something like that, but you get my point?…

This is interesting: J.K. Rowling…

“Bloomsbury was smart enough to publish Harry Potter, but in retrospect seems pretty stupid about the way it handled the book. In addition to assuming that the book would not sell well, the editorial team advised Rowling that she should not publish under her real name, Joanne Rowling, because boys would not read a book written by a woman. That sexist assumption certainly did not give much credit to boys, and took it for granted that girls would read a book written by men. Rowling, eager for success, agreed to write under the name J.K. Rowling. The J was her first initial. But Rowling does not have a middle name, so she used K as a tribute to her grandmother Kathleen. 

Of course, once the book became a hit everyone knew Rowling was a woman, and nobody cared. As ridiculous as the publisher’s idea was, Rowling seems to have taken it to heart since she chose a male pseudonym when she embarked on her mystery writing career.”

Did you see the name of the author of that article?


Anyway, here is a beautiful sky at a music festival in TennSeas. We went to see Mother’s Finest and George Thorogood.


Have you noticed that solar eclipse glasses…




…look a lot like something else?




The Moon-key Trial

On Feb. 13, 2016, I went to Nashville and the sun and moon merged and the scales of “justice” collapsed.


Nashville is the largest city in the path of totality of the solar eclipse of 2017.

Yesterday, an odd headline about scales, justice, and baseball.

It’s code 618.

6 x 18 = 108


The shooter is from Belleville, Illinois, the southern part called “Little Egypt”.



Yesterday, I went to Dayton, Tennessee, home of the famous Scopes Monkey Trial, in Rhea County.


Here’s some pics. The courthouse where it took place.


Across from the courthouse is a lodge.


The pic I took happened to have 512 so I took a screenshot.


And then I had to take a screenshot of the screen.


More pics.







In the beginning was the word.



And the word is god.





Dominion Dimension

There is freedom in multiple realities.




Are you the master of your domain?



Become an authorized view-master.


In October 1884 the Greenwich Meridian was selected by delegates (forty-one delegates representing twenty-five nations) to the International Meridian Conference held in Washington, D.C.United States to be the common zero of longitude and standard of time reckoning throughout the world. The modern prime meridian, the IERS Reference Meridian, is placed very near this meridian and is the prime meridian that currently has the widest use.

To ensure control, constantly re-enforce the idea of time.

The Prime Meridian is an imaginary line (yet lots of people believe it’s real). The other side is the International Date Line.



I doubt these islanders care about the time or what day it is, anyway.


What happened to the Malaysian PLANE?




fantasy (n.) early 14c., “illusory appearance,” from Old French fantaisiephantasie “vision, imagination” (14c.), from Latin phantasia, from Greek phantasia“power of imagination; appearance, image, perception,” from phantazesthai “picture to oneself,” from phantos “visible,” from phainesthai “appear,” in late Greek “to imagine, have visions,” related to phaosphos “light,” phainein “to show, to bring to light” (from PIE root *bha- (1) “to shine”).

It’s not this.


The heliocentric model is one that emphasizes a thought-form that salvation and higher spirituality is something that is outside of yourself. If you think that you just happen to be on a tiny planet that circles around a huge sun, that is just an average star in a solar system, that is just somewhere in a random spot in the universe, that gives very little hope for spiritual evolution.


Temperance. The blending of opposites or just blending two things; magic and alchemy are the power of a name; the magic that comes with using the right words to get others to believe and support your ideas. It also speaks of the suppression of appetite. As Isis gets what she wants, she restores Ra (the sun) and he regains his power.  – Journey into Egypt Tarot

It’s more like this:


The Earth Realm. It’s all right here.


Now, what do you want? Just put whatever flat disc you want and be the master of your view.


The North Pole is in the center. And the South Pole surrounds you. You are surrounded by ICE.


Use Orion’s Belt to star-hop to Sirius, a future South Pole Star. Sirius is in the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog. It’s sometimes called the Dog Star. It’s easy to see, since it’s the brightest star in the night sky. You’ll always know you’ve found Sirius if you notice that the three stars in Orion’s Belt point to it.

The Pole Star.




It’s plane simple. We exist in a realm. Some realities overlap. Some don’t. Push the boundary and see how far you can go.

Why so Sirius?



It’s definitely an attraction…but don’t be a tourist. Get involved.


Grande Encounter 2 degrees East

Manchester 2 degrees 14 minutes West.



Manchester Mameceastre (1086), from Mamucio (4c.), the original Celtic name, perhaps from *mamm “breast, breast-like hill” + Old English ceaster “Roman town”


2 degrees 14 minutes East.


2 14

2 times 14 on each hand. How many are in your ranks?


phalanx (n.) Look up phalanx at Dictionary.com1550s, “line of battle in close ranks,” from Latin phalanx “compact body of heavily armed men in battle array,” or directly from Greek phalanx (genitive phalangos) “line of battle, battle array,” also “finger or toe bone,” originally “round piece of wood, trunk, log,” of unknown origin.

2 times 14 = 28


The number 28 connects the Earth and the Moon.


The GRANDe ARCH in Paris. The climate is changing.



Make our PLANE great again.

That’s right. The earth is a PLANE. I wonder where the word PLANEt comes from?

The earth is a realm. Realm. Dream. Dream Realm. Just switch some letters around.

Maybe this is the question…


Who. Was. Attacker. khuRAM. BUTT?


This is serious, people. WHO!…was khuRAM BUTT?



Siriusly. Do you think the sun is 93 million miles away and we are spinning thousands of miles an hour around it, or do you think you live in a realm? A dream realm? Is it “little ‘o me”, or “I am the universe”?

It’s both. And the Earth is flat and round with a glass ceiling that will break.

The moon goddess, Diana.


In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals.  -wikipedia

at 6:33 and listen for a few seconds


Diana, goddess of the hunt.

In touch with the ground
I’m on the hunt down I’m after you
Smell like I sound I’m lost in a crowd
And I’m hungry like the wolf
Straddle the line in discord and rhyme
I’m on the hunt down I’m after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I’m hungry like the wolf

Diana, therefore, reflects the heavenly world (diuum means sky or open air) in its sovereignty, supremacy, impassibility, and indifference towards such secular matters as the fates of mortals and states.







“Why is it that showers and even storms seem to come by chance, so that many people think it quite natural to pray for rain or fine weather, though they would consider it ridiculous to ask for an eclipse by prayer?”

― Henri PoincaréScience and Method



Southern Illinois (SI), has the longest point of totality for the solar eclipse in August. Southern Illinois has the area code 618, marking it as a phi point. Just browsing around the small towns of SI, a town called Marion comes up and it turns out, it is the “hub of the universe” with the center being a clock tower!


The duration of totality for Marion is 2 min and 27 sec. The numbers 227.
22/7 is 3.14 and having the area code 618 makes this hub of the universe a pi and phi point!
Totality start is 1:20:45, which is basically 1:21 (close enough for me, anyway).
In Back to the Future, the clock tower stopped at 10:04. Take away the zeros and you have 14.
121/14 pieces of Osiris is the number of the Sun = 8.64
In the fictional town of Hill Valley in Back to the Future, …
A key moment in the town’s fictional history takes place on Saturday, November 12, 1955, at 10:04 p.m. PST, when lightning strikes the courthouse’s clock tower, freezing the clock at 10:04. The clock is never repaired and becomes a local landmark, left in its non-functional state at the behest of the Hill Valley Preservation Society. The broken piece of ledge from Doc Brown’s successful attempt to channel lightning from the clock tower is likewise never repaired, as can be seen when Marty returns to 1985 and in 2015, but not in the Alternate 1985.
November 12.
From the “real” town of Marion…

Over a three-night span from November 10th through November 12th, 1833, people witnessed what is still considered to be the greatest astronomical spectacle in recorded history. It was November 11th and 12th of that year when countless meteors shot across the night sky, catching many people’s attention and interest. People knelt down and prayed or flocked to churches, thinking that the Day of Judgment was at hand.

Just like the New Madrid earthquake of 1811, this event was so far out of the belief system of understanding that most thought that it was “judgment day”, the end of the world.

The diameter of the Moon is 2,159 miles. In the Delorean time machine, the future was set to Oct. 21, 2015 and the past was Nov. 12, 1955.
The merge of the sun and moon! 121 and 215. Octo means “8”. The Gregorian calendar kept the names of the Roman calendar months and you can look this up and see why this happened, but as usual, it makes no sense. Anyway, octo means 8, therefore, Back to the Future is pointing to this eclipse! 8. 21  !!!!!!!!!
Take out the zeros in 10.21.2015 and you have 121 and 215.
121 + 215 = 336
In the “real” town of Marion, Illinois, there is a golf putt-putt event at the HEARTland.
Looks like the sync hole.
equestrian (adj.) “pertaining to or relating to horses or horsemanship,” 1650s, formed in English from Latin equester (genitive equestris) “of a horseman, knightly,” from eques “horseman, knight,” from equus “horse” (see equine).
The Chariot. Two opposing forces working in your favor at the same time. The charioteer is riding away from the city (the current structure, paradigm), and heading his/her own way. One black sphinx, one white sphinx, and the cosmic awning indicates ‘as above, so below’, as the charioteer rides towards victory with all forces working in harmony, in other words, the stars are on his side.
2012 is the turning point of consciousness. Specifically, 12.21.2012. What is most fascinating, is that the end of the Maya (illusion) is the transit of Venus AS SEEN FROM SATURN, because it is the end of time.
Osiris is time and God of the Nile. All rivers represent time and currency and the Miss Isis river is a time code that points to the sun and the moon on August 21, 2017.
The SuperbOwl and holy of holies with Madonna riding the chariot, flanked by two sphinxes. Madonna’s birthday is 8.16 (code 618 mentioned above). And the SuperbOwl was in-Diana at Lucas Oil Stadium on 2.5.2012.
What are you looking at!?
(the 1:13-1:14 mark and upside down M or W)
Whitney’s Madonna Moment (WMM)
MWMWMW or MM or WW or MW
The currents of the river. The mISsISsippi river. It’s the heartland. And the mother of all birth quakes is right there, as Madrid literally means “mother, womb, source, MATRIX”. At the southern tip of Illinois, the Mississippi River flows south all the way to New Orleans, not far from Deepwater Horizon. And the New Madrid seismic zone is the hottest spot for birth quakes. Longest totality of eclipse…biggest hotspot for earthquake…cities along river have history of racial tension, etc.
This area and this eclipse are pointing to “the event”.
The Mighty Mississippi
Starting at MMMinneapolis, Minnesota, 44 degrees North.
This video is 8 minutes and 12 seconds.
Further down the Mississippi is St. Louis, Missouri, home of the Gateway Arch, which is located on the riverside.
City of St. Louis skyline.
In the greater metropolis of St. Louis is Ferguson, (viril), a place of civil unrest and where an incident in 2014 set off a terrible series of similar events, with white cops shooting unarmed black men. It seems to be a problem of looking in the mirror at their dark-skinned brothers.
Black lives matter. It’s alchemy. It’s Kemet.
On down the Mississippi, is Memphis, Tennessee.
The music video was directed by Mathew Cullen, who previously worked with Perry on her music video for the song “California Gurls”. Perry’s idea for the music video was to combine Ancient Egyptian culture with Memphis, Tennessee hip hop: setting the video in ancient Memphis, Egypt as a nod to Juicy J’s Tennessee hometown. Speaking of Perry’s concept, Cullen said “That’s music to my ears — when an artist has a couple concepts that they want to mash up to create something fresh.” –wikipedia
New Orleans, Louisiana. The SuperbOwl.
The mirror.
The blackout.
superbowl blackout
Of course, finger-pointing immediately went to “her”.
power outage
My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana
You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bama
I like my baby heir with baby hair and afros
I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils
Earned all this money but they never take the country out me
I got a hot sauce in my bag, swag
…to the Deepwater Horizon
It starts in MM (Minneapolis) and ends with MM (Marky Mark).
During the crucifixion, there was an eclipse. The Gospel of Luke, written around the year 90 and also using Mark as a source, has none of the details of the Matthew version, mentions the tearing of the temple veil immediately before the death of Jesus, and provides the obscuring of the sun as the cause of the darkness:


It was now about noon, and darkness came over the whole land [or, earth] until three in the afternoon, while the sun’s light failed [or, the sun was eclipsed]; and the curtain of the temple was torn in two. -wikipedia

 Two crosses on each side, symbolizing becoming ONE, for ascension. Electromagnetic fields and a pole shift. Two wheels on the CHAR ion or chariot.
Haughty women.
haughty, naughty, and FREE…

Isaiah 3:16 The LORD says, “The women of Zion are haughty, walking along with outstretched necks, flirting with their eyes, strutting along with swaying hips, with ornaments jingling on their ankles.


haught (adj.) Look up haught at Dictionary.comc. 1300, haut, “great, high;” mid-15c., “high in one’s own estimation, haughty,” from Old French haut (11c.) “main, principal; proud, noble, dignified; eminent; loud; grand,” literally “high,” from Latin altus “high,” literally “grown tall,” from PIE root *al- (3) “to grow, nourish;”

horn (n.) Look up horn at Dictionary.comOld English horn “horn of an animal; projection, pinnacle,” also “wind instrument” (originally one made from animal horns), from Proto-Germanic *hurnaz (source also of German Horn, Dutch horen, Old Frisian horn, Gothic haurn), from PIE *ker- (1) “horn; head, uppermost part of the body,”

Late 14c. as “one of the tips of the crescent moon.” The name was retained for a class of musical instruments that developed from the hunting horn; the French horn is the true representative of the class. Of dilemmas from 1540s; of automobile warning signals from 1901. Slang meaning “erect penis” is recorded by 1785. Jazz slang sense of “trumpet” is by 1921. Meaning “telephone” is by 1945. Figurative senses of Latin cornuincluded “salient point, chief argument; wing, flank; power, courage, strength.” Horn of plenty is from 1580s. To make horns at “hold up the fist with the two exterior fingers extended” as a gesture of insult is from c.1600.

horny. haughty. heart beating faster…
salient (adj.) Look up salient at Dictionary.com1560s, “leaping,” a heraldic term, from Latin salientem (nominative saliens), present participle of salire “to leap,” from PIE root *sel- (4) “to jump” (source also of Greek hallesthai “to leap,” Middle Irish saltraim “I trample,” and probably Sanskrit ucchalati “rises quickly”).
It was used in Middle English as an adjective meaning “leaping, skipping.” The meaning “pointing outward” (preserved in military usage) is from 1680s; that of “prominent, striking” first recorded 1840, from salient point (1670s), which refers to the heart of an embryo, which seems to leap, and translates Latin punctum saliens, going back to Aristotle’s writings. Hence, the “starting point” of anything.
I AM that I AM, and I AM and I AM that I AM NOT (anagram of AMNIOTIC)
What is the structure of things? It is the part of the aether that allows manifestation. The aether is the amniotic fluid. There is nothing sacrificed if you have eyes to see.
amnion (n.) Look up amnion at Dictionary.cominnermost membrane around the embryo of a higher vertebrate (reptiles, birds, mammals), 1660s, Modern Latin, from Greek amnion“membrane around a fetus,” originally “vase in which the blood of a sacrifice was caught,” which is of unknown origin
vase? The vase is the faces. The holy grail. Look in the mirror. I am AND I am not.